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Drapich in an interview: "I told the celebrant that Shua is not worth such sums" - Walla! sport


The babysitting on the striker ("I exploded from his conduct"), the gamble on Zargari ("Celebrating thanks to me to this day") and the cameras at home and garden ("I felt like a reality star"). Former Betar coach speaks

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Drapich in an interview: "I told the celebrant that Shua is not worth such sums"

The babysitting on the wayward striker ("I was blown away by his conduct"), the bet on Zargari ("Celebrating thank you to this day") and the cameras at home and garden ("I felt like a reality star").

After last difficult year, Drapich explains what went wrong in Betar and announces the end of the Slobo-Barda era (but is still waiting to get back on track)


  • Slobodan Drapic

  • Beitar Jerusalem

Ophir Saar

Thursday, October 14, 2021, 2:00 p.m.

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On Shai Barda: "Today he is one of the best coaches in the country. It is his time to work alone and succeed"

After years in the pressure cooker of Israeli football, Slobodan Drapic replaced Phase.

The former Betar Jerusalem coach, Maccabi Netanya and Bnei Sakhnin currently serves as the professional director of Betar Tobruk, and he spends his free time in leadership lectures for large companies that hear from him about his unique career path.

But he is unable to get rid of the training bacterium, even from the height of his years and experience.

"I would be lying if I said evil to me, but this bacterium is always there. It is our profession, what we love and want to do. I have been privileged to be a part of it and I am sure I will return to graduate coaching in the future."

Can the end of the Drapich and Barda duo be announced?

"Look, Shai Barda is a much better coach today than he was when we met. He's one of the best coaches in the country and it's his time to work alone and be successful. Just because we don't work together anymore doesn't mean we are not good friends, we talk every day, consult, help each other. The connection between us is amazing, we made each other better and you will see it in the future when he trains alone. "

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Away from the stress reliever of Israeli football.

Drapich in Bnei Tobruk (Photo: Official website, Betar Tobruk)

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On Jordan Shua: "If he takes himself in hand he will be able to do great things. Sometimes players become serious at a more advanced age, like Eran Levy. It is not too late for Shua, but he needs to do think and understand how to behave differently."

The new decade did not brighten up for Drapich. At the end of season 2019/20 he and Maccabi Netanya Breda separated after finishing the season in tenth place, and second chance Beitar Jerusalem received in September last year has not changed the momentum, and ended with the resignation last March - After another unsuccessful attempt to get the upper playoffs.

You've Year Traumatic in Betar?

"Look, you know the story. When celebrating he turned to me. I told him to take only Shai Barda. I had a bad feeling, it's a staff we did not build, but he insisted on both of us. "Without a livelihood, so in the end I agreed but I was not satisfied with the decision. 50 percent of the group is building the staff. It is a profession, and we were not there when we built it, we got a staff ready and we fell for it, we could not connect this thing."

But even when you arrived you could change things. You asked to bring back Dan Einbinder who was still on the roster, you did not want Shua and he came upon your head. You did not stand on your own and paid dearly.

"As for Einbinder, there was a given situation. When we arrived we knew we could not use it, a decision was made even before we arrived, that was the reality and the club above all. , But financially it was impossible to bring them. We built on a platter, but he was injured and did not return the same thing. Rapist, otherwise we have no other striker at all. "

With Shua you were like a babysitter all season. Did it weaken you in front of the players?

"There is a DNA of players that suits us, but again, we did not choose the players. Shua is a talented player, if he takes matters into his own hands he can do great things. Sometimes players become serious at a more advanced age, like Eran Levy. , But he has to do think and understand how to behave differently. I exploded several times from his conduct, but it happens in many groups. In Netanya once Eran Levy and Alhassan Keita fought over Pendel and I almost broke the locker room at the end. It doesn't have to happen that many times with an actor, but that was the situation. "

Made him "explode" in the locker room.

Shua with Drapich (Photo: Danny Maron)

On Aviel Zargari: "We don't grow players here who look like this at this age, he is the next thing in our football. Celebrating thanks to us to this day that we insisted on him."

You closed with stopper Dominic Chanda in January and Celebrate dropped the deal because it went out to the media. Impaired?

"I was not hurt. If I was closed on the player he would come, it was a last minute player for 2,500 euros, he was supposed to come as an addition to the squad, not beyond that. This is actually the story of the season - a team build through defense. We built on Conte and Degani and both Were not there at the crucial moment, Degani was injured and Conte ran away in January. I told the celebrant that if he had signed us a month ago, the whole staff would have looked different, but that's part of a coach's career. I prefer not to take this job. "

At least you were part of a TV series that did not materialize at the end.

Yes, I felt like a reality star. I do not like these things, cameras in the locker room, in meetings, in every corner. It's not healthy, but I swallowed it, I told myself not to be outdated and it's not something new in the world. I am not comfortable sitting in work meetings or in the locker room when there are cameras, but I tell you that still in all situations I have said everything I think. I did not choose words, I was the most real. "

Your foster father Aviel Zargari is being talked about in the amount of NIS 6-7 million. Is he worth it?

" Aviel Zargari is the next thing in Israeli football, no players who look like this grow up here at this age. When we arrived at Betar Celebrating was closed on a Brazilian midfielder named Sandro, 34, I told him we did not want an older player and seven, but were building on Zargari. He told us, 'He is not ready, the whole country sees that an experienced back-up is needed. He will trust us, and to this day he thanks us for that. "

What was it like working with a celebrant?

"First of all we worked with Eli Ohana, who was with us and was our back all the way. He wanted us to be more successful than us. Celebrates wanted well, really, he brings money from home and wants it to be good, but it does not always work out. I hope things work out for Betar , It's a club with an amazing audience.

We came to Betar because of the will of the audience, they signed us. "

The insistence paid off.

Zargari (Photo: Danny Maron)

On Erwin Koeman: "He will have to strengthen the team later on, and if that is not possible it will be difficult for him. What is there at the moment is not enough"

How do you see the current Betar?

"Erwin Koeman is a European coach with a lot of knowledge, I hear that training there is good, at a high level, but he just starts here and does not know, and it is not easy.

There is a staff there that is supposed to attract only the foreigners, they lack Israelis and actors in certain roles.

"He will have to strengthen the team later, and if that is not possible, it will be difficult for him to cope and try to meet the goals of Betar Jerusalem. What is there at the moment is not enough."

What do you think of Willie Rotensteiner, he should continue on the team?

"I love what he does. I loved the changes he made as technical manager, now he has a plan to change the level of defensive players and brakes together with Tal Ben Haim, to build the defense of the future. I believe in his way and love it, he is a quality professional, but I Not the one who decides. "

Impossible goal?

Erwin Coman (Photo: Danny Maron)

Bnei Lem is the right man for Maccabi Netanya?

"My son has been through a lot in his career, it's time for him to come to the front of the stage and coach in the Premier League. He is a good coach who comes to a place that is loved and wanted.

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