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Kid must reduce Dallas' addiction to Luca, the Pelicans are looking for what could drive Zion's tank project, and Memphis and Ja are waiting for an explosion. Review of the Southwest House

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Heating the Parquet: Opening a Season in the NBA

where is the boy?

The test season that awaits Doncic, Williamson and Morant

Kid must reduce Dallas' addiction to Luca, the Pelicans are looking for what could drive Zion's tank project, and Memphis and Ja are waiting for an explosion that will prove they belong in the major leagues.

The NBA opening project is coming to the Southwest House, including the different but fun season that awaits Popovich


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  • New Orleans Pelicans

  • Memphis Grizzlies

  • San Antonio Spurs

  • Houston Rockets

Assaf Ravitz

Saturday, October 16, 2021, 12:00 p.m.

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Dallas Mavericks: The new / old kid in the neighborhood

Dallas' passing season was marked by treading on the spot. Luka Doncic was wonderful in just the same way as the season before, the assist team was about as effective, the offense was good again and the defense was pretty weak and the season again ended in a close loss to the Clippers in the first round. The main change was a negative change: Kristaps Forzingis, who in the bubble playoffs provided some great performances before being injured, took a big step back and had a very hard time coming to terms. The trend peaked in the playoffs, where the giant Latvian functioned as another player standing on the three-point line while the offense was based entirely on Luca. You can understand the Mabs' addiction to its Slovenian lift, he arranges good shots for himself and his friends consistently and always smarter than the defense, but in the playoffs the price was that he got tired as the games progressed. In the first half against the Clippers he scored 22.3 points on 57.4 percent from the field, in the second 13.4 points on 40 percent, while in the last quarters the numbers were even less good.

Dallas came into the summer with a sense that change was needed, but without the tools to significantly upgrade its staff. No place under the salary cap, no draft pick to market, no players with significant trade value, Forzingis with his huge contract seems mostly a burden. So the change took place on the lines. Rick Carlisle has left after 13 years on the team, and Jason Kidd, who played under Carlisle in Dallas and won the championship with him, will replace him. Kidd made a name for himself as a troubled coach, in Milwaukee he used a very extreme method on defense and insisted on it even when it was clear she was not proving herself, but has since worked for two years with Frank Vogel in the Lakers and took part in formulating a winning defense.

Kidd is planning quite a few changes.

He wants the defense to be more aggressive and the offense to be much more diverse, even if it does not lead to the most analytically effective shots.

In particular, he is trying to activate Forzingis in more ways than ever, including in the post.

This is a positive direction, which may hurt offensive efficiency in the regular season but will help Dallas lower its dependence on Doncic in the playoffs.

On defense he wants more aggression and help, but at the moment he does not seem to be trying to recreate the ultra-aggressive method from Milwaukee.

One idea he should adopt from Carlisle is the area that has become the Mavericks' main defense since the middle of the series against the Clippers.

Dallas has three of the top five players in the league - Forzingis, Boban Marianovic and Moses Brown, the area has allowed Carlisle to play with Boban and Forzingis together and their size makes it difficult to attack.

This is because it seems right to continue to investigate, but it is not at all certain that Kid has such an intention.

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Heating the Parquet: Opening a Season in the NBA

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Objective: To reduce block dependence.

Jason Kidd (Photo: GettyImages, Jacob Kupferman)

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Memphis Grizzlies: Ready for the next step

In the West you can point to eight fairly unequivocal majors: the Lakers, the Clippers, Golden State, Phoenix, Utah, Denver, Portland and Dallas. If there's another team that can slip into the top eight regardless of the injury blow or the collapse of one of the eight, it's the Grizzlies' young team. How young? There are no players on the roster over the age of 28 and only three over the age of 25. In terms of age this is a team that should still be in the process of being built, the management still treats it that way and its moves in the summer were those thinking about the future at the present. But this is a team that in the last two years has entered the play-in tournament and last year even stunned Golden State there and came up at its expense for the first round. This year, it looks set to take a big step forward, which could put it in the major leagues in the West.

The main reason for this is that Ja Morant belongs to the major leagues and came this season very determined to show it. In the new generation of senior point guards, Ja is the best penetrator. Along with his athleticism and agility, he is increasingly developing the nuances of the penetration game, including the ability to score points from all intermediate ranges. In his second season Morant got a little stuck, until in the playoffs and playoffs he showed what he is capable of being. This time Ja looks like a player who is going to explode from the first moment of the season. And he's not the only candidate to break into Memphis this year. Jaren Jackson Jr. was injured most of last season, which may have delayed his leap a year. This is a player with the desired combination of shooting from the outside, ability to score in color and protection of the ring. He will open as a power forward alongside Stephen Adams, but it looks like the Grizzlies are destined for the role of center of the future.

Alongside the main star and a half, the staff of the esteemed coach Taylor Jenkins is loaded with a variety of talented players of all types and sizes.

It's hard to know what his rotation will look like because he has so many options.

It probably depends on which of the young players will earn significant minutes.

Desmond Bain will likely take a place in the top five alongside Dillon Brooks, on the bench at least eight players will be waiting for the opportunity, some already proven and some very intriguing, and some pretty anonymous names are likely to emerge who will earn significant minutes.

Jenkins has built a pretty good defensive team, mostly thanks to the ability to not be bad at anything, and the defensive abilities of the assisting team will have a very big weight in his decisions about the division of minutes.

It's time to explode.

Ja Morant (Photo: GettyImages, Patrick McDermot)

New Orleans Pelicans: Everything keeps getting complicated

The Zionist Tank Project is entering its third year. In the second year we discovered Point Zion. As soon as they just put the ball in his hand he moved everything that stood in his way on the way to the ring. Each player in the top five can block for him, from the center to the chin, and this creates a problem for the defense. Zion scored 27 points per game last season on 61.1 percent from the field, with an incredible 79 percent of his shots being under the basket (along with 8.7 free throws). He is so strong and athletic, and when necessary knows how to make even quick changes of direction, and he is also a quality morale so that if the opponent tries to crowd the color he finds outside shots easily available. Zion is a natural phenomenon, a one-time creature that makes everything much easier for his team.

Still, everything in New Orleans is so complicated. Brandon Ingram looks like a successful secondary star, but the connection with Zion raises question marks. Both are not guarding well enough and the Pelicans ’defense collapsed in the first half of last season. The squad built around him was one of the weakest in the league in outside shooting, which is exactly the wrong way to build a team around the tank. Thus, Zion’s breakout season did not lead to wins and the Pelicans remained even out of the playoffs. In the summer, the powerful man on management David Griffin made a complete makeover. Coach Stan Van Gandy, who was signed to great acclaim, was replaced by Willie Green, who served as an assistant on the successful Golden State and Phoenix teams. All of the veteran roster has been replaced with players with better shooting from the outside, but the senior player who has arrived is Jonas Valencionas, a center whose natural living space is the point. The puzzling move of the summer for the Pelicans was the decision not to compare the offer Lonzo Ball received from Chicago and let him leave. Lonzo is exactly the player as he is suitable for the construction process:A youngster who provides good shooting from the outside, good defense and great game vision. New Orleans will have a hard time getting a player at his level.

The bad news ahead of the season opener is that Zion is injured again. He underwent surgery in the summer following a foot fracture, was expected to be fit for the first game but the new update is delaying his return for at least a few weeks. His huge body has a tendency to get injured, and the Pelicans will be very careful with his return. The problem is that this means that Green spent the preparation period without the player around whom the team attack is built, which did not really allow him to express his ideas. Another slow season opener could leave the Pelicans once again too far from the playoffs. You can also point to two good news unrelated to the fuck before the season opener. The first is Sean Gandhi did manage to make a defensive turnaround before being sacked, he switched to a simpler and more conservative method that made New Orleans' defense one of the best in the league in the second half of the season. Green has already made it clear that he plans to continue from there. The other is rookie Trey Murphy, a nineteen-year-old overweight expert who is in the midst of a spectacular shooting year wherever he is allowed to play.Murphy is considered a better-than-usual guard in relation to a threesome expert and is exactly the type of player New Orleans needs near Zion.

More problems are expected in the Zionist tank project.

Zion (Photo: GettyImages, Sean Gardner)

San Antonio Spurs: So what now?

After two and a half decades in the top area, with a marvelous ability to rebuild while in motion and success, it can be officially announced that the latest version of the Spurs has failed in this.

The team of Damar Drusen and Marcus Aldridge, with youngsters who were supposed to replace them gradually, faded away.

The stars have aged and lost interest, the youngsters have turned out to be sub-players unable to lead a team on their own, and San Antonio has found itself in an unfamiliar place: an irrelevant team in the busy West.

Marcus left during the season, Drusen left in the summer along with Rudy Gay and Patti Mills, thus ending her period with a weak response.

Which leads us to the only question left: So what now, actually?

RC Beauford's new staff is not built for a complete disassembly and assembly process. Most of the young people who get the reins are no longer so young. Jonathon Marie, Derek White and Jacob Paltel - the first two are the team's senior guards through whom most of the attack will go, the latter being the new defensive anchor - already 24-26 years old. None of them have at any stage so far shown potential to be the first or second best player in the playoff team. 21-year-old Caldon Johnson is the really most intriguing youngster on the roster, a forward with penetration ability who should become one of the key executives this year, but also his abilities are quite one-dimensional. Last year's lottery pick, Devin Wassel, does not appear to be due to contribute offensively, and this year's lottery pick, Joshua Primo, is an unpolished kid who will probably need time to show what he is capable of.

In place of the veterans who left, came more secondary players like Doug McDermott, Brin Forbes and Ted Young. The first two are triple experts who like to move without a ball, McDermott is expected to start in the top five and produce the necessary space, they will try to help the team that threw the fewest threes last year. Young may be the most complete inside player on the roster, but there is no reason he should end the season with the Spurs, big teams will be willing to pay for him. 72-year-old Greg Popovich is still here and many are wondering why. The answer is probably simple: the man loves to be an artist. The current version of the Spurs is a classic coaching staff, efficient and egoless players who will need exercises and ball movement on offense to create throwing situations and do all the right things on defense. Pop may be enjoying this season more and much more successful seasons. But too many wins it probably won’t bring to Texas, this roster just isn’t talented enough offensively. San Antonio is stuck between the real sluts and the playoff teams,But nowadays it is easier to get a high draft pick from this place as well. Maybe the lottery god will rescue San Antonio from the limbo she's run into.

Get ready for a fun but different season.

Popovich with Derek White (Photo: GettyImages, Ronald Cortes)

Houston Rockets: Quick Dismantling, Slow Construction

that was fast.

Less than two and a half years ago Houston of James Harden, Chris Paul, Clint Capella, PJ Tucker, Mike D'Antoni and Daryl Murray was still in the midst of one of her epic battles against Golden State in the playoffs.

In a bubble a year ago and a bit Harden and Russell Westbrook reached the second round.

Harden started last season in Houston alongside John Wall, and when he moved to Brooklyn Victor Oladipo jumped in to visit.

None of those names are here anymore (Wall still gets a lot of money from the Rockets, but is no longer part of the team and is waiting for a trade that is unclear if he will come).

While Harden and Paul were an inch away from Kevin Durant from meeting in the NBA Finals last season, Houston went through a very expedited dissolution process and was one of the weakest teams in the league.

Dismantling was quick, construction would be slow. The new Houston is loaded with intriguing talent, but will be one of the league’s sluts at least for the next year or two. Most of the players who are supposed to lead the team during this period are children who are just starting to adapt to the league. The exception is Christian Wood, who broke out late and in the last two years has become one of the most diverse face players in the NBA. This year, at age 26, he will be Houston's senior player. Wood has signed for another two years, in which both he and general manager Rafael Stone will try to figure out if he is part of the future of the team or the Rockets' key asset to the trade.

In the draft, Houston had four first-round picks, including the second pick.

Stone chose Jaylen Green, who impressed a lot in the Development League, and actually gave him the keys to the team.

Green is a certified scorer, one who knows how to create throwing situations for himself from any range, including threes in step-back.

Alongside him in the back line will play Kevin Porter Jr., problems off the hardwood caused Cleveland to give him up last year and he landed in Houston.

Porter is a rare talent, but also a very scattered and ineffective player most of the time.

This pair of guards will have unstoppable moments, but they will likely be accompanied by quite a few mistakes, losses and bad decisions.

To the list of very intriguing talents should be added the 19-year-old Turkish chin Alpern Shangun, who is already a polished post player with a spectacular delivery ability and potential to develop as an outside slinger.

All three, as well as Wood, have big defensive question marks, but starting a construction process with so much offensive talent is always good.

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