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The beginning is at a distance from the team: Werder coach complains about the inadequate implementation of his plan


Disenchantment at SV Werder Bremen after the 3-0 debacle at SV Darmstadt 98 - Werder coach Markus Anfang distanced himself from the team and defended his plan. The follow-up report of the DeichStube *.

Disenchantment at SV Werder Bremen after the 3-0 debacle at SV Darmstadt 98 - Werder coach Markus Anfang distanced himself from the team and defended his plan.

The follow-up report of the DeichStube *.

Bremen - Since the flop with the seagull "Werdi",

SV Werder Bremen has not used

an animal mascot, unlike many other clubs. At the moment, that might be a good thing, because a fan survey might then come up with such unpleasant suggestions as the fearful bunny or the rabbit in front of the snake. The team goes into the game very often - and then later, like last Sunday in the 3-0 disaster in Darmstadt, as a loser from the field. Even with the four wins this season, caution was often the rule at first.

That doesn't really fit in with a relegated club who, as a traditional club and for financial reasons, actually has to go straight back to the Bundesliga.

But it seems as if

coach Markus Anfang



this cautious path - as a connoisseur of the 2nd division, so to speak.

But the coach strongly contradicts this and emphasizes that his plan only needs to be implemented correctly by the players for Werder to be successful.

He is also moving a bit away from his team, which is rather unusual at this early point in the season.

Werder Bremen coach Markus Anfang after a cautious Darmstadt appearance: "If I have my way, we'll play forward from the start"

“If I have my way, we play forward from the first minute and have actions. That's why my teams usually scored the most goals, ”emphasized Anfang. Which is only partly true. Because

Darmstadt 98 was

“only” fourth in the second league's goal table with 63 goals last season. With 1. FC Köln (2018/19 - 84 hits) and Holstein Kiel (2017/18 - 71), on the other hand, he already operated the respective goal machine. Attacking football is therefore also his trademark. But there

is little of it to be seen


Werder Bremen

. 14 hits in ten games are rather poor, the goal difference is even in the red (14:15).

In the past four games, the Bremen team came away empty-handed three times.

King transfer Marvin Ducksch couldn't change that either.

Werder paid a transfer fee of over three million euros for the ex-Hanoverian.

That much is rarely paid in the second division.

Four goals in six games for Werder are really not bad from Ducksch, but overall Werder is simply too harmless. 

Werder Bremen coach Markus Anfang criticizes the learning speed of his players: "Everyone knows what they have to do"

In Darmstadt, the team could not develop a goal chance in the first half. The ball was either returned helplessly or quickly lost in the attack - sometimes through a bad pass, sometimes through a lost one-on-one. That seemed a bit haphazard at times. But

Markus Anfang

also contradicts this

: “The route is clear.

Everyone knows exactly what to do.

We know the opponent's rooms, we know where we can play in.

In the end, it's about implementation.

Today it wasn't a game that had anything to do with tactics in any way. ”In other words, the defeat was entirely due to the players who didn't carry out the coach's plan correctly.

And Anfang goes one step further by complaining: “We can always talk about the fact that we want to build something and have young players.

But we also have to make this development and learn from it.

And at some point it has to be seen that we learn from it. "


all the

criticism of the pace of his players' learning

but also protected her a little at the beginning. The Werder past is also partly to blame, according to the coach. “It's a team that comes from two difficult years, when the thought was always to be safe behind. We need to find out. We have to think ahead, ”demands the 47-year-old. However, there were only five players in the starting line-up against Darmstadt who experienced relegation - and Manuel Mbom, Eren Dinkci and Michael Zetterer played little or no. So Marco Friedl and Milos Veljkovic should only - if at all - have a relegation crack. In Darmstadt, however, it was more the newcomers like Nicolai Rapp or Lars Lukas Mai who seemed unsettled. Incidentally, both players who already knew the beginning of the preseason and who were signed at his request.So the fear cannot only result from the descent, it has to be new. 

After the Darmstadt debacle - Werder Bremen coach Markus Anfang continues to woo patience

“When we have more success stories, things will get better,” believes Anfang, referring to his past: “It was the same in Darmstadt.

It took a long time to get this thought forward.

At some point the knot broke. ”After a weak start, the beginning with the“ Lilien ”in the previous season put in the best second half of the club's history and managed to finish seventh.


remains to be seen

whether that

would meet

the demands of

SV Werder Bremen



any case,

Markus Anfang

is asking for patience and after his public departure from the team doesn't want to do much differently internally: “We win against Heidenheim and everything is great.


changing everything

after a defeat in


is difficult.

This team needs a certain continuity in order to develop security and stability.

The boys can play good football, but in the end it's also about showing that. ”(Kni)

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Go to the match report:

Debacle in Darmstadt: helpless and defenseless Werder Bremen goes down at the Böllenfalltor

Darmstadt - It should be the second victory in a row and thus the start of a series of successes,

but the result was a debacle


SV Werder Bremen

on Sunday afternoon. At

SV Darmstadt 98,

the team of coach Markus Anfang suffered a clear 0: 3 (0: 1) defeat, in which the Bremen team presented themselves helpless and defenseless for long stretches.

Fabian Holland

(44th) and

Luca Pfeiffer

(65th / 71st)

scored the goals for the hosts

. For Werder it was the fourth defeat of the season in the 2nd Bundesliga on the tenth match day, which caused the club to slip to tenth place in the table and lose touch with the top for the time being.

Compared to the 3-0 home win against Heidenheim, the beginning only made one change in his starting line-up: Niklas Schmidt returned to the first team, while Romano Schmid had to go to the bench. Before the game started at


, however, it was the coach himself who was the focus. Markus Anfang was greeted with a shrill whistle from the home fans, who

have still not forgiven

him for his move from


to Bremen

before the season

. On the pitch, too, things were going to get hot: after 14 minutes, both Bremen's

Lars Lukas Mai

(7th) and

Marco Friedl

had each other

(11th) and Darmstadt's Tobias Kempe (14th) have already picked up the yellow card from referee Florian Lechner.

Both teams fought a tough battle for the ball - accordingly, the game offered little attention in terms of football.

Werder Bremen do not find their way into the game against Darmstadt 98 at all


Werder Bremen

did not take place at all in the first round on the offensive and also acted very error-prone,

Darmstadt 98 worked

little by little something like a playful obesity. Without shining, the home side approached the opposing goal piece by piece. After Ilia Gruev clarified twice in dire straits (23/27) and goalkeeper Michael Zetterer had parried a headball from Phillip Tietz that was too unplaced (28), it was Darmstadt's captain Fabian Holland who provided the big exclamation mark in the first half. With a wonderful long-range shot from an acute angle, the 31-year-old brought the "Lilien" 1-0 lead (45th). Werder's central defender Mai, who played for Darmstadt last season, had not been able to clear the ball properly with his head. It was a goal that might not have been in the air,which was somehow logical due to the terrifying passivity and indecision in Bremen.

Werder Bremen against Darmstadt 98: Nicolai Rapp's huge blackout ensures decisive hits

Beginning reacted during the break, brought

Felix Agu

(for Mitchell Weiser) and

Romano Schmid

(for Eren Dinkci) into the game - and had completely renewed his wing tongs. Werder's game did the fresh forces good. Above all, Schmid immediately revived the game and had the first really big chance for his team in the 59th minute. Darmstadt goalkeeper Marcel Schuhe spectacularly fended off the Austrian's powerful shot to the corner.

Werder Bremen

was now bolder, increasingly looking for the way forward - and received a massive blow in the neck in the middle of this phase. The ex-Darmstadt resident

Nicolai Rapp

, who

was indisposed on that day

, suffered a

total blackout

in the 65th minute

and served with his back pass "Lilien" striker Luca Pfeiffer, who alone in front of the goal had no trouble overcoming Zetterer - 2-0. A goal conceded as an effective hit, because afterwards nothing worked at Werder.

It only took six minutes before Pfeiffer finally made everything clear with his second goal of the day. This time the striker snuck away from a free kick on the far post and volleyed the ball over the line to make it 3-0 (71.). In the final phase

Werder Bremen


again and had chances - the best of them Ducksch missed with a header in the 74th minute - but the team was unable to correct the result, which was in line with this completely messed up afternoon at the Böllenfalltor . The late substitution of

Leonardo Bittencourt

(came in the 84th minute for Ducksch), who made his season debut after recovering from a knee injury, had to serve as a ray of hope. In the

2nd Bundesliga

The Bremen team will continue with the away game at SV Sandhausen on Sunday, October 24th.


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And: Frank Baumann's warning after the SV Werder Bremen disaster in Darmstadt!

Werder Bremen clearly loses against Darmstadt 98 - the live ticker for reading:




And the game is over.

Werder Bremen lost 3-0.

The guests slept through the first half completely, but fell behind due to a Sunday shot from Holland with a break whistle.

The commitment was there after the restart, but when Werder pressed the equalizer, Luca Pfeiffer struck twice and buried all hopes for points for Werder am Bölle.

90 + 1 min .:

Patric Pfeiffer is lying on the floor because he got Bittencourt's foot in the face while falling.

But it goes on for the defender of Darmstadt.

90.Min .:

Werder again in the Lilien penalty area, but again misses the time for the conclusion.

Nobody wants, everyone shifts responsibility to the next player and in the end the ball is gone.

That fits the game.

87 minutes:

Darmstadt also changes.

The stadium rises for the double goal scorer Luca Pfeiffer, Seydel is allowed to do it again.

84 minutes:

Change at Werder.

Ducksch was not a factor today and has finished work, but Leonarde Bittencourt is celebrating his comeback and his season debut.

Shortly thereafter, Darmstadt's Manu sees the yellow card for a foul.



Rapp comes from 14 meters to the end, Darmstadt grabs the ball away from the goal.

82.Min .:

Ducksch brings a free-kick cross from the right into the middle on the head of Rapp.

But that won't be dangerous, Rapp misses the head.

80th min .:

Goller and Kempe go to Darmstadt, but Manu and Müller come.

They should help to save victory over time.

Unfortunately, there are more ungrateful tasks.

79.Min .:

Darmstadt's Bader is late in seeing the yellow card for a foul on the dynamic Agu in midfield two minutes earlier.


Agu drives the game, looking for the way into the penalty area, but of course it is now nailed up.

74.Min .: And then there is also bad luck: Agu crosses from the left and finds Ducksch in the middle.

His header is really good, but Marcel Schuhe somehow still fishes it out, that must be the goal!

Werder Bremen against Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: Darmstadt double strike ensures clear conditions

72nd min:

Kempe kicks a free kick from half-right, Luca Pfeiffer has a lot of space at the far post and nails the ball into the mesh with a direct pick-up.

Everyone cheers, Werder is dismayed.

It was going too fast.

71.Min .: And suddenly it's 3-0 for Darmstadt 98, that doesn't exist ...

70th min .:

Darmstadt changes twice, Tietz and Honsak are off work, but Berko and Karic pick up their accrual bonus.

66th min .:

That's how it happened: Rapp gets the ball in midfield and wants to play back to Zetterer, but overlooks that Luca Pfeiffer is lurking.

The Lilien striker runs the ball and stays cool in front of the Werder goalkeeper.

In the middle of the pressure phase of Werder, Bremen beat themselves, that had not indicated.

Now it's getting very difficult ...

65th Min .: Goal for Darmstadt, what a mistake by Rapp ...

64.Min .:

Werder change: Schmidt leaves, Füllkrug comes

63.Min .:

Phillip Tietz sees the yellow card after a radical duel.

Werder Bremen against Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: Schmid just missed the compensation

59th Min .: Big chance to equalize!

Darmstadt does not get the ball out.

Somehow the ball lands at Romano Schmid, who holds it from eleven meters and aims at the left corner.

Marcel Schuh extends his paw and clears strongly to the corner.

Good action from both of you, Werder is here!

57.Min .:

Bremen is now trying to control the game, and sometimes plays a few calm balls back and forth between the defenders.

The way forward is blocked, one waits for the gap.

52nd min .:

Again Gruev grabs a ball that was played into the interface and thus prevents Darmstadt's possible scoring chance.

Gruev makes a very stable impression so far!

50.Min .:

So far, the guests here have control over what happens in the second round.

It seems that Markus Anfang found the right words.

47th min .:

The efforts are recognizable: Ducksch puts a long ball with his head in the middle, Schmid rushes up, but heads the ball too laxly on goal at knee height.

46th min .:

The game is on again!

Werder Bremen against Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: kick-off for the second half

2.36 p.m.:

Werder changes twice during the break: Schmid and Agu enter the square, Weiser and Dinkci leave it.

We'll keep our fingers crossed!

2.34 p.m.:

The teams are slowly returning.

Half-time break in the Merck Stadium at Böllenfalltor.

Darmstadt leads 1-0.

That was the last action before the break and it really hurts: May with too short a header defense to the left corner of the penalty area, the ball falls at Fabian Holland's feet, who pulls off dry like a window cleaner and hides the ball indefensibly at the right angle.

The goal is as beautiful as it deserves, Darmstadt has pushed Bremen most of the time into their own half.

45th min .: Goal for Darmstadt 98 ....

41st min:

We'd like to cover more about the game, but little is happening right now.

A lot of midfield skirmishes, little constructive - even less constructive from Werder.

Darmstadt is very bilious here.

Werder Bremen against Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: Werder looks insecure, Darmstadt presses

36th min .:

Still only Darmstadt plays.

Werder does not get the ball cleared and offers the lilies the chance to flank from the left, but Tietz clearly heads over it.

The people of Bremen seem surprised and insecure.



Mbom runs Honsak in the penalty area and pulls the foul.

The man from Darmstadt should have got up earlier.

34th min .:

Dinkci plays very self-confidently, regularly looks for the dribbling in one-on-one, but has not yet made it through and therefore makes a rather unhappy figure.

31.Min .:

The pressure from the hosts increases: A cross from the right clears Mai in dire need for a corner!

27.Min .:

The corner is not without danger, as Tietz comes to the conclusion with a head.

The attacker missed his ninth goal of the season, however, as he heads exactly at Zetterer, who gratefully picks up the ball.

27.Min .:

We had something similar: Darmstadt wins a second ball, Bader gets a place on the right and plays flat in the middle, Gruev stretches again to the corner.

24.Min .:

The lily fans vent their displeasure with Markus at the beginning with less creative but meaningful chants.

23.Min .:

You just have to complain: Darmstadt attacks, Bader plays the ball flat against the second post, Gruev grabs the ball in the middle for a corner.

20.Min .:

Both teams here in the initial phase with apparently similar game ideas.

Both go early and try to force the opponent to make mistakes.

But when they have the ball in their own ranks, both of them take the reins of action directly into their hands and look for the way forward.

All the big offensive accents are missing so far - still.



Gruev and Luca Pfeiffer tackle and push each other in a duel for the ball, the Werderaner wins and thus prevents a potentially good counter-situation in advance.

15.Min .:

Marvin Ducksch tries it directly, aims a little too high.

14.Min .:

It will be a card game: Tobias Kempe pulls through against Gruev.

Free kick Werder from the half field and yellow for Kempe.

11.Min .:

It really bangs here!

Friedl also sees yellow, he had uncompromisingly gone into the duel with Goller.

9.Min .:

Darmstadt free-kick from the right half-field, which comes well, but is whistled back because of an offside position.

No danger to Zetterer's goal.

7. Min .:

Lars Lukas Mai sees the first yellow card of the game, who prevents a counterattack at his old place of work with a foul against Luca Pfeiffer.




First hesitant attempt by the guests on the left, Dinkci is looking for a teammate in the back room, but only finds one opponent.

3. Min .:

First attack by Darmstadt 98, Goller crosses from the right, but in the middle the green and white defense heads the ball out of the danger zone.

2. Min .:

Dinkci tunnels his opponent on the sidelines, but then loses the ball. The treasurer of Darmstadt's team treasury should still be happy.

1. Min .:

Great atmosphere here in the stadium and now the ball is rolling after Darmstadt has kicked off.

Here we go!

Werder Bremen against Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: The ball rolls at the Böllenfalltor

1:29 p.m .:

... and there they come!

Werder all in green, Darmstadt today, unsurprisingly, wears blue jerseys.

1:27 p.m.: The

referee of the game is Florian Lechner.

He is assisted by Steven Greif and Henry Müller.

The fourth official is Nikolai Kimmeyer, VAR is Thorben Siewer.

1:24 p.m.:

The teams have now withdrawn into the cabins.

It’s about to start, it’s already tingling!

1:19 p.m.:

The beginning is particularly pleased about the return of the recovered Leonardo Bittencourt to the squad.

He feels "like a new addition".

We definitely agree!

1:17 p.m.:

Markus Anfang emphasizes that he has "only positive memories" of his time at Darmstadt 98.

1:13 p.m.:

In the run-up to the game, Darmstadt coach Thorsten Lieberknecht described today's duel as a “highlight” for his team.

A little praise in any case.

1:11 p.m.:

At best, the winner will be able to jump to 5th place today - as long as Nuremberg does not win in Dresden at the same time.


In the Merck Stadium at Böllenfalltor, direct table


will meet today.

With 13 points, Darmstadt is one point and one place (10th place) behind Bremen (14/9).

13.06 p.m.:

After the already mentioned 3-0 win, our Werder team are going into the game with a tailwind and self-confidence.

But the same applies to today's host.

Darmstadt has, also already mentioned, beaten SV Sandhausen 6-1.

The goal-threatening storm duo Phillip Tietz and Luca Pfeiffer have already met 13 times.

There is work to be done on the Werder defense ...

1:04 p.m.:

Darmstadt's stadium announcer is also just announcing the sold out house.

Werder Bremen against Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: Again whistles for Markus Anfang

12.58 p.m.: The

whistles for Markus Anfang again as the teams gather on the field to warm up.

12:57 p.m.:

And a little more statistics: In recent years, encounters between the two clubs have been rare.

Between 2015 and 2017 there were four games in the Bundesliga.

The home team won once each, the other two games ended 2-2 draws.

In 2019, the two separated 1: 1 in the friendly.

12.55 p.m.: Another

nice addition to the squad: Leonardo Bittencourt is back in the squad for the first time today after a long injury break from preparation!

Let's see if he gets rich for a few minutes of action today.

12.50 p.m.:

The Böllenfalltor is still a major construction site.

The main stand is currently under construction.

The three remaining grandstands fill up.

13,600 spectators are expected today, 90 percent of the theoretically possible maximum occupancy in the current state of construction.

838 Bremer Schlachtenbummers will be among the spectators.

12.47 p.m.:

When the Werder players entered the field for the first time, they were mercilessly whistled by the Lilien fans.

It got even louder when coach Markus Anfang came into the interior.

Apparently the move to the Weser has not yet been completely forgiven him.

12.45 p.m.:

The Werder bank looks like this:

Plogmann (gate), Jung, Füllkrug, Agu, Straudi, Schmid, Bittencourt, Assalé, Nankishi.

12.41 p.m

.: This means a reunion with several ex-Werderans: Kempe, Werder loan Goller and Ronstadt wore the green and white jersey in the past.

12:38 p.m.:

Darmstadt has to change compared to the 6-1 win against Sandhausen due to the corona.

Gjasula not in the squad, but Fabian Schnellhardt on the starting line-up.

It looks like this:

Shoes - Bader, P. Pfeiffer, Isherwood, Holland - Goller, Gjasula, Kempe, Honsak - Tietz, L. Pfeiffer.

12.36 p.m.:

Jiri Pavlenka is missing today on the Werder Bank.

That is why Luca Plogmann is part of the squad today.

Pavlenka is absent due to illness.

12.35 p.m.:

Niklas Schmidt is back after his break in the 3-0 win against Heidenheim, Schmid slips on the bench for him.

Werder Bremen against Darmstadt 98 in the live ticker: Schmidt for Schmid from the start

12.30 p.m.:

Now we are smarter, the lists are there.

Werder starts with the following staff:

Zetterer - Mbom, Mai, Veljkovic, Friedl - Gruev, Rapp, Schmidt - Weiser, Ducksch, Dinkci.

12.29 p.m.:

Moin, moin from the dyke room!

The line-ups of the two teams should arrive at any moment.

We are of course particularly excited to see which staff Markus Anfang will send the green-whites into the race with.

Der SV Werder Bremen beim SV Darmstadt 98 im Live-Ticker. Anpfiff in Darmstadt ist heute um 13.30 Uhr, der Liveticker startet hier gegen 12.30 Uhr mit den Startelf-Aufstellungen beider Mannschaften. Alle Tore, News und Infos - alles live im DeichStube-Live-Ticker.

Werder Bremen gegen den SV Darmstadt 98 - der Vorbericht:

Selbstbewusst die Serie starten: Werder Bremen hat sich für das Auswärtsspiel beim SV Darmstadt 98 viel vorgenommen

Es gibt da dieses eine Wort, das während der Länderspielpause rund ums Weserstadion ziemlich oft gefallen ist. Es lautet: Selbstvertrauen. Genau das hatte sich Werder Bremen vor zwei Wochen durch den überzeugenden 3:0-Heimsieg gegen den 1. FC Heidenheim geholt, hatte es danach behutsam durch die spielfreie Zeit getragen, um es nun, am Sonntag beim SV Darmstadt 98, möglichst weiter zu stärken - mit einem Auswärtssieg. Der Vorbericht der DeichStube*.

„Wir sind in sehr guter Form und wollen zeigen, dass wir auch zwei, drei, vier Spiele hintereinander gewinnen können“, hatte Mittelfeldspieler Ilia Gruev unlängst betont. Das Problem ist nur: Selbiges trifft auch auf Gegner SV Darmstadt 98 zu. Kein Wunder also, dass Trainer Markus Anfang vor dem Wiedersehen mit seinem Ex-Club von einem „sehr, sehr schweren Spiel“ für den SV Werder Bremen ausgeht.

Werder Bremen geht mit viel Selbstvertrauen in das Spiel gegen den SV Darmstadt 98

Während das erwähnte Selbstvertrauen von Werder Bremen aus dem 3:0 gegen Heidenheim erwachsen ist, liegt dem Darmstädter sogar ein 6:1-Erfolg zu Grunde, herausgeschossen am vergangenen Spieltag beim SV Sandhausen. Auch den FC Ingolstadt hatte das Team am dritten Spieltag mit diesem Resultat abgeschossen. „Diese Ergebnisse waren kein Zufall. So etwas steckt durchaus in der Mannschaft drin“, sagt Anfang, der in der vergangenen Spielzeit noch Trainer der „Lilien“ gewesen war, den Kader des kommenden Gegners also bestens kennt. „Wir haben da sicherlich einen guten Überblick, aber trotzdem spielt Darmstadt unter dem neuen Trainer etwas anders Fußball, sodass wir uns ganz normal auf das Spiel vorbereitet haben.“

Seit dieser Saison ist Torsten Lieberknecht für die „Lilien“ verantwortlich, hat mit ihnen aus bisher neun Spielen 13 Punkte und damit einen weniger als Werder Bremen geholt. Nach zwei Niederlagen zu Saisonbeginn hat der SV Darmstadt 98 allmählich in die Spur gefunden, lässt es allerdings - ähnlich wie Werder - noch an der nötigen Konstanz vermissen. Zuletzt wechselten sich Sieg und Niederlage für die „Lilien“ im Wochenrhythmus ab. Gegen Werder soll nun erstmals der zweite Erfolg am Stück eingefahren werden, wobei den Angreifern Phillip Tietz (acht Saisontore) und Luca Pfeiffer (fünf Saisontore) eine wesentliche Rolle zukommen dürfte. Dass Klaus Gjasula (Covid-19-Infektion) im Mittelfeld fehlen wird, stellt allerdings eine Schwächung für die Gastgeber da.

Werder Bremen against SV Darmstadt 98: The loser sticks in the middle of the 2nd Bundesliga

Markus Anfang also

expects a “very homogeneous, stable and experienced team” that will, in turn, face his self-confident Bremen team with self-confidence.

After all, there is a lot at stake.

While the winner keeps up with the top group, the loser will remain in the middle of the table for the time being.



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