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BVB gives up: Dortmund is dismantled by Amsterdam in the Champions League


Borussia Dortmund has no chance at Ajax Amsterdam. There is a bitter defeat for BVB in the Champions League. The game in the ticker for reading.

Borussia Dortmund has no chance at Ajax Amsterdam.

There is a bitter defeat for BVB in the Champions League.

The game in the ticker for reading.

  • Champions League: Ajax Amsterdam dismantles Borussia Dortmund.

  • BVB conceded a very bitter defeat in the premier class.

  • The game in the ticker for reading.

Ajax Amsterdam - Borussia Dortmund 4: 0 (2: 0)

Lineup Amsterdam:

Pasveer - Mazraoui (83rd Rensch), J. Timber, L. Martinez, Blind - Ed.

Alvarez, Gravenberch, Antony (76th David Neres), Tadic, Berghuis (69th Klaassen) - Haller (83rd Daramy)

Lineup Dortmund:

Kobel - Meunier (79th M. Wolf), Hummels (79th Pongracic), Akanji, Schulz (46th Can) - Witsel - Bellingham, Brandt (88th Knauff) - Reus - Haaland, Malen (53rd Hazard)


1: 0 Reus (11th / own goal), 2: 0 Blind (25th), 3: 0 Antony (57th), 4: 0 Haller (72nd)


Update from October 19, 11:55 p.m

.: Marco Rose from Borussia Dortmund is


FC Bayern something.

Shortly afterwards he has no chance with BVB in the Champions League * in Amsterdam.

The change of mood in the minutes (see link).

Update from October 19, 10.55 p.m.: Conclusion:

Borussia Dortmund has conceded its first defeat of the Champions League season and the highest in the club's history in the



BVB coach Marco Rose's team had to admit defeat to leaders Ajax Amsterdam 0: 4 (0: 2).

With six points from three games, BVB still has the last sixteen in mind.

Marco Reus with an own goal (11th), Daley Blind (25th), Antony (57th) and the former Frankfurt Sebastien Haller (72nd) scored for Ajax.

At the start, the Westphalia won against Besiktas Istanbul (2: 1) and against Sporting Lisbon (1: 0).

Champions League: Borussia Dortmund goes under at Ajax Amsterdam

90 + 3 minutes: The game is over!

Borussia Dortmund is going under in Amsterdam and will have to gather up again after this defeat.

90th minute: Three minutes of stoppage time.

88th Minute: Double change at Dortmund:

Knauff for Brandt.

He too remained completely pale today.

87th Minute: Amsterdam is now playing the thing down here confidently.

Haaland takes another ball, but is stopped.

83 minutes: Double change at Amsterdam:

Rensch for Mazraoui, Daramy for Haller.

79th Minute: Double change at Dortmund:

Wolf for Meunier, Pongracic for Hummels.

78th minute: ATTENTION!

"BVB is no longer taking place," says Amazon expert Höwedes.

And she's just right.

Haller and David Neres give a double chance against Kobel.

His colleagues apparently only want the final whistle.

76th Minute: Change at Amsterdam:

David Neres comes for the strong Antony.

The fans stand and applaud.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: Borussia Dortmund receives a slap

72nd minute: Toooooorrrrrr !!!

Ajax Amsterdam - Borussia Dortmund 4: 0, goal scorer: Haller.




This is now a dismantling.

BVB formally surrenders.

A simple chippball from the left sets off an alarm in the penalty area.

Hummels lets Haller pull in his back, Can has no access at all.

Haller, on the other hand, is in the air and only has to nod off.

The defense from Westphalia collapses ...

71st Minute: View of the other places: PSG has just equalized 2-2 against RB Leipzig.

This was preceded by wonderful preparatory work by Mbappe, which Messi completed with a ping pong goal.

The Bundesliga team from Saxony plays really well.

69th Minute: Change at Amsterdam:

The former Bremer Klaassen comes into the game for Berghuis.

67th Minute: Haaland fails!

The Norwegian puts the ball in front of himself and passes the opponent with a hook.

But the good goalie Pasveer can fend off his low shot with the left.

It just shouldn't be ... again the miracle striker waves it away, disappointed.

63rd Minute: Bellingham comes much too late in the duel against Alvares and can be happy that he doesn't see a yellow card.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: It is very bitter for Dortmund

57th Minute: Toooooorrrrrr !!!

Ajax Amsterdam - Borussia Dortmund 3: 0, goal scorer: Antony.

It becomes clear.

It gets really bitter.

The BVB is demonstrated.

Also in this scene.

Haller extends a half-heartedly defended ball at the five-meter space. Antony gets too much space because Can is timid.

The Brazilian walks past with a swing and flicks the ball into the far corner.

53rd Minute: Change at Dortmund

: Rose takes Malen down, who did not go back the way and thus left Can in the lurch.

Hazard replaces the Dutchman.

Meanwhile, superstar Haaland gesticulates and moans here and there.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: Gregor Kobel prevents greater deficit

49th Minute: huge chance for Amsterdam!

Again, full-back Mazraoui is very high on the right.

The agile Gravenberch takes his sharp cross directly.

But again goalie Kobel is there.

My dear ...

48th minute: huge chance for Dortmund!

Hummels hits a fine ball behind the chain.

Haaland is through and pulls off powerfully, but it is Pasveer's turn and somehow steers the ball against the bar.

Brilliant parade!

47th Minute: And again Ajax runs like crazy.

Full-back Mazraoui goes way up front and creates danger.

46th Minute: Change at BVB:

Can replaces Schulz, who is completely pale today.

46th Minute: The BVB Champions League match continues!

Is there anything else going on for the Bundesliga representative?

45th minute + 2: break in Amsterdam!

What a bitter half for Borussia Dortmund.

45th minute + 1: Chance for Dortmund!


Painting sends Haaland, who asserts himself powerfully against his opponent, but finds his master in goalkeeper Pasveer.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: Dortmund in Elfer Glück

44th Minute: Puuuuuuh!

No penalty!

Dortmund in luck.

Akanji comes too late against Haller, hits the striker clearly.

That must actually be a penalty for Amsterdam.

But referee Gil Manzano from Spain sees it differently.

42nd Minute: huge chance for Amsterdam!

Gravenberch brings the free kick directly on goal.

Again the wall is wrong.

Keeper Kobel steers the ball against the post.

And again a murmur goes through the arena!

One-sided, very one-sided.

42nd Minute: Yellow card against Witsel (Dortmund):

Sure thing!

The Belgian knocks Tadic down just before the penalty area.

For BVB, it's probably just about getting into the dressing room - somehow!

38th minute: And the next degree.

Kobel under constant fire.

This time Gravenberch tries.

But again the Swiss goalie is in the Dortmund goal below.

It prevents an even bigger deficit.

36th minute: Tadic leads the home side's game remarkably.

And again and again, Antony is on the ball. The Dortmunders don't get hold of him at all.

33rd Minute: Yellow card against Alvares (Amsterdam):

Because he pulls and tugs on Malen's jersey.

From that same painting, by the way Dutch, there is nothing to be seen in his homeland.

32nd Minute: Uiuiuiuiuiuiui ... the next huge chance for Ajax!

Haller comes to the conclusion powerfully from a very short distance.

He shoots too centered after hook template.

But Kobel is downstairs and parries splendidly.

30th minute: The next chance!

A long shot sweeps past the right post.

BVB is currently being played.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: And again the doorbell rings in the Dortmund gate

25th minute: Toooooorrrrrr !!!

Ajax Amsterdam - Borussia Dortmund 2-0, goalscorer: blind.

Uiuiuiuiuiuiuiui ... It made bang!

And the stadium is boiling again.

What a mood.

Hummels makes the mistake.

The world champion heads the ball in the middle because he is apparently looking for Bellingham.

But that's not there, it's a player in red and white.

BVB does not get the scene defended, blindly the ball is put on.

And then he just pulls heartily from 18 meters - inner post, goal!

19th minute: Now BVB: Malen and Reus pick up the pace, but the cross pass does not end up at Haaland.

17. Minute: Antony and ex-Bundesliga professional Haller are good at the game.

Borussia Dortmund should organize as much as possible on the defensive.

Ajax attacks very explosively and quickly.

14. Minute: Great atmosphere after the tour in the arena.

Tens of thousands sing and cheer, BVB has to gather.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: early goal!

Marco Reus extended unhappily

11.Minute: Toooooorrrrrr !!!

Ajax Amsterdam - Borussia Dortmund 1-0, goal scorer: Reus (own goal).

Bitter goal!

Again, BVB catches a goal in a standard.

Tadic's free kick is sharp, but Reus headed into the far corner.

No chance for keeper Kobel.

Antony had set the standard against Hummels on the edge of the penalty area.

10th minute: Blind with the next chance from an acute angle for Ajax.

Dortmund have to be careful, the home team signs up.

9th minute: huge chance for Amsterdam!

The left side of BVB is criminally free.

The Brazilian Antony is through, but fails from a very short distance on the Hummels block.

6. Minute: BVB determines the start of the game and puts pressure on.

Meunier makes steam over to the right.

Ajax is withdrawing.

2. Minute: Dortmund attacks early.

BVB is drawn to the opposing goal.

Still thick billows of smoke through the pyro in the stadium.

54,000 fans are there today.

1st minute: Let's start now with football!

Fans are back!


- Patrick Berger (@berger_pj) October 19, 2021

Update, 8:59 p.m.: The start of the game will probably be postponed for a short time.

Both curves ignited a spectacular pyro and shrouded the arena in thick smoke.

Again and again you can see Bengalos.

Update, 8:55 p.m.:

In the first game of Group C there was a clear result: Sporting Lisbon won 4-1 at Besiktas Istanbul.

The Turks are last with zero points after three matchdays.

The Portuguese, on the other hand, can keep up.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: Erik ten Hag - "Dortmund is favorite"

Update, 8.46 p.m.:

Erik ten Hag is

on the microphone


Amazon Prime


“You are the favorite, but we are not afraid.

We have proven in the past that we can beat big opponents: Juve and Real Madrid, ”said the Ajax coach about BVB.

How does he want to slow down Erling Haaland?

“We have to be good in our possession of the ball so that Borussia Dortmund has to run after us, so we can neutralize Erling Haaland.

If we don't have the ball, we have to catch it and attack, ”explains the former coach of Bayern's second team.

Update 8:35 p.m .:

BVB coach Marco Rose expects Ajax Amsterdam to be "very aggressive against the ball, with a very good structure from the 4-3-3 with the ball," explains the Saxon on

Amazon Prime

- and: "You run the opponent very good. "

Borussia Dortmund recently left the opponent with space on the defensive.

“We can't allow ourselves that today,” says Rose: “We know that we want to work on it.” With a view to Ajax Amsterdam, he says: “You will defend better and be more man-oriented.

We will have little time in the center.

But: There are also rooms that we want to use. "

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: Erling Haaland scored a double in the Bundesliga

Update, 8:25 p.m.:

So today again Erling Haaland.

The 21-year-old Norwegian was last missing from Borussia Dortmund.

On his return he scored a brace in the 3-1 win against Mainz 05 in the Bundesliga.


8:10 p.m.: Is a transfer poker coming up around Borussia Dortmund?

FC Bayern and BVB are apparently both vying for top talent Karim Adeyemi * from Red Bull Salzburg.

Now a confidante reports on conversations.

Update, 7:55 p.m.:

Already in the afternoon, the U19 teams of both clubs faced each other in the Uefa Youth League.

The youngsters from Borussia Dortmund won 5-1, making BVB leaders in this class.

Update from October 19, 7.47 p.m.:

The Dortmund line-up is here!

BVB coach Marco Rose is less surprising and almost as usual relies on a diamond in midfield.

Julian Brandt is allowed to run right from the start.

Erling Haaland and Donjel Malen form the storm duo.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: Dutchman Erik ten Hag builds on possession

Update from October 19, 7.30 p.m.:

How to stop BVB?

Ajax coach Erik ten Hag asked himself this question at the press conference for the Champions League game.

“It is very important that we have very good possession of the ball.

I know how the Germans look at us.

Holland is possession of the ball.

Nevertheless, it is important and of course to have the balance sheet in the remaining defense ", he explained in good German:" On the other hand, the pressing has to work to neutralize Dortmund. "

Update from October 19, 7.15 p.m.:

At Ajax Amsterdam, Sebastien Haller (once Eintracht Frankfurt) caused a sensation with five goals in two Champions League games.

And: He was brought into play as a possible successor to Erling Haaland, should the super striker from Norway leave BVB next summer.

However, it is probably out of the question that Haller could adequately replace Haaland, because it is simply too good ...

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: It is running for Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League

First report from October 19th:

Munich / Amsterdam - The Champions League *.

Not always an easy undertaking for Borussia Dortmund *.

But this year it looks very different.

2-1 at Besiktas Istanbul, 1-0 against Sporting Lisbon - the start in the premier class was not spectacular, but highly effective.

Six points are on the books, just like at Ajax Amsterdam - today's opponent.

The Dutch swept over the Portuguese champions from Lisbon in a 5-1 win on matchday one.

Spectacular: Sebastien Haller, former Bundesliga * striker from Eintracht Frankfurt, scored four goals in this game.

This was followed by a 2-0 win against the Turkish champions from Istanbul.

The two dominant teams will meet on this Tuesday evening, and the winner will be as good as in the round of 16.

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: Borussia Dortmund got off to a good start in the Champions League

Table, group C:



1. Ajax Amsterdam

7: 1


2. Borussia Dortmund

3: 1


3. Besiktas Istanbul

1: 4


4. Sporting Lisbon

1: 6


Striking: Before the game there was excitement about individual BVB fans.

As the


reports, individual ultras fled from police controls.

Specifically: According to the Federal Police wanted to control departing fans of the Bundesliga giant * at several train stations in the Ruhr area.

In Oberhausen, according to the federal police, members of an ultra grouping got rid of their pyrotechnics and ran into trains that were ready to leave.

In the video: Ajax coach Ten Hag: This is how we neutralize BVB

Ajax Amsterdam - BVB in the live ticker: Trouble with individual Dortmund fans

At least 21 partially self-made and forbidden Bengalos were seized according to



There were preliminary investigations.

According to the club, 2,700 BVB fans are allowed to accompany the team to Amsterdam.

How will you behave?

After the empty stages in the coronavirus pandemic * and during the restrictions during the easing, pyro was still a rarity.

Follow the Champions League game between Ajax Amsterdam and Borussia Dortmund this evening from 9 p.m. * here in the live ticker.


* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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