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Eli Ohana: "La Familia, enemies and haters of Betar, hooligans are a compliment for them" - Walla! Sports


The chairman in a special column for the official website following the violent events: "Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I was ashamed to be part of the club"

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Eli Ohana: "La Familia, enemies and haters of Betar, hooligans are a compliment for them"

The chairman in a special column to the official website following the violent incidents: “Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I was ashamed to be a part of the club.

"Innocent people whose whole sin is love for Betar, should I go through a lynching? I can not digest it. I can not stand you, leave us alone."


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Ophir Saar

Wednesday, 20 October 2021, 12:06

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Against the background of the attacks on Betar Jerusalem fans in Bloomfield yesterday (Monday), and the escalation of the club's struggle against the members of "La Familia", today (Wednesday) Chairman Eli Ohana published a personal column on the club's official website, in which he addressed the fans in a firm tone.

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He's tired too.

Eli Ohana (Photo: Niv Aharonson)

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"I have been part of Betar Jerusalem since the age of 12, I am identified with her and she has been with me throughout my career, in every position I have held. Yesterday, for the first time in my life, I was ashamed to be a part of the club.

Betar Jerusalem is a glorious club with history and tradition, with hundreds of thousands of fans, the vast majority of whom are good and supportive, but all are captivated by the negative image and ongoing damage caused by a criminal fan group to the club. In addition, the stands are silenced every time he is on the field, racism at the lowest and lowest level. A quality who is so eager to come to Jerusalem and be part of the group, but all his sin is that his religion does not suit them.

The issue of racism is disgusting, infuriating and irritating, but this gang of "La Familia" managed to produce greater records of shame, disgust and delinquency when in the stands at Bloomfield they beat fans, hit them on the floor, wounded a fighter, hit a disabled girl and took her crutches, all because They were part of the bloc that opposed the boycott of encouragement on Kamso Mara and the group.

It's inconceivable.

"Innocent people whose whole sin is the love for Betar and the desire to applaud the team player should go through such a lynching? I still can not digest it."

"Come in a group of 15-20 on one person?".

La Familia (Photo: Walla !, Danny Maron)

"We at the club condemn all violence, even when it happens between fans from different groups, but I have never encountered Betar Jerusalem haters beating Betar fans in this way. In my opinion, they are not Betar fans. From the day I was part of Betar I did not dream of reaching such a situation, that fans from the stands are abusing the team's fans. As I mentioned, these are not fans, these are Betar's enemies, these are Betar haters, Calling them hooligans, they are much more than hooligans, hooligans are a compliment to them.

It is true that it did not start today, it has been running for quite a few years, and Moshe is celebrating justice in his way and his war. All the owners have been through the same situation here and in the end they choose to leave because of this bunch. What kind of thing is this, to come and claim that you are a Betar fan and to beat people, to come in a group of 15-20 on one person, to kick and step on a person's head when he is on the floor? A disabled woman, an IDF fighter, where did we get to? It's time to say - we do not want you, we do not need you, can not tolerate you, leave us alone. We will be very happy if you do not reach the stands anymore, do not need the encouragement, the color and everything you think is your exclusive property, believe me we will get along. And let me not tell stories how many good things this organization does, all the good things are dwarfed to zero in relation to such phenomena on the field.

By the way, you can swear, you can slander, and that's probably what you do, but you do not bother me, for me "La Familia" has become synonymous with racism, violence, delinquency and evil, something that drives any normative person away from being part of Betar. I must say "I did not always express myself decisively enough in this matter, but water came to my soul."

Ohana to Betar fans: "Right now, precisely at this time, let's be with us" (Photo: Danny Maron)

"I tried to do things, yes I talked to people within the organization and I was one of those who tried to reconcile. There was a desire to try and put in some logic and thought, but unfortunately all these things did not help and I had no choice but to go public and put an end to it.

I also do not accept these excuses. Who say they were not part of it - whoever raises these criminals, leads and goes hand in hand with them, can not remove responsibility just because they were not physically involved in the incident. .

Beitar Jerusalem made a lot of action on the subject over the years and especially in recent years, with security guards home and away games, cameras, suits, every corner we acted. Obviously we also made mistakes along the way, especially when we thought it would be possible to put some wisdom into them and make things change, but this time we learned the lesson.

I spoke yesterday with Hogg, the owner of Betar Jerusalem, and I support every word he said in the last day. It is impossible to come to him with complaints about the things we have done in recent years. We tried. It is important to say, Betar cannot eradicate the phenomenon alone. So that we can eradicate this terrible phenomenon.

And on this occasion I also call on our good fans. Right now, right at this time, let's be with us and help us and the group we all love so much. Betar is yours and we will do everything to make you feel good in the stands. Reach the pitches, unleash emotions but enjoy and feel part of the experience that so characterized this club. Feel safe, come with the families, we will do everything to keep you and put an end to those who took over the stands In recent years.

Betar is a splendor, it has a past, a present and we will make sure that there is a future as well. Betar is no longer a club, it is a brand in the Israeli experience.

"Our fans are spread all over the country, and every time I come across them I see how much they feel they have been privileged to be Betar Jerusalem fans. This is who we are, this is the overwhelming majority, and that cannot be changed. We will fight for the home."

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Clashes in the stands of Betar Jerusalem fans following attempts to encourage Kamso Mara (Section 27A of the Copyright Law)

The group knows that the struggle against "La Familia" is just beginning, but makes it clear that without the help of the institutions they will not spare the means.

This morning the club said: "We can not be alone, if they do not help us and this thing continues we will make extreme decisions, if necessary we may not even go up to play or get off the field during racist chants and the silence of the stands. "Betar Jerusalem will deal with this thing at all costs, even if we have to relegate."

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