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Not losing is not enough: resentment and fresh dissatisfaction after Werder's draw against Sandhausen


SV Werder Bremen saved themselves with a late goal from - of all people - Niclas Füllkrug to a 2-2 draw in the away game against SV Sandhausen. The game report of the DeichStube *.

SV Werder Bremen saved themselves with a late goal from - of all people - Niclas Füllkrug to a 2-2 draw in the away game against SV Sandhausen.

The game report of the DeichStube *.

Bremen - 1436 fans of

SV Werder Bremen

largely agreed on how their team's game should be rated. “We're fed up,” they shouted in unison. And again and again: "Baumann out!" It was the way of the

Bremen supporters who traveled

to the away game at

SV Sandhausen to

deal with a Werder performance that once again fell far short of the expectations of the relegated Bundesliga. Which in the end had at least delivered a point gain. With a goal in stoppage time by Niclas Füllkrug, who recently suffered little good at Werder, the Bundesliga relegated team scored 2: 2 (1: 1) and avoided the next heavy defeat away from home.

The Füllkrug hit was cheered loudly and fiercely in the Bremen block, but the fans did not leave the small stadium at Hardtwald, which was only filled with 7252 spectators, happily. They had already announced what they thought of the performance of their team, when the scores were 1: 1 and 1: 2. Again no progress could be seen, again

Werder Bremen was

owed everything that a team with ambitions for promotion should have.

The fact that the anger of the fans was directed against sports director Frank Baumann shows who they think is the culprit.

Baumann is responsible for personnel selection - and the selected personnel do not work together as they should.

The gap to the promotion places is growing steadily, after the draw in Sandhausen it is already seven points.

And the upcoming opponents have it all: FC St. Pauli, 1. FC Nürnberg, Schalke 04 - there are three teams from the top 5 who are now waiting for Werder.

According to game data, Werder Bremen were the better team against SV Sandhausen

It's going to be tough weeks, no question about it. Because how should Bremen compete against top teams in the league, if already in the table-16.

only one lucky point win

comes out of


? Even coach Markus Anfang, whether his position is fundamentally obliged to think positively, did not manage to see the 2-2 as a success on Sunday. The coach honestly admitted: “If you get behind late, but then make it 2-2 and don't lose the game, it's a positive feeling at first. But we're actually not here not to lose games, but to win games. "

Werder Bremen


succeeds in the latter

. Bremen lost three of the last five games - and if Füllkrug hadn't put his left foot on Oscar Schönfelder's cross in the 92nd minute, it would have been four. The particularly frustrating thing about it: Werder were clearly the better team in Sandhausen - at least that's what the game data said. 67 percent possession of the ball, 522: 250 passes played, 16:12 shots on goal, 60:48 won duels - these were nice numbers, but they were just like a make-up on the Bremen game. Because the actual truth of the game was not shown in numbers, but in the analysis by Coach Anfang: "Overall, we made too many individual mistakes to take away three points."

A serious bad pass by Lars Lukas Mai initiated the compensation for Sandhausen against Werder Bremen

Central defender Lars Lukas Mai suffered the most serious dropout when, under slight pressure, he played a short back pass to goalkeeper Michael Zetterer. Bashkim Adjini ran into the ball and was fouled by Zetterer. The penalty was converted by the former Werder talent Pascal Testroet (from 2008 to 2011 in Bremen) to 1: 1 (29th). Before that, Nicolai Rapp took care of the early tour of the guests (12th). Testroet then scored 2-1 for Sandhausen in the 84th minute, after Marco Friedl had played a bad pass and Mai had not paid attention in the middle. “We actually play to win, but then we make the individual mistake again and also don't defend in our own penalty area”, recalled the scene of the 1: 2 at the beginning and summarized: “We just keep getting ourselves into trouble.It's absolutely frustrating. ”At the beginning, however, as after the 3-0 defeat in Darmstadt and other previous defeats, the goals conceded were not related to tactics, system and direction of the game. It would depend entirely on the youth and inexperience of the players: "They are only stable sometimes, but not always." It should be noted at this point that it is the coach's job to recognize those players who are stable and who then play permit. Beginning: "We are working on getting it stable."“It should be noted at this point that it is the coach's job to identify those players who are stable and then let them play. Beginning: "We are working on getting it stable."“It should be noted at this point that it is the coach's job to identify those players who are stable and then let them play. Beginning: "We are working on getting it stable."

In the last minutes of the game, SV Sandhausen let Werder Bremen escape again

In sum, mistakes like those of the indisposed Mai (21) and Friedl (23) usually result in a defeat.



didn't do much better and let

Werder Bremen

escape again in the last few minutes.

Which is why the beginning at the end could at least refer to an intact team spirit and a strong final offensive.

“Actually you're already the loser after the late deficit.

For this moment, however, I have to praise my team for showing our morale and moving forward.

Then of course I am also pleased that we are being rewarded for this.

At the Gate of Abundance we saw that everyone wanted to turn the thing. "

Ultimately, Füllkrug's compensation also pushed the protest level of the fans in the stands down.

But the displeasure with the negative development in sport remains - at first this is understandable.

“That there is a certain amount of dissatisfaction is legitimate.

We're all not satisfied and happy that we didn't win the game.

We naturally hoped for more from the games in Darmstadt and Sandhausen.

Now we have to live with the unrest. "(Csa)

Werder Bremen:

Zetterer - Agu, Mai, Veljkovic, Friedl - Gruev, Rapp (68th Dinkci), Schmidt (57th filling mug) - Schmid, Ducksch, Bittencourt (77th Schönfelder).

For the last message at 5:00 p.m.:

Füllkrug saves Werder: goal in stoppage time against Sandhausen

Sandhausen - Niclas Füllkrug was suspended from training for three days last week, but on Sunday the striker saved

SV Werder Bremen

from another embarrassing defeat

in the

2nd Bundesliga

. In the second minute of stoppage time, he scored his first goal of the season to make it 2-2 (1-1) at

SV Sandhausen

. Seconds before the final whistle, the Joker even had the winning goal on the foot, but only hit the post. Before that,

Nicolai Rapp had given

Werder an early lead, ex-Bremer

Pascal Testroet

turned the game, which from Werder's point of view was characterized by many mistakes, but ultimately racy game with a converted foul penalty (29th) and a header (84th).

Werder Bremen had to play away against SV Sandhausen after a turbulent week

Darmstadt debacle, Füllkrug suspension because of his dispute with Werder soccer boss Clemens Fritz - it was a turbulent week at the end of which

SV Werder Bremen had





. But despite the unrest, the Bremen team got off to a good start in the Hardtwald stadium. Marvin Ducksch came into good positions twice in the first four minutes, but Rapp then took the lead early. Marco Friedl had sent the ball diagonally through the Sandhauser penalty area with a clear overview, and Rapp only had to complete it at the far post (12th). For the midfielder, the goal was the perfect answer to his serious individual and probably game-deciding mistake a week earlier in the 0: 3 against Darmstadt 98.


Werder Bremen

, however, the goal did not become a medicine that healed everything that their own game had recently suffered from.



Game control?

Coach Markus Anfang, who had changed his team to three positions - Leo Bittencourt, Romano Schmid and Felix Agu played instead of Mitchell Weiser, Eren Dinkci and Manuel Mbom - saw none of this.

Immediately before the 1-0 win, Werder was even lucky that Sandhausen's Arne Sicker kicked the ball past the goal (8th).

Immediately after the lead, Testroet, who trained at Werder from 2008 to 2011, placed a header that was too imprecise.

Werder Bremen with a draw against SV Sandhausen: Lars Lukas Mai with another disastrous appearance

These scenes already showed that Werder central defender Lars Lukas Mai wobbled and was not up to the demands. And then he also did what his colleague Rapp had done in Darmstadt: With a slack, too short back pass, he put Michael Zetterer in need. The goalkeeper straddled Bashkim Ajdini at full risk, but hit a leg instead of the ball - there were penalties for Sandhausen and yellow for Zetterer. Testroet converted the penalty kick (29th), and

Werder Bremen

had carelessly given away a lead that was only a chest loosener in theory through their own mistakes.

An improvement over the Darmstadt game could only be seen at the break in the score.

1: 1 -

Werder Bremen had to

be satisfied with that, because Aleksandr Zhirov (35th) and Ajdini (39th) gave the hosts further top chances.

The weaknesses in the Bremen defense were revealed again and again, the starting team only developed its own goal danger with a Ducksch free kick, which Patrick Drewes, a Delmenhorster native in the SVS goal, parried with a flight insert (43.).

Overall, the Bremen team lacked ideas for building up the game, too often the long balls were unpacked and too rarely were really combined forward.

And again and again unnecessary ball losses.

Werder Bremen only became more dangerous in the game against SV Sandhausen after the break

Anyone who thought everything would get better after the break was mistaken after just a few minutes.

Werder Bremen

became more dangerous towards the front - which was also due to the substitution of Füllkrug - but also more and more confused towards the rear. Mai almost caused a second goal against (67th), the substitute Alexander Esswein forgave for


from a promising position (69th).

After all: the neutral observer got his money's worth, because between the table 16.

and the eleventh place in the table developed an open exchange of blows, but at times it had the tendency to Bremen power play.

Schmid with two dangerous finishes (72nd / 78th) as well as Eren Dinkci (75th), who was substituted for Bittencourt, who returned from the starting line-up shortly before, could have put Werder back in the lead.

But it also remains an issue that Werder leaves far too many opportunities.

Niclas Füllkrug prevented Werder Bremen's fourth defeat in the fifth game against SV Sandhausen at the last moment

It is well known that something like this sometimes takes revenge. The proof: the 84th minute. After a cross from Dennis Diekmeier, Testroet headed the 2-1 for Sandhausen. The fact that Friedl had made the preliminary work possible through a bad passport and Mai had not paid attention (again) was part of the (again) long Bremen list of defects. And that in Diekmeier and Testroet, of all things, two at

Werder Bremen

trained professionals brought the Bremen team in need somehow fit the game (84th).

After falling behind, Werder showed great will - late, but just in time to avoid losing their fourth defeat in the last five games.

Füllkrug was spot on after substitute Oscar Schönfelder (90. + 2).

The fact that the rebel saved Werder is a story that only football can write.


Werder Bremen against SV Sandhausen: The live ticker to read

3:25 p.m.: The conclusion about the big crisis was already written - and then came NICLAS FÜLLKRUG!

First the equalization through "gap" in stoppage time, then almost the winning goal.

But the turbulent stoppage time mustn't do one thing: hide the by no means convincing performance in Sandhausen.

So it won't do anything with the SV Werder's “goals” that are often quoted this week.

90th minute +5

: Almost total madness!

Ducksch with the free kick from 18 meters, Füllkrug comes with the tip.

And hit the leather on the post.


90th minute +2: 2: 2 FILLING JUG !!!

The Joker's first goal of the season.

Niclas Füllkrug of all people, you have to say.

Freed from training for three days during the week, now the - at least little - hero.

The “Niclas Füllkrug” speaking choirs of the Werder fans who traveled with them follow immediately.

90th minute

: Referee Ittrich adds five minutes.

Five minutes to avert the big crisis.

87th minute

: And an equally clear chant afterwards: "Baumann out!" ...

86th Minute

: It's so bitter because the last quarter of an hour went really well for Werder.

Now it is echoing from the block instead: "We're fed up!"

84th Minute: 2: 1 Sandhausen ... Testroet heads after Diekmeier flank unrestricted.

83rd Minute

: The hosts have noticeably withdrawn and seem to be satisfied with the point against Werder.

In contrast to the green and white who keep putting pressure on them.

There is still something going on!

80th minute

: Ten minutes to go + X: Will Werder still manage the lucky punch?

78th Minute

: Now captain Niclas Füllkrug puts Schmid down with a good overview.

Its good end forces Drewes to a splendid parade.

Werder are now very close to the lead.

77th Minute

: Applause for Leo Bittencourt!

The starting eleven comeback leaves the field after a decent performance.

Oscar Schönfelder comes for him.

76th Minute

: Dinkci continues to draw attention to himself.

With a very fine offensive action.

He takes a long, undercut ball from Ducksch finely, then turns around his opponent and comes to a conclusion.

Everything in a confined space.

Only the conclusion is not placed enough to be considered for a hit.

Werder Bremen against SV Sandhausen in the live ticker: 15 minutes left - great opportunities on both sides

72nd minute

: Werder with the second chance within a few moments.

This time Schmid gets the opportunity, but fails because of Drewes, who is wide awake in the short corner with a foot defense.

70th minute

: Eren Dinkci, who has just entered, tries in the penalty area with a flick.

A good attempt, but - as so often on this day - the ball brushes past the far post.

69th Minute

: The substitute Esswein has to make the 2-1 for Sandhausen.

Fortunately, he doesn't make it ... His shot from eleven meters - unrestricted and central - luckily goes by.

68th Minute

: Next chance Sandhausen.

This time Ritzmaier gets too much space, but moves from a twelve-meter half-left position.

67th Minute

: Hustle and bustle in front of Zetterer.

The goalkeeper fends off a sharp cross, then Gewurschtel immediately in front of the goal line.

But somehow Werder gets the ball out of the danger zone with combined forces.

65th minute

: Again Füllkrug, who gets the ball in midfield and seeks the direct train to the goal.

His shot from almost 20 meters sweeps past the goal by half a meter.

63rd Minute

: "Tactical kick" by Rapp in midfield.

So there is consequently yellow.

62nd Minute

: Füllkrug hangs right in, comes to the end with a header.

However, the attempt clearly missed the gate.

60th minute

: Goal scorer Rapp on the floor.

He shows it: the right ankle.

Presumably he came up wrong on landing.

But then the thumbs up - it goes on.

58th Minute

: Schmid serves Bittencourt, who takes the ball with him.

Its straddling end, however, misses the far post.

57th minute:

“Abundance, abundance” chants!

Niclas Füllkrug is trusted and replaces Niklas Schmidt.

54th Minute

: After rather quieter minutes, Bittencourt takes heart.

He attracts two or three players with his dribbling in the penalty area.

Then he tries the one-two with Ducksch, but the ball is lost.

Then Bittencourt tries to follow up and comes too late with his tackle - yellow card.

48th minute

: Niklas Schmidt has not yet played a decisive role, but hangs himself fully in the early pressing and conquers the ball. A scene that could become symbolic: About the fight to success.

46th Minute

: Markus Anfang leaves his team unchanged.

Sandhausen's coach Schwartz does not make any changes either.

Werder Bremen against SV Sandhausen in the live ticker: Second half - no change to the break

2:27 p.m

.: Sky expert Mattuschka zum Mai-Bock: "Such individual mistakes ... You break down as a trainer!"

2:22 p.m.:

A look at the statistics: Werder with significantly more ball possession, 62: 38 percent.

When it comes to shots on goal, the guests “lead” 3: 1.

But it wasn't that clear, because Sandhausen was definitely dangerous.

2:17 p.m

.: Werder somehow does Werder things.

First the good start with a well-deserved lead, then the missed refill including a bad mistake from May, which resulted in the equalization.

The first 45 minutes, which are really muddled, somehow do not really bring any new knowledge.

Werder Bremen against SV Sandhausen in the live ticker: Half-time - Nicolai Rapp scores for SVW, Pascal Testroet for SVS

43rd Minute

: Ducksch checks Drewes with a wonderful free kick from around 25 meters.

A few seconds later Ducksch again with his excellent shooting technique, this time the attempt from 20 meters misses the long post by a few turns.

40th Minute

: Hui ... Aydini comes from twelve meters in an excellent shooting position at the end.

Werder-Kepper Zetterer flies wonderfully, but - fortunately - does not have to intervene because the ball slips just over the crossbar.

37th Minute

: Bittencourt on the ground, laid hard by Diekmeier.

His lamenting doesn't help, referee Ittrich rightly shows the first yellow card of the game.

36th minute

: The hosts are currently smelling a little morning air.

Fortunately for Werder, they leave two good free kick situations completely unused.

32nd minute

: For the first time, Leonardo Bittencourt is dangerous in action.

His sharp cross from the left is extremely dangerous, but Schmid slips past the renewed lead by a few centimeters in the middle.

29th minute: Ex-Werder actor Pascal Testroet cannot be asked twice.

Zetterer suspects the corner, but can't get it.

27.Minute: Penalty for Sandhausen.

Bad blunder from May, who relies unperturbed and weakly on Zetterer.

He comes too late against Aydini and lays the sand houses.

Werder Bremen against SV Sandhausen in the live ticker: Equalization - Bad mistake by Lars Lukas Mai

26th Minute

: If Sandhausen is dangerous, then especially on the right side.

As is well known, Dennis Diekmeier is up to mischief there and regularly dares dangerous advances.

24th minute

: Werder missed the momentum a little and the chance to exploit the hosts' uncertainty even more consistently.

There has been no significant attack by the SVW since the leadership.

21st minute:


Testroet leaves the huge opportunity to equalize.

Diekmeier crosses from the right, the striker comes free to the header from seven meters.

Fortunately, he heads a few centimeters past the gate.

19th minute

: The tour seems to please the more than 1000 people from Bremen who traveled with them.

From the stands it is said: "Here the SVW rules!" Corresponds to the course of the game to date.

17th minute

: Werder tries noticeably often with long diagonal balls.

So far this has been a tried and tested means of vigorously mixing up the order of the sand houses.

The leadership was also created by changing sides.


: Incidentally, it is already the number four goal of the season for Rapp.

Marco Friedl brings the ball from the left with a wonderful ball around the back four into the penalty area.

Rapp comes in from the right and hits from a very short distance.

First Werder player to cheer: Leonardo Bittencourt.

12.Minute: TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR for Werder!

Nicolai Rapp lets us cheer.

8th minute

: Take a deep breath with all Werder fans.

Sandhausen's Sturmspitze Sicker has a huge chance on its feet, but luckily leaves the thing unused.

5th minute

: Ducksch in focus again.

May with a long ball in the tip, which the striker can only reach with the tip of his foot.

He pokes the leather in the direction of the goal - and misses by barely a meter.

3rd minute

: A first good move by SVW.

Unfortunately, Ducksch lacks accuracy when he is placed on the sixteenth, otherwise it could have been really dangerous.

2nd minute

: Green against green.

But don't worry, the players can of course be distinguished.

Werder plays in a dark away dress, Sandhausen in a bright neon jersey.

1st minute

: Referee Ittrich whistles for the game.

Werder Bremen against SV Sandhausen in the live ticker: kick-off in the Hardtwaldstadion - Leonardo Bittencourt as captain

1:27 p.m

.: Listen up, Werder fans.

Second division legend Torsten Mattuschka has a very special tip ready: “I say, Füllkrug scores today when he comes on.

He even scores the decisive goal. ”We wouldn't have anything against that.

1:23 p.m

.: And again Markus Anfang at Sky: “Of course, it's better if you have some peace and quiet and can prepare for the games.

We are having a difficult season, we knew that.

Due to the high fluctuation and the fact that we have a young team. ”The coach is nevertheless optimistic.

1:21 p.m

.: Clemens Fritz, Head of Professional Football, at the Sky microphone: “We all have different ambitions.

We are not satisfied, of course.

We have a different claim. "

1:16 p.m

.: Werder's fans do not take Niclas Füllkrug

offensive with

his dropouts.

When warming up, there are “Niclas Füllkrug” speaking choirs - who in turn applauds the companions who have traveled with them.

1:12 p.m

.: Sandhausen's coach Alois Schwartz said about the duel with the big names Werder Bremen: "SV Sandhausen has had many special games," said clubs such as Cologne, Stuttgart and Hamburg.

And now Bremen too: “We want to show that we can keep up.

We have to work a lot for that. "

1:08 p.m

.: There is definitely no lack of bullet


for the green-whites in this situation.

A whopping 155 shots on goal were recorded.

There is a lack of effectiveness, however, because it resulted in only 14 goals.

Werder Bremen against SV Sandhausen in the live ticker: Markus Anfang explains the decision in favor of Leonardo Bittencourt


: Markus Anfang on Sky: "Leo Bittencourt is ready and wants.

It is important to have such players on the field because there is a lack of experienced players like Ömer and Grosso. "

1.00 p.m.:

Sports director Frank Baumann is calling - indirectly - a victory today: “We have already given away too many points.

We have to change that as soon as possible.

Otherwise it will be a season in which we will not achieve our goals again. ”That means in plain language: A threesome is needed!

No ifs and buts.

12.56 p.m.: By

the way, the game's referee is Patrick Ittrich (Hamburg).

Werder's memories of Ittrich are not the very best ... - he last whistled SVW at the Cup-Aus at the beginning of August in Osnabrück.

12.53 Uhr: Hier die Aufstellung der Gastgeber: Drewes - Diekmeier, Höhn, Zhirov, Okoroji - Zenga, Bachmann - Ajdini, Ritzmaier, Sicker - Testroet.

12.49 Uhr: Sandhausen hat übrigens nur neun Treffer erzielt - und bereits 21 Gegentore kassiert. Zuletzt setzte vor heimischem Publikum eine empfindliche 1:6-Pleite gegen Darmstadt. Da muss für Werder also was gehen heute.

12.45 Uhr: Zur Ausgangssituation: Werder ist Elfter mit 14 Punkte aus zehn Spielen. Vier Siege, zwei Unentschieden, vier Niederlagen stehen zu Buche. Bei Sandhausen sind es nur acht Zähler. Damit ist der SVS Drittletzter.

12.41 Uhr: Werders Trainer scheint jedenfalls nicht nachtragend sein. Und insgeheim vielleicht sogar auf eine Explosion beim einstigen Hoffnungsträger zu setzen: „Ich bin froh darüber, dass Niclas uns wieder zur Verfügung steht. Vor allem, weil wir dadurch im sportlichen Bereich eine weitere Möglichkeit haben. Er ist ein Spieler, der mit seiner Qualität dazu beitragen kann, dass wir Spiele gewinnen.”

12.38 Uhr: Die zweite heißdiskutierte Personalie der Woche ist ebenfalls dabei - zumindest im Kader: Niclas Füllkrug. Drei Tage wurde der Stürmer vom Trainingsbetrieb freigestellt, nachdem er sich im Anschluss an die Darmstadt-Niederlage einen Fehltritt geleistet hatte. Die Sache wurde intern aufgearbeitet und ist geklärt. Deswegen reiste Füllkrug mit nach Sandhausen.

12.35 Uhr: Anfang hatte angesprochen auf Bittencourt vielsagend formuliert: „Leo bringt eine gewisse Erfahrung mit und kann andere mitreißen. Er brennt, er will spielen. Wir müssen nur einschätzen, wie weit er körperlich ist. Wir haben aktuell aber ein sehr gutes Gefühl bei ihm.“ Scheinbar ist der 27-Jährige schon wieder in einer körperlich sehr guten Verfassung. Und kann unserem SVW heute frisches Leben einhauchen. Hoffentlich.

12.33 Uhr: Er bringt ihn tatsächlich! Markus Anfang wirft Leonardo Bittencourt ins kalte Wasser. Nach seinem Sechs-Minuten-Comeback in Darmstadt darf „Leo“ heute direkt von Beginn an ran. Dafür rutscht der zuletzt nicht überzeugende Mitchell Weiser aus der ersten Elf.

Werder Bremen gegen SV Sandhausen im Live-Ticker: Die Aufstellungen sind da - Markus Anfang bringt Leonardo Bittencourt von Beginn an

12.30 Uhr: Die Werder-Aufstellung: Zetterer - Agu, Veljkovic, Mai, Friedl - Gruev, Schmidt, Rapp - Bittencourt, Schmid - Ducksch.

12.26 Uhr: In wenigen Minuten wird die Aufstellung offiziell bekanntgegeben. Wir sind gespannt, ob Trainer Markus Anfang eine Überraschung parat hat - oder doch die vermutete Elf ins Rennen schicken wird.

12.22 Uhr: Moin liebe Werder-Fans! Heute geht es am 11. Spieltag der 2. Liga für die Grün-Weißen um ganz, ganz wichtige Punkte beim SV Sandhausen. Alle Infos findet Ihr hier bei uns im Live-Ticker und natürlich auf - Viel Spaß!

Sandhausen - Der SV Werder Bremen im Live-Ticker gegen den SV Sandhausen: Anpfiff in Sandhausen ist um 13.30 Uhr, der Liveticker startet hier gegen 13.30 Uhr mit den Startelf-Aufstellungen beider Mannschaften. Alle Tore, News und Infos der 2. Bundesliga - alles hier live im DeichStube-Liveticker.

Werder Bremen gegen den SV Sandhausen - der Vorbericht:

Vor Spiel gegen den SV Sandhausen: Werder Bremen-Trainer Markus Anfang ignoriert die Kritik

Der SV Werder Bremen muss nach einer turbulenten Woche am Sonntag (13.30 Uhr) beim SV Sandhausen zwingend in die Erfolgsspur zurückfinden. Der Vorbericht der DeichStube*.

Bremen – Nachdem Sportchef Frank Baumann mit harten Worten und Unterstellungen auf eine kritische Berichterstattung über Markus Anfang reagiert hatte, setzt der Betroffene selbst mehr auf Ignoranz. Der Coach des SV Werder Bremen gibt zwar zu, dass „eine etwas andere Woche als die Wochen davor“ hinter ihm liege, doch die Kritik an seinem Verhalten lässt er an sich abprallen und richtet den Blick lieber auf das anstehende Gastspiel am Sonntag beim SV Sandhausen. Letzteres ist mehr als nachvollziehbar: Die Partie beim Drittletzten der 2. Liga dürfte richtungsweisend sein. Bei einer Niederlage würde die Stimmung in Bremen wohl endgültig kippen und die Unstimmigkeiten in und um die Mannschaft herum könnten noch mehr zutage treten.

Anfang selbst schätzt die Lage beim Tabellenzehnten bei Weitem nicht so dramatisch ein. „Wir haben eben noch nicht die Kontinuität, die Spiele auf dem gleichen Level zu gestalten. Wenn wir dann die Ergebnisse nicht so abliefern, wie auch wir uns das vorstellen, ist es doch logisch, dass eine gewisse Unzufriedenheit im allgemeinen Umfeld da ist. Wir wollen doch alle erfolgreich sein“, sagte der Coach und fügte noch an: „Dann gibt es eben Themen, die da sind, und Themen, die nicht da sind. Und die müssen wir nicht bearbeiten.“

Werder Bremen gegen den SV Sandhausen: „Dass Kritik aufkommt, müssen wir aushalten können“

Damit meint er – ohne es explizit anzusprechen – wohl vor allem auch den Bericht der DeichStube über Differenzen beim SV Werder Bremen. Es geht um die Taktik, aber auch um die Art der Zusammenarbeit. So soll Anfang nicht nur mit Stürmer Niclas Füllkrug angeeckt sein, sondern auch mit anderen Profis sowie mit Mitarbeitern im Betreuerstab. Das Betriebsklima sei gereizt, ist zu hören. Dem widersprach Baumann schon am Mittwoch deutlich und monierte „Mutmaßungen und falsche Behauptungen“. Der Sportchef forderte zudem, dass die Medien die Mannschaft und den Trainer künftig in Ruhe arbeiten lassen sollen.

Markus Anfang geht mit diesem Thema wesentlich gelassener um. „Dass Kritik kommt, müssen wir auch aushalten können. Meine Arbeit beeinflusst das nicht“, versichert der 47-Jährige. Aus seiner Sicht habe es in dieser besonderen Woche ohnehin nur zwei Themen gegeben. „Zum einen war da der Vorfall mit Niclas, das ist zum Glück in eine gute Richtung gelaufen“, so Anfang. Füllkrug war nach dem 0:3-Desaster in Darmstadt in der Kabine mit Clemens Fritz aneinandergeraten und hatte den Leiter Profifußball dabei offenbar übel beleidigt. Dafür wurde er für drei Tage vom Training suspendiert und musste eine Geldstrafe bezahlen. „Das andere Thema war, dass wir es nach dem richtig guten Spiel gegen Heidenheim nicht geschafft haben, in Darmstadt entsprechend nachzulegen. Das ist schade. Denn ich finde, dass wir die nötige Qualität haben und es auch können“, sagt Anfang: „Diese beiden Themen haben wir abgearbeitet und werden uns jetzt auf den SV Sandhausen konzentrieren.“

Werder Bremen will Sieg gegen den SV Sandhausen: „Wir haben schon zu viele Punkte hergeschenkt“

Dort erwartet der Werder-Coach ein ähnliches Spiel wie in Darmstadt. Doch diesmal soll alles anders werden, es kein drittes desaströses 0:3 nach Dresden und Darmstadt geben. Aber warum eigentlich? Weil der Tabellenzehnte wieder mehr nach vorne denken und den Ball nicht mehr so ängstlich nach hinten spielen will. „Wir sind eine Mannschaft, die viele Torchancen kreieren und viel aufs Tor schießen kann, das zeigen die Statistiken“, hebt Anfang hervor. Und in der Tat: Mit 155 Torschüssen liegt Werder Bremen im Ranking der 2. Liga ganz oben, bei der Effektivität aber nur auf Platz 13. Anfang fordert nun gegen den SV Sandhausen wieder mehr Mut und vor allem auch Aufmerksamkeit. Die Räume, um sich nach vorne zu spielen, seien in Darmstadt durchaus da gewesen. Das habe er den Spielern in der Video-Analyse noch einmal verdeutlicht. Und die Mannschaft sei dabei selbst in die Diskussion gegangen. Die Bereitschaft dieses jungen Teams, sich weiterzuentwickeln sei enorm, so Anfang.

„Wir können in Sandhausen zeigen, dass wir ein Stück daraus gelernt haben, aber wir können keine Ergebnisse planen. Das geht im Fußball nicht. Du kannst einen Konter bekommen und dadurch das Spiel verlieren“, meint der Coach: „Aber du musst mit Überzeugung nach vorne spielen, dann kannst du einen Sieg auch erzwingen.“ Das wird beim SV Sandhausen auch bitter nötig sein. „Es ist schwierig dort zu spielen“, weiß Markus Anfang aus eigener Erfahrung. Drei Mal ist er mit seinen Teams am Hardtwald angetreten. Mit Kiel (1:3) und Darmstadt (2:3) setzte es Niederlagen, mit dem 1. FC Köln feierte er einen 2:0-Sieg. So einen Erfolg könnte nicht nur Anfang, sondern auch Werder Bremen

currently in good use.

Because after three defeats and only one win in the last four games, the pressure on the relegated team is already quite high after ten match days, as Baumann himself announced after the Darmstadt bankruptcy: “We have already given away too many points.

We have to change that as soon as possible.

Otherwise it will be a season in which we will not achieve our goals again. ”(Kni)


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