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Formula 1: madness in the last few kilometers! Schumacher right in the middle


Formula 1 made a stop in the United States over the weekend. The madness of Austin for reading in the live ticker.

Formula 1 made a stop in the United States over the weekend.

The madness of Austin for reading in the live ticker.

Formula 1: US Grand Prix - the bottom line

1 Verstappen

2 Hamilton

3 perez

4 Leclerc

5 Ricciardo

6 Bottas

7 Sainz

8 Norris

9 Tsunoda

10 Vettel

11 Raikkonen

12 Giovinazzi

13 stroll

14 Russell

15 latifi

16 Schumacher

17 mazepin

OUT Alonso

OUT Ocon

OUT Gasly


madness! MAX VERSTAPPEN WINS! WHAT A RACE! In the end, it's a single second that makes all the difference. And Mick Schumacher will take a deep breath here, he almost played a very uncomfortable role in this last round. Verstappen loses almost half a second in the lapping maneuver because Mick could not position himself ideally. In the end, however, everything went smoothly - and Verstappen brought his wafer-thin lead over the finish line. Hamilton delivered a terrific race, but his chase to catch up was not crowned. Nevertheless, he gets the fastest race lap. Wrong: Red Bull driver Sergio Perez had a problem with his hydration system * for almost the entire race. Nevertheless, he came in third.

Pleasing from a German point of view: Sebastian Vettel actually made it to tenth place!

A really strong performance after starting the race from 18th place.



Mick Schumacher doesn't really make ideal space, Verstappen loses time!

Hamilton is just under a second off.

Verstappen is now flying towards victory at 300 km / h, that could be enough!

Hamilton tries everything ...


Hamilton now just under the DRS window ... that's exciting!

Mick Schumacher is now right in front of the two title competitors.

Hairy situation.


1.2 seconds between Hamilton and Verstappen, the world champion is now almost in the slipstream!



Vettel in the points!

Raikkonen is much too quick and ends up in the gravel.

Seb pulls past and should now be happy about a point.

Very nice, eight places up front!


Verstappen continues to fight back, suddenly 1.9 seconds ahead again!

Isn't that enough for the Red Bull?

It is the second lap in a row that the Dutchman is faster than Hamilton.


Adios, Alonso!

Broken rear wing, second retirement at Alpine.

But we're looking ahead again.

Verstappen brings the blink of an eye between himself and Hamilton again.

Again 1.7 seconds ahead.

50/56: Final

spurt in Austin!

Hamilton is simply faster here than Verstappen.

The world champion approaches several tenths every lap.

But of course he has to pass the Dutchman first.

And of course he'll extend his elbows here.

1.6 seconds.

Formula 1 now in the live ticker: Hamilton suddenly got very close to Verstappen again




what Hamilton is showing here now.

He makes up more meters every lap.

His tires are of course eight laps younger than Verstappen's - the decisive advantage in the end?

1.955 seconds separate the two.


Vettel currently in twelfth place, he is very close to the two Alfas from Giovinazzi and Räikkönen.

Meanwhile, Verstappen was 2.4 seconds ahead of Hamilton.


2.8 seconds ... does Hamilton




Verstappen spared his tires here in the last few laps, but now he can already see Hamilton in the rearview mirror!

That means that the Dutchman now has to step on the gas again - a risk with his older tires, of course.

Lead over Hamilton: only 3.2 seconds.

Is that exciting!


Small contact there between Sainz and Ricciardo.

There is also a tough fight for fifth place.

Sainz wears a broken wing, bitter for the Spaniard in the Ferrari.

But he's still on the line.


Hamilton on 4.4 seconds!


Oh no, Ocon.

The Alpine is out, technical problems with the car.

Formula 1 now in the live ticker: Final spurt in the USA - crazy turnaround shortly before the end?


New fastest lap from Hamilton, only six seconds left on Verstappen!

At least now the alarm lights go on at Red Bull!


Let's look at it again: First Verstappen in first place, then Hamilton, then Verstappen, then Hamilton again - and now Verstappen again.

Is Hamilton striking back again?

He has the fresher bike, the Mercedes tactic is clear: the world champion should snap here shortly before the end.

We're 8.4 seconds back.

Sebastian Vettel, who was in the pits in the meantime, is lapped and makes room for the Briton.


Hamilton in the box!

Fresh, hard tires.

And that was done really well, the seven-time champion is back on track quickly.

Verstappen is over, of course, but Hamilton will now go on the hunt.

8.6 seconds behind.


We are slowly going towards the finals here.

Hamilton is still out.

What is Mercedes doing here?

Verstappen is now only twelve seconds behind.


Verstappen is currently 14 seconds behind Hamilton.

If the world champion pits here right away, his challenger will take over the lead again.

Formula 1 now in the live ticker: Insane tactics between Red Bull and Mercedes


Let's have a look at Seb again: Vettel is currently ninth - that would be a success for the Aston Martin.

Mick Schumacher is currently in 16th place.


More than half of the race is over, it's unbelievable tactics here in Austin.

When will Hamilton come back in the pits?

Right now he's burning really good times in the asphalt.

Seconds that could bring him victory in the end.

However, the Red Bull is already strong as a bear here - Verstappen tends to have the better cards, even if he is currently only second.


Verstappen colleague Perez stops for 2.4 seconds.

This is how you do it. At McLaren there is a problem, Norris takes 4.2 seconds.

The field is now properly shuffled again.

30/56: Bad

Ferrari stop there at Carlos Sainz, he loses almost three seconds.

Things went better for Max Verstappen - the Dutchman was also in the pits and is already second again.

Earlier, Hamilton was out three laps longer.

And now?

Lewis just drives the fastest race lap.


Eieiei, Sergio Perez's drinking system doesn't work.

There were problems there even before the race.

In the heat here in Austin, of course, it's only moderately fun.

Meanwhile, a virtual safety car phase is over.

Part of it was on the line.

Formula 1 now in the live ticker: Verstappen again first thanks to a strong undercut maneuver - Hamilton is getting closer

28/56: The

 front is slowly tingling again.

Hamilton is now really on Verstappen, only 3.4 seconds!


Very nice racing here by Sebastian Vettel, the German swallows George Russell with a nicely prepared maneuver.

13th place now for the Aston Martin driver.

Maybe there is a point.


Ui, it almost crashes between Alonso and Giovinazzi!

The ex-world champion tries everything here in his Alpine, but can't get past the Alfa Romeo.

Great duel in the back midfield!


4.7 seconds are now only between Verstappen and Hamilton.

The Dutchman is of course tacting a bit, because: his tires are three laps older, so he has to take care of them a little.

Hamilton pushes in the meantime, getting closer every lap.


400,000 spectators attended the race weekend, by the way, on Sunday there were 140,000 - huge numbers.

Also exciting: A German auto giant had suddenly hit the headlines in the past few hours.

Is there any sign of a Formula 1 entry *?


Vettel was meanwhile in the pits and slipped a


- only 15th place.


Mick Schumacher has his Haas colleague Nikita Mazepin under control as usual.

Schumi junior is 17 seconds ahead of the Russian - the two are in 18th and 19th place.


Vettel was not in the pits yet, he is now eighth with his Aston Martin!

That would be a few points for Seb and quite a surprise, after all, he was ten places down at the start.


Great difficulties with Pierre Gasly, the Frenchman apparently has problems with the wheel suspension.

The AlphaTauri falls back on the last place, that doesn't look good.

The race will probably end here soon.

Formula 1 now in the live ticker: Verstappen's undercut succeeds!

Change of leadership again


Hamilton in the box!

And that was a great stop, but that doesn't help the Silver Arrows here!

Verstappen is over, even by a huge margin!

There are six seconds between the two.

Very strong performance here from Red Bull, Verstappen tricked his lead back.

Now the Dutchman has a free run, with the strong performance of his racing car, he now has all the trumps in hand.


Perez and Leclerc have now been in the pits, so Verstappen second again.

What does the circle of doom say?

At the moment, Hamilton would be clearly behind Verstappen after a pit stop, which will probably be due soon!

That would have worked out the Red Bull tactic.


Undercut on Verstappen!

Important tactical maneuver by Red Bull. Does it work out?

Or does Hamilton counter directly?

Hamilton stays on the road for now.

Verstappen is currently in fourth place, almost 18 seconds short of the top.

But: Absolute best time in the first sector, the Dutchman is now getting everything out of it.


Short pan to the Germans: Vettel on eleven, Schumacher on 13. The field is already mixed up by the first pit stops.


Verstappen is now very close to Hamilton, driving almost in the slipstream.

Maybe he'll get his first place back here right away.

Formula 1 now in the live ticker: amazing start in the USA - Hamilton swallows Verstappen in the first corner


That much is already clear: Max Verstappen will chase Lewis Hamilton here for another 50 laps.

Currently the two leaders are only separated by a blink of an eye, the Dutchman is not missing a second on the Englishman.


Esteban Ocon got caught in the back, the Frenchman was already in the pits: New front wing, new tires.

Good news from a German point of view: Sebastian Vettel has moved up from 18th to 14th place.

Maybe there is even something going in the direction of points?

Mick Schumacher is currently seventeenth.


We'll sort ourselves out after this


start from Hamilton.

Verstappen had moved over as soon as he saw the British flying in his rearview mirror.

But his maneuver was of no use, Hamilton pushed past - Verstappen was even lucky that nothing happened to him when he took off from the track.


And they fly!

Great start by Hamilton, Verstappen wants to push him out, but he doesn't make it.

The Dutchman comes off the track and has to let the Mercedes pass!


The world champion strikes back here right at the start!

9 p.m.:

The introductory round has started.

The spectacle begins!

8:52 p.m.:

The final preparations are underway, then things are going around here in Austin.

Again the starting position: Verstappen is six points ahead of Hamilton and is starting the race from pole position.

Hamilton sits on his neck.

Dinner is served!

8.43 p.m.:

The start is getting closer.

Things should really get going right here when the American national anthem is played.

8:37 p.m .:

"Absolutely crazy what's going on here," says McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl in an interview with Sky.

The atmosphere is gigantic.

Hundreds of thousands of Formula 1 fans made the pilgrimage to the Circuit of The Americas this weekend, one of them: basketball legend Shaquille O'Neal.

Hollywood star Ben Stiller is currently marching across the route.

“I'm enjoying the weekend,” explains the actor.

8:20 p.m.:

There are still six races in this Formula 1 season, the start of the final spurt starts in Austin today.

Will Max Verstappen actually manage to slow down Lewis Hamilton's world championship series?

Now the installation round is first here in Texas.

It's getting serious, just under 40 minutes to the start!

F1 in the live ticker: The race in Austin does not start until 9 p.m. CET

7.48 p.m.:

The engines start very late today: at least from a European perspective.

The race in Austin, USA, starts at 9 p.m. Central European time.

Formula 1 fans can get used to that: The two upcoming stations are Mexico and Brazil - in Central and South America it starts at 8 p.m. and 6 p.m. CET.

Update from October 24th, 6.45pm:

It starts in around two hours!

Who is driving away from whom in Austin?

We are looking forward to the duel between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton.

First report from October 24th, 6:01 pm:

Austin - Howdy, Formula 1!

The premier class is back in the USA, at the weekend in Austin *, Texas, important championship points will be on the agenda.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has worked out the best prerequisites for a successful Sunday: The Dutchman will start from pole position in the race on Sunday (9 p.m., CET).

In qualifying on Saturday, he raced to the best time in 1: 32.910 minutes and has a good chance of extending his lead of six points over record world champion Lewis Hamilton *.

His big competitor in the world championship is right on his neck at the start: Hamilton drove a 1: 33.119 in qualifying and is therefore starting the race with his Mercedes from second position.

Formula 1 today in the live ticker: Verstappen in Austin before Hamilton - bitter news for Bottas and Vettel

Verstappen's team-mate Sergio Perez was third, ahead of the second Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas.

However, the Istanbul winner uses his sixth internal combustion engine in Austin and therefore has to move five positions back on the starting grid.

Sebastian Vettel missed the jump in Q3 in twelfth place, but is tackling the 17th race of the season from 18th place on the grid anyway.

Like Bottas, the four-time world champion has to accept a penalty transfer - bitter news, but the Aston Martin would have had a very difficult time in Texas even with a better starting position.

Vettel's team-mate Lance Stroll starts the race from 13th place.

Formula 1 in the live ticker: Vettel and Schumacher in the back quarter of the field

Mick Schumacher, about whom there was excitement on Friday *, starts his first Formula 1 race in the USA because of the penalties for the competition from position 16. The 22-year-old again won the qualifying duel with his Russian Haas team-mate Nikita Mazepin.

What's in it for Germans in Austin?

And who will gain an advantage in the exciting title race?

We look forward to the race on Sunday evening and will be there for you in the live ticker.

Have fun!

(akl / sid) * is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

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