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The sin of hubris: Maccabi Tel Aviv is no less fixed than Patrick Van Leven - Walla! sport


Patrick Van Leven paid the price only after the loss to MS Ashdod, but resigned even earlier in every move he made - and this is only the beginning of the problem for Maccabi Tel Aviv

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The sin of hubris: Maccabi Tel Aviv is no less fixed than Patrick Van Leven

The Dutchman paid the price only after the loss to MS Ashdod, but resigned even earlier in every move he made - and this is only the beginning of the problem for the trophy holder.

Ron Amikam closes a cycle in analyzing the distorted sequence in Kiryat Shalom, the image of Sharan Yeni, the bingo of Barak Bachar and the problem of Maccabi Netanya


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Ron Amikam

Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 10:00 p.m.

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Summary: Maccabi Tel Aviv - MS.

Ashdod 2: 0 (Sports 1)

Less than a year ago I worked on a profile article by Patrick van Leven entitled "The Bent Dutchman", a story about a very thorough professional who builds academies, and built the Maccabi Tel Aviv academy thoroughly under one school: the Feyenoord school. There were people I met During the preparation they adored him, there were some who really did not. The motif that runs through everyone is that he suffers from mental fixation and especially from a feeling that what he produces is the winning formula. Looks weird.

Only Xuan Leven did not see himself bringing the ninth football to the country, or putting on the children shirt numbers by roles on the field - like 20 years ago in national team games.

Van Leven thought he could coach and more than that, he thought he could coach better than someone who coached at Maccabi Tel Aviv.

So Ivica expelled him almost physically from the compound, Donis had a harder time, and in the end saw the arrogant Dutchman enter Kiryat Shalom from the main door and not through the side door of the youth department, while he was making a travel form.

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"Patrick Van Leven made a big mistake and today he may be sorry about it"

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Goes with the faith to the end, but the professional fixation is insane.

Van Leven (Photo: Bernie Ardov)

1. Van Leven could have succeeded, had he been versatile. There should be no sophisticated coaches like Paulo Sousa and Barak Bachar who change formations every few minutes, put a striker in place of a contact and after 5 minutes change a contact in the striker, the main thing is that the opponent will have to make adjustments while playing and go completely wrong. Should be wise. Wisdom is not wisdom or cleverness or cunning, it is a recognition of reality and a continuation of action according to it. Reason allows us to act according to Plan B, giving us the opportunity to improvise. To his credit Shuan Leven got up and fell while doing exactly the same thing: clinging to one and only mold. Went with faith to the end.

In contrast to the Conference League games, where teams that would hardly have survived in our Premier League sometimes sneak in, here are coaches who are familiar with this pole-stick. Ran Ben Shimon, for example, has accumulated enough mileage to put together a game plan that will face the 4-3-3 of Maccabi Tel Aviv, an array where the link bites in the middle third, and the line players enter the middle with an inverted leg (total riot in the principles of Van Levon's game , But that's how you are stressed.

Sometimes, you don't need a brainstorm to stop Van Leven's inflexible 4-3-3, something needs to go wrong.

This is where the dismissal of stopper Sharan Yeni came in in the 19th minute.

This is the stage where Van Leven had to improvise, but he does not know immediately.

It works according to patterns.

First lower the most carpentry connection - physical - to the role of the brake, until a replacement brake will provide adequate heating.

Then he puts a brake in place of a 50/50 tie, and God forbid not in place of a striker - as is customary - because he does not have a game pattern based on two strikers, only on three.

That is: he will dismantle the main weapon of his array, the pressing link, the main thing to keep the defense and attack in the original numbers.

What happened during Shahar Phiben's 13 minutes of warm-up is that Maccabi Tel Aviv lost its link, giving Ashdod players the freedom to take the lead.

This map has been attempts to produce revolutionary football with insane professional fixation.

"It will end like one of Maccabi Haifa's seasons in the previous decade."

Goldhaar and Anglidis (Photo: Danny Maron)

Van Leven was not fired yesterday - technically yes - he resigned in every move he made. He is also not fired because he is not a good professional, but because he is a bad coach for Maccabi Tel Aviv. Goldhaar realized this when he received the clear picture from Anglidis.

This is the second season in a row that Maccabi Tel Aviv is firing a coach in the fall.

This is the third coach to be fired from Maccabi Tel Aviv since the start of the foreign era and the fifth not to end a season (Oscar Garcia allegedly "ran away" after Operation Resilient Cliff, but got ahead of the phone from Canada).

this is too much.

This is not a good casting.

The choice of Van Leven last season was unplanned.

Something has gone wrong with the coaching staff at Maccabi Tel Aviv since Jordi Cruyff left.

It looks hap-lap.

Now talking to Ivica, he will return.

In this sense, Maccabi Tel Aviv is not allowed on the football association: it does not know too many coaches and therefore returns to what it did.

In this matter, she is no less fixed than Moan Leven: not to an Israeli coach, yes to someone from the system or who has been in the system.

It will end like one of Maccabi Haifa's seasons in the previous decade: fifth place under pressure.

End of period.

Forced Maccabi Haifa to think and react.

Bnei Lem (Photo: Berni Ardov)

2. Another coach committed suicide yesterday for his professional teaching - Bnei Lem. He traveled to Haifa to play the romantic football he has instilled in Maccabi Netanya since accepting the position of coach. This is how Maccabi Netanya would play when he was part of the 11: deadly in the home games, naive in the away games, the main thing was that he was happy.

There is no problem in playing like this and losing 2: 0 in Haifa. There are teams that canceled out against Maccabi Haifa, played bunker, and snatched more. Netanya forced Maccabi Haifa to think and react. There is a compliment in this, but there is also concern: for an entire half, Maccabi Netanya played with a "high defense", that is, with a defense that stands far from Danny Amos' goal, to create density in the middle third of the field, to get the ball and create passing attacks on small areas More. The problem is that it is impossible to play like this with brakes like Shir Tzedek and Omri Gandelman whose speed is not their strong point to say the least. Nor can it be done in front of a ball grabber - they know him - like Ali Muhammad or a diligent player like Mahmoud Jaber. Therefore, half of Netanya lost balls in the center, Haifa hurried to put deep balls and Netanya's slow defense failed to prevent the deep depths. Had Haifa been more accurate, it would have ended much worse for Netanya than 2: 0.

And this is what's beautiful about Barak Bachar: he is aware of the opponent's strengths, he responds to what is happening on the field and raises the right lineup, in this case with an aggressive and unpretentious link and with agile depth players like Noble, Haziza and Donio.


There were more moments yesterday in Sami Ofer that Maccabi Haifa mentioned the player Bnei Lam of Maccabi Netanya than Maccabi Netanya mentioned.

Bachar's bingo on the field, also with a noble Omar (Photo: Berni Ardov)

In the State of Israel, which is plagued by social networks, Sheamings and the culture of dual morality, celebrities are tagged most of their lives.

No matter how noble Omar plays - the best player in the Premier League and by the gap - he will forever be labeled by some in the public as immoral, unfaithful to his wife or a minor, even if he flutters three players on the line, conquers from impossible angles or bounces a wonderful chip over a goalkeeper.

Here, there is no disconnect between the person and the player, it is a package deal, and with it, Noble will have to live until the end of his career and beyond.

That's a heavy price.

Maccabi Haifa fans and others choose to look at Noble as a football player, and the baggage he carries with him remains off the field until the end of the game.

This is how my generation treated Roni Calderon, who disappeared from our lives as a drug dealer, but will be remembered by the majority as "the greatest Israeli talent in Israeli football."

There will be those who will be considered until the end of days with those involved in the affair of the escort girls or the footballers and the young woman or the affair of the minors, and there will be those who can separate.

We are football fans, there is enough time to deal with other things as well, but not on the pitch.

There we judge the players according to their professional and not moral level.

His third red in the Premier League.

Sharan Yeni (Photo: Ariel Shalom)

This is also the problem with referring to Sharan Yeni as a "fair footballer".

Yeni is a guy's covetous, outsider, intelligent, pleasant conversation, captain for example, but he's also a football player in a defensive role.

Yesterday he soaked up his third red in the Premier League, a perfectly justified red, a third red!

On the pitch, you're a footballer - unpleasant conversation - and gross offenses are part of the game.

It is impossible to dismiss an aggressive player based on image and it is impossible to disqualify a huge player because of image.

They are judged only by what happens on the court.

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