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Idan Nachmias: "Maccabi arrogant? I found a huge heart in this club" - Walla! sport


He scored against Maccabi Haifa, was planned for the team but then got injured and everything went wrong. Idan Nachmias, the first acquisition player this summer, has to work his way through from the beginning. Interview with the Maccabi Tel Aviv stopper

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Idan Nachmias: "Maccabi arrogant? I found a huge heart in this club"

He scored against Maccabi Haifa and was supposed to play for the team as well, but then he was injured and everything went wrong.

Now the Yellows' first summer acquisition player has to work his way up from the beginning: "Want to make a mark here for 20 years and be the captain in the future. Maccabi Haifa? I just wanted Maccabi Tel Aviv"


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Yaniv Tuchman

Thursday, November 18, 2021, 6 p.m.

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Summary: Maccabi Tel Aviv - Hapoel Tel Aviv 1: 1 (Sport 1)

Idan Nachmias took advantage of the long break in the Premier League and jumped last week with his new wife to Paris.

A kind of honeymoon in the middle of the football season for the Maccabi Tel Aviv stopper who got married the day after coach Patrick Van Leven was fired.

With his Parisian look and French beard he admitted that many had stopped him on the Champs Elysees and approached him in French, in which he did not understand much.

The main thing is that you were not photographed near government buildings and palaces.

"Listen, it's really delusional to hear what happened in Turkey. When you go abroad things like that go through your mind, but I really did not get into it too much.

Hopefully this couple will be just fine. "

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Again he has to make his way from the bottom.

Idan Nachmias (Photo: Udi Citiat)

If there is negative positive momentum in football, the era of Nahmias can teach about it this season. Two months ago, he was at his peak when he scored against Maccabi Haifa, played in the team of Patrick Van Leven and received a summons to the team of Willy Rotensteiner. The 24-year-old guy who came to Maccabi Tel Aviv from Kiryat Shmona was on the horse. And lo and behold, he is no longer there. Barak Yitzhaki preferred Shahar Phiben in the lineup and brought him back to life. Rotensteiner no longer called him for games against Austria and the Faroe Islands.

It all started with an injury against Hapoel Beer Sheva a week after the record against Maccabi Haifa. Danilo Aspria pushed him from behind, Nachmias fell very badly on the shoulder. From here everything went wrong. "This was my first injury of my career," he says in a first and special interview with Walla! Sports and Sports1. "Probably because I miss a game. I was already in good momentum and felt I was in the place I wanted to be, and then this injury disrupted everything. I felt good before the game at Turner, the team was feeling good after Maccabi Haifa and I in the squad, but injuries are part of football and now I have to do Again the way down and climb up. "

You tried to come back too fast.

"Probably so. In a club like Maccabi Tel Aviv, if you let someone else take the opportunity, you are arrested. Now I hope to return."

Do you remember the moment he pushed you?

"Yeah, sure. I do not think he did it on purpose. He pushed me, but did not think it would lead to injury. My fall was not good. I do not blame him, it was bad luck. I still tried to return to a corner kick after that, but immediately after. "I felt like the hand was coming out of my place.

"The injury changed everything."

Nachmias clears the lawn at Turner (Photo: Danny Maron)

How did you get back into training so fast? Less than a week and you have already trained, and that led to a summons to the team and a bit of a mess between Maccabi Tel Aviv and the team.

"There's a huge difference between training and playing. I went back to training lightly, but when I saw that I wanted to push in training and it hurt me, I realized it had not yet healed."

Could it be that Maccabi Tel Aviv was angry with you for being in touch with the team and letting Willy Rotensteiner feel that he could use you?

"It's something the club and the team have to close between them. It was not something I was in control of."

Everyone was surprised that a week after the injury you were already invited to the team while you did not fly with Maccabi Tel Aviv to the Conference League. Maybe you fell between the chairs?

"I do not think anyone would want to hurt me, Maccabi or the national team. I did not do anything on purpose. Every player wants to play in these positions and everyone wants to play in a position like it was in Hampden Park."

At the end you are released from the game.

"Because the game against Scotland was supposed to be very aggressive and in training I saw that my shoulder really hurts when I try to push with my hands. I did not want to aggravate the situation and it was the right decision to break free from the game against Scotland."

He scored against Maccabi Haifa, was injured and lost his place.

Nachmias at the climax, meanwhile (Photo: Danny Maron)

Then you returned to the squad and Maccabi Tel Aviv came to the game in Kiryat Shmona with Barak Yitzhaki on the lines. You certainly wanted to be in the team on the field on which you made your career until the move to Kiryat Shalom.

"Barak is the coach and he makes the decisions. I have to deal with it and even if I wanted to play in Kiryat Shmona, it was Barak's decision and I sat on the bench. I have to work hard until I get the chance again."

You were very upset that you did not play.

"Obviously it's a terrible feeling, but every player feels that way when he's not playing. It scared me not to play there against Kiryat Shmona."

Could it be that you take even more extremes when you are not playing?

"It didn't happen to me much in Kiryat Shmona. Most of the time I was a regular car player."

There was a time at Kobe Medicine that he dried you up a bit.

"Right. Two games that Kobi put me aside. He wanted me to take more leadership, he wanted to challenge me a little. Kobi and I were in a great relationship and I really appreciate him. What he did to me then, did me good. When you come to a club like Maccabi Tel Aviv you are "You can never feel safe. If you give someone else a chance, you'll be out."

"In a club like Maccabi Tel Aviv you can not feel safe" (Photo: Udi Citiat)

There is a lot of criticism of Luis Hernandez. Have not tried here yet to put him on the bench. Isn't it time to go for an Israeli brake pair?

"It's not a question for me, but for Barak. In football, everything changes very quickly, which is crazy."

Let's talk about Patrick Van Leven. One of the criticisms against him was that he did not prepare the team well for the games.

"We saw a video about every opponent and we knew strengths and weaknesses. Every coach has his own way. Patrick believed in one thing and went with one way. It was one method and he went with it to the end."

What was missing from Patrick to be more successful?

"The failure is for all of us, as a team. Not just his. Last season he was successful. I was not on the team to see what the differences were. I think we got into too many negative moments of momentum in the games. We had bad luck this season."

The day after he was fired, you got married. Were you surprised he didn't come to the wedding?

"I invited him the way I invited the whole club. I was not surprised that he did not come, because it is impossible to judge a person who is a little unsettled. I am not disappointed that he did not come. I can understand him."

Did you talk a little after that?


It was no surprise that he did not come to his wedding the day after the dismissal.

Van Leven (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

Are you one of the players who regrets being fired?

"I was just fine with him. He's one of the reasons I came here, because he set things right. I've been fired by coaches in Kiryat Shmona and it always sucks. A coach pays the price in football. Now we have to look ahead and turn this bad situation into a good situation."

When he was fired was there a happy atmosphere in the locker room? Did you feel that players were waiting to be fired?

"There really was no such thing. No one was happy for Ido. In the end it is impossible to replace the whole team."

Have you had any conversations with Patrick? It is said of him that he did not speak to the actors in private. This is true?

"We had a few conversations. I did not feel anything like that."

We're been three weeks since Van Leven's dismissal. How do you take it that a club like Maccabi Tel Aviv has been without a permanent coach for so long?

"It is true that there is no permanent coach, but there is a coach. Barak Yitzhaki is the coach and for us there is no difference.We have to work hard on the field to get out of this period. "

Does not run away from the problems in the defense of Maccabi Tel Aviv (Photo: Ariel Shalom)

How frustrating was it to see the Tel Aviv derby from the outside?

"It was so hard to see the game from the outside. I saw the atmosphere and the crowd from the outside and I exploded that I was not on the grass. When the players came on the field and the crowd sang: 'Everything for Maccabi', I had chills all over. I said to myself: 'I wish I had the right "It was amazing. We did not win. We were much better."

It was a one-sided game and yet you did not win.

"It was frustrating not to win. We chased the whole game. In my eyes we played amazing. We flooded the pitch. We held about 75 percent of the time on the ball. Too bad we didn't win in the end."

Once again you got a quick goal against Hapoel Tel Aviv.

"Right. We started lagging behind after two minutes and that made the story more difficult."

Barak Yitzhaki did not drive you crazy not to get a quick goal?

"There was excellent preparation and the fact that their goalkeeper came out the best in the game, but again we snatched a goal and it's frustrating. We have to stop absorbing easy goals and things will go much easier for us."

Who has a worse defense, the Israeli team or Maccabi Tel Aviv?

"I don't think I'm in the right place right now to answer that because I'm not in the lineup here and there."

But you're part of it and all the arrows right now both here and on the team are towards the brakes.

We do not have brakes?

"We have good brakes in Israeli football and there is also a bright future. With friction and confidence, Israel will have excellent brakes. There is Orr Balorian, there is Uri Dahan, Ofri Arad, Shachar Phiben, Matan Balteksa, Gil Cohen and many more."

Will you be different?

"Haven't tried yet."

Took him home after a week of training.

Glazer celebrates with Nachmias (Photo: Danny Maron)

It is said that the solution is in the exit of brakes to Europe. Only in this way will we improve. Would you be better off if you went out to the Belgian league as you had planned?

"I am improving myself a lot at Maccabi Tel Aviv. I feel I have improved in a few months by ten levels. I love to study and I have someone to study with at Maccabi Tel Aviv. I take everything they give me. The step I took is the best for me. I experience the top of football here "With appearances in the Conference League as well. I learn to live here with other pressures. Audience, media. This is not what I experienced in Kiryat Shmona."

So there is a future for Israel with the brakes?

"Certainly there is a future."

There are brakes on the team who have complained to me that all the criticism of them is unfair because the whole team did not do enough defense.

"Obviously the blame is not just on the brakes. There is no doubt that the problem is in the defensive game. Not everything has to fall on one squad on the pitch."

Is the media doing an injustice to the brakes?

"Brake and goalkeeper are terrible roles. You can be good all game and one mistake of yours, finish the game and snatch criticism."

Describe to me a conversation between you two when you are here under an epidemic of gate absorption.

"The part of not absorbing goals is something that is constantly talked about. It is clear that in such a period the talk only intensifies. We talk to each other."

Who talks a lot?

"Sharan Yeni, Dan Glazer and Eyal Golsa."

"I told Sharan 'you better be good, otherwise I'll take your place'" (Photo: Berni Ardov)

Sharan Yeni phenomenon?

"I admire him. He is a completely different landscape. He is a special person and a leader."

Remember the first conversation between you two?

"It was in the national team at all. There is a gap of ten years between us, but the click was immediate. When I signed with Maccabi he called straight away and we talked for ten minutes. He said everything I need is for me. He always helps me. He makes me look at things differently. "He is an example of a captain. I came from a safe place in Kiryat Shmona to a place where there is constant competition and he told me not to give anyone a chance."

And you are competing for the same positions.

"We keep turning on each other. Before the derby I told him, 'Sharan, you better be good otherwise I'll take your place.' And he turns me back on. We have a very good conversation. He keeps taking care of me."

Did you have a call when you arrived at communication procedures?

"These are clear things here. In Kiryat Shmona, too, we talked about the fact that nothing bad comes out of the locker room. At Maccabi Tel Aviv, it's a big locker room. Shows strength. "

Does the Captain's movie do that to you?

"It's not the film, but the accompanying things. I like to feel committed and belong to the club in the smallest things."

Shretzky worried very much about him, he does not worry about the future of the team.

Nachmias in Kiryat Shmona uniform (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

In Kiryat Shmona, they leaked to me that you would take players home with you all the time.

"There are no leaks in Kiryat Shmona, but it's true. I took young people, I took foreigners. As a young captain, I was very concerned about uniting everyone and that everyone would be well."

You were Maccabi Tel Aviv's first acquisition player this summer and everyone was sure that Uri Dahan would stay in Kiryat Shmona. Then he signed with Maccabi Haifa. Weren't you surprised you didn't sign with the champion?

"Uri and I have such a good relationship. I was happy for him and it really did not cross my mind that maybe I could have played elsewhere. I am so happy for him. On the day he signed we were constantly in the messages. He left early and he will develop. For me and Maccabi Tel Aviv "I have a different corner. I knew that if I stayed in Israel, it would only be at Maccabi Tel Aviv. It is a club that is something else for me. My father is a Maccabi Tel Aviv fan. I watched every game as a child on TV and once every few weeks we went to the game."

Did your father cry happily when you signed with Maccabi Tel Aviv?

"I owe my dad a lot. He is with me everywhere. In eighth grade he took me once a week to train here in Kiryat Shalom. We traveled from the Golan Heights every Tuesday for tests that lasted a long time. In the end I was offered to join the second group of 14 years and I preferred to go "To Kiryat Shmona. When I signed here this summer, the biggest circle was closed. Dad was in the clouds because I fulfilled his dream. Dad was a military man and made a permanent and at a young age took the whole family to the Golan Heights because he served there at a military base. .

You came to Maccabi Tel Aviv after the Maccabi Haifa championship. You have a big challenge.

"I came here to win titles. Maccabi Tel Aviv is a club that will give me the stage and that's the ambition. To take as many titles here as possible. I want to do something great at Maccabi Tel Aviv. I want to leave something here that will be talked about twenty more times. I am proud to say I want To make a mark here. "

"Great job." Flattering to Barak Yitzhaki (Photo: Berni Ardov)

Kiryat Shmona is complicated at the bottom. Will it hurt you if she goes down?

"Very, but there is still a lot of time and it will get better. Kiryat Shmona is a very vital club for Israeli football and Izzy Shretzky is very important for Israeli football. I love Izzy very much. He cared for me very much. We said goodbye in the best way possible."

Are you not missing the figure of an owner at Maccabi Tel Aviv?

"There's an owner figure here."

Mitch Goldhaar is not here.

"In the end you have to do things on the court no matter who is out there."

Would you not like to see the landlord every two months here?

"If a player needs a character to give him energy, the player is in trouble. When you're on the pitch you should be interested in nothing but your coach's instructions and loyalty to your friends."

Barak Yitzhaki A good coach in relation to Israeli coaches who have coached you in the past?

"Barak does an excellent job. The training is excellent."

What is an excellent workout?

"A workout that you finish and feel like you didn't waste time. In the end there should be a goal for the workout."

So for someone who trains for two weeks, is he impressive?

"Without a doubt".

Admires Sharan Yeni, does not see an arrogant side within Maccabi Tel Aviv (Photo: Udi Citiat)

Would you like to coach after you retire?

"Currently, yes. I will be a good coach. I only play football all day. I am not interested in anything in life other than football."

There are those who say that the professionalism of Maccabi Tel Aviv has wiped out the soul of the club.

"Sharan Yeni is a soul in itself. I do not know that such a thing is said about the club. There are amazing people here. Dan Glazer took me home after the first training session. "First. Eyal Golsa is amazing, Tal Ben Haim, Maor Kandil helped me a lot. There are such good people here with such a good heart. When you are outside Maccabi you think there is arrogance, but then you come to the club and find out what kind of heart people have."

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