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FCB application rejected, Qatar conflict, sound glitch: memorable YHV at Bayern


The annual general meeting of FC Bayern could take place despite Corona. The Qatar sponsorship was hotly debated. The YHV in the ticker to read.

The annual general meeting of FC Bayern could take place despite Corona.

The Qatar sponsorship was hotly debated.

The YHV in the ticker to read.

  • The annual general meeting of FC Bayern took place despite Corona.

  • The motion against the Qatar sponsorship heated hearts.

  • The YHV of the record champions in the ticker to read.

0.58 a.m.:

Club patron Uli Hoeneß also speaks out, according to several media reports, shortly after the end of the annual general meeting. "This is the worst event at FC Bayern I've ever seen." To say more, he had to sleep over it for a night. The YHV of Bavaria and the controversial Qatar sponsorship will probably keep the club busy for the next few weeks. The issue cannot and must not be hushed up by those responsible. Dialogue is important, but action would serve the FCB even better.

12:20 a.m.:

President Herbert Hainer closes the requests to speak, which is acknowledged by the members with a loud whistle.

Hainer once again thanks all employees who made this event possible.

This ends the annual general meeting of FC Bayern.

12:12 am:

“Dialogue is always better than excluding and excluding.

Nothing happens overnight.

I said yes, we have room for improvement on both sides, ”says Kahn of the Qatar sponsorship.


“In all situations, dialogue is the best way to bring people together. We have not yet decided to move on to Qatar. We will fulfill the contract. Nothing has been decided yet, ”explains President Hainer about the controversial Qatar sponsorship. The contract runs until 2023.

11:57 p.m.:

FC Bayern would like to enter into a dialogue with the fans. At a meeting of members with Amnesty International, however, only one FCB employee was sent without decision-making power, reports member Gregor Weinreich. Even at further meetings, there should have been no reaction from those responsible. There should be a round table on Qatar, but the initiators have been waiting for it for four years. “It is not possible to hold a democratic vote on Qatar. And then you should encourage the Qataris to get involved in more referendums ?! That doesn't make any sense, ”says Weinreich on the podium.

11.44 p.m.:

The tenth and last item of the annual general meeting is now on the agenda: miscellaneous.

More precisely, it is about the Members' requests to speak.

Now there is another real noise threatening in the hall.

11.42 p.m.:

The association should adhere to the guiding principles of the UN.

77.87 percent of the members vote in favor.

This means that the application comes through very gently.

The Bayern fans in the Audi Dome burst into cheers.

11.35 p.m.:

FC Bayern should stand up for human rights and against discrimination in the future, the majority of the members voted for this.

Annual general meeting FC Bayern now in the live ticker: Ott application receives approval - and is still rejected

11.30 p.m.:

473 members vote for the motion, 236 against, and there are 46 abstentions.

The application is thus narrowly rejected and does not achieve the three-quarters majority required.

In case of doubt, FC Bayern can give another five percent and thus a total of 30 percent of its shares to partners.

11:25 p.m.:

Now it's about Michael Ott's application.

The result is likely to be pretty clear, with a large majority of the members raising their arm for approval first.

However, the application needs the approval of three quarters of the members present - that will be damn close.

11:22 p.m .:

“We don't even want to sell the five percent. But it could help us out of a possible imbalance, ”says Oliver Kahn. If that were even an option, it would be partners who help this club. "We need this opportunity because we don't know today what will happen to the club in the future," said Kahn. “Look at the clubs that play in the second division. I have always believed that we are smarter and that we are not making decisions that do a lot of damage to the club. We should have this possibility. "

11:17 p.m .:

"I've been a huge Bayern fan since I was a child," explains President Herbert Hainer. “In 2002 the club needed money to build a new stadium, at that time shares were given to the three partners Audi, Adidas and Allianz. That's why FC Bayern developed so well because you worked with these shareholders. This partnership has had an extremely positive effect. We now have five percent left. We don't know how this pandemic will end. We have to remain able to act. We want to move the club forward and invest in infrastructure. The club continues to have absolute say. Please think about this point one more time, ”asks Hainer urgently.

Annual general meeting FC Bayern now in the live ticker: FCB application for amendment of the statutes rejected

11:15 p.m.:

The new version of the statutes was rejected.

“Congratulations,” says a disappointed Dieter Mayer.

11:14 p.m.:

The result of the amendment to the statutes: 503 voted against the motion, only 268 in favor.

11:11 p.m.:

The members vote, that looks very close.

We are excited!

11.10 p.m.:

Now it's getting serious.

The members vote on the desired amendment to the Presidium's statutes.

11:05 p.m.:

Mayer had forgotten one point, it is about possible virtual general meetings.

This is also still being voted on.

11:02 p.m .:

“The sponsorship contracts with Audi or Telekom should not be terminated in


to any applications. At the end of the day we'll still play in the blue and white jersey, ”Mayer makes outrageous comparisons. The members feel spurred on and acknowledge the statements with a whistle concert.

10:58 p.m .:

"Your spontaneous


, Mr. Ott, difficult terrain.

May I clarify that the district court has determined that the association is not responsible for the Qatar decision.

The spontaneous application is not covered by our statutes.

It is regulated that motions in the meeting are only voted if it is covered by the agenda.

By the way, rejection does not mean that we will not discuss it, ”explains Mayer.

Again there is resentment and boos among the members.

"Yes, what is it ?!

I will not allow us to vote on illegal motions here, ”replies Mayer.

10.55 p.m.:

The Borussia Dortmund club, for example, only owns five percent of its own club, according to Mayer.

BVB is listed on the stock exchange.

It is completely different at FC Bayern.

10:51 p.m.:

The shares of the FC Bayern AG should be at least 75 percent, Ott demanded.

Mayer explains that this is not legally possible, only at least over 50 percent must be on the side of the club.

The AG would then still be able to make decisions.

10:46 p.m.:

The honorary council can decide on applications and then reject applications that are contrary to the statutes, according to Mayer.

The honorary council is serious.

The fact that the member has to be heard is included in the statutes, explains Mayer.

Ott's application should therefore be incorporated at a later date.

10:43 p.m.:

Board member Dieter Mayer now declares the request to


the statutes. Society has changed fundamentally over the years. He wants to respond to the counter-proposals. The club should stand for values ​​such as human rights and be committed to them. That also means that you stand up for them. For this Mayer collects whistles again. "Then we have a different way of looking at things," he counters.

10:37 p.m.:

Member Gregor Weinreich makes the next application.

He is of the opinion that an annual general meeting should be held in attendance.

This right must continue to exist.

The constitution proposal of Bavaria, however, stipulates that the AGM can also take place regularly without attendance.

But there are many advantages for the general meeting in person.

At a virtual general meeting, many members who do not have technical knowledge would be excluded.

10:35 p.m.:

FC Bayern is an association in which the members have rights, so Ott.

An investor has to take this into account if he wants to work with the club.

Ott leaves the stage to the thunderous cheers of the members.

10:33 p.m.:

His second request is that the members only have to agree as soon as the association wants to sell shares in the AG of more than 25 percent.

10.30 p.m.:

A rejected application must achieve 66 percent approval.

"That sets the hurdles extremely high, is frightening and undemocratic," criticized Ott.

It is absurd to let a body decide whether an application is admissible or not.

That is the business of the members.

“The aim cannot be for the members to become incapacitated.

Therefore, I ask for approval of this alternative proposal, ”said Ott.

10:27 p.m.:

He praises the Presidium for


human rights and tolerance to the statutes. "But there is still a passage in it that affects the members' right to propose," said Ott. The reform proposal is a deep encroachment on the fundamental rights of the members of an association. “Changes to this right are like open-hearted interference. The presidium wants to act with a crowbar. She wants to prevent applications, ”explains Ott.

10:23 p.m.:

Michael Ott comes on stage.

As expected, he would like to submit a spontaneous application, it is about the much-cited Qatar application.

"Sponsorship contracts with Qatar Airways and the Emirate of Qatar are to be terminated with immediate effect or not extended," explains Ott.

The members applaud frenetically.

Prof. Dr.

Mayer does not want to answer until later, he asks Ott to respond to his statute proposals.

10:16 p.m .:

The member Robin Feinauer goes to the lectern. The young man brings up the Qatar issue. There were announcements about discussion rounds, but these never took place. "It gives the impression that there is no serious interest," says Feinauer. "Most of them do not approve of the partnership." Then he is interrupted by board member Mayer, the Qatar issue should only be discussed under agenda item 10. FC Bayern must stand up for its values ​​and therefore not only select partners based on financial aspects, he continues. "I have requested that the statutes be expanded by two sentences: The club is committed to all international human rights and advocates for these rights," says Feinauer. The association should also follow the guiding principles of the UN (United Nations).Feinauer is interrupted again. This is acknowledged by the members present with whistles. Then, at the end of the speech, thunderous applause breaks out.

10:13 p.m.:

First of all, three applications for the desired amendment to the articles of association of FC Bayern are heard.

10:11 p.m.:

The applications continue.

One of the most exciting topics of the whole evening.

The Qatar question in particular is likely to be hotly debated.

10:03 p.m.:

The total personnel


(all employees and employees of FC Bayern) rose from 314.8 to 348.9 million euros.

9:59 p.m.:

FC Bayern lost 155 million euros in sales due to the corona pandemic.

9:54 p.m.:

FC Bayern received 206.7 million euros through sponsorship and marketing in the past financial year.

The income from merchandising increased from 91.8 to 100.3 million euros.

The transfer income fell from 63.9 to 32.5 million euros compared to the previous year.

9.48 p.m.:

FC Bayern had always achieved record sales in recent years, but in the last two years this fell due to the corona pandemic.

9.45 p.m.:

The deputy chairman of the board Jan-Christian Dreesen gives an overview of the finances.

There has been a slight decline in sales over the past two years.

The pre-tax group profit is five million euros, compared to 17 million in the previous year.

The profit after taxes is still 1.9 million euros, compared to 9.8 million euros in the previous year.

9.42 p.m.:

Chief Executive Officer Kahn thanks his predecessor Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, among others: “Thank you for enduring me for a year and a half.

I was able to look over his shoulder and learn a lot. ”A big thank you also goes to the members who applauded Kahn's report.

9:40 p.m .:

"FC Bayern just keeps going," says Kahn, who quotes his own motto.

One can look positively into the future, the tenth championship beckons.

You have to get a good starting position for the second half of the season in the Bundesliga.

9:37 p.m.:

When choosing Bavaria's partners as sponsors, social and environmentally friendly aspects play a major role.

One wants to discuss this with the members in a reasonable exchange.

The strong club identity distinguishes the FC Bayern, that one can be proud of.

The fans have always been the focus.

A one-two must be played between tradition and future

9:35 p.m.:

Nagelsmann's football is fun, says Kahn.

The new coach immediately adopted the FC Bayern mentality.

Annual general meeting FC Bayern now in the live ticker: Kahn railed against the Super League

9:32 p.m.:

The Super League plans collapsed within 48 hours, and rightly so.

"That would have been the end of football as we know and love it," explains Kahn.

9.30 p.m.:

The clubs with investors in the background have a great advantage during the corona pandemic, describes Kahn.

It should not be the case that investors can pump unlimited money into the clubs.

Effective and severe penalties must finally be imposed for violations.

9:26 p.m.:

FC Bayern will play against Bielefeld on Saturday due to the Corona measures with just under 19,000 spectators. “That's bitter,” said Kahn. He argues again that everyone should get vaccinated. You work to convince the employees and players every day. But there is no compulsory vaccination in Germany, one respects the right of every individual to choose freely. Corona leads to uncertainty among people, including Kimmich. “Unfortunately he tested positive, luckily he is fine. We hope that he can get back to the team quickly, ”said Kahn.

9.24 p.m.:

Gerd Müller is the foundation of FC Bayern and will forever stay in the hearts of everyone.

The fact that Lewandowski honored Müller with a message after his record stands for FC Bayern.

9:21 p.m.:

Lewandowski scored 41 goals in 29 games last season.

According to Kahn, the Pole has set a new record that Lewandowski himself could only surpass once.

Kahn and Lewandowski are going to Paris on Monday for the Ballon d'Or award ceremony.

"There is no player who deserves it more," said Kahn.

9:19 p.m.:

Kahn thanks also for the services of Javi Martinez, Jerome Boateng and David Alaba.

The former coaching team around Hansi Flick and Hermann Gerland is also highly praised.

Flick and his team will ensure that the national team will build on their old successes.

Annual general meeting FC Bayern now in the live ticker: Kahn talks about his own dominance

9:18 p.m.:

Children have never experienced a master other than FC Bayern, says Kahn.

When he tells his son that there used to be other winners during his playing days, the latter replies: "You were a beautiful loser."

9:13 p.m.:

The triple in 2020 was unique in

terms of

sport, according to Kahn.

The ghost games and the daily uncertainty did not make life easy for the club.

Nevertheless, the club is in very good shape today.

But the fans were missing.

It felt like a party without family and friends.

9:12 p.m.:

Oliver Kahn speaks of feelings of coming home and home when he returned to Bayern a year and a half ago as a board member.

9:11 p.m.:

Board boss Oliver Kahn takes the podium for the eighth item on the agenda: Report from the board of directors of FC Bayern München AG.

9.09 p.m.:

The auditing company for the 2020/21 annual financial statements is confirmed and the auditing company from the previous year is also entrusted with the 2021/22 annual financial statements.

9:07 p.m.:

The presidium for the 2020/21 financial year is also discharged by an overwhelming majority.

9:03 p.m.:

The votes are still being counted,

voting by show of hands


A few minutes pass before the result, then the Bureau is discharged by a large majority.

The next step is to vote on the discharge of the Presidium for the 2020/21 financial year.

9 p.m.:

The first thing to do is to vote on the discharge of the Presidium for the 2019/20 financial year.

In the Audi Dome it suddenly becomes very quiet.

8:58 p.m.:

The first votes of the evening are



This is followed by items four to seven on the agenda, discharge of the Presidium for the 2019/20 financial year, discharge of the Presidium for the 2020/21 financial year, confirmation from the auditing company for the 2020/21 annual financial statements and the election of the auditing company for the 2021/22 annual financial statements.

780 members are present tonight.

8:53 p.m.:

After a good quarter of an hour, Mennekes finished his report.

It then continues with item three of the agenda, the auditing company's report on the 2019/20 and 2020/21 annual financial statements.

Auditor Karl Singer now has the floor.

8.40 p.m.:

The 2nd Vice President Walter Mennekes pays tribute to the achievements of the other sports in the club. The bowling, handball, chess, table tennis and refereeing departments have been very successful.

8:28 p.m.:

There is only a small group of employees who take care of the numerous applications to FC Bayern, according to Mayer. Then there is a brief discussion of a possible amendment to the statutes, which will be voted on later. The current statutes have been in existence for 121 years. “FC Bayern was 120 years old last year. The founding members could not imagine the size of the association today. "Mayer continues:" We need your support. It is sometimes not easy to keep the ship on course in stormy seas, but with your help we can do it. "

8:22 p.m.:

You are proud to be a member and have the great honor to work for FC Bayern, says Mayer.

A clear affront to Qatar applicant and FCB member Michael Ott, who recently stated that he was ashamed of his favorite club.

8:13 p.m .:

1st Vice President Prof. Dr.

Dieter Mayer is now filing the statement of accounts for the Vice Presidents for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial years.

8:11 p.m.:

"We are a family," says Hainer, who hopes that the corona pandemic will be over in the coming year.

8:10 p.m.:

“FC Bayern is always about titles,” says Hainer.

Robert Lewandowski has the Ballon d'Or in his sights on Monday.

"He absolutely deserves this title and we would give him this with all our hearts."

8:07 p.m.:

Among other things, Hainer thanks his predecessor and honorary president Uli Hoeneß, who continues to sit on the supervisory board.

Hoeneß is always at his side with advice.

8:03 p.m.:

Now Hainer reminds us again of the deceased Gerd Müller.

“With his goals he put a smile on people's faces.

We don't want to be sad, we want to be happy about what he has left us.

Goals, goals, goals: that was his legacy. ”A video with the best moments from Müller's career is shown.

7:52 p.m.:

Hainer praises the new coach Julian Nagelsmann and also thanks the old coach Hansi Flick, who shaped the most successful period in the club's history.

Flick's coaching team and ex-assistant coach Hermann Gerland also received great applause from the audience.

In addition, Thiago, Javi Martinez, Jerome Boateng and David Alaba are recognized for their time with the record champions.

Annual general meeting FC Bayern now in the live ticker: Hainer attacks Qatar opponents

7.48 p.m.:

Now it's about Qatar. “As an association, we face any discourse, and criticism can also be natural. But criticism should always be objective and sober. A choice of words like 'vile and perfidious' is not part of the club's tone. Technical and factual arguments must be the basis for any discussion. Only in this way is a sensible exchange possible. We are all FC Bayern, ”said Hainer in the direction of the initiators of the Qatar application. FC Bayern did not respond to an application to end sponsorship with Qatar.

7.44 p.m.:

FC Bayern is against discrimination, hatred and xenophobia.

At this point in time, the Allianz Arena was shining orange to indicate violence against women.

A week ago the arena was even illuminated in blue.

There are isolated whistles.

It was about a Unicef ​​project for children.

“We reds only got involved with the blue for this purpose,” explains Hainer with a smile.

7.43 p.m.:

Joshua Kimmich and Leon Goretzka recently extended their contracts.

“You can shape an era.

We can look forward to this team in the future, ”explains Hainer.

7:38 pm:

"FC Bayern should continue to be a shining example for everyone," says Hainer. The club survived the pandemic well, both athletically, financially and socially. “I love this FC Bayern just as much as it is, we have no debts and are not controlled by others. We are independent and go our own way. We don't let ourselves be driven by the madness out there, ”says Hainer. He cites the over-indebted clubs FC Barcelona and Juventus Turin as examples. FC Bayern is absolutely competitive internationally and, above all, socially acceptable. “We set standards. We and all of you can be incredibly proud of that ”.

7.30 p.m.:

Hainer once again praises the entire FC Bayern, which has been immensely successful in the last two years despite the corona pandemic.

The professional football team alone put eight trophies in the club's showcase during this time.

Annual general meeting FC Bayern now in the live ticker: President Hainer gets emotional at Kimmich

7.27 p.m.:

The first agenda, the President's report on the 2019/20 and 2020/21 financial years, is on the program.

Herbert Hainer reminds again that the event could not take place a year ago due to the corona pandemic.

The club is still very concerned about that.

The association sees vaccination as the best way to lead a normal life again.

The players will be spoken to.

But it is not possible to publicly pillory the players, especially Joshua Kimmich.

"We stand behind our players," said Hainer.

7.25 p.m.:

Those present rise from their seats at the request of Hainer and remember the deceased club members with a minute's silence, including the most prominent, of course, "bomber" Gerd Müller.

7:22 p.m.:

Hainer first welcomes the members present and the leaders at FC Bayern.

Leroy Sané and coach Julian Nagelsmann represent the football team.

Annual general meeting FC Bayern now in the live ticker: micro-breakdown right at the beginning

7.19 p.m.:

The first small breakdown at the annual general meeting of FC Bayern.

President Herbert Hainer's microphone is on strike.

Shortly afterwards it works again and Hainer officially opens the AGM.

7.18 p.m.:

As the last title, Bayern basketball player Paul Zipser puts the trophy for the cup victory in 2021 on the podium.

7.17 p.m.:

Bayern star Leroy Sané brings the German championship trophy for 2021 on the podium.

7.15 p.m.:

The women's team of FC Bayern celebrated the German championship in 2021.

Simone Laudehr carries the bowl onto the stage.

7:05 p.m.:

The FC Bayern teams have won eleven titles in the last two years.

Bayern's second team celebrated the 2020 third division championship as a promoted team.

For example, the new mom and FC Bayern team manager Kathleen Krüger, who is currently on maternity leave, brings the 2020 German championship title to the podium.

7:03 p.m .:

Then, accompanied by the club's anthem "Stern des Südens", the board of directors around President Herbert Hainer and board boss Oliver Kahn arrives.

7 p.m .:

The annual general meeting starts punctually.

Moderator and Stephan Lehmann opened the event.

At the beginning, the club legend Gerd Müller, who died this summer, is remembered.

Update from November 25, 6:57 p.m.:

It will begin in a few minutes - the annual general meeting of FC Bayern.

Then, among other things, the work of CEO Oliver Kahn will be evaluated.

The ex-goalkeeper succeeded Karl-Heinz Rummenigge in the summer after he had already been "trained" for a year and a half.

We are excited.

It’s about to start!

Update vom 25. November, 18.30 Uhr: In einer halben Stunde beginnt die Jahreshauptversammlung des FC Bayern im Audi Dome. Neben der finanziellen Situation des Vereins während der Corona-Pandemie erhitzt vor allem ein Thema die Gemüter: Die Streitfrage um das Katar-Sponsoring.

Jahreshauptversammlung beim FC Bayern: Die Tagesordnung

TOP1 Bericht des Präsidenten über die Geschäftsjahre 2019/20 und 2020/21
TOP2 Rechenschaftsbericht der Vizepräsidenten über die Geschäftsjahre 2019/20 und 2020/21
TOP3 Bericht der Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft über den Jahresabschluss 2019/20 und 2020/21
TOP4 Entlastung des Präsidiums für das Geschäftsjahr 2019/20
TOP5 Entlastung des Präsidiums für das Geschäftsjahr 2020/21
TOP6 Bestätigung der Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft für den Jahresabschluss 2020/21
TOP7 Wahl der Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft für den Jahresabschluss 2021/22
TOP8 Bericht des Vorstands der FC Bayern München AG
TOP9 Anträge
TOP10 Verschiedenes

Jahreshauptversammlung: Bayern-Präsident Hainer äußert sich zum Katar-Thema

Update vom 25. November, 18.15 Uhr: Der FC Bayern hat auf den Katar Antrag von Michael Ott nicht reagiert. Vor der Jahreshauptversammlung heute Abend äußerte sich FCB-Präsident Herbert Hainer in einem klubeigenen Interview zu Katar. „Das ist sicherlich ein komplexes Thema, das im Vorfeld der Jahreshauptversammlung wieder stärker diskutiert wird. Generell ist dazu zu sagen, dass wir uns einem Austausch mit Fakten und sachlichen Argumenten nicht verschließen - und der darf natürlich auch kritisch ausfallen“, sagte der frühere Adidas-Boss. „Allerdings ist es uns wichtig, dass die Form immer gewahrt wird. Kontroversen halten wir als Verein auch grundsätzlich aus, sie gehören zu einem Diskurs wie allgemein zum Vereinsleben.“

Hainer wurde auf der Mitgliederversammlung 2019 als Nachfolger von Uli Hoeneß zum Vereinsoberhaupt gewählt. Heute Abend wird er erstmals als amtierender Präsident des FC Bayern durch die Veranstaltung führen, die Jahreshauptversammlung war im Vorjahr wegen der Corona-Pandemie ausgefallen. Auch heuer nimmt das Coronavirus Einfluss auf die JHV, aufgrund der hohen Infektionszahlen in München sind nur rund 1700 Mitglieder im Audi Dome zugelassen.

Jahreshauptversammlung: FC Bayern ignoriert Katar-Antrag

Update vom 25. November, 17.30 Uhr: Auf der Jahreshauptversammlung der Bayern dürfte es heute Abend hitzige Diskussionen um das Streitthema „Katar-Sponsoring“ geben. FCB-Fan Michael Ott hatte Ende Oktober einen Antrag eingereicht, in dem er fordert, dass sein Lieblingsklub den Sponsoring-Deal mit Qatar Airways auslaufen lassen solle. Das Ergebnis: Schweigen! Der Rekordmeister hat bis heute nicht auf den Antrag reagiert, ihn weder zugelassen noch abgelehnt.

Daraufhin hat Ott nur noch eine Möglichkeit gesehen und wollte vor Gericht eine einstweilige Verfügung erwirken. Das Amtsgericht München hat diese jedoch wegen mangelnder Dringlichkeit abgewiesen, genauso verfuhr heute das Landgericht München mit der Beschwerde (siehe Eintrag um 17.15 Uhr).

Jahreshauptversammlung: Katar-Antragsteller Ott schimpft FC Bayern „perfide und niederträchtig“

Somit bleiben Ott und seinen Mitstreitern nur die Möglichkeit auf einen Spontanantrag. Damit über einen Spontanantrag abgestimmt werden kann, benötigt es eine 75-prozentige Zustimmung der anwesenden Mitglieder. Der ursprüngliche Antrag selbst braucht dagegen nur 50 Prozent Zustimmung, um angenommen zu werden. 75 Prozent seien eine „sehr hohe Hürde“, wie Ott der Münchner AZ sagt, und nennt das Verhalten des FC Bayern „perfide und niederträchtig, ihn in diese Situation zu drängen“.

Dass Ott gegen „seinen Klub“ - Fan ist er seit 2002, Mitglied seit 2007 - einmal Klage einreichen würde, hätte er niemals gedacht, weil „ich tatsächlich auch nicht damit gerechnet hätte, dass dies irgendwann einmal nötig wird und sich der Verein derart unsportlich verhält“.

Update vom 25. November, 17.15 Uhr: Das umstrittene Sponsoring durch Qatar Airways wird bei der Jahreshauptversammlung des FC Bayern heute Abend wohl nicht zur Abstimmung kommen. Die 13. Zivilkammer des Landgerichts München I hat wenige Stunden vor der Versammlung (19.00 Uhr) im Audi Dome „die sofortige Beschwerde gegen die Entscheidung des Amtsgerichts München“ für „eine Ergänzung der Tagesordnung hinsichtlich des Sponsorings durch Qatar Airways“ zurückgewiesen.

Der deutsche Fußball-Rekordmeister sei „nicht verpflichtet“, teilte das Gericht auf SID-Anfrage mit, „über das weitere Sponsoring durch Qatar Airways zu beraten“.

Initiator Michael Ott, der die Einstweilige Verfügung erwirken wollte, hat aber trotz der gerichtlichen Absage noch nicht aufgegeben. „Wir werden dennoch heute Abend einen Spontanantrag probieren. Es ist noch nicht alles verloren“, schrieb er bei Twitter. Ein Spontanantrag braucht eine 75-prozentige Mehrheit der Mitglieder, um zugelassen zu werden.

FC Bayern: Katar-Antrag für Jahreshauptversammlung abgelehnt

Zur Begründung führte das Gericht aus, „dass die Ergänzung der Tagesordnung abgelehnt wurde, weil die Mitgliederversammlung für den bezeichneten Beratungs- und Beschlussgegenstand laut Vereinssatzung nicht zuständig ist. Innerhalb des Vereinsgefüges ist die Geschäftsführung und somit auch das Thema Sponsoring für den Bereich Fußball durch die Vereinssatzung ausschließlich Aufgabe des Präsidiums und damit der Zuständigkeit der Mitgliederversammlung entzogen.“ Der Beschluss des Landgerichts München I (Az. 13 T 15372/21) sei „bindend“.

Bayern-Mitglied Ott und seine Mitstreiter wollen den Rekordmeister dazu bringen, das umstrittene und angeblich mit 20 Millionen Euro dotierte Sponsoring mit dem Emirat Katar, WM-Gastgeber 2022, schnellstmöglich zu beenden. Der aktuelle Vertrag läuft noch bis 2023. Ein neuer Abschluss sollte verhindert werden .Katar stehe für massive Menschenrechtsverletzungen, zudem gebe es schwere Vorwürfe von Korruption im Sport, hieß es zuletzt in einer Mitteilung der Initiative, die zahlreiche bekannte Gesichter aus der Münchner Fan-Szene unterstützen.

Update vom 25. November, 13.20 Uhr: In wenigen Stunden geht es los mit der Jahreshauptversammlung des FC Bayern München! An interessanten Themen wird es heute nicht mangeln. Einlass ist bereits um 16 Uhr, offizieller Startschuss dann um 19 Uhr.

FC Bayern: Jahreshauptversammlung findet heute statt - trotz Corona-Absagen-Flut in München

Erstmeldung vom 24. November, 15.32 Uhr: München - In München und Bayern werden derzeit etliche Veranstaltungen abgesagt. Das Coronavirus hat den Freistaat und den Rest Deutschlands fest im Griff. Seit dieser Woche gelten neue Maßnahmen, um die Welle zu brechen. Die Folge ist, dass Events nicht wie geplant durchgeführt werden können oder sogar abgesagt werden müssen. Das betrifft auch den Fußball.

Der Bundesliga-Klub Greuther Fürth hat seine Mitgliederversammlung für kommenden Donnerstagabend verschoben. Ein exakter Termin steht noch nicht fest, auf der Klub-Website schrieb das Kleeblatt, dass diese stattfinden wird, „sobald sich die pandemische Lage entspannt hat“. Wenige Kilometer südlich hat der FC Bayern hingegen entschieden, dass die Jahreshauptversammlung, ebenfalls am Donnerstagabend, stattfinden wird.

FC Bayern: Jahreshauptversammlung laut Präsident Hainer möglich

„Ja - auch wenn die Organisation in diesem Jahr eine riesige Herausforderung ist“, antwortete Herbert Hainer in einem Interview auf der Homepage des Rekordmeisters auf eine entsprechende Frage.

Es gebe zwar praktisch täglich „neue Maßnahmen, die wir immer wieder aufs Neue im Konzept berücksichtigen müssen“, sagte Hainer, die Veranstaltung im Audi Dome von München soll aber trotzdem stattfinden - unter Berücksichtigung aller Vorgaben von Gesundheitsbehörden und Politik, wie der Bayern-Präsident betonte: „Das bedeutet, dass wir bei dieser Jahreshauptversammlung leider nur maximal rund 1.700 Besucher zulassen dürfen.“

FC Bayern: Jahreshauptversammlung findet unter Corona-Bedingungen statt

Der Klub teilte zuvor auf seiner Homepage mit, dass derzeit alles dafür getan werde, dass die Jahreshauptversammlung des FC Bayern München eV am 25. November im Audi Dome stattfinden kann und die Gesundheit der Mitglieder währenddessen bestmöglich geschützt ist. Die Auslastung in der Halle betrage gemäß der neuen seit Mittwoch geltenden Corona-Schutzverordnung des Landes Bayern 25% der Kapazität.

„Um den aktuellen Entwicklungen der Corona-Pandemie und den behördlichen Vorgaben mit höchstmöglichem Infektionsschutz Rechnung zu tragen, gehen wir momentan - unter Vorbehalt - von einer 2G-Plus-Regelung plus FFP2-Maskenpflicht für unsere Mitglieder aus“, vermeldet der FC Bayern.

Warum der Verein im Gegensatz zum fränkischen Nachbarn Fürth die Veranstaltung trotz der aktuellen Lage konsequent durchziehen möchte, bleibt allerdings sein Geheimnis. Zudem müssen sich die Bayern den Vorwurf gefallen lassen, warum der Termin der JHV nicht frühzeitig angepasst wurde. Dass ein Event in geschlossenen Räumen mit mehreren Tausend Besuchern im Spätherbst nicht ohne Einschränkungen durchzuführen ist, war absehbar.

Bayern-Fans mit Antrag gegen Katar-Sponsoring

FC Bayern: Katar-Antrag auf JHV sorgt für nächsten Krach

„Ich werde hingehen, ich habe keine Angst oder Respekt davor“, sagte FCB-Trainer Julian Nagelsmann über die Jahreshauptversammlung des deutschen Rekordmeisters, wo nach den ganzen Impf-Diskussionen schon der nächste Krach droht. Einige kritische Mitglieder wollen das Ende des umstrittenen Katar-Sponsorings erzwingen. Der Antrag um Initiator Michael Ott wurde jedoch vom Amtsgericht München zurückgewiesen. Trotzdem könnte das Thema noch auf den Tisch kommen.

Nagelsmann takes it easy.

"This is not a sideline theater," he emphasized before his first "party congress". He was not frightened by the often heated debates: "It is always important to enter into dialogue." Far fewer members than planned can take part in this dialogue on Thursday evening .

Don't miss a thing in our live ticker for the annual general meeting of FC Bayern.

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