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The stamp of failure: Hernandez and Gershon symbolize the fiasco of Maccabi Tel Aviv and Haifa - Walla! sport


Maccabi Tel Aviv's loss is one of its most embarrassing ever at home, and is one of the worst brakes in the club's history. Maccabi Haifa continued its resounding failure in Europe

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The stamp of failure: Hernandez and Gershon symbolize the fiasco of Maccabi Tel Aviv and Haifa

Maccabi Tel Aviv's loss is one of its most embarrassing ever at home, and is one of the worst brakes in the club's history.

Maccabi Haifa continued its resounding failure in Europe, with Rami Gershon symbolizing the failure.

And so we suffered another embarrassing day for Israeli football, and thanks to the break of the arm


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Ron Amikam

Friday, November 26, 2021, 10:00 p.m.

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Summary: Maccabi Haifa - Union Berlin 1: 0 (Sport 1)


Failure is failure to implement the road on the island of achieving the result. The story of Maccabi Tel Aviv, before the dismissal of Patrick Van Leven, after them, before the break and after the break - is a resounding failure. Maccabi Tel Aviv, and this is an overall definition, is unable to find a way to cover the failures of the previous road, and Sasha Horbat's goal last night in Bloomfield is the final seal of this failure.

Maccabi Tel Aviv played in a certain way, a way that failed, and said goodbye to the coach who instilled it. A replacement coach arrived - who is not a coach at this stage of his career but a sporting director - who had little time to fix during the league, but a lot of time during a break, and the result is the same result. To be honest, the result is worse. Maccabi Tel Aviv lost yesterday to the team ranked in the penultimate place in the Austrian league, a league in which the third ranked has two Israeli players, Thai Baribo and Eliel Peretz - not senior Israeli players - who scored 9 goals together this season. This is a league at our level. Because beyond the fact that she was unable to take advantage of the few opportunities she had, Maccabi Tel Aviv managed to lose the game even though a draw would have served her, and she lost it in the penultimate minute, at home. Like, take all the stereotypes you have about Maccabi Tel Aviv and mix them up, you will not succeed in reaching such a scenario. In the club's embarrassing home results pool it is equivalent to a loss to Apoel Nicosia in the Galacticos era or a draw against Arch.Will count from the second league in Turkey in the era of Eli Cohen, or to a 4-0 loss to Hapoel Acre in the days of Ton Kanan. The bluff of the No. 1 house in the Conference League was revealed yesterday in all its glory. Until yesterday, the Israeli teams had more victories than the Austrian teams in the fight between them, Lask Linz closed the gap. And she did it in a passing attack against the worst brake that Maccabi Tel Aviv has ever had.

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Is this what Maccabi Tel Aviv has to offer?

Hernandez (Photo: Bernie Ardov)

Luis Hernandez's failure should be taught in talent discovery schools. This is a brake who grew up in the Real Madrid academy, and his first steps were in her daughter team, where he sat on the bench and in front of him played two figures familiar to us: Gary Kegelmacher and David Mathews, two brakes who did not leave a strong mark when playing in the country. He was often preferred as a right-back, and the half-season that Leicester held, a season after its sensational championship, was surprising in actually getting to it rather than just leaving. Brake with reasonable technique, appallingly slow, unable to stop a player unless he uses his hands. In our stands, they call it "water for King David." Seeing him try to stop erupting - heartbreaking. He makes a round of the place like a mechanical toy from the 70s. The deep ball to Horbat passed him - not to mention his backside - as if he did not exist and the Austrian player found himself alone in front of Daniel Peretz and the net.

I guess Maccabi Tel Aviv saw the problem with Donis, with Van Leven, after Barak Yitzhaki's landing and certainly after the long break that was supposed to find a kind of replacement. Maccabi has no substitute, or it has and it is not good enough, but Luis Hernandez, a villain like him, was at the end of all this fiasco the man who stood in Maccabi's way to the eighth finals of a European factory.

Hernandez is just a symptom. His pointy accusation of such a gate is different, it is part of a whole. The delay in his response, is the delay in the response of the professional team to his fiasco, is the delay in the response of the club to everything that happens in it. Do not replace a bad brake, do not find a coach, do not bring in foreigners in the summer but towards the closing of the transfer window. I dislike the riots of fans, but their protest is justified: Maccabi seems helpless to what is happening in and around it. And the amazing thing is: it's the same landlord, the one who got her out of the previous helplessness and the one who brought her into the current helplessness. And there will be evening, and there will be morning, the same Maccabi.

If his failure to come to Israel, disregard for failures, hesitation in response or lack of response to elementary professional things at the club, are a sign that Mitch Goldhaar is tired, or seven, or wants to sell, then that should be Maccabi Tel Aviv's main concern now.

A championship she will have a hard time achieving in the current points standings and her current squad, and from Europe she will part ways in the playoffs, because what is good against HIC Helsinki or Alskart and not good against Lusk Linz, will not suffice against teams that drop out of the Europa League.

Maccabi Tel Aviv, which beat Bordeaux 8 years ago and stuck a quartet to Eintracht Frankfurt, is a screenshot on a computer, a memory that jumps on Facebook.

Maccabi Tel Aviv is not there.

Not for a long time.

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Did damage to himself.

Yitzhaki (Photo: Berni Ardov)

The greatest damage to himself was done by Barak Yitzhaki, when he agreed that this temporality would last so long.

Even the detached Glaziers did not leave Michael Carrick in a similar situation at Manchester United but landed a temporary coach, from the outside.

Barak Yitzhaki will not serve all his life as a sports coach, this is a milestone in his resume, hardly a profession.

Barak Yitzhaki can be a coach, he does a pro certificate, he is only 37. These weeks are ruining the foundation of his next career.

And for what, for loyalty?

Being a good guy is not a profession, do not go with it to the grocery store.

Compliments to his agents.

Gershon (Photo: GettyImages, Martin Rose)


Luis Hernandez is not the only virtue, is like walking around a lot in the Premier League, but to their credit they are Israelis, which means that brakes are not. Rami Gershon is one of them. The goal that Maccabi Haifa conceded yesterday was as a result of a deep ball that passed under his nose, he tried to close, late, left a hole, that's where the ball came from and where the loss came from. Dudu Dahan deserves the Israel Prize for taking a brake from a third division in Israel and turning it into a brake for the Belgian champions, the Israel Prize in a flash. In the game, Rami Gershon had several cases in which he sent a ball away with a shot, but did not actually go far, but sent a message to the opponent.

Gershon is a constraint. It is used when Barak Bachar decides to come up with three brakes or when Ofri Arad is injured or out of shape, and San Menachem is yellowed. Because even Sean Goldberg will go up before him, and he's not a natural brake. In the moments when Haifa played with three brakes yesterday, Bachar preferred to put Gershon in the middle and let Planich and Goldberg close the wings, he knows the product. Still, in a team that claims to have the deepest and highest quality roster in the country, a player at Gershon's level has no place on the roster, let alone against a team from fifth place in the Bundesliga.

But Gershon was not the only linebacker for Bachar. If the link was so aggressive (Rodriguez was excellent in the first part of the game, and Abu Fani is a pit bull walking around without a leash), why was there not a drop of creativity? In Charon Cherry's fitness, his 90 minutes on the field were 45 too many. Feels it's too big a luxury not to open with a noble Omar, or put him in just in the 61st minute.

And the miss is big. Union Berlin is an unsuccessful foreign group to say the least. On her visits to Prague and Rotterdam she has conceded 6 goals, her only win away against the Bundesliga team this year was against Mainz. Union put Frederick Reneau in goal yesterday, if it had been his first game since the victory against Waldorf Mannheim (third division) in the cup a month ago, and in which he also suffered. Renault, a regular replacement goalkeeper, even at crumbling Schalke last season, has conceded in 24 of the 27 games he has played in the last three seasons. His last game in Europe was two years ago, and it was obvious to him that he was insecure, even scared. Haifa finished the game - a home game in front of 22,000 spectators - with two kicks to the frame, none of which squeezed a save from Reno. Just kicks. Maccabi Haifa cannot win if it does not try to win. The enthusiasm for the fighting, and the pace is excessive. Paul gas in neutral.

In practice, Maccabi Haifa's appearances in Europe - which will end in the Netherlands in two weeks - are a resounding failure this season: an embarrassing relegation in the first round of the Champions League qualifiers against a team from Kazakhstan, a loss in the Faroe Islands and a draw in Azerbaijan after conceding three goals.

The best and most exciting team in the country also lost to Hapoel Beer Sheva and even to Maccabi Tel Aviv.

And after the break she looks even less good.

A very weak campaign in Europe.

Haifa (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

* * *

And this is a point that is worth sharpening.

The last two Israeli delegations in Europe did not score a goal yesterday, and both played at home, against teams that did not look their best.

Arm wrestling, an embarrassing Israeli invention, may do good to the grass and its visibility on television, but does very bad for Israeli football.

The fact that there is a team break attached to the arm, breaks down the teams that prefer to allow their players to clear their heads - usually on flights abroad in the Corona era - and have difficulty reconnecting them. A mid-season break is different from a summer break because it requires a different organization gradual capacity through training camps, you must resume at the same point where you left off it, and Israeli teams just do not know how to handle it, especially large ones (those with elected representatives or playing in Europe).

can be in the coming weeks will prove to be the best thing that happened to Hapoel Be'er Seven season was to fly from Europe against anorthosis.

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