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Guests for a moment: The decision that proved that Hapoel Tel Aviv is not a top team - Walla! sport


A really big team would not make the field my home for the guest as Hapoel Tel Aviv did with 8,000 Maccabi Haifa fans, and Hapoel Haifa is also returning to its natural size

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Guests for a moment: The decision that proved that Hapoel Tel Aviv is not a top team

A really big team would not make the field my home for the guest as Hapoel Tel Aviv did with 8,000 Maccabi Haifa fans, and Hapoel Haifa is also returning to its natural size.

Ron Amikam summarizes the meetings between Tel Aviv and Haifa, compliments Barak Yitzhaki and explains what is missing from Uriel Greenfeld


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Ron Amikam

Monday, 29 November 2021, 10:00

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Summary: Hapoel Tel Aviv - Maccabi Haifa 3: 1 (Sport 1)

There is no better cliché to sum up last night's football night other than "in their natural size", which suits the winners, as well as the winners. The two reality shows from Thursday met the two teams that were - it seems - ranked at the top, and despite having difficulties and failures and instability, won convincingly. One enjoyed a crazy evening of Nigerian stopper Izuchuku Anthony and the other a successful evening of Ziv Adler, senior VAR referee in Israel (compensation for not being a senior field referee). The gap between the two greats in Israeli football and everything else - and excuse me, Hapoel Beer Sheva, which is currently better than both, but groves furrows to lead the table - is in these nuances. In sports parlance: they have an ass.

The surprising statistic is that the two majors went up yesterday in a better lineup - sorry, or rather - than the one that went up on Thursday.

It is true that there are load constraints, after all only 3 days have passed, but suddenly it looks different.

Not that the two Lightnings, Bachar and Yitzhaki, coordinated the strategy, but it seems that in Europe they prefer to come up with vehicles that fit a European framework rather than vehicles that fit the Israeli framework.

The common saying goes that "if it is not broken, then why fix it", then if physically fit but less well professionally, then why by force?

A link with Ali Muhammad is better than a link with Jose Rodriguez, and a left wing with Tal Ben Haim will forever be better than that with Matan Hozaz.

And not that Rodriguez is bad or a slow riser for example, but in the general team, it's players who complete the puzzle.

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Complete the puzzle better.

Ali Muhammad (Photo: Danny Maron)

This is the stage in the league, after about 10 rounds, where the table starts to straighten out.

The season-opening surprises are starting to lose height, injured players are starting to make a more radical impact on less-deep-staffed teams, and the great hunger for titles dictates his story in big clubs accustomed to these struggles, not those who just wanted to run to the bottom.

It's not that Hapoel Haifa and Hapoel Tel Aviv can not finish in the top playoffs, but we will not be surprised if not, as the correction made at Maccabi Netanya and MS Ashdod is starting to work.

Those who think that Maccabi Haifa can not return to first place next week, two more weeks, a month, and those who think that Maccabi Tel Aviv - under any coach - is worth no less than third place, are no less wrong.

Yesterday's games only highlighted the great deterrence that these two clubs have created in recent years.

Even Hapoel Beer Sheva, which won its last championship just four seasons ago, no longer produces such a deterrent.

Deterrence still exists (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

Take Hapoel Tel Aviv. Exactly a decade ago, she competed in two thirds of the season for the championship against Kiryat Shmona. It ended her episode of more than a decade in which she mostly competed for a championship. Its struggle against Maccabi Haifa for hegemony was the Clasico of the first decade of the current millennium. As of today, her balance against Maccabi Haifa in recent seasons is even more painful for her in relation to the Tel Aviv derby. And just to mention that Maccabi Haifa has not been relevant for almost a decade. Hapoel Tel Aviv is not in this game. She can present a warrior composition, young, diverse, but she is not there. It does not have the foreigners, it does not have the so-cold Israeli stars, it does not have a management that can think like a top club.

Take for example the story yesterday around closing stands 4-5. Hapoel Tel Aviv, in its financial distress that made it a Nabachite, added guilt to crime. Not only did it demand an additional fee for Gate 4-5 subscribers, which the disciplinary tribunal closed and also banned the use of their subscribers (as if that could be enforced, how can punctures be checked?), It also opened Bloomfield gates to 8,000 greens.

Would Maccabi Haifa have opened its stadium gates to 8,000 Hapoel fans? This style is good for teams without an audience like Maccabi Petah Tikva or Hapoel Nof Hagalil who are waiting for these games to knock in income. Teams with a significant, homely, sweeping and motivating crowd do not restrict the entry of hard-core fans - even if some of them have caused damage - and do not make their pitch home for the visiting team. I have a hard time seeing bosses like Moni Harel, Shimon Citron and even - laugh - Amir Kabiri, who would let such a farce happen to them.

One game will not save Hapoel Tel Aviv's depleted box office.

Any penalty can be bypassed by smart means (ticket for ten shekels, allocation of income to the Ultras organization) and not by clever means (discount voucher for the club store), and the amount of guests can be limited as required: 4,700 spectators in stands 10-11 and this can be reduced by allocating sterile areas.

Maccabi Haifa would open the stadium below - 8,000 Hapoel fans?

The Greens in Bloomfield (Photo: Danny Maron)

And another interest in the margins of this game.

Yesterday, Uriel Greenfeld needed the help of VAR judge Ziv Adler, who will save him from the decision to keep Maor Levy away from an innocent air collision, or from the decision not to whistle Pendel for lowering the sentry made by Ernests Shtakus to Noble Omar.

Greenfeld is very reminiscent of Abraham Klein.

His international resume is unprecedented in the last generation.

He even overshadows Alon Yefet who was a much better judge than him.

Klein, who came to referee the biggest games in the world, was also a mediocre league referee, and he remembers the decision to allow Maccabi Tel Aviv to score a goal in the YMCA, after the Betar Jerusalem players celebrated a goal, and did not notice that he was disqualified.

Greenfeld has the Italian look and style, the one that makes Italians the most elegant judges, but not necessarily the best.

I prefer English or German judges.

Greenfeld is also not too smug, certainly not arrogant, he is simply less sharp than what is required of a judge at his level.

Passon is there, but what about the ability?

Uriel Greenfeld (Photo: Danny Maron)

Hapoel Haifa hosted Maccabi Tel Aviv, without Alon Turgeman. The standard deviation of the Reds from the Carmel lies largely in the nine goals scored by its striker in the nine opening rounds, a rather rare average. Once he is injured, and will also be absent from the derby, Hapoel Haifa has nothing to offer in a match that is a little too big for its size, and Elisha Levy, who made it a good team, will not help it either. Hapoel Haifa has lost its place in the competition for the big players since the days of Ruby Shapira. Turgeman will no longer be taken by the big three, while Hapoel Tel Aviv and Betar Jerusalem will not be able to pay him. But when one of them lands in a team like Hapoel Haifa, it depends on him. It sometimes overshadows the rest.

Compared to Haifa, Barak Yitzhaki came with significant lessons from the loss to Lusk Linz.

Every change in the squad was with an address: Idan Nachmias in place of Shahar Phiben who could not cover Luis Hernandez;

Sharan Yeni in position number 6 and not number 8, a position that matches his age and experience;

Tal Ben Haim instead of Matan Hozaz.

Credit should be given to Yitzhaki, even if this decision came from coercion and delay.

This is the best team that Maccabi Tel Aviv can put together, this is the team that puts it in the competition, even though its gap from the top seems too big at the moment.

It's not necessary to run with this lineup from here to a new post.

There are injuries, dismissals, loads, but if Yitzhaki continues to identify hunger, as Ben-Haim demonstrated yesterday, he will gain players.

We will never know what happened between him and Georgios Donis and Patrick Van Leven, but in our Premier League Ben Haim has an easy place in the team of each team (exactly what should be said about Ben Shehar who started yesterday in the team of Maccabi Haifa).

There is no substitute for experience.

(Photo: Use under section 27A of the Copyright Law)

Competition among fans is beautiful, makes the atmosphere something special.

The question is where did the line cross between cool fans and disgusting fans.

Some of Maccabi Haifa's fans crossed the line yesterday, when he sabotaged the stadium (or rather the stands) which for them belongs to Maccabi Tel Aviv.

But this is an urban stadium.

It serves all city groups, its funding comes from property tax money at best and parking fines at worst.

This is not Goldhaar's stadium as the stadium in Haifa is not Avi Ran's stadium and not the property of "Meir".

Someone will have to pay the damages.

I wish - do not believe - a question will be the brats themselves.

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