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Sport: our selection of (good) books to slip under the tree


SELECTION - To relive a year rich in events after the truncated vintage of 2020, the sports editorial staff of Le Figaro has selected the most beautiful books of the end of the year.

The eye of sport, the most beautiful images of our photographers

The Team

has given carte blanche to its photographers to go and draw their most beautiful photos compiled in an album of exceptional visual richness.

The hypnotic beauty of certain photos sends the reader back to the heyday of the history of sport with thrill.

The image reporters also take the floor, which is rare, to comment on their takes, to shed light on the circumstances of these immortalized scenes.

Testimonials that give even more power to the end result.

A total success.


Solar Editions, € 29.90


The eye of sport Solar

Valentino rossi 46

How sad.

The end of the MotoGP season coincided with that of the career of the greatest rider in history, Valentino Rossi.

We will no longer see the big eyes and the hair of the brilliant "Doctor" sketched in images by David Reygondeau who has had the privilege of following the Transalpine since 1996 on circuits around the world.

Photos, raw and sober in black and white, as well as a journey into the ultra-colorful world of motorcycles.

A few portraits too, from which the piercing gaze of the tightrope walker of the tracks emerges, complete a tribute album of 100 photos without any text.

To leaf through, again and again.


Talent Sport Editions, by David Reygondeau, 39.90 euros


Valentino Rossi Talent Sport

Alpine F1 Team Inside.

Season 1. The genesis

The Formula 1 season is not over yet as the retro album for the 2021 season is already in pole position in bookstores. Everything, everything, everything, you will know everything about this French single-seater, the Alpine A 521, which allowed the brand to take pride in its laurels thanks to Esteban Ocon in Hungary. The car and its inimitable blue dress is taken apart and photographed from every angle in an ultra-complete book. Alongside this technical aspect, we set off to discover those who thought, built, regulate and obviously pilot the single-seater. They range from men in the shadows based in Enstone, England, to Fernando Alonso and his French accomplice. The bible of this new history of the brand dear to Jean Rédélé, its creator. (

Editions Amphora, by Jean Sébastien Fernandes, 29.95 euros


Alpine F1 Team Inside.

Season 1. The genesis of Amphora

From the World Cup to the Euro, the secret story of a missed meeting

How to explain this resounding failure of the Blues and the bankruptcy of a group that was said to be programmed to establish its reign on the football planet?

In his investigation, Baptiste Desprez, in charge of the coverage of the France team since 2016 at

Le Figaro

, looks back in depth on the last three years of collective life of the selection by analyzing the reasons for the crash of the Blues, far from the official speeches and the controlled communication of Didier Deschamps in a hurry to turn the page. Digestion of the new statutes after the coronation in Russia, struggles for influence, management of egos, the Karim Benzema "bomb", poor choice of Deschamps, appearances of tension within the group. Between 2018 and 2021, many grains of sand came to stop the beautiful tricolor machine and disturb the balance, always fragile of a group. Between new revelations and testimonies at the heart of the blue machine, a precious light behind the scenes of the world champions. (

Baptiste Desprez, Hugo Sport editions, 17.95 euros


From the World Cup to the Euro, the secret story of a failed meeting Hugo Sport


A word of advice: take a good breath before diving into the magnificent



signed by Ben Thouard, one of the big names in surf photography.

Four years after the sublime


, the Toulonnais fascinated by the wave of Teahupo'o (Tahiti) a world famous spot that he has the privilege to savor daily, publishes a collection of exceptional photos. An ode to the ocean and a strong message for the protection of the natural environment, without any text. The pictures speak for themselves. With his device, Thouard shoots the wave from every angle, calm, regular, swirling or unleashed, underwater or above, when surfers venture there (or not). Each photo is a bath of freshness, an invitation to dive to discover a material in perpetual movement with its turbulence. Hurry up to order this new installment, the previous one,


, is exhausted.

Latecomers will have a second chance with the luxury (200 euros) or art (450 euros) edition.

The editorial staff's favorite.


Éditions Mons, by Ben Thouard, 55 euros


Turbulence Mons

The finishers, the Barkley told

It is the ultra-trail of all superlatives, the race of the absolute extreme. Imagine: 200 kilometers in the wilderness of the Frozen Head Natural Park to cover in less than 60 hours after having swallowed 20,000 meters of vertical drop, obviously without any markup and zero supplies except at the base camp, that goes without saying. A madness and a myth because only 15 athletes (only men) have overcome it since 1986. Who are these heroes of the Barkley, the most challenging ultra-trail on the planet? Alexis Berg, photographer passionate about this race and Aurélien Delfosse, journalist for

the Team

, went to meet these walking

enthusiasts with

radically different profiles, often original and sometimes tormented in spirit.

(Mons Editions, 39 euros)

The finishers, the Barkley told Mons

900 jerseys from cycling legends

They illuminated the summers of the French by coloring the roads of France like a multicolored snake crawling on the asphalt.

Iconic, the jerseys of the Tour de France and the great classics have entered the collective memory.

900 jerseys from cycling legends

, gallery of tunics worn by the 50 greatest runners of the past, brilliantly illustrated by Greg, a reference in sports illustration, bring to the surface a multitude of episodes sometimes buried but never definitively buried.

From the System U zebra jersey worn by Laurent Fignon to the Peugeot checkered jersey by Bernard Thévenet and the unforgettable yellow and mauve top by Raymond Poulidor, the parade of the peloton never stops over the pages.

Each tunic has its own feat.

225 pages and a unique souvenir box for lovers of road convicts (

Solar Editions, 18.90 euros


900 legendary Solar jerseys

Roadtrips in old timers and youngtimers

At a time when the auto industry has eyes only for hybridization and electricity in an attempt to fight against global warming, old cars are still popular. Historic rallies are multiplying and the cars of our ancestors crisscross the roads with their backfiring old engines and their interiors smelling of leather and castor oil. Stéphane Cohen, director of Direct Auto on


offers us a trip into this world of collectors, in the midst of jibs and mythical cars in dreamy settings. The book shows a real passion bringing together these gentlemen drivers and more: a philosophy of travel that has become rare but must be preserved in our modern world. (

Stéphane Cohen, Solar Publishing, 29.90 euros


Roadtrips in old and youngtimers Solar

Julian Alaphilippe - My Rainbow Year

It is rare, an identical starting and ending point in a book. But Julian Alaphilippe is not going around in circles when it comes to recounting his “rainbow” year, the story of which begins on the evening of his first world title and ends with his second world champion title gleaned in September. Through a rhythmic and colorful story, the most popular French cyclist invites readers on his wheel as well as in a daily life embellished by the birth of his son Nino, "

the most beautiful emotion of his life

". No subject is evaded, from his victories to his failures during the past year, without obscuring the future goals of this insatiable winner, who signs a first book to success which calls for others. (

Editions Marabout, € 22.90


Julian Alaphilippe - My Rainbow Year Marabout

The Federer years

Will we see King Roger Federer one day on a court, if possible at his best?

Switzerland fans are right to be worried even though the player has announced his return for next summer, possibly after the Wimbledon tournament.

The time is not yet for the inventory of an exceptional career but Arthur Pralon is still taking the lead by retracing more than 20 years of the life of the one who is perhaps the greatest tennis player of the story.

His rise, his unchallenged reign over ATP, his years of doubt, his resurrection: two decades of "Federermania" brilliantly transcribed through unadorned texts, perfectly documented and embellished with superb photos.


Arthur Parlon, Solar Editions, 23.90 euros


The Federer Solar years

Guest books

They have become references that you buy with your eyes closed, that you devour a good hot chocolate in your hand during the end-of-year festivities and that you then put away carefully next to the opus of previous years to complete. the collection.

Rich and varied iconography, texts signed by renowned journalists, the collection of guest books of football, cycling, rugby, basketball, motorbike is a safe bet to put at the foot of the Christmas tree.


Solar editions, 24.90 euros


Solar cycling year

Tennis 2021

Because the name “The Year of Tennis” already exists (see above), the Talent Sport editions have soberly titled their book

Tennis 2021


But it is indeed the same approach for this very successful opus which looks back on the year of the little yellow ball.

We particularly appreciated the choice of photos (like that of Djokovic chewing on the Wimbledon grass on the cover) and the recurring pages

La retro de la fortzaine

which allow you to fly over the news with statistics and anecdotes.


Emmanuel Bringuier, Talent Sport editions, € 32


Tennis 2021 Talent Sport

The year of football and rugby So Foot

In another genre, the year of football So Foot and its rugby clone have also become references.

The year 2021 of round ball and oval are traced with the quirky tone of the editorial staff of the now famous magazine but with attention to detail and a complete work on the results.


Editions Marabout, € 19.90 for the football year, € 24.90 for the rugby year


The year of rugby So Foot Marabout

The great adventure of the Variétés Club de France

For fifty years, the Variétés Club de France has been treading football pitches all over France. An epic that deserved a book dedicated to this team made up of former players and media personalities because it is a bit like the history of football that was written with this very special club led by Jacques Vendroux. Jubilees, charity matches bringing together the greatest players on the planet (Pelé, Maradona and Platini for the same event), all the major “VCF” meetings are examined, such as this surreal three-hour match against Palestine in 1993 in front of 30,000 spectators on sandy ground. The book goes even further by going behind the scenes of the organization of the meetings with a multitude of crisp anecdotes. Special mention tointerview with Albert Couriol responsible for following in the footsteps of Diego Maradona, invited three days on the occasion of the Michel Platini jubilee. Managing the "Pibe de oro" roaming Paris at the height of its glory, anything but a trivial matter! (

Gauthier de Hoÿm de Marien, Marabout editions, € 29.90


Varieties Club de France Marabout

The Losing Bible of French Sport

You may already follow them on social networks to chamber throughout the year French sportsmen all over the world armed with their corrosive humor and their motto that has become essential: "The defeat is in us." The merry gang of the French Federation of Lose and their schoolboy jokes now martyr the French athletes in a tasty book, which can sometimes be read with a twinge of the heart when remembering the many “Waterloo” of French sport, but always with a smile . The unique and quirky tone of the FFL hits the mark. We would even end up hoping for a maximum of future debacles for French sport. The preface is provided by Thibaut Pinot, one of the most recurring victims of the FFL. (

Editions Marabout, € 29.90


The Bible of the lose of French sport Marabout

My football legends

We can no longer count the compilation works of the biggest football stars with sometimes disappointing results. But when this selection comes out of the pen of Vincent Duluc illustrated by Gray, a break at your bookseller is in order. Because the journalist from


was completely free to choose the legends he wanted. Rest assured, Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo or Pelé have not been forgotten but the real treasures are elsewhere: the presence of Laurent Fournier for example, "the child of the ball" from Lyon known from his beginnings, Claude Papi, iconic Bastia midfielder of the 70s, stands out alongside the legendary Socrates and his Christlike allure. 50 portraits, 50 sweets of one of the most brilliant journalists of his generation. (

Vincent Duluc, Solar Publishing, 19.90 euros


My Solar Football Legends

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