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You do not know: the shadow that rests on Hapoel Beer Sheva - Walla! sport


With an audience that does not believe in the team, Hapoel Beer Sheva, whose situation was delicate as well, is walking a tightrope and with a lot of worries about the future to come

You do not know: the shadow that rests on Hapoel Beer Sheva

With an audience that does not believe in the team, Hapoel Beer Sheva, whose situation was delicate as well, is walking a tightrope and with a lot of worries about the future to come.

The victories hid the problems, the losses reveal a significant crack in the dam.

Suddenly Maccabi Tel Aviv looks much closer in the table than Maccabi Haifa

David Rosenthal


Wednesday, January 19, 2022, 2:00 p.m.

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Summary of Maccabi Haifa's 1: 2 victory over Hapoel Beer Sheva in the game of the season (Sport 1)

Roni Levy felt he needed a change. His team was on the verge of collapse, only in the luck of Maccabi Haifa did Hapoel Beer Sheva not do what the German team did to Brazil in the 2014 World Cup. Tomer Yosefi took his place. Another 37 minutes passed, and Yosefi also found himself outside.

Substitute replacement is an act perceived as degrading. Had he been a more senior player, the move would probably have gotten quite a few headlines. But that was not Levy's intention, professionally it was justified. He got into the game badly, lost balls, got yellow and played upside down. To the credit of the relationship it can be said that he lowered his head and accepted the evil of the decree without scandals and quarrels, just came out. He, too, apparently felt, like many of his teammates, that this was not his game.

Hapoel Beer Sheva's loss does not fall on Yosefi's shoulders, far from it.

He did not stand there for the first 40 minutes and stare at the Maccabi Haifa players doing what they want on the field, but he is a kind of symbol of this confrontation.

Yosefi is one of the few home players on whom Hapoel Beer Sheva has built for the coming years.

The question mark that hovers over it symbolizes to some extent not only the present, but also the future of the club at the top, if not in the coming years then at least this season.

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Not really the direction they wanted the season to get.

Hapoel Beer Sheva players (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

I watched the game at Turner on Monday. The stadium was blown up. And yet, something in the energy of Hapoel Beer Sheva fans was missing. Between the lines of singing, shouts of encouragement and enthusiasm you could almost hear the distrust of the 12,000 spectators in red in this group. In the last round in Haifa, Beer Sheva stole a victory. Last night she almost stole a draw. Like then, this time too a game of 0: 3 or 0: 5 ended in 1: 2. The wheel turned again, but this time it stopped before Be'er Sheva managed to complete a makeover.

But in this case the result is less important.

The way is what matters.

When he was at Maccabi Haifa, Levy liked to use the word "process", which would be added to his reactions after losses.

So he talked about that there is still a long way to go and hinted that in the end we will see results.

The "process" did not, of course, come to an end.

Maybe because he is learning from experience, Levy posed in front of the cameras this time without tricks and without sticks.

The post-match interview on the sports channel brought out a decent degree of honesty from him.

He did not try to dodge, he did not mix, he did not hide behind oppressive words like "process", he just said what we all saw - Hapoel Beer Sheva just did not appear for the game, all the lineups failed, and "lineups" is also and mostly him.

Do not buy the group.

Hapoel Beer Sheva fans (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

Beer Sheva's problem is that its audience has never bought the current team.

The consecutive victories silenced the criticism at home, but for the away games the fans did not come.

During the game against Maccabi Haifa, especially in the first half, it seemed that they really made an effort not to whistle contempt, they created their tongues and throats, giving one last chance.

In the next game such a view will not pass in peace.

Hapoel Beer Sheva is inferior in quality to Maccabi Haifa.

We also knew this a week and a half ago, but then it was less significant.

Less preferred teams won the championship.

Hapoel Kfar Saba of 1982 was unconditionally defeated 5: 2 in Netanya near the end of the season and still won, Maccabi Tel Aviv of 1994/5 lost 3: 0 to Maccabi Haifa much better.

It is not uncommon to find a team that won the game this season and still won the title, only this year Eindhoven snatched a four at home from Feyenoord and a five from Ajax - and it still leads the table in the Netherlands.

The cliché "take championships against the little ones" has always been true.

Not in this case.

Hapoel Beer Sheva did not fail against the minorities.

You can call a home draw with Ashdod a failure, but Beer Sheva lost points while Maccabi Haifa also lost points.

The index is the last three weeks, the "internal league" between it and the champion and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Maccabi Haifa took 6 points from these meetings, Maccabi Tel Aviv 3 and Beer Sheva 0. We did not expect the runner-up to return to the fight at this stage of the season, but from Beer Sheva yes - and here it seems to run out of fuel.

At least for now it seems that the battle for the title will no longer be renewed on her part.

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Now he understands - the points must be taken in Petah Tikva.

Roni Levy (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

Beer Sheva's gap from Maccabi Haifa is four points, from Maccabi Tel Aviv's nine, and yet, against all the rules of mathematics, the feeling is that today's nine is a figure much lower than four. It's not that Maccabi Tel Aviv is brilliant, but it is winning and at the moment Hapoel Beer Sheva is so vulnerable that the feeling is of an impending collapse. With the exception of Itai Schechter, no one there functioned in the first half, all the character and rigidity that this team had disappeared. This is not a warning light, this is a row of red flags.

The first crack in Levy's dam in Be'er Sheva opened over the weekend, in a confrontation with Hatem 'Abd al-Hamid. The coach put the old Roni Levy aside and decided to dance to the player. In my opinion, despite 'Abd al-Hamid's weak game, in my opinion this was the right decision on Levi's side, less so than the player's. 'Abd al-Hamid was out of focus from the first minute, allowing a nobleman to roam freely on the way to a spectacular goal and it was evident that the events affected him.

The question is what will happen next - whether the 'Abd al-Hamid incident (which was not his first with Roni Levy) was completely sealed, or is it the first hole that heralds the collapse of the dam.

Roi Gordana dries up, Micha does not hurt, Aviv Solomon does not win the trust, Petrocci is probably on his way home and that is not the end.

With the losses the resentment may also float.

Hapoel Beer Sheva, until a week and a half ago a candidate for the championship, is at a very dangerous crossroads on the eve of the away game against Maccabi Petah Tikva.

Although only two losses, but the earth begins to shake.

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