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Smack against Spain: Germany goes down after Corona madness at European Handball Championships


Smack against Spain: Germany goes down after Corona madness at European Handball Championships Created: 01/21/2022, 04:45 am By: Patrick Mayer Germany versus Spain: Julian Köster (left) for the DHB team. © VLADIMIR SIMICEK / AFP Germany loses at the European Handball Championship after many corona failures against European champions Spain. Already on Friday we continue against Norway. The tick

Smack against Spain: Germany goes down after Corona madness at European Handball Championships

Created: 01/21/2022, 04:45 am

By: Patrick Mayer

Germany versus Spain: Julian Köster (left) for the DHB team.


Germany loses at the European Handball Championship after many corona failures against European champions Spain.

Already on Friday we continue against Norway.

The ticker to read.

  • European Handball Championship: The main round (schedule)* begins in Hungary and Slovakia.

  • Germany clearly loses against European champions Spain* on Thursday evening.

  • The game of the DHB team * in the ticker to read.

Germany - Spain 23:29 (12:14)

Statistics Germany:

Bitter (Tor/HSV Hamburg), Rebmann (Tor/Frisch Auf Göppingen) - Golla (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) 4, Zieker (TVB Stuttgart) 4, Köster (VfL Gummersbach) 3, Reichmann (MT Melsungen) 2/2, Stutzke (Bergischer HC) 2, Ph. Weber (SC Magdeburg) 2, Wiencek (THW Kiel) 2, Dahmke (THW Kiel) 1, Ernst (DHfK Leipzig) 1, Wiede (Füchse Berlin) 1, Zerbe (TBV Lemgo Lippe) 1 , Drux (Foxes Berlin), D. Schmidt (Bergischer HC), Steinert (HC Erlangen)

Statistics Spain:

Corrales (goal), Perez De Vargas (goal) - Maqueda 6, Casado 5, Sole Sala 5, Figueras 4, Gomez Abello 4/2, Garcia 3, Gurbindo 1, Marquez Coloma 1, Arino, Fernández, Guardiola, Odriozola, Pecina , Sanchez Migallon Naranjo




Update from January 20, 7.30 p.m .: Conclusion:

Germany’s handball players suffered their first defeat at the European Championship.

At the start of the main round, the DHB selection, weakened by eleven Corona failures, lost this Thursday in front of 1683 spectators in Bratislava against defending champion Spain 23:29 (12:14).

The team of national coach Alfred Gislason, in which left winger Patrick Zieker and circle player Johannes Golla were the top scorers each with four goals, now has 2:2 points in Group II.

For the German national team, the European Handball Championship continues on Friday evening (8.30 p.m./live on ZDF and here in the live ticker) against Norway, third in the European Championship.

Handball EM: Germany goes down against European champions Spain

60 minutes: The game is over!

Germany is clearly defeated by European champions Spain, but still has a chance of reaching the semi-finals of the European Championship.

58 minutes: The 16th parade of the Spanish goalkeeper.

It's an incredible game from the Spanish goalkeeper.

56 minutes: Already the 14th parade from Barcelona keeper Pérez de Vargas.

Inimitable how he raises his left leg.

A world-class performance by the goalkeeper.

54 minutes: Köster shoots the torch into the corner!

That's how it works. That used to be a reasonable and, above all, quick attack from the back.

This is how you present your opponent with tasks.

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker – DHB team fails because of the goalkeeper

52 minutes: Ernst from the second row.

But such attempts are no problem for Pérez de Vargas in goal of the Spaniards.

There has to be more coming from the back room.

47 minutes: Spain from the back, the DHB team via Stuttgart winger Zieker.

He has a very good hit rate.

But playmaker Weber, for example, only hit two of his eight shots in goal.

45 minutes: Goalkeeper change in Germany.

Göppingen's Rebmann makes his international debut.

Bitter had shown a strong first half, but dismantled after the change of sides - like the entire DHB team.

Circle runner at the handball championship: Patrick Wiencek (left) for the DHB team.

© Marijan Murat/dpa

43 minutes: Already nine play errors in front of the opponent's goal.

That's too many against such an opponent.

Köster plays a too risky ball because it is too flat on outsider Zieker.

The variants are missing.

After all: In defense, the DHB team wins the ball with a lot of passion.

40 minutes: In Spain, every throw is possible.

Rechtsaßen Solé nets with a jump shot.

Germany is reeling.

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker - DHB team makes many mistakes

39 minutes: Nothing is left in the DHB team's attack.

The Germans afford too many technical errors and ball losses.

Now it becomes really clear.

19:12 for the European champion.

37 minutes: Zieker fouls in defence.

Now it goes there.

Germany has not yet scored a goal in the second half.

36 minutes.

Perez de Vargas!

Brutal what the goalkeeper of FC Barcelona thinks.

Golla fails from point-blank range from the circle.

34 minutes: The German middle block defuses a throw from the back.

Spain goalkeeper Pérez de Vargas is incredible in the game.

He is across the air as he parries a throw from DHB outside Zieker.

32 minutes: Köster is denied by the Spanish keeper.

On the other side, Casado nets with a touchdown.

31st Minute: It continues with the EM game between the DHB team and the defending champion!

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker - DHB team is just behind

30 minutes: Break in Bratislava!

Germany is just behind against European champions Spain.

But the game is completely open - and already a thriller.

30 minutes: The block makes you!

Strong defense against the backcourt shooter!

Up front, Zerbe fails to get the ball under control after a risky pass from Bitter.

That could have been the connection after a counterattack.

29 minutes: Weber hammers the ball over the crossbar.

Germany has been without a goal for five and a half minutes.

But at the back, Bitter again defuses a Spanish attack.

28 minutes: Dahmke runs off a pass from the Spaniards.

An intense match.

The referees indicate time game.

The DHB team is now making a technical mistake.

26 minutes: Bitter!


Again and again bitter!

"Jogi, Jogi, Jogi", sing the German fans in the hall in Bratislava.

A Spanish torch comes out of the back room.

But there it is exactly right, the North German wall from Oldenburg.

24 minutes: And the seven-meter is in there.

Double strike, Spain leads 12:11 in an exciting game.

23 minutes: Boom!

Wiencek hammers the ball against the right post as it falls.

And on the other side?

The inner block packs heartily again.

So hearty that there is a seven meter for the Spaniards.

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker - DHB team very well in the game

22 minutes: Wiede to Dahmke.

The man from Kiel starts the jump shot and hits the ground with a touchdown.

There's the fist again!

The whole bank stands up.

The DHB team is in very good shape on the day.

20 minutes: Jaaaaaaaaa!!!

Drux puts through for Wiencek, who netts from the circle on the spin.

Germany leads outnumbered.

19 minutes: Germany is outnumbered, but conquers the ball on its own circle. Drux comes on as sixth field player for goalie Bitter.

Does this risky tactic work?

Youngster in the DHB team: Julian Köster (Mid.) against Spain.

© Marijan Murat/dpa

16 minutes: Jogi?


His next save.

Then the left hand shoots up just like that.

This warhorse is 39 years old.

But he has reflexes like a young handball player.

Gorgeous, really gorgeous.

14 minutes: WHAT - FOR - A - TEMPO COUNTER!

The middle block does not let the Spaniards through.

Golla sends Zerbe on the journey, who inimitably hammers in the bullet.

Continue now!

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker – Jogi Bitter with parades on the assembly line

12 minutes: Bitter!


Again and again bitter!

And that's not bitter at all, that's wonderful.

The Hamburg goalkeeper is splendid in the game.

Not because of North German hypothermia, the guy runs really hot here.

11 minutes: Bitter!

The old devil!

He holds a seven meter really well.

But the throw is sitting.

Golla shortens the front.

6:5 for the favored Spain.

10 minutes: Weber feints while jumping in a circle.

But he finds his master in the strong keeper Pérez de Vargas.

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker - Reichmann makes the seven-meter pure

9 minutes: Weber gets a seven-meter out.

And Reichmann, who only arrived yesterday, put the ball in the bottom left.

8 minutes: Double strike from the European champion!

First there is a counterattack, then the Berliner Wiede fails at the goalie.

6 minutes: Bitter!

The old devil!

Giant parade of the hamburger against the right winger of the Spaniards.

And in front?

That's where Köster, the 21-year-old from Gummersbach, whirls, who was really up for it against Poland.

4 minutes: Youngster Köster tanks up with a feint in the circle.

Spain responds with the massive backfield shooter Casado.

But in return, this time Köster gets through to the circle for Wiencek.

He's sitting too!

A furious start in Slovakia.

2nd minute: Golla and Wiede defend a Spanish attack.

Nevertheless, the defending champion manages a double strike.

The Spaniards like to come across the county.

You have to be careful here!

1st minute: Let's start with the handball classic in Bratislava!

Update from January 20, 5:55 p.m .:

Lightning comeback for Christoph Steinert: The best German tournament scorer so far can play against Spain despite his positive corona finding on Wednesday at the start of the main round of the German handball players.

The German Handball Federation (DHB) announced this shortly before kick-off in Bratislava.

The 32-year-old left-hander had received a weakly positive result in an additional PCR test arranged by the DHB on Wednesday.

All tests carried out beforehand and afterwards were negative, so that the status 'negative' was also confirmed when asked by the laboratory management, where the only positive test was evaluated, according to a statement from the association.

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker - DHB team wants to finish the tournament

Update from January 20, 5:50 p.m .:

Giving up because of Corona? That is out of the question for the boys from the DHB team. “We have decided that we want to finish the tournament under the safest possible conditions. Not least for our teammates who tested positive," explained German captain Johannes Golla (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) in a video interview with ARD. It's about to start, the opponent is none other than European champions Spain!

Update from January 20, 5:40 p.m .:

The squad of the Spaniards at the European Handball Championship 2022 is peppered with top players.

Several players earn their money at FC Barcelona or the international top clubs Paris Saint-Germain (France), KS Kielce (Poland) and KC Veszprem (Hungary).

But: A number of Spanish players are over 30 years old.

Circle player Gedeón Guardiola (TBV Lemgo), for example, is already 37 years old.

Will the high average age of the European champion become a factor today?

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker – “Jogi” Bitter in the goal of the DHB team

Update from January 20, 5:30 p.m .:

What a warhorse this guy is!

Johannes "Jogi" Bitter (HSV Hamburg) will again be in goal for the DHB team today.

The North German is not only 2.05 meters tall, but is now 39 years old.

In fact, he wasn't even part of the squad.

But when he was called after the positive corona tests by Till Klimpke (HSG Wetzlar) and Andreas Wolff (KS Kielce), "Jogi" immediately got on the plane.

From the plane we went straight to the PCR test and then on to the hall in Bratislava.

A splendid 30:23 against Poland followed.

And today?

Against Poland in the goal of the DHB team: veteran Jogi Bitter.

© IMAGO / Sven Simon

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker – Alfred Gislason is confident

Update from January 20, 5:20 p.m .:

With all the corona turbulence surrounding the DHB team, national coach Alfred Gislason is now in particular required in the main round of the European Handball Championship. The next game against Norway follows on Friday (6 p.m. / here in the live ticker). Who does the Icelander give a break? Who Gets More Playtime? How does he dose the forces of the German national players?

“Spain is the toughest opponent on paper and in reality.

Then we have no training and no day in between before we play against Norway.

It is as it is.

We accept that," said the 62-year-old before the start of the second round against the Spaniards, who also had two positive corona tests a few hours before the start of the game.

In two games in two days he has to “rely on everyone I have there.

This will be very interesting and will be a big challenge.

That's handball," Gislason continued.

This is going to be very interesting.

Alfred Gislason on the hurdles of the DHB team

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker - Sweden wins against Russia

Update from January 20, 5:05 p.m .:

How is Germany doing tonight with a completely shaken up national team against Spain?

Less than an hour until kick-off.

The first games of the main round of the European Handball Championship 2022 were already played in the afternoon.

In the intermediate round group I, Montenegro surprisingly won 32:26 against Croatia.

Sweden, on the other hand, won 29:23 against Russia in German Group II.

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker - DHB team brings two points in the main round

Update from January 20, 4:35 p.m .:

Germany against Spain: It is a real handball cracker that the European Championships have to offer tonight in Bratislava.

For the DHB team, it is the start of the intermediate round, which is accompanied by numerous positive corona tests.

What's next after tonight's game?

An overview:

Handball European Championship

Intermediate round group II

Thursday, January 20, 6 p.m

Germany - Spain

Friday, January 21, 8:30 p.m

Germany - Norway

Sunday, January 23, 6 p.m

Germany - Sweden

Tuesday, January 25, 6 p.m

Germany - Russia

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker - DHB team has to run against European champions

First report from January 20th:

Munich/Bratislava – Remember the numbers twelve and ten. The twelve stands for the number of players from the DHB team who (so far) had a positive corona test* at the European Handball Championship 2022. A very nice house number. The ten stands for those professionals that Germany has already nominated against Spain before the start of the main round in Bratislava. A very nice board, one would like to say in the best sports jargon.

The German national team was pretty shaken up before the game against the highly regarded European champions.

But even the reigning titleholder was not spared the real corona wave at the tournament in Hungary and Slovakia.

A few hours before the start of the intermediate round, the Spaniards also reported two positive tests for the insidious corona virus *.

Handball EM: Germany against Spain in the live ticker – Corona alarm for both teams

The former Bundesliga professional Joan Cañellas (35 years old/formerly HSV Hamburg, THW Kiel) and backcourt player Ian Tarrafeta (23 years old/PAUC Handball) will be absent tonight.

Cañellas, who now earns his money with the Kadetten Schaffhausen in Switzerland, is considered a particularly experienced player.

Despite all of this, Spain should be the favorite for this game, especially given the starting position for the DHB team.

In the preliminary round, the European champions from 2018 and 2020 confidently prevailed as group winners.

A 28:26 (14:11) against the Czech Republic was followed by a 32:28 (17:14) against the very good Swedes and a 28:24 (12:14) against Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the video: Corona worries in the DHB team - confusion of emotions before Spain cracker

Meanwhile, Germany, also as group winners, takes two points with them into the classification of the second round.

In this, every game counts, after all only the first two of the two groups of six qualify for the European Championship semi-finals in Budapest.

Follow the game of the DHB team at the European Handball Championship 2022 against Spain on Thursday evening (6 p.m.) here in the live ticker.


* is an offer from IPPEN.MEDIA

Source: merkur

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