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"Stop cheating": Listen to an argument between Kaufman and Iron regarding Betar - Walla! Sports


Following the financial situation of Betar Jerusalem and the declaration of a labor dispute by its players, 103FM spoke with the head of the association's information department about the budget control activity. This is how it sounds

"Stop cheating": Listen to an argument between Kaufman and Iron regarding Betar

Following the economic situation of the Jerusalemites and the declaration of a labor dispute in the group, 103FM spoke with the head of the association's information department about the budget control activity.

This is how it sounds




Tuesday, 25 January 2022, 19:31

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The economic crisis of Betar Jerusalem and especially the steps it intends to take and have already led to the declaration of a labor dispute by the team players with the support of the players' organization and stars including Eran Zehavi sharply criticized the conduct, and the radio program 103FM Can help players who expect massive pay cuts and possibly their release without their consent


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A heated debate over budgetary control activities.

Ron Kaufman (Photo: 103fm)


: "Going into trouble, you have to explain the false presentation that the budget control authority protects employees, players and coaches in the 30 professional teams. What does not happen."


: "I think she does a good job. There is your approach that is total and says that guarantees should be on all sums, and the reality of Israeli football. You also know that if we go to 100% we are left with 3-2 teams."


: "So why don't you in the Football Association go out to the public and say 'there is no infrastructure in Israel for defining professionalism'. You know, we are not professionals in everything. There was amazing football here when we were kids and he was not a professional, It seems to be on display, it's somewhere a public deception. "


: "I'm not sure I disagree with you 100%. Professionalism has a lot of parameters, in some of them we are more professional and similar to the countries we aspire to like Germany and England .... even if you go to more successful places than us - Pharma collapsed in Italy, Portsmouth collapsed in England "The entire German league collapsed 20 years ago when the broadcasting corporation collapsed and the state rescued them."



"We say that if you want real control and supervision there are only four teams in the league. So stop cheating on a 'product'. You have no product, you have nothing. Personal guarantees for employees. "


: "The budget control according to the regulations is required to determine risk levels. Betar Jerusalem's risk level, prior to the current situation, was very similar to Maccabi Haifa and Hapoel Beer Sheva.

One check in Celebrate's time did not return.

No one could have imagined a situation of such a collapse. "


:" When you run a risk management company, you are, among other things, a risk analyst.

One of the realities that was here is the party with the sheikh.

Where have you been in risk management? "


:" Currently, Betar Jerusalem has not collapsed. You know for yourself that what control does is risk management. "


: "The public does not know that the entire league is a misrepresentation, because the budget control authority's bylaws protect the owners, but not the employees."

"Currently, Betar Jerusalem has not collapsed." Shlomi Barzel (Photo: Kobi Eliyahu)


"The bylaws know how to look at owners. According to the bylaws, a 100% guarantee is not required. In the current situation, no one could have imagined what happened to celebrate - if it happens, God forbid another owner, there is no guarantee in this matter. "It works, it can not be. It's risk management in the end."


: "So what Israeli football does, just to explain to the listeners. Israeli football - we have nothing, we have a product and the product manages risks."


: "If we go to the standard you want to set it means we will go down from the definition of professionalism, it means there will be 4-3 teams and if owners have to transfer 100% guarantees to the budget then players will earn at best 8,000 NIS a month."


: "At least they will . "In the U.S. development leagues, players don't make $ 44 million. They make $ 150,000."

Zvika Sharaf

: "Do Betar's guarantees even exist? "


: "Betar has guarantees.

By virtue of Signy Sage's confidentiality, budgetary control is not allowed to provide any information by virtue of confidentiality. "


:" I just ask, Betar Jerusalem, Moshe celebrates or any other owner receives allowances from a public fund. "It's a 30-year confidentiality like the corona. How in the name of God do you use public money and not give anyone information?"


: "You know that the teams are obliged to publish their budgets, except for teams whose revenues from public funds are less than 10%. Here, too, the legislature has determined. "R. has not gotten there yet."


: "Betar is now releasing wholesale."

Iron: "Betar is needed for a recovery plan. The goal of the control is not to ensure that Betar stays in the league.


: "She talks to the employees at the club. Moshe celebrates arguing with everyone there, he decides and he transfers ... You work for an organization that runs a false presentation. There is no professional league here, it does not meet regulations, it is a league run by municipalities, and in the end you say It seems to me that because of confidentiality, it is not possible to publish information. "


: "The whole discussion at the moment about Betar Jerusalem is taking place solely due to the fact that the budget control and the committee for the transfer of rights prevented the transfer to the Sheikh at the time. So some credit goes to the control. "


:" Well done to the control, where are the people's salaries? "


:"They're getting them right now. "


: On February 9 there is no money.

Where's the money?

There is already 25% less now. "


:" I very much hope that there will be money on February 9th as well.

If a team reaches an agreement with its employees ... "


:" It did not come. "


:" These players have already cut their salaries.

Ultimately there is talk of people having to make a decision if they agree to the cut.

As long as the players want to reach an agreement the role of control is to make sure they get what is promised.

If they do not reach an agreement, we will be in a completely different place, in my case. "

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