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Violent crash in the Olympic downhill: German crashes hard - diagnosis there


Violent crash in the Olympic downhill: German crashes hard - diagnosis there Created: 2022-02-07 12:04 p.m By: Alexander Kaindl Dominik Schwaiger had to be taken away with the rescue sled. © Joe Klamar / AFP The men's downhill was postponed from Sunday to Monday. One of the big favorites from Switzerland wins, but a German fell badly. Final Result of the Men's Olympic Downhill: The Medal Rank

Violent crash in the Olympic downhill: German crashes hard - diagnosis there

Created: 2022-02-07 12:04 p.m

By: Alexander Kaindl

Dominik Schwaiger had to be taken away with the rescue sled.

© Joe Klamar / AFP

The men's downhill was postponed from Sunday to Monday.

One of the big favorites from Switzerland wins, but a German fell badly.

Final Result of the Men's Olympic Downhill: The Medal Ranks

1. Beat Feuz (SUI)


2. Johan Clarey (FRA)

+ 0.10

3. Matthias Mayer (AUT)

+ 0.16

>>> UPDATE <<<

6:46 a.m.:

That's it!

The race is over.

The well-known result remains, congratulations to Feuz, Clarey - by the way, at 41 years and 29 days the oldest alpine medalist of all time - and Mayer.

In the meantime, Dominik Schwaiger's diagnosis has also come in: The German bruised his forearm when he fell.

6.33 a.m .:

Some drivers are still up there, but most likely nothing will change in the front places.

That means: Beat Feuz wins gold!

The Swiss is finally at the top at the Olympics.

Johan Clarey from France is second at the age of 41, third is Austria's Matthias Mayer.

The Germans only played a minor role in the Olympic downhill.

After Dominik Schwaiger's serious fall, who probably injured his forearm

(see update from 6.07 a.m.)

, Romed Baumann, Andreas Sander and Josef Ferstl ended up in 13th, 17th and 23rd place.

32 - Adur Etxezarreta:

The Basque ranks 17th.

31 - Marco Pfiffner:

It's the Liechtensteiner's turn: Pfiffner is more than three seconds behind.

6.26 a.m .:

Short break: Aleksander Aamodt Kilde is on the ZDF microphone.

He made too many mistakes and is obviously disappointed.

The Norwegian replies in German: “It's a new track and of course it's difficult not to make mistakes.

Beat Feuz is a huge downhill skier, but he hasn't won gold at the Olympics yet.

He deserved that.”

The podium should already be clear here: Feuz Gold, Clarey Silver, Mayer Bronze.

Or is there another surprise?

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Olympia live: horror fall overshadows women's giant slalom

Sara Hector wins gold in the women's giant slalom.

The race had to be stopped after a horrible crash by Nina O'Brien.

Olympia live: horror fall overshadows women's giant slalom

30 - Kjetil Jansrud:

The Norwegian actually wanted to make his comeback here, but has now canceled his start.

29 - Brodie Seger:

Next Canadian - but unlike teammate James Crawford, who is still fourth here, Seger is a long way behind.

28 - Miha Hrobat:

The Slovenian is in 22nd place.

27 - Blaise Giezendanner:

The surprise third from Kitzbühel arrives here more than two seconds behind.

26 - Josef Ferstl:

Let's go, Pepi!

The last DSV driver is on track.

But Ferstl loses a lot of time at the top.

He's a second behind early on.

In the end it's only 21st place.

25 - Maxence Muzaton: Eleventh

place for the Frenchman.

24 - Stefan Rogentin:

He finished eighth on the Lauberhorn, and he's also setting a good time here.

But then Rogentin is too late and is almost thrown out.

The Swiss is more than two seconds behind at the finish.

23 - Bostjan Kline:

The Slovenian can no longer attack here either, tenth place.

The last German starter, Josef Ferstl, is about to come.

22 - Adrian Smiseth Sejersted:

The race continues with Sejersted in tenth place.

Olympic downhill now live: German falls heavily – first details of the injury

6.07 a.m .:

The race is interrupted after Thompson’s fall.

There is now new information about the injury to DSV driver Dominik Schwaiger: Apparently his forearm is affected.

It is not yet clear whether the bone is broken.

Schwaiger had to stop his fall and hit the hard slope hard.

21 - Broderick Thompson:

The next Canadian is coming.

He's doing well at the top, but then he falls just before the finish!

Thompson loses the outside ski and lands in the net.

But he doesn't seem to be hurt, gets up immediately.

20 - Max Franz:

The Austrian cannot keep up here, 83 hundredths behind, ninth place.

19 - Johan Clarey:

The sensational second from Kitzbühel is coming.

Does Clarey surprise here in China too?

The Frenchman is 41 years old, amazing!

And he's competing with Feuz here!

An incredible ride!

But it's not enough, he's missing a tenth, but he still celebrates in the finish area!

Clarey on course for silver, crazy!

18 - Travis Ganong

: The American is 1.7 seconds behind the leader.

17 - Marco Odermatt:

The shooting star is coming!

If Feuz can still pose a threat to anyone here, it's his compatriot Marco Odermatt.

It takes him a long way at the top, but he still gets the curve.

The gap to Feuz is minimal, but then continues to grow.

He's 61 hundredths in the middle - and it's not enough!

A tenth is added, Odermatt is beaten.

16 - Ryan Cochran-Siegle:

It's the next American's turn.

Ryan Cochran-Siegle won't play a role in terms of medals here, initially in eighth place.

But maybe the next driver...

15 - Dominik Paris:

He could also set a new personal best here: Dominik Paris, the South Tyrolean.

He has a big lead at the top but loses a lot of time in the middle.

Ultimately, however, he is missing more than half a second on "Kugelblitz" Feuz.

A disappointment for Paris.

14 - Romed Baumann:

The German medal hope is coming: Romed Baumann!

It's a pity, in the end he's more than a second off the top, he's now sixth.

Men's downhill NOW live: Beat Feuz on course for gold

13 - Beat Feuz:

Next gold candidate: Beat Feuz!

The Swiss won Kitzbühel and is doing well here.

Is he dethroning Mayer here?


Feuz leads, 16 hundredths!

That could have been the gold ride here!

12 - James Crawford:

Can a Canadian surprise?

Crawford finished sixth in Kitzbühel, he has a lead over Mayer at the top and it's incredibly close at the end!

Crawford is just seven hundredths down on Mayer, a great run!

"Incredible," praises ZDF expert Büchel.

11 - Aleksander Aamodt Kilde:

The Dominator is coming!

Can we see the gold medal now?

Kilde has problems early on, but recovers immediately.

His lead is gossamer.

Then he picks up speed, but he's almost four tenths behind!

And it's not enough!

Kilde scrapes past gold.

10 - Matthieu Bailet:

The Frenchman is doing well in the race, but then, like Dominik Schwaiger, he loses control before a banked curve near the middle station.

He stays on his skis but finishes more than two seconds behind.

9 - Matthias Mayer:

New best time!

And that's an announcement from the double Olympic champion Matthias Mayer!

Six tenths lead for the Austrian.

8 - Matteo Marsaglia:

Hintermann made up a lot of time downstairs - but Marsaglia is even faster!

Andi Sander is out of the medal ranks.

The big favorites are only coming now anyway.

7 - Niels Hintermann:

Now comes the first Swiss.

Hintermann is four hundredths faster than Sander and is now second.

6 - Andreas Sander:

It's the next German's turn.

Let's go, Andi!

It was a good performance from Sander, but it wasn't enough for the lead.

Slight shaking of the head in the target area.


5 - Dominik Hemetsberger:

The Austrian has a similar problem to Innerhofer here, he too loses control early!

But Hemetsberger can still stay in the running.

In the end he is missing more than a second.

4 - Christof Innerhofer:

The South Tyrolean is coming - and is out immediately!

What's going on here?

Innerhofer is levered out in a curve and misses the subsequent gate.

3 - Bryce Bennett:

Next up is US driver Bryce Bennett.

And then he comes out very far, has to make a big turn!

That's it for the best time.

Olympic downhill now live: German crashes – "It doesn't look good"

2 - Dominik Schwaiger:

It's the turn of the first German!

What's in it for Dominik Schwaiger?

He falls!

"It doesn't look good," says ZDF expert Marco Büchel immediately.

Schwaiger fell on his shoulder, it was very painful.

The race is interrupted, Schwaiger writhes on the mountain with a pained face.

The German has been treated here for minutes.

Ralph Eder, DSV press spokesman, is at the ZDF microphone a short time later.

He can't give an exact diagnosis yet, but: "Our team doctor is with him." Schwaiger lost control in a curve and fell.

He hit his left shoulder hard and was then thrown into the safety fences.

Schwaiger has now left the slopes.

The race will continue right here.

1 - Vincent Kriechmayr:

The Austrian sets the first time.

what is she worth

After its run, a goal is slightly offset.

Update from February 7th, 4:59 a.m.:

The descent starts!

Here we go!

Update from February 7, 4:45 a.m .:

Good news!

The men's Olympic downhill can start today.

We are curious.

Update from February 6, 7.49 a.m .:

The wind on the Olympic mountain Xiaohaituo caused the first cancellation on the first day of competition for the ski racers.

After several postponements due to the strong gusts over the artificial snow belt in Yanqing, the men's downhill was postponed to Monday.

It is now clear when the race will be rescheduled: It starts at 12 noon local time (5 a.m. German time) on Monday, February 7th.

Before and after the first and second run of the women's giant slalom (2.30/7.30 CET) will be held.

Substitute program on Sunday: ski jumping.

For Markus Eisenbichler and Karl Geiger it is about medals*.

Update from February 6, 7:03 a.m .:

“That is an absolutely good decision.

It's still extremely windy.

From the point of view of safety and also fairness, it was the right decision," commented the men's national coach Christian Schwaiger on the cancellation.

The wind gusts were in the range of 50, 60 kilometers per hour.

The German alpine quartet Romed Baumann, Andreas Sander, Josef Ferstl and Dominik Schwaiger will start their fight for the medals later than planned.

"Better no race than an unfair race," said Baumann.

The drivers were prepared for such a scenario.

The wind had already led to delays and cancellations during the training days.

Update from February 6, 6.35 a.m .:

Around 7.30 a.m. German time, it is said to be clear when the departure will start on Monday.

Men's Olympic downhill canceled: New date already fixed?

Update from February 6, 6:03 a.m .:

There is a decision – and ski fans should not like it at all.

This Sunday's departure has been cancelled!

The race is scheduled to start on Monday instead, but the exact time is not yet clear.

The downhill skiers may have to run between the two women's giant slalom runs, then probably between 4 and 5 a.m. on Monday, February 7th.

Update from February 6, 5:03 a.m.:

Now it's fixed: No start at 6 a.m.!

The race will start at 7 a.m. at the earliest.

If it is still not possible to ski, the men's downhill will be held on Monday.

Update from February 6, 4:58 a.m .:

New information from China!

At 6 a.m. German time, a decision is said to be made as to whether the race will be postponed by another hour - i.e. 7 a.m.

If it is still not possible to drive, the race will apparently be postponed to tomorrow!

So it remains exciting on this Sunday morning - but of course we would have wished for a sporting excitement.

Update from February 6, 4:12 a.m.:

Now it's official: The departure will not start at 5 a.m. German time either!

The wind on the Olympic mountain Xiaohaituo continues to shake up the program.

Because of the strong gusts over the artificial snow band in Yanqing, the men's downhill will not start before 1:00 p.m. (6:00 a.m. CET).

The jury announced this.

At 12:00 p.m. (5:00 a.m. CET), a decision is to be made as to whether the two-hour shift is sufficient.

Even then, the race will not be completely unaffected by the wind.

"It's a difficult mountain, it's never windless here," said race director Markus Waldner.

Update from February 6, 4:05 a.m.:

"Starting now would be an absolute no-go," said FIS race director Markus Waldner a few minutes ago.

At 12 p.m. Chinese time (5 a.m. in Germany) they want to decide when the men's downhill can start here today - the start may even be postponed by another hour.

Then the ski aces would only fall down the slope at 6 a.m. German time.

Update from February 6, 3:59 a.m .:

The start of the men’s Olympic downhill has been postponed due to strong gusts of wind.

The race at the Olympic Winter Games in China, which was scheduled for 11:00 a.m. (4:00 a.m. CET), was initially postponed by one hour by the race jury, as the World Ski Association Fis announced on Sunday.

The wind had already led to delays and cancellations during the training days.

Update from February 5, 6:01 p.m .:

Vice world champion Andreas Sander gets the fourth and last German start ticket for the Olympic downhill in Beijing.

The 32-year-old is preferred to Simon Jocher (25).

This was announced by head coach Christian Schwaiger after the cancellation of the final training session for the race on Sunday (11:00 a.m. OZ/4:00 a.m. CET) due to the wind.

Actually, the duel between Sander and Jocher should have decided the fourth starter alongside Romed Baumann, Josef Ferstl and Dominik Schwaiger.

Head coach Schwaiger found it "a shame" that "Mother Nature" prevented this duel, but called the decision in favor of Sander "very clear".

In addition to the training on Saturday, the decisive factors were the world rankings and the World Cup standings in the supreme discipline.

Sander's relief after the last few difficult weeks was "very great".

He is confident for Sunday: "The fact that I was beaten in the last race doesn't mean that I can't compete for medals - I trust myself to do that."

However, wind is also expected in the medal fight, there is a risk of a lottery.

In addition, some athletes were annoyed that the third test run was canceled after three drivers, including top favorite Aleksander Aamodt Kilde from Norway and two-time Olympic champion Matthias Mayer (Austria).

The others were only allowed to inspect the slope - a disadvantage.

Downhill of the ski men in the live ticker: Olympic surprise even before the start

First report from February 4th, 11.07 a.m .:

Yanqing – It is undisputedly one of the big highlights at these Olympic Games: the downhill of the alpine ski men!

Only shortly after the season highlights in Kitzbühel, the aces are chasing down the slope again at crazy speed.

This time on a Chinese track, which had been the subject of so much discussion before the start of the Winter Games.

The big surprise before the race: The downhillers are absolutely thrilled!

"It has everything that a modern downhill needs," said world champion Vincent Kriechmayr from Austria after the first training session on Thursday.

“A flat section, jumps, banked curves, hanging curves.

There is always something to do.

You can never rest.”

Men's Olympic downhill in the live ticker: highlight on Sunday morning

The Swiss Beat Feuz, who celebrated a perfect Olympic dress rehearsal with his victory in the World Cup on the legendary Streif almost two weeks ago, also thinks the route is "very nice".

The Austrian Matthias Mayer, who won Olympic gold in the downhill in 2014 and in the Super-G in 2018, called it "casual".

Until now, the ski racers had only known the brand new slope on Xiaohaituo Mountain in Yanqing from videos and pictures or the view from the gondola.

After the enthusiasm about the first impression, worry lines soon followed, because: The wind caused big problems for the drivers in the sessions, the second practice session on Friday even had to be postponed by an hour.

No problem for Romed Baumann - the DSV driver delivered the best German time and finished eighth overall.

Departure today in the live ticker: Olympic surprise for the DSV aces?

His teammate Josef Ferstl was 16th. Dominik Schwaiger, Andreas Sander and Simon Jocher were 32nd, 34th and 36th. The fastest of the day was Norwegian Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, who is one of the top favorites for the gold medal.

What happens on Sunday?

We accompany the ski highlight in the live ticker.

It starts at 4 a.m. German time!


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