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From the resentment of the world unite: the Premier League ranges from whining to aggression - Walla! sport


Not cheering for the champion ("weak league"), complaining obsessively about the referees ("knocking us out"), informing the association's prosecutor. Israeli football is the perfect arena for the disgruntled

From the resentment of the world unite: the Premier League ranges from whining to aggression

Do not applaud the champion ("Weak League"), complain obsessively about the referees ("knock us out"), inform the association prosecutor ("Let's see him now") and increase the circle of hostility.

Israeli football continues to be the perfect arena for the disgruntled

Paz Hasdai


Saturday, May 14, 2022, 9 p.m.

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Maccabi Haifa player Omar Atzili, Sean Goldberg at the championship celebrations with Maccabi Haifa fans (according to section 27 / a of the Copyright Law)


It seems that in recent years, more than ever, at the end of every season there are people who claim that this year is a "weak league".

The goal of course is to try to diminish the value of the winner's championship title, and make it clear that she only won from the no man's land, that she has nothing to be proud of, and if only she had real competition as in previous years, if only she faced strong and quality rivals Having a hard time.

This is an amusing tradition that is developing in Israeli football, which includes not only an attempt to underestimate the value of the champion, but in general the value of the league.

Of course, what is interesting about the phenomenon is the identity of the debaters.

Not football experts from around the world, who occasionally watch the main game in the Premier League and identify a poor professional level, but rather the hard-core people of Israeli football.

The fans who are deeply immersed in the swamp, the ones who have never been bothered by the level of play and certainly have not been prevented from watching dozens of unfortunate games - and yet insist emphatically that the current champion does not really deserve to be included in the majors.

So what does this actually mean "weak league"?

How is its quality examined?

If the champion's success rate is low, she is killed.

If the champion's success rate is high, it is said that she had no competition.

If she struggles against her rival to the championship, it is a sign of weakness.

If she crushes them, she probably had no competitors.

Those looking for reasons to downplay the achievement, will always find.

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Israeli football fans whose level of play has never bothered them prevent them from watching dozens of games, suddenly complaining that the league is weak? (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)


Stinginess, bitterness, a narrow eye, and the trend continues in dealing with the tribunal.

Because if the cruel judges who hand out punishments to fans and humiliate them here are not enough (we are apparently already used to this), the negativity continues in the days after the punishments, between hearings, before and after the decisions of the respected association prosecutor.

This is a fairly new phenomenon, which is also gaining momentum: after every negligible incident the groups begin to exert psychological pressure on the plaintiff, and in fact ignite the fire.

"Let's see now what the prosecutor will decide," said a senior member of one of the groups, who demanded that the round of hostilities continue.

This of course becomes a headline.

Groups intervene in cases in which they have not been involved.

Teams that have already been punished now demand that their rivals also pay a heavy price.

There is an endless cycle of revenge here, which creates absurdity and injustice: the punishments continue and only aggravate.

Everyone is angry, attacking, blaming.

The source is exactly the same petty mentality that demands every year to downplay the champion's achievement and insist that the "league is weak."

Expert groups develop expert complaint letters to the media.

Staff (Photo: Berni Ardov)


At the same time, the trend of blaming judges is growing.

There is not a single fan in the entire industry who does not feel that his team is systematically disadvantaged.

Recently, the groups themselves are investing energy in editing short videos, and passing on to journalists and media outlets a collection of "trending" errors of judgment, which of course "require explanation."

Every group feels that they have been robbed, that it is being done to them, that this is not how it can continue.

The Union of Judges refuses to be silent, and sends a sting.

Everyone is angry at everyone, disappointed, feeling that they in turn are doing everything right, and only shortcomings in other places prevent them from succeeding.

Lucky he has enough other affair, to forget his appointments.

Benyon (Photo: Walla !, Niv Aharonson)


The negative secretions around football are a regular thing.

In budget control one breathes a sigh of relief when one forgets about them, and goes on to kill the judges.

Moshe celebrates and Betar breaks the season's lows, Barak Abramov and Bnei Yehuda insist on equalizing and even raising. As the season progresses, the name "Weizmann Forest" appears more often, and owners delay salaries more. The puzzling of Alon Hazan and Guy Luzon for the Israeli national team, it seems that all the fun here is to blame, complain and


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