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Betar goes on vacation for fear that it will be "deleted". Ohana to the players: "Wait for us a little" - Walla! Sports


The team understands that the coming weeks will decide if and how the staff will be built for next season, against the background of celebrating the insistence on staying at the club: "Nothing will progress as long as he does not release"

Betar goes on vacation for fear that it will be "deleted". Ohana to the players: "Wait a minute for us"

Group understand the next few weeks will determine if and how the roster for next season will be built, in light of the insistence of celebrating remain at the club: "Nothing will move forward as long as it does not release all leave."

Chair asked players rush to find groups is not new, Abukasis thanking them for sacrifice

Ophir Saar


Sunday, 15 May 2022, 06:10

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Summary: Betar Jerusalem - Urbani Kiryat Shmona 3: 3 (Sport 1)

Beitar Jerusalem enters a critical month in which it must find solutions in order to start the next season. Moses celebrates not yet ready to release the group and transfer the management rights and requires an amount of 12-20 million for tax refunds will apply to him following a loan given to him " See through the company "Singolritim".

In addition, the buyer would have to take on deficits totaling almost $ 30 million - and those only known debts.

Throughout the recent period, serious people interested in Beitar flee because of the demands of celebrating. Even people who try to help Beitar like Nir Barkat, Mayor Moshe Leon and others with power, make it clear that nothing could proceed as long as the celebrated image.

This is why at the moment, Beitar stuck with no direction. Eli Ohana terminate the contract at the end of the month and CEO Moni Brosh can not be used as a confidante of celebrating under the blazing fire directed at him, and might leave as well.

Club officials explain the consequences could be far-reaching.

"If the celebrating was here, he would realize what damage it caused. There are maybe 5-6 players signed for next season, everyone will leave and they will flee barring things quickly. On the one hand all enjoy being together and than it was during Abukasis, but on the other hand no one willing to bet his livelihood and future with a man like celebrating. In terms of all this a matter of time until he would try to make them more exercise, more cuts, more game to pass the control group. "

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Will everyone leave?

Betar players yesterday (Photo: Kobi Eliyahu)

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According to a member of the club, "celebrates Beitar managed to bring a new low point.

He simply erase it from the map, and if everything goes fine.

People here have cut wages and do not know if they receive salaries next month.

People here have become sick pills with pressure, leaving the Junger do whatever he wants.

No one will buy out the group, the only solution is that it becomes history Betar. As long as it is in everyone away from Betar as explosive. "

Chairman of the Budget Control violet Sage has been that it would not make life easy for Betar next season. assuming fans and sponsors boycotting group will not help in this situation, Betar not put more than 15 million who will receive the seal of the principal.

Means in this situation is that if you want to deploy celebrates the deficit for several years, he would still have to bring home a total of 15-20 million to transfer the control group, all as now all the money forfeited.

This time, too, the control will not pity.

Moshe celebrates (Photo: Danny Maron)

The association's chairman, Oren Hasson, also wants to see Hogg celebrate outside of football and examine what options he has in the bylaws. Either way, the association's only way to act on the issue is through budget control. "See the new way will emerge. not true for him and Beitar sides will continue in this state, the year the association has done everything to Betar Jerusalem will stand up and finish the season well, but next season will have access to a completely different, even from the association and from the Budget control" .

Celebrating for his part stands his ground, and wants Isaac Junger to find a way to move the team on a minimum budget, if no buyer is found.

This means in practice is the release of all players who signed today as Itamar Nitzan, Orel cereals, Hlaofilo Fliitr and Ophir Krief, while trying to sell the Jordan bubble Aviel Zargari in an attempt to avoid insolvency - even if the youth group will provide strengthened.

Zargari (in the center) will be sold for as much as possible? (Photo: Kobi Eliyahu)

There was also playing the season finale yesterday at Beitar finished in 3: 3 with the city of Kiryat Shmona. After the game he said the chairman Eli Ohana players: "We finish the season, and I know we're not sure what's going to happen. There are players who they have a contract and are here, and whom no one could stop sign elsewhere - although I suggest each one waiting. such things take longer than a week or two, but soon we will know if there are new owners and what would be the budget for players and the coach. "

Ohana added: "Nobody knows what will happen, but this club was in these situations before and knew to recover and come out better than it was. I wish you a pleasant vacation, leave on vacation with the family, keeping your body. Worry about your fitness, because sometimes when you leave butcher takes time to come back. "

Yossi Aboksis added: "I want to say thank you to all the players, I have had fun so far here in this team. Not in every team players go through what you went through and manage to make this switch. We talked in the first conversation - I told you we all have reasons to relegate. Since the conversation with Eli, everyone has been successful. Thank you to the players for the switch you made, for the understanding with the professional team. A good coach is one whose players follow his instructions, and it was fun because every meeting improved, every training progressed. It's fun to come here. "

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