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9 to Noble, David and Sherry, 8 to Goldberg and Haziza: Maccabi Haifa's championship scores - Walla! sport


The barometer, the anchor, the surprise of the season and the summer brilliance. Who was the closest to the perfect 10 and what about Barak Bachar? Maccabi Haifa's season scores

Maccabi Haifa is a champion again

9 for Noble, David and Sherry, 8 for Goldberg and Haziza: Maccabi Haifa championship scores

The barometer, the anchor, the surprise of the season and the summer brilliance.

Who was the closest to the perfect 10 and what about Barak Bachar?

Maccabi Haifa's season scores

Ophir Saar


Monday, 16 May 2022, 22:27

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Noble Omar in an interview after securing the Maccabi Haifa championship (Sport1)

Josh Cohen - 7

The goalkeeper who was chosen as the player last season did not repeat those heroic moments and this season did not stop a single penalty, but was always there when he was needed.

Keep it quiet and safe between the beams and keep a clean grid 16 times.

Raz Meir - 6

four players manned the right-back position during the season, and despite the difficult injury that forced him to undergo surgery, Raz Meir played the most.

Contributed two cooks and quite a few successful outings to help the attack.

Mikael Alphonse - 6

The big advantage over his predecessor in the role of Ryan Strain: was always fit.

Did not provide numbers in the half season here and was not accurate enough at the front, but added power and contributed to an improvement in the defensive balance.

Sean Goldberg - 8

From the surprises of the current season at Maccabi Haifa and Israeli football.

Maccabi Tel Aviv gave it up, Beer Sheva also did not insist that he continue, and after many years in which he won the appreciation of the coaches and less that of the crowd - he made a significant upgrade to the team, and precisely as a brake.

Goldberg has become an exclamation point in Maccabi Haifa.

Started as a defender and finished as an intelligent, short stopper who jumps high, physically strong who almost never loses touchdowns, and always stays stable on his feet.

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A left-back position replaces a team brake.

Sean Goldberg (Photo: Bernie Ardov)

Bogdan Planic - 9th

best stopper in the league, by a wide margin.

The combination of strength, speed and technique with him is also Barak Bachar's ability to afford a high pressure and even a little to give up because he knows he has Planich against every fast striker in the league.

The unquestionable advantage of Maccabi Haifa over the league is always emphasized thanks to the front, but Planich is also a tie-breaker that gives the Greens an advantage over the others.

San Menachem - 6

This was not a big season of San Menachem.

A certain drop in tension, along with minor injuries, led to a situation where he lost his place in the squad and also his confidence.

He did not repeat the same thing, but it is impossible to take good moments from him, especially in the finishes of the season.

And of course you can not forget two goals this season, against Maccabi Tel Aviv in Bloomfield, and the most significant last month against Hapoel Beer Sheva at home - the game that actually closed the championship story.

Jose Rodriguez - 8

It is no coincidence that Barak Bachar preferred him as a defender over San Menachem.

Rodriguez is not a sexy player, sometimes it is difficult to understand why Maccabi Haifa is fighting for him and what is special about him, but that is also his greatness: he is not unusual in anything, but good in every position.

Shield, brake, contact - the ideal dogboy.

Brings lots of responsibility, dynamism, aggressiveness and game wisdom.

Coaches crave such players.

Ofri Arad - 5

complex years passed for Ofri Arad, who had to deal with the death of his father who was very attached to him.

Professionally lost his place in the squad and was less dominant, but still took part in 20 games and even scored one goal against Bnei Sakhnin in 0: 6.

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The best brake in the league, by a wide margin.

Bogdan Planich (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

Ali Muhammad - 8

arrived after a very bad year at Betar Jerusalem, with many question marks regarding the move by Maccabi Haifa, which paid him 1.4 million euros.

Neta Lavi - 5

The captain has only started seven games and that says it all. The player who is injured every time everyone is waiting to come back and say that with him the link will look much better. The injuries at a relatively young age stop his progress and also his contribution


To Maccabi Haifa. He returned after a long absence and it took him a while to get into things, Barak Bachar was even willing to pay a certain price for him, but this is still not Neta Lavi that everyone knows. Maybe next season

Muhammad Abu Fani - 7

No matter how we sum up Abu Fani's professional season, for many years to come he will be remembered during the injury guarding the ball near the corner flag close to four minutes after the turnaround and the 2: 3 over Maccabi Tel Aviv - one of the great moments of this season.

And yet, having a significant share in the championship, but unlike last season, knew too many ups and downs, was sent off twice and overall was less dominant.

Mahmoud Jaber - 6

The very fact that he managed to join Maccabi Haifa this season, get significant minutes and even score three goals - is an achievement in itself.

An injury stopped him precisely after he got a place in the squad, but he still proved that Maccabi Haifa has something to build on in the future as a significant player in the rotation.

Maor Levy - 6

As in the Jaber case, it's not easy in a season where the team wanted the championship to incorporate home players and give them significant minutes.

Bachar integrated him in all the factories, received from him two league goals and it is very important to note, a home player in the front that the crowd is waiting to slowly rub up and become a leader in the future.

The unforgettable moment of Muhammad Abu Fani (Photo: Official Website, Sport1)

Dolev Haziza - 8

From the outside it seems that Haziza had a decline this season compared to last season.

Every year he goes through an injury that stops him for two months and takes him another month to return, but he is always there when Maccabi Haifa needs him.

Last season he finished with 8 goals, this season with 9 in less minutes.

It is always included in the front of the Haifa Equality Voucher along with Noble, Sherry and Dean David.

You can not take it from him.

The boy who was thrown out of Maccabi Petah Tikva and also in Bnei Yehuda did them a favor by letting him play, became a star in Maccabi Haifa.

Charon Cherry - 9

When Noble was wounded and also afterwards rusty returned, Cherry was there to take command.

Throughout the season he also did a great job, but when there were no executors or those who would take the game on them, Cherry entered that space.

He may not be the most talented at the front link, but certainly the smartest.

Performs the entrances between the lines or transitions between the wing and the middle perfectly to kill games, along with non-stop mobility and lots and lots of passion.

He is missing one goal to complete a third season in Israel with at least 10 conquests.

Noble Omar - 9

Had it not been for the injury and decline in the finish, there might have been a circle to score the perfect 10.

Maccabi Haifa's biggest advantage over the league and the barometer in the front, with 19 goals and 9 assists, when he is aiming for 20 goals and the first personal double-double of his career.

When a nobleman was injured or rusty, one could see Maccabi Haifa less frightening, less crushing, less threatening.

Despite the suffix, the best actor in Israel.

Judgment of David - 9

If in the summer there was a fear that Dean David would have a hard time getting into Nikita Rokavitsia's shoes, today it sounds funny.

15 league goals, involved in many attacks that led to goals, dominance, a very smart game on the defensive line, tactically disciplined to Bachar's demands regarding the pressure game, all in the first year he left Ashdod for a big club with a different world of pressure and expectations.


The Magic Trio.

Dolev Haziza, Charon Sheri, Noble Omar (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

Goodsway Donio - 6

in last half season played more than a full season in 2021/22.

If last season was the surprise and ace at certain stages, this season his contribution was less felt.

Has not scored since January, but still contributed four goals as a substitute and will be remembered for his part in the turnaround against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Mavis Chibuta - 5

arrived in January from Ludogorets hoping to continue to strengthen the trained front.

So far Chibuta is not delivering the goods.

There is hunger and speed, but he suffers from the last action, is not focused and still does not provide the goods that Maccabi Haifa expected.

Pushed the winning goal to the Betar network, maybe next season he will contribute more.

Ben Shehar -

5,315 league minutes and one goal tell the story. Ben Shehar preferred Maccabi Haifa over Hapoel Tel Aviv, but professionally Bachar gave it up early in the season. He has a contract for another season, but he seems to be looking for his



Although in the league partner only in the last game, but in the Cup he got the stage and it is hard not to mention him after a journey to the final that included five games without absorption.

It was not easy to dry off on the bench for an entire season and come prepared for specific games, some of which included a drop in player tension, quite a few changes in the squad and of course derby status in the semi-finals.

Rami Gershon - 5

rarely played in the league, but started in the team in seven games in Europe.

This is not the player Maccabi Haifa praised when he returned from Belgium, but overall a positive figure in the locker room and giving his all on the grass called to the flag.

Forget the departure of Nikita Rokavitsia.

Dean David (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

Barak Bachar - 9

second championship in a row with Maccabi Haifa and fifth championship in his career at the age of 42. Perhaps the only Israeli coach who is insanely valued in the profession and even enjoys it.

The credit he gives to his team, the little things that win games, the ability to make big mistakes with the vehicle and correct, and most importantly - the leadership on the lines and in the locker room.

As long as Barak Bachar is on the lines, Haifa is a favorite for a third consecutive championship.

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