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FCB championship party: Gnabry's glasses steal the show – Hainer's speech is drowned out by the "Lewa bleib" choirs


FCB championship party: Gnabry's glasses steal the show – Hainer's speech is drowned out by the "Lewa bleib" choirs Created: 05/16/2022, 04:59 am By: Hannes Niemeyer FC Bayern celebrates the tenth Bundesliga championship in a row - historic! On the town hall balcony at Marienplatz, the party with the fans is on. The news ticker. FC Bayern championship celebration: On Sunday, the party will tak

FCB championship party: Gnabry's glasses steal the show – Hainer's speech is drowned out by the "Lewa bleib" choirs

Created: 05/16/2022, 04:59 am

By: Hannes Niemeyer

FC Bayern celebrates the tenth Bundesliga championship in a row - historic!

On the town hall balcony at Marienplatz, the party with the fans is on.

The news ticker.

  • FC Bayern championship

    celebration: On Sunday, the party will take place on the town hall balcony at Munich's Marineplatz.

  • Serge Gnabry caused a stir with his sunglasses

    at Marienplatz


  • However , the

    speech by FCB boss Herbert Hainer

    was drowned out by shouts of "Lewa stay".

  • FC Bayern's championship celebrations in the news



Update, 2:55 p.m .:

While the team leaves the balcony, Uli Hoeneß speaks on BR.

He was "surprised" how many fans flocked to Marienplatz despite the championship being secured for a long time.

In addition, according to Hoeneß, all bodies are certain that Lewandowski will stay for another year.

"Putting one on the bench behind Robert would cost a lot of money," Hoeneß dismisses a possible replacement transfer for Lewandowski.

Then the championship celebration is over.

Update, 2:51 p.m .:

Thomas Müller speaks in BR about Lewandowski and the change that is pending: “We are constantly changing.

Every year we lose players, sometimes some we would like to keep," he admits.

"You can never please everyone, that's the way it is in team sports.

Of course, Robert Lewandowski is a brutally good player.

I don't know how much longer he's with us.

But before a Robert Lewandowski or a Thomas Müller, there was a Bayern Munich team that was able to win the Champions League.

The club is above everything," Müller continued.

Lewandowski speaks at the championship celebration – when fan chants arise, the moderator interrupts

Update, 2:47 p.m .:

Robert Lewandowski speaks.

He also thinks the tenth championship is a "legendary story", then he is also interrupted by "Lewa stay" chants.

Stadium spokesman Lehmann also says "Someone like that you let him go", but also thanks him for the past eight years.

Before Lewandowski can say anything, Lehmann moderates.

Lewandowski just says thank you with a grin on his face.

Update, 2:41 p.m .:

“Lewa has a contract, he’s so professional and will fulfill it,” Nagelsmann then confirmed in the BR interview.

Meanwhile, the Pole is shown standing on the balcony on the phone while he is on the phone.

Nagelsmann concludes with a summary of his difficult first year, which was disturbed by many side events.

"I also thought that we were a bit more stable in the second half of the season," admits Nagelsmann and also says "I would have imagined it to be a bit calmer".

Update, 2:37 p.m .:

Party cannon Thomas Müller grabs the microphone.

"After the stadiums were full, we didn't have such great moments as the Villarreal game," he admits, but "thanks to you, we snatched the championship title from the others again." Then he joins the fans in singing a song : "One shot, one goal, Bayern," he shouts and ends with "the others have to stink first.

Meal time".

Neuer follows and admits: "Thomas has already anticipated everything for me." Does he slur a little?

May it be granted to him...

Update, 2:34 p.m .:

Nagelsmann is brief, wants to be back at his desk tomorrow “to celebrate a few more titles with you next year”.

FCB championship celebration: When Hainer begins to speak, he is interrupted by "Lewa bleib" chants

Update, 2:28 p.m .:

Mayor Dieter Reiter is meanwhile certain that the Bavarian championship title will also be celebrated on the balcony in the next few years.

Herbert Hainer speaks of a "wonderful day" and thanks the fans with a "You are Bavarians".

However, his speech is drowned out by resounding “Lewa stay” chants from the audience.

Meanwhile, Lewandowski hides behind a pillar with an embarrassed grin, but he should probably still be able to speak today.

Update, 2:19 p.m .:

The Gnabry sunglasses are doing the rounds.

Now it's Thomas Müller's turn, grabs the accessory and throws it on his nose.

Funny sight.

However, the stars seem to be less interested in the whole procedure on the balcony than funny photos for Instagram.

The Gnabry sunglasses are making the rounds on the town hall balcony.

© Screenshot / BR

Update, 2:08 p.m .:

The team enters the balcony.

Captain Manuel Neuer starts with the championship trophy.

Then comes “the most successful German soccer player of all time” Thomas Müller.

Third is Lewandowski.

Nice homage, by the way: the first Bayern players come onto the balcony with the championship trophies from the last ten years and in the original jersey from the corresponding year.

Funny little anecdote: Lewandowski came out on the balcony for the song "Don't Worry" - a sign?

Update, 2:01 p.m .:

In the BR, Oliver Kahn talks about Robert Lewandowski, who has confirmed that he does not want to extend his contract.

However, his working paper runs until 2023. Kahn makes it clear: “He will fulfill this contract.


When asked by BR, Kahn confirmed that there had been an offer for a one-year extension.

However, the same would apply to Lewandowski as it does to all other professionals.

“We are very consistent there.

There is no player bigger than this club," said Kahn.

Regarding a possible successor, Kahn says: "We will not announce any commitments at all.

If we announce anything, it's when it makes sense to announce anything."

Update, 1:57 p.m .:

FCB boss Hainer draws his conclusion: “It was a good season”.

However, he was "disappointed" with the elimination in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

Meanwhile, the team is on its last legs to step out onto the town hall balcony.

Or to put it in the words of Thomas Müller: "We have to get some fresh air!"

Update, 1:47 p.m .:

Oliver Kahn speaks to the city council.

He appreciates the "fantastic cooperation" with the city of Munich and thanks Mayor Dieter Reiter.

Then there is a dig at ex-Mayor Ude: For him, the Bayern championship celebrations "were not exactly the best day" because he was "a fan of the wrong team".

Ude is a fan of Stadtrivale 1860. Then Thomas Müller takes the floor and mentions that "one or the other from yesterday still has a bit of a list".

Luckily "the sunglasses are there".

FC Bayern: Champions team arrived at Marienplatz - Gnabry's sunglasses are an eye-catcher

Update, 1.40 p.m .:

In the courtyard there are the first votes from the team.

Particularly striking: Serge Gnabry, who arrives at Marienplatz with crazy sunglasses.

Gnabry is known for unusual outfits, today he convinces with the accessory on his nose in addition to the traditional costume.

In conversation with representatives of FC Bayern, however, he asserted that the sunglasses were of course on "only because of the sun".

The FCB star, who recently celebrated "the championship with red wine on the sofa", is happy about the return to the celebrations on Marienplatz.

Striking as always: Serge Gnabry arrives at the championship party with crazy sunglasses.

© Screenshot / FC Bayern live stream

Update, 1:32 p.m .:

The team has arrived at City Hall.

Now it's time to meet Munich's Mayor Dieter Reiter.

Mood cannon on the back of the town hall: Thomas Müller again, who caused a lot of laughter.

Update from May 15, 1:26 p.m .:

The team will arrive at City Hall in the next few minutes.

Accompanied by a police escort, the team gets closer to their goal.

By the way, there are still some gaps on Marienplatz...

A look at Marienplatz: FC Bayern fans are waiting for the team to perform on the town hall balcony.

© Peter Kneffel / dpa

Update from May 15, 1:03 p.m .:

The team gets on the bus, very professional athlete-like with water bottles, cola or apple spritzer in hand.

Only Niklas Süle is caught on camera with a beer.

Nagelsmann wants to get on the bus and is taken out again, has to go to another vehicle.

A little "yes, leak" could be heard...

Update from May 15, 12:50 p.m .:

Only a few minutes until the FC Bayern pros take the bus according to the schedule in the direction of Marienplatz.

And the first pictures show: The town hall forecourt is already very well filled.

When the weather is good, you can see a wide sea of ​​red jerseys and flags.

Stephan Lehmann, Allianz Arena stadium announcer, gives a small update on the schedule.

Around shortly after 1 p.m., the bus is actually supposed to leave Säbener Straße.

The team is then expected at 2 p.m. on the town hall balcony.

By the way: On Sunday morning there was a common white sausage breakfast, the team is still sitting together and has not yet entered the bus.

FC Bayern celebrates the championship: Party whirl around Niklas Süle

Update from May 15, 12:20 p.m .:

While FC Bayern’s championship celebration is just around the corner, explosive details about the last game of the season and Niklas Süle come to light.

Actually, Süle shouldn't travel to Wolfsburg for the last game of the season, because coach Nagelsmann only wanted players with him who would play for FC Bayern in the coming season - and Süle is known to be moving to BVB.

However, when Marcel Sabitzer failed at short notice, Süle should join, as the


now reports.

According to the report, Nagelsmann then asked Süle if he wanted to go.

"Then he said: No, probably not, because he hadn't prepared for it," said the coach.

Smells a little like zero buck attitude.

The confusion continued at the subsequent party in the Paulaner beer garden.

According to the picture

, Süle should have

been present here.

While the other professionals, who were also not in the squad, showed up on stage with the team, Süle is said to have stayed inside.


Not clear.

FCB championship celebration: Marienplatz is already decorated – Bayern legend comments in the live stream

Update from May 15, 11:30 a.m.:

Another hour before fans can enter Marienplatz.

The town hall is already festively decorated, as the city of Munich announced via Twitter.

Flags and logos are ready.

Anyone who is not allowed to be there live in the city center can follow the spectacle online.

FC Bayern is offering a live stream - and has a very special guest with them.

FCB legend Claudio Pizarro will accompany the party tour for the people in front of the screens.

FCB championship celebration: Müller calls for beer at Nockherberg – before that he shows a beaming selfie with Lewandowski

Update from May 15, 10:59 a.m .:

The team celebrated at the “Meister-Wiesn” on Saturday evening.

While there was still confusion between Salihamidzich and Lewandowski, Thomas Müller had previously felt like beaming with the Pole.

At least that's what a photo of the two shows, which Müller apparently shot after the Wolfsburg game shortly before departure in the direction of Munich - and where, according to hashtags, both are already wearing the right party leather pants.

In the Paulaner beer garden on the Nockherberg, too, Müller was once again in the mood to celebrate.

His good mood can also be seen in a Twitter video that FC Bayern shared the night of the party.

"I'd say we're having our party here now.

We need beer for that and then let the band rock the whole thing here, right?” says Müller into the microphone.

The party is said to have lasted late into the night.

Do you think some people would rather put on their sunglasses on the party bus to Marienplatz today?

Update from May 15, 9:57 a.m .:

The city of Munich is meanwhile preparing for the party pack on Marienplatz.

Barriers were already set up in the city center on Saturday, and numerous fans are expected in the best weather and bright sunshine.

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, the city of Munich has issued some bans that have been in effect around the celebration area since 9 a.m.

FC Bayern championship celebration: Bitter start for Brazzo – whistles at Nockherberg

Update from May 15, 8:17 a.m .:

For one, the FCB championship celebration does not start as well as hoped.

Sports director Hasan Salihamidzic is currently more in focus than ever, especially since he made it clear around the last Bundesliga match day that Robert Lewandowski will not extend the contract with the Munich record champions.

This seems to annoy some fans.

Brazzo felt it on Saturday evening at the celebration in the Paulaner beer garden on Nockherberg.

While Thomas Müller, Manuel Neuer and Lewandowski were celebrated on stage according to the


, the 1000 Bayern supporters were less happy about Salihamidzic.

As the paper reports, around a quarter of the fans present are said to have whistled when Salihamidzic's name was called through the microphone - a bitter start to the end-of-season party.

FC Bayern: celebration of the championship at Marienplatz – does the Wolfsburg draw spoil the mood?

First report: Munich – It can be celebrated again.

Befitting, with wheat beer, the championship trophy and on the town hall balcony.

On Sunday, the FC Bayern stars will have the honor of celebrating the tenth Bundesliga championship in a row with their fans at Marienplatz in the heart of Munich.

Because of the corona pandemic, fans and the team had to wait two years for the event, so the anticipation is all the greater.

The big question that remains: How big will the party that is being celebrated on site be?

Evil fan tongues have been accusing the Munich team, who are used to success, of not igniting the great euphoria of winning the German championship for a long time.

And despite the exuberant mood, Thomas Müller, for example, was really pissed off when the championship trophy was handed over.

Leroy Sané, for example, was not even present at the ceremony.

In addition, there was recently the scandal surrounding the professionals' trip to Ibiza, which seemed to spoil the party mood a little.

FC Bayern Munich: Championship celebrations at Marienplatz - the rush of fans can begin at 12:30 p.m

However, after the 2-2 draw in the last game of the season against VfL Wolfsburg on Saturday, the mood among the players is likely to be at least slightly dampened - after all, there hasn't been a single win in the last three games of the season.

The FCB grades from the tz individual criticism speak a similarly clear language.

And despite the relaxed end of the season, many a fan should not be in a better mood to celebrate than after the defeat against Mainz or the 2-2 win against Stuttgart.

The day is well planned so that the crowd on Marienplatz can really cook.

From 12.30 p.m., fans can warm up to Marieplatz with musical accompaniment.

The team will leave Säbener Straße in the team bus at 1 p.m. and make their way to the city centre.

At the town hall, the team led by captain Manuel Neuer and coach Julian Nagelsmann will be welcomed by Munich's mayor Dieter Reiter.

At around 1.55 p.m., the team presents itself and the championship trophy on the balcony and can cheer together with the fans.

There will be interviews, and "one or the other surprise" has also been announced.

Here you can read what else you need to know about FC Bayern's championship celebrations.

FC Bayern championship celebrations at Marienplatz: the party plan at a glance

  • 12.30 p.m.: Warm-up program for the fans at Marienplatz

  • 1:00 p.m.: The team takes the team bus from Säbener Straße towards the town hall, then reception by Mayor Dieter Reiter (SPD)

  • 1:55 p.m .: The team presents itself with the championship trophy on the town hall balcony

If you can't be there live, you can follow the party on stream.

This should be available in German, English and Spanish.

If you can be there live, you have to be prepared for some restrictions.

Because apparently the city of Munich is expecting a large number of fans, now that there has been no championship celebration for the past two years.

That is why there are also some prohibitions at Marienplatz.

FC Bayern celebrates the championship - with countless fans?

City issues bans on Marienplatz

Glass and pyrotechnics are already banned from 9 a.m.

Bicycles may not be carried.

Parked bikes will be removed.

There are bag checks at the entrances, the city asks you not to bring large bags or rucksacks with you in the first place.

Because of the celebration, the Rindermarkt, Fischbrunnen and Dienerstrasse subway exits will remain closed.

If Marienplatz is too full, the subway will no longer stop at the station, but will go straight through.

Restrictions and bans aside: if the weather cooperates, nothing stands in the way of a successful end to the season including a worthy outdoor party.

Which Bayern player will become a "celebration beast"?

And what did Kimmich, Goretzka and Co. think for the fans?

We inform here in the news ticker about all the events of the championship bash of FC Bayern.

Source: merkur

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