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Bnei Sakhnin chairman declares: "From today we are not part of the principal" - Walla! Sport


The club claim that the principal made a field statement for them: "Both Abu Yunis and we feel that they were waiting for this to happen to enter us."

Bnei Sakhnin chairman declares: "From today we are not part of the administration"

A severe attack by Bnei Sakhnin after the canceled game, including a threat to leave the principal.

Abu Yunis: "We will try to find more groups to go with us in this matter. The principal dances according to the flute of the media. The police set the table."

CEO Duchy: "Kalfon dreamed all night how to fine us"

Shlomo Weiss


Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 10:31

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Summary: Maccabi Netanya - Bnei Sakhnin 0: 3 (Sport 1)

Bnei Sakhnin officials fear that the farce that led to the cancellation of the game against Maccabi Haifa on Saturday will lead to the departure of club chairman Muhammad Abu Yunis. She made a field trial for the club before it made its claims in court. The

same sources fear that a fine of such a high that will require bringing a high amount from home plus a technical loss that will prevent the team from arriving in Europe, will cause Abu Yunis to consider his future at the club. That is what will happen to get into us, "claimed a source very close to the club's management and team members," After all, all week we talked to everyone and everyone knew about the problem, but in the moment of truth no one helped or assisted.

It was just easy to say Sakhnin was guilty.

"If there is such a high fine and also a technical loss that will destroy everything we have done this season, none of us will be surprised if Abu Yunis gets up and leaves."

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Bnei Sakhnin's press conference today (Photo: Walla !, Shlomo Weiss)

Today the team held a press conference, and dealt extensively with the affair - including harsh accusations against the league director and a threat to break away from it.

Abu Yunis

: "First of all we apologize to everyone that the game did not take place. We are involved in football, we wanted the audience to enjoy and we could not make it happen in the last game. It is very sexy that every presenter or TV commentator will now open his show "People talk about it, say half-truths, every commentator gives advice to the judges, there are those who have gone far and do not want Sakhnin in the league."

Abu Yunis continued: "We have been in the Premier League for more than 20 years. Sakhnin represents an entire sector, it has millions of fans all over the country. Not hundreds of thousands, millions. Our conditions are not those of Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv, we work in difficult conditions. It is oppressive. "This game should have been a home game, but because of the difficulties that the police piled up, we preferred to transfer it to the colony. We were in contacts with all the relevant bodies, we conducted ourselves in full transparency."

Abu Yunis said: "I tried to call Kalfon and the phone was busy. I imagined he was trying to reach a solution and suddenly we find out that he is being interviewed by the media and added to them about us. Too bad the principal is acting like this. What is the principal? We chose her as one of 14 groups. "Problem, I need the principal to help me and not drop me into a trap. In this case, too, she could have helped us. Everyone knew that there was a shortage of security guards all over the country. They are threatening all day - not for that.

The chairman added: “The principal is dancing to the flute of the media.

Too bad it happens like this, we donate our time and money and do for the community and the fans.

We want the results to be determined on the lawn and not according to police decisions.

It was the police who determined what the table would look like.

Which stadium is closed for 50 days?

How come he is suddenly unhappy in the middle of the season after there was approval at the beginning?

We know how to read between the lines.

I tell you that in my opinion the police did not want to hold the game at all, neither in Doha nor in Petah Tikva.

"Cancel a game like this, with a light hand on the trigger? There were already games with 25-30 security guards, so because there are 150-160 instead of 180 ... Where did it happen? Only in Sakhnin. If there was another team they would cancel? No. Sakhnin is the belly "The softness of the sport, it's easy to attack us and get down on us. But we are strong, the team will stay in the league and in the top."

Abu Yunis continued to attack: "From today we are not part of the principal and we will try to find more groups to go with us in this matter. It would have been better to stay with the association. The principal sits on NIS 13-14 million. For what? Not to drink coffee, but to work and help solve problems." .

"In my opinion, the police did not want to hold the game at all, neither in Doha nor in Petah Tikva."

Abu Yunis (Photo: Maor Elkelsi)

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Bnei Sakhnin CEO

Khaled "Duchi" Kassum

said: "We apologize to everyone who was harmed by this incident.

We're in a situation full of emotions since Saturday.

We conducted the event in a very responsible manner, as we had conducted in the past.

This is not the first event we are running, nor is it the first radius game.

In Netanya we hosted a game with 14,000 spectators and everything was peak.

It's no different, it used to be a standard football game.

No one in the darkest

dreams imagined such a situation. "

I do not know the company and its people, everything was fine, but on Sunday, the day before the game, we received a phone call that Maayan could not put up this amount of ushers and the saga began.

"We needed immediate security companies and ushers. There were offers for other security companies, what were we not looking for? Companies of Hapoel Tel Aviv, companies from Be'er Sheva, Jerusalem ... But there was a huge shortage of security guards all over the country because many were sent to Mount Meron. The shortage caused uncertainty about the game Already the day before. Everyone knew, the principal, the police, the media. We came across only one sentence from the principal: the game must take place on the day and time set.


The agreements were handed over to the event manager at noon on the day of the match.

We did two situation assessments that day with the police and the incident manager, we presented all the data, I passed the agreements with the security companies and confirmed the existence of the game.

There was one company we closed with at night.

In the morning the owner of the security company disappeared.

"In the end I caught him on the phone and he said he was flying abroad and could not provide the security guards we had agreed on. The police made a decision too easily not to hold the game."

Duchy attacked the league director: "I have a lot to say about the principal. We tried to talk to its people, Abu Yunis tried to talk to chairman Kalfon and got no answer.

To my amazement in the morning we received a series of letters from him.

Apparently Kalfon dreamed all night about how to fine us, how to sue, how to delay payments, opened all the cases 10 years back.

As if we're the only ones having glitches.

It is easy to punish Sakhnin, it is easy for him to show that he is strong, perhaps because we are the 'weak', but we will not be endangered. "

Wants to respect the management.

Kiel (Photo: Kobi Eliyahu)

Biram Kiel

: "We are football players who want to play, win games, succeed for the team and our fans. I have been in this club for almost two years and I am grateful to the management for everything it does for us and for Arab society. These are people who should know how to embrace "A lot of people come from the heart and invest time at the expense of their businesses and families. The promotion to the top playoffs is first and foremost thanks to the management. They do everything for this club.

Kiel added: "We have a lot of difficulty. To play two months outside our stadium this season because it was not approved ... Our fans are not allowed to put in cheering equipment for a long time. We are not poor, we are a strong club with strong people, but the goal is to face reality. There was a mess, we all apologize,

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