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Khaled Kassum, CEO of Bnei Sakhnin: "Kalfon dreamed all night about the fine he will give us" | Israel Today


Abu Yunis apologized to the fans, but dismissed the harsh accusations against the club • Team manager Khaled Kassum said: "We managed this incident in a very responsible manner" and presented signed documents with the security companies.

Bnei Sakhnin held a press conference this morning (Wednesday) following the farce of canceling the game against Maccabi Haifa.

The club has been under attack for the past two days and has been heavily punished, including a fine of NIS 250,000 from the league administration.

Beyond that, all transfers of funds to the group's coffers were stopped.

The press conference was held in the presence of the group's chairman Muhammad Abu Yunis, the club's general manager Khaled Qassoum ("Dukhi").

And Attorney General Wahib Khatib.

Muhammad Abu Yunis, chairman of Fatah: "The health of the people was important to us, I want to apologize to all the fans for what happened.

That was not our goal, we are engaged in entertainment, and want the audience to enjoy.

It's very sexy that any commentator will open up about the people of Sakhnin, bring half-truths, and give advice to the judges, they have already thrown us out of the league. "

Abu Yunis continued: "Bnei Sakhnin has been around for over 20 years and represents an entire sector. Millions not hundreds of thousands, we have fans all over the country. We work in difficult conditions in terms of infrastructure - we are not Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Because of the difficulties the police piled up, we decided to move the game to the colony.

We were transparent - and in contact with the principal until midnight the day before. "

Muhammad Abu Yunis,

Club general manager Khaled Qassoum continued: "I join Abu Yunis' apologies to the fans, there are reasons why this happened, we managed this event in a very responsible way as we have managed in the past, it is not our first radius game and we have managed such events before.

It was supposed to be a regular event and we did not expect to reach the stadium and the event would be canceled, no one thought we would reach such a black event. "

"We did not think to move the game to Petah Tikva, the rumors about our desire to maximize profits are false claims without dawn, we moved the game to the colony because of the demands of the police.

On Wednesday we headed to the stadium.

Each stadium has its own terms and the companies that work with it, and we went with them.

We approved the "Maayan" security company that the stadium demanded, and on Sunday (the day before the game) we were informed that the Maayan security company could not provide 180 security guards as required of it. "

"This is where the saga started, we talked to a lot of companies we know, but because of the events in Meron there was a shortage I never saw in the security guards, and it caused great uncertainty about the game the day before. We received only one message from the principal: "We did a lot of great things in Israeli football."

At this point the CEO presented to the cameras four contracts he had signed with the security companies, saying 165 security guards were signed. The first requirement was.

Duchi also referred to the league director: "I have a lot to relate to the principal. The event on Monday was very difficult for Bnei Sakhnin and all of football. We are trying to talk to the principal, and chairman Erez Kalfon, without answering.

But getting letters on the morning, he dreamed all night how to give us a fine, punish us, opened cases ten years back as if we were the only ones.

It is easy to punish Bnei Sakhnin, as if he is the strongest body, and we are the weakest in the teams in the Premier League.

We do not come to take risks.

We will deal with the fine and I am not sure that the manager has the authority to do so, we received a class action lawsuit, NIS 8 million from Maccabi Haifa fans.

48 pages, do not need a few days to prepare such a thing?

Does not that mean it was ready a few days ago?

Does not that mean he was ready before?

Those who got it, got it."

At the question stage, Abu Yunis attacked the Israeli police: Abu Yunis: "In my opinion, the police did not want to hold this game at all. They asked us for 200 policemen at Doha Stadium, barely 3,500 seats and then the colony asked for 70 policemen for 11,000 fans.

Were we wrong?


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Source: israelhayom

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