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Penalty madness in Seville! Eintracht Frankfurt wins the Europa League final by point


Penalty madness in Seville! Eintracht Frankfurt wins the Europa League final by point Created: 05/19/2022, 07:53 By: Patrick Mayer Eintracht Frankfurt beat Glasgow Rangers in a gripping Europa League final. Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp becomes a penalty hero. The final thriller in the ticker to read. Eintracht Frankfurt - Glasgow Rangers 6: 5 penalties (1: 1) Lineup Frankfurt: Trapp - Toure, Tuta (

Penalty madness in Seville!

Eintracht Frankfurt wins the Europa League final by point

Created: 05/19/2022, 07:53

By: Patrick Mayer

Eintracht Frankfurt beat Glasgow Rangers in a gripping Europa League final.

Goalkeeper Kevin Trapp becomes a penalty hero.

The final thriller in the ticker to read.

Eintracht Frankfurt - Glasgow Rangers 6: 5 penalties (1: 1)

Lineup Frankfurt:

Trapp - Toure, Tuta (58 Hasebe), Ndicka (101 Lenz) - Rode (90 Jakic), Sow (106 Hrustic), Knauff, Kostic, Lindstrom (70 Hauge), Kamada - Borré

Lineup Glasgow:

A. McGregor - Lundstram, Goldson, Bassey - Tavernier, Jack (74th Davis), Kamara (91st Arfield), Barisic (117th Roofe), S. Wright (74th Sakala/117th Ramsey), Kent - Aribo ( 101.Sands)


0-1 Aribo (57'), 1-1 Borré (69')

Penalty shootout (currently):

0-1 Tavernier 1-1 Lenz 1-2 Davis 2-2 Hrustic 2-3 Arfield 3-3 Kamada Ramsey misses 4-3 Kostic 4-4 Roofe 5-4 Borré


Update from May 18, 11:58 p.m .: Conclusion:

Eintracht Frankfurt has won the second international title in the club’s history 42 years after winning the UEFA Cup.

The Bundesliga club triumphed in the Europa League final on Wednesday evening in Seville 5: 4 (1: 1, 1: 1, 0: 0) on penalties against Glasgow Rangers.

The Hessians will play in the Champions League for the first time next season.

National goalkeeper Kevin Trapp saved on penalties against Aaron Ramsey, Rafael Borré made the decisive try.

In regulation time, Borré (69') had already equalized the Scots' lead through Joe Aribo (57').

Frankfurt has not only qualified for the Champions League, but is also in the European Supercup on August 10th in the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki.

The opponent is still open: either it is against Liverpool FC and the German coach Jürgen Klopp.

Or Real Madrid is waiting with ex-national player Toni Kroos.

Liverpool and Real play the Champions League final in Paris on May 28th.

With the success in Andalusia, however, Eintracht became the first German European Cup winner from Germany in 25 years who is not called FC Bayern Munich.

Europa League winner with Eintracht Frankfurt: Filip Kostic.

© IMAGO / Pupils

On penalties against Glasgow: Eintracht Frankfurt wins the Europa League

5. Sagittarius Frankfurt: Borré safely converts into the angle!

6: 5 after penalties - Eintracht Frankfurt is Europa League winner 2022!

5. Protect Glasgow: Roofe!

The ball is in.

The inner post again.

Great shot.

4. Schütze Frankfurt: Kostic hammers the ball in on the bottom right.

Super tight.

McGregor was still there - in vain!

5: 4 for unity!

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4. Sagittarius Glasgow: Ramsey fails at Trapp.

The keeper parries with his legs.


The decisive penalty: Eintracht goalkeeper Kevin Trapp saves Aaron Ramsey's penalty.

© Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP

3. Sagittarius Frankfurt: Kamada!


He places the ball on the inside of the post, from where it goes behind the line - 4:4.

3. Glasgow shooter: Arfield hits the ball in the left corner.

The Canadian also hits.

2. Schütze Frankfurt: Hrustic puts the ball in the lower left corner - 3:3.

2. Sagittarius Glasgow: Veteran Davis flicks the ball under the bar.

Is that placed.

3:2 for the Scots.

1. Schütze Frankfurt: Lenz hits the ball in the top right corner and loads McGregor.

1. Shooter Glasgow: The rangers' curve is shot at.

Captain Tavernier hits the middle.

120th minute + 1: End of overtime!

The Europa League final goes to penalties.

Caution: Rangers keeper McGregor has saved five of his last 15 penalties.

Is that exciting!

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers – huge feat by Trapp

118 minutes: Trapp did a great job!

A sharp ball comes from the baseline in front of the six-yard box.

Kent rushes in and holds out the inside.

But there is trap!

The next hotshot of the SBU!

The national goalkeeper deflects this shot with his foot from a very short distance.

The margin breathes centimeters over the bar.

Now Frankfurt is lucky.

117 minutes: Double change at Glasgow: Striker Roofe replaces Barisic, veteran Ramsey comes on for Sakala.

115 minutes: Chances every minute!

Both teams are looking for the decision.

But the other side closes Jakic for Eintracht from the second row.

The ball strokes maybe 20 centimeters over the crossbar.

114 minutes: Caution!

Familiar with the shot from a distance.

The ball comes in the middle, but with a bang.

Trapp has him for sure.

Ansgar Knauff (left) in a duel with Rangers left winger Ryan Kent.

© Revierfoto/imago-images

112 minutes: Uhhhhhhh... Kamada goes down in the Scots' penalty area.

But that was nothing, normal duel.

110 minutes: Eintracht is very compact in extra time in front of their own penalty area.

The men in blue can't get through anymore.

But Frankfurt is also missing the decisive punch ...

107th minute: Concord!

Hrustic directly with the conclusion.

But his low shot clearly goes wide of the right post.

106 minutes: Change at Frankfurt: Glasner brings Hrustic for Sow.

106 minutes: The second half of extra time begins.

Is that exciting!

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs Glasgow Rangers – break in extra time

105 minutes: Break in Seville!

Half of the extra time is played - it's still 1:1.

Will there be a penalty shootout in the final?

104 minutes: The Frankfurters complain about a handball in the penalty area.

But it wasn't.

Both teams are playing more patiently now.

The forces are visibly dwindling.

It's going to be another 15 minutes.

101 minutes: Change at Glasgow:

Sands is brought in for Aribo.

The Rangers are finally on the defensive.

100 minutes: Change at Frankfurt

: Lenz replaces the completely exhausted Ndicka in defense.

100 minutes: Another counterattack for Frankfurt.

But Knauff doesn't get his opponent shaken off and hammers the ball into the stands.

95 minutes: Borré!

The Colombian striker shifts back into third gear and increases the revs.

He runs behind his opponent but is pushed aside before the one-on-one with McGregor.

Then the breath was missing.

94 minutes: Dangerous!

A shot from Arfield goes about a meter over the goal.

But there was steam behind it.

91 minutes: Change at Glasgow:

The Canadian Arfield can ran for Kamara.

91 minutes: It continues in Andalusia with extra time!

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers - extra time in Seville

90 minutes + 5: Break in Seville!

The final goes into overtime.

Is that exciting!

90th minute + 3: Now Glasgow comes in front of the Hessian goal again.

The British fight back in added time.

But the flank does not find a teammate.

90 minutes: Five minutes of added time.

Eintracht Frankfurt around captain Sebastian Rode (right) is fighting for the Europa League title.

© IMAGO/Florian Ulrich

90 minutes: Change at Frankfurt

: Jakic comes on for Turban-Rode.

88 minutes: Koooooostiiiiiicccc!

The Serb ignites the turbo again.

Again he looks out the far corner.

But he misses the shot by centimeters.

Even the long-distance runner has to catch his breath.

The players are sweating in the heat, the only way the water is running down them, sorry, the sweat.

85 minutes: Frankfurt dominates the game.

But: The SGE no longer comes purposefully in front of the gate.

The almost 30 degrees in Andalusia, even in the evening, obviously took a toll on both teams.

80 minutes: Treacherous!

Kostic brings a supposedly harmless free kick from the half field in front of the goal.

The ball bounces dangerously in front of McGregor, who scoops the ball over the bar as he follows up.

79 minutes: Eintracht is still on the trigger.

Goes the Kostic km.

Rode is always leading the way.

74 minutes: Rangers make a double change:

Davis for Jack, Sakala for Wright.

70 minutes: Change at Frankfurt:

The Scandinavian Hauge can play for the other Scandinavian Lindström.

Frankfurt celebrate with their fans Borré's equalizing goal.

© Patrick Scheiber/imago-images

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs Glasgow Rangers - Borré with the equaliser

69 minutes: Goooooorrrrrr!!!

Eintracht Frankfurt 1-1 Glasgow Rangers, goalscorer Borré.






Compensation for the Bundesliga club, and well deserved.

The Hessians simply have a lot more of the game and a lot more chances.

And there he is again, Kostic, the hotshot!

Is he good.

The Serb goes left towards the baseline and has the ball sharply at the six-yard line in the interface between two Scots.

Borré anticipates the scene and just keeps his foot in the shot flank.

67 minutes: Huge chance for Frankfurt!

This time Goldson with the mistake in front of his own goal.

Rode puts it through straight for Kamada, who lobs the ball one-on-one over McGregor - but also over the goal.

That can, that maybe has to be the balance...

63 minutes: Toure needs treatment but can continue playing.

Can Eintracht still turn the final?

59 minutes: WATCH OUT!

Lindstrom shoots from the edge of the box.

A Scottish player deflects in the six-yard box.

Immediately wild protests because of alleged handball.

But the TV pictures clearly show: The Rangers player sends the ball out with his chest, not with his arm.

58 minutes: Change at Frankfurt:

Veteran Hasebe comes on for the ailing Tuta.

Joe Aribo made it 1-0 for Glasgow Rangers.

© Florian Ulrich/imago-images

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers – lead for the Scots

57 minutes: Goal!

Eintracht Frankfurt 0-1 Glasgow Rangers, goalscorer: Aribo.

Giant Defensive Goat!

The ball comes back very quickly after the opening of the game in Frankfurt.

The defense has come a long way.

Suddenly Aribo can sprint.

Tuta tries to follow him, but stumbles and falls to the ground.

Aribo looks at Trapp and puts the ball past the keeper.

55 minutes: Dangerous!

Aribo uses a short confusion in the Frankfurt defense and forwards it to Kent.

He pulls the ball past the left post with his left.

53 minutes: Uhhhhhh... Borré goes down in the penalty area.

But that was not enough for a penalty.

49 minutes: The chance!

Kamada pits Lindstrom.

The Dane lets two men run into nothing and pulls away.

The ball rushes centimeters next to the right post.

47 minutes: The Frankfurters come out of the cabin with a lot of steam, while the Eintracht fans set the stands with Pyro under smoke.

46 minutes: It continues in Andalusia!

The final of the Europa League is completely open.

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs Glasgow Rangers – no goals at break

45 minutes: + 6: Break in Seville!

Without gates it goes into the cabins.

45 minutes + 4: Glasner sends his team forward again.

The Austrian rows his arms in the coaching zone.

He wants the SGE to press up just before half-time.

45th minute + 2: Ryan Jack carpenters the ball from 20 meters well over the goal.

Glasgow are better in the game now.

45 minutes: Six minutes of stoppage time because Frankfurt captain Rode initially had to be treated for a long time.

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers – Rode plays with a turban

44 minutes: Corner for Eintracht.

But the Scots can clear the scene.

The final has lost some of its pace.

40 minutes: SGE captain Rode continues to play with a turban.

A laceration won't take him out of the game.

That's what you call the will to win.

Shock moment at the beginning of the game: Sebastian Rode is injured against Glasgow Rangers on the ground.

© Pierre-Philippe Marcou/AFP

38 minutes: Good chance for Glasgow!

Lundstram brings a header to the Frankfurt goal.

However, national keeper Trapp caresses the ball over the crossbar.

35 minutes: Glasgow can free themselves from the pressure and push the opponent out of their own half.

The Rangers patiently try to set accents but can't get through.

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers – chance for chance for Bundesliga club

32 minutes: Chance after chance for Eintracht!

First, Kamada unintentionally blocks the shot from SGE colleague Lindström.

Then Kostic volleyed the ball onto the goal net.

30 minutes: Uhhhhhh... dangerous standard cross from Kostic!

The ball comes racy to the second post.

Yet miss all the men in white.

27 minutes: drinking break!

In Seville in southern Spain it is still 30 degrees in the evening.

26 minutes: Caution!

There are the Rangers.

Aribo holds on from a distance, but misses the goal by half a meter with his flick.

22 minutes: Next conclusion of the Hessians.

The Bundesliga team is significantly better in the game.

In Glasgow, nothing is going in front of the goal.

The Scots play very subdued in their deep blue jerseys.

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt against Glasgow Rangers – Knauff with the chance

20 minutes: Dangerous!

Knauff gets into dribbling.

He links two opponents, closes with the left.

But McGregor has the gloves up and steers the ball around the post.

Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers duel for the Europa League title.

© Javier Soriano/AFP

17 minutes: Knauff comes into the box from the right.

The Borussia Dortmund player got stuck with a low shot on a Scots defender.

The Bundesliga club is more offensive than the opponent.

16 minutes: The Eintracht fans make a brutal atmosphere.

The whole block of 10,000 followers has white flags they wave.

The Glasgow supporters are also there.

12 minutes: Kamada with a huge chance!

The Japanese hesitates, can withdraw.

Instead, he dribbles against two men.

And he prevails.

In falling, however, he can no longer overcome keeper McGregor.

9 minutes: Rode can continue playing with a turban and gets a new jersey because the other one is bloodstained on the back.

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers – ex-Bayern professional Rode with a laceration

6th minute: Uhhhhhh … Ex-Bayern star Rode really gets one.

His opponent hits the former Munich player with the studs in the face.

The Eintracht captain apparently has a laceration and is bleeding profusely from his temple.

4 minutes: Aribo is slowed down by a counterattack.

The Frankfurters have to watch out for the massive striker.

As the saying goes, he's always good for a goal.

3 minutes: Frankfurt starts very briskly and plays straight forward.

Eintracht want to put pressure on Glasgow.

2 minutes: Eintracht is looking for winger Kostic.

Because: The Scots have their problems on the outside when things get dynamic.

That should be part of the Hessian tactic to put them under pressure here.

1st minute: It starts with the Europa League final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers!

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers – winner from Germany or Scotland?

Update from May 18, 8:50 p.m .:

Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers: Let’s look at the Europa League winners in recent years.

For ten years, the winner of the cup has come from either Spain or England.

Sevilla FC have won four times in the last eight years, which is why the final will be played at the Andalusians' stadium today.

In 2021, the last winner so far was Villarreal CF.

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Glasgow Rangers – SBU coach Glasner is thrilled

Update from May 18, 8:30 p.m .:

SGE trainer Oliver Glasner is on the microphone at RTL.

"I have complete confidence in the players.

They make a focused and good impression," said the Austrian and explained that the Frankfurters had not changed their sequences: "We have developed a routine in which we simply feel comfortable."

Glasner is impressed by the atmosphere in Seville: "It's just a great atmosphere.

What I like as a football lover is that it's well mixed and becomes a football festival.

Half of the stadium is white, the other half is blue.”

Euphoric: the Glasgow Rangers fans in the Europa League final.

© IMAGO / PA Images

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt against Glasgow Rangers – SBU President Fischer rejoices

Update from May 18, 8:20 p.m.:

How are the fans behaving today?

In the afternoon there were isolated riots in the city in Andalusia.

The vast majority of followers, however, behave peacefully.

Around 50,000 Frankfurt fans traveled with them, and the two finalists each received only 10,000 tickets for the stadium, which has an international capacity of 44,000 spectators.

Rund 100.000 Schotten sollen in Südspanien dabei sein. Wie RTL berichtet, drängen tausende Fans beider Lager in Richtung Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán, die offenbar keine Karten haben. Für sie sind in der Großstadt mit ihren rund 750.000 Einwohnern Public-Viewing-Möglichkeiten vorbereitet. Auch die Bars dürften an diesem emotionalen Abend voll sein.

Im Video: Fans der Eintracht und der Rangers - Die Riesen-Party von Sevilla

Update vom 18. Mai, 20 Uhr: Eintracht gegen Glasgow Rangers: Die Aufstellungen der beiden Europa-League-Finalisten sind da. Bei den Schotten sitzt Routinier Aaron Ramsey (früher Juventus Turin und FC Arsenal) zunächst auf der Bank. Der Bundesliga-Klub könnte im Sturm durch Goncalo Paciencia nochmal nachlegen.

Europa-League-Finale: Eintracht Frankfurt gegen Glasgow Rangers - SGE-Präsident Fischer frohlockt

Update vom 18. Mai, 19.50 Uhr: Eintracht Frankfurt gegen Glasgow Rangers in Sevilla: Das bringt die Emotionen in Wallung. SGE-Präsident Peter Fischer hat seine in einem seiner legendären Interviews zum Ausdruck gebracht.

“Two great traditional teams meet.

The city is full of Scots.

For the first time there are fewer Eintracht fans in Europe.

100,000 (

Glasgow fans, ed

.), big traditional club, we have respect for that and that's something we're really looking forward to," said Fischer on RTL: "Tonight there will be when it starts, but no friendship in the tradition.

Tonight it's all about us taking the damn trophy home after this great trip through Europe where we rocked Europe.

Peter Fischer drinks a can of the Andalusian hop drink Cruzcampo.

© Eibner-Pressefoto/imago-images

Europa League final: Eintracht Frankfurt against Glasgow Rangers - individual riots in Seville

Update vom 18. Mai, 19.30 Uhr: Mehr als 150.000 Fußball-Fans sollen heute in Sevilla unterwegs sein. Schade: Am Nachmittag gab es verschiedenen Berichten wohl auch vereinzelte Randale zwischen den beiden Fangruppen von Eintracht Frankfurt und der Glasgow Rangers. Das belegen Videos, die bei Twitter geteilt werden.

So sind auf der Straße Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo, keine zwei Kilometer vom heutigen Final-Stadion entfernt, regelrechte Kämpfe mit Fäusten und Fußtritten zu sehen. Teils flogen Terrassenstühle der umliegenden Restaurants, offenbar schmissen manche Chaoten mit Flaschen oder anderen Trinkbehältern.

Europa-League-Finale: Eintracht Frankfurt gegen Glasgow Rangers - SGE-Team richtet sich an Fans

Update vom 18. Mai, 19.15 Uhr: Die Mannschaft von Eintracht Frankfurt hat sich vor dem Europa-League-Finale in Sevilla an ihre Fans gewandt. „Wir sind uns unserer großen Chance für unseren Klub und für uns alle bewusst. Gegen einen großen Klub und eine starke Mannschaft des Rangers FC gilt es, alles zu geben, um erstmals seit 42 Jahren den Pokal wieder nach Frankfurt zu holen“, heißt es in dem Schreiben, das die Hessen unter anderem bei Social Media teilten.

Weiter erklärte das SGE-Team: „Wir wissen, dass unser größter Trumpf hinter uns stehen wird. Eure Unterstützung hat uns bis ins Finale getragen. Und auch morgen wissen wir: Ihr seid da!“ Viele Emotionen vor einem Showdown in einer Fußballstadt, mit zwei absoluten Kult-Klubs als Kontrahenten.

Europa-League-Finale: Eintracht Frankfurt gegen Glasgow Rangers - Gänsehaut-Endspiel in Sevilla

Erstmeldung vom 18. Mai: München/Sevilla - Die Uefa-Pokal-Saison 1980 ging in die Geschichte der Fußball-Bundesliga ein. Denn: Alle vier Mannschaften im Halbfinale kamen aus Deutschland. Letztlich setzte sich Eintracht Frankfurt in einem spektakulären Rückspiel 5:1 gegen den FC Bayern München durch. Borussia Mönchengladbach bezwang den VfB Stuttgart. Gladbach musste sich jedoch im Endspiel, das im Hin- und Rückspiel ausgetragen wurde, der „Eintracht vom Main“ geschlagen geben.

Es war der bislang einzige Europapokal-Sieg für die Frankfurter. Genau das wollen die Hessen heute Abend ändern, wenn sie ab 21 Uhr im Finale der Europa League den Glasgow Rangers aus Schottland gegenüberstehen. Es ist ein Showdown mit absolutem Kultfaktor. Hinzukommt das altehrwürdige  Estadio Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán in Sevilla als Endspielort. Gänsehaut garantiert! Das bedeutet aber auch eine riesige Herausforderung für die spanische Polizei.

Europa-League-Finale: Eintracht Frankfurt gegen Glasgow Rangers - 150.000 Fans in Sevilla dabei

Generalkommissar Juan Carlos Castro von Spaniens Policía Nacional sprach bei einer Pressekonferenz von „einem einzigen Wahnsinn“. 100.000 schottische Fans und 50.000 Deutsche erwarte die Polizei in Andalusien, erklärte der Einsatzleiter in Sevilla.

Diesem Ansturm samt unzähliger Charter-Flüge stünden in der Großstadt mit ihren rund 750.000 Einwohnern insgesamt 3000 Einsatzkräfte der Policía Nacional gegenüber, erklärte der Generalkommissar weiter. Die Stimmung ist schier greifbar.

Europa-League-Finale: Eintracht Frankfurt gewann 1980 den Uefa-Pokal

Uefa-Pokal 1979/80Duell:Hinspiel:Rückspiel:
Halbfinale:Bayern - Frankfurt2:01:5 n.V.
Halbfinale:Stuttgart - Gladbach2:10:2
Finale:Gladbach - Frankfurt3:20:1

„Ich will aus diesem Pokal saufen“, rief Eintracht-Präsident Peter Fischer in der Nacht zum Mittwoch den Gästen beim stilvollen Empfang des Fußball-Bundesligisten in einer Hacienda am Stadtrand von Sevilla zu: „Ein Europapokal-Sieg ist tausendmal besser als Sex. Weil diese Pokale gibt es verdammt, verdammt selten.“

Der SGE-Trainer blieb da schon sachlicher. „Unser Traum ist erst erfüllt, wenn wir gewonnen haben. Wir fühlen uns bereit“, sagte Oliver Glasner vor der Partie. Der 47-jährige Coach aus Österreich weiß, wie stark der schottische Vizemeister ist. Die Rangers schalteten unter anderem Borussia Dortmund im Achtelfinale und RB Leipzig im Europa-League-Halbfinale aus.

Im Video: Frankfurt-Trainer Glasner - „Jeder ist heiß aufs Finale“

"They are very robust in duels and show a great willingness to go a long way back if they lose the ball.

They are always ready to defend their own goal or to score a goal up front," explained Glasner and demanded: "We need an absolutely top performance." Bitter: His compatriot and defense chief, Martin Hinteregger, cannot play.

The 29-year-old Austrian has to pass due to a serious muscle injury in his thigh.

Follow the Europa League final between Eintracht Frankfurt and Glasgow Rangers tonight from 9 p.m. here in the live ticker.


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