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Slobodan Drapic in an interview: "Izzy went to the rabbinate too fast" - Walla! sport


The relationship with the boss, the impressive journey in Kiryat Shmona ("We were not given a chance") and why did he remain without a team despite the success? Slobodan Drapic concludes a season in an interview

Slobodan Drapic in an interview: "Izzy went to the rabbinate too fast"

The relationship with the boss, the impressive journey in Kiryat Shmona ("We were not given a chance") and why did he remain without a team despite the success?

Slobodan Drapic concludes a season with an interview and tells about Ivica's expected return to Maccabi Tel Aviv

Shlomo Weiss


Sunday, 22 May 2022, 20:10

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Storm in the Kingdom with Izzy Sheretsky, Part II (Sport 1)

After leading Urbani Kiryat Shmona to escape from the bottom from the moment he arrived and then also to the undefeated bottom playoffs and with exciting football, Slobodan Drapic is once again on standby and waiting for offers.

After the accidental parting of eight, the coach took time to sum up the season, talk about his relationship with Izzy Shretzky and his professional future.

In an interview with the sports program of 103 FM, he also referred to the Serbs at Maccabi Tel Aviv and said that Vladan Ivic received the blessing of the road from Mladen Krastić ahead of his expected return.

"We were not given a chance to do anything in Kiryat Shmona."

Slobodan Drapic (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

How do you sum up the season for yourself?

"For a long time I wanted to train in Kiryat Shmona, to disengage from the center and be focused only on work. When I was in Betar Jerusalem and before I arrived in Netanya, there were negotiations with Kiryat Shmona.

I wanted to be focused on football and when you come to Kiryat Shmona there is not much to do except football so I would work 14 hours a day and that was my goal.

After my two less good years I wanted to disconnect and bring my professional life back to the forefront of the stage, and I'm glad I did




But they also told me why you go to Maccabi Netanya with minus nine points and why you go to Betar Jerusalem after 12 players leave. I personally get the teams in a situation where you need to rehabilitate them. When I arrived in Kiryat Shmona, no one gave us a chance to do anything ".

If you had a little more time would you be in the top playoffs?

"We were equal in the top playoffs. We were missing a few points. With how we finished and in general when looking at the whole season, then of course we missed the top playoffs."

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How do you explain Itamar Shabiru's break-in?

"Itamar is a good striker and he has to be confident all the time. With a striker you have to go on even less good days. When I brought Sean Weissman to the Netanya National League, they raised an eyebrow and in the end it was bingo. You have to know how to see beyond these and other abilities."

Can Itamar reach the level of Sean Weissman?

"I think yes, he is a very young boy and giving 15 expatriates in Kiryat Shmona is not easy and well done to him. But he has more to develop."

Did Be'er Sheva miss it?

"It is impossible to know. That you bring Schechter and Rokavica then Itamar really had no place. I think if they had lent him and returned him later it would have been a more correct option for them."

What happened there with Izzy who blew everything up?

"Izzy talked a lot about these things. I never had a problem with a landlord, I'm still in good contact with all the landlords I worked for and also with Izzy. It's like in a relationship, there are ups and downs, Izzy went to the media and then the story went out of proportion."

So Izzy went to the rabbinate too fast?

"Yes, I think Izzy also realized that he went to the rabbinate too quickly. Today we are in a very good relationship, he is sorry for what was and I am sorry for what was."

Did you really tell him he did not say anything?

"No. It's out of proportion. I have to determine the composition at the end and that's what I said I need to determine. I also had arguments with the other landlords, but I believe the problems should be solved in private and if that's what we were doing there was no problem."

"Went to the media and the story went out of proportion."

Izzy Shretzky (Photo: Ginny Agency)

You negotiated with Yoav Katz, but it did not materialize. Why?

"There was a good direction and I wanted to add a few more things to the professional team.

I did not want to take anyone down but to add things that I thought were important to the club.

It did not work out and we parted as friends. "

And now everyone is talking about Hapoel Beer Sheva.

" I hear from the media, I did not talk to Beer Sheva.

Sometimes I open websites and find out things about myself. "You

already closed on coaching the young team for both games and in the end it was canceled.

" I was approached to coach, I agreed to coach both games and give up the freedom, but I said I still want to coach a team and can not be permanent.

Coaching a team and a team is something completely different and at the moment I am not ready to coach a permanent team, maybe in the future.

Then they decided they wanted a permanent coach. "

What do you think of Citizen Miguel Vitor?

"I do not get into politics, but every person who gets citizenship if it is possible to earn it as a national team player is blessed. It also happens in Germany and other countries, so why not?"

"It didn't work out and we broke up as friends."

Yoav Katz (Photo: Walla !, Shlomi Gabay)

As a Serb, what do you think of Krestic?

"He is a highly regarded coach in the world, he was an excellent player and I think he is also an excellent coach. There is a problem that he came in the middle of the season and not like Ivica who did a training camp and was from the beginning.

Juvanovic surprised you?

"Anyone who does not follow Serbian football did not know him. I knew he was a kid with a lot of potential. He was in a small group and we only know the partisan and the red star. They bought him for two million euros, but stole him before he got to the partisan or the red star. It already had six million euros for that and it was impossible to bring it in. "

How do you see your future?

"Like any coach, I want to get to the biggest teams and fight for titles. I want to constantly move forward and keep working."

How do you explain that coaches like you and like Sylvester without a team after successes and coaches who have not been successful get roles.

Is it better to fail in Israeli football?

"It's a very nice question. To be a good coach is not just to know the coach and that your teams will be organized. Even outside of football you need to know how to be involved, I appreciate that even coaches who do not succeed have teams. I know to testify that when I come I have demands and maybe the homeowners do not like and sign more comfortable coaches. If I come to the place I want to make changes to be successful and that is what happened at Hapoel Haifa, because I saw things there and did homework. I wanted to make Hapoel Haifa a better and more professional team, and when I saw To get things I wanted then I gave up. "

Are you thinking of changing that?

"No, I want to prove and I have proven that if the landlord goes with me I can succeed. Out of the last seven years I have been a candidate for coach of the season for five years, and not with top teams. That says it all."

"I did not download it."

Slobodan Drapic with Shai Barda (Photo: Danny Maron)

How much did it hurt you to be the one who dropped Shai Barda League?

"I did not relegate him. I won him in the last game, but even if he had won he would have been relegated. Breda is a worthy man and a worthy coach in the Premier League, he is still young and his big days will come. I only wish him success."

You were Roni Levy's Barda gift, what do you think of his dismissal in the middle of a championship fight?

"It hurt me that Roni was fired because every friend and coach who was fired hurts me. Roni has a way and he proved that he succeeds in this way, even when he was in Betar in third place in my opinion he succeeded.

He is an excellent professional and sometimes there are requirements and way of coaches that it does not match the DNA of the team.

There are no rules in football. "

Once upon a time there was an unwritten law: a coach is not fired during a title fight.

" Okay, I also succeeded with Kiryat Shmona and suddenly at home.

The owner of the century has the opinion and sometimes there is no logic.

I am a professional and I will deal with what I know how to do. "

Are there players who can move from random eight to big teams?

"There are a lot of good players, but I think Shabiru, Shachar, Ben Shabbat and others need another season in Kiryat Shmona and not move now."

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