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New details on the use of emergency doctors in the DFB Cup final: the patient probably worked in the stadium


New details on the use of emergency doctors in the DFB Cup final: the patient probably worked in the stadium Created: 05/23/2022, 04:47 am By: Antonio José Riether, Christoph Gschoßmann Moment of shock in the DFB Cup final: An emergency doctor's call on the pitch caused the award ceremony to be interrupted. © IMAGO / Matthias Koch In Berlin, SC Freiburg and RB Leipzig faced each other in the f

New details on the use of emergency doctors in the DFB Cup final: the patient probably worked in the stadium

Created: 05/23/2022, 04:47 am

By: Antonio José Riether, Christoph Gschoßmann

Moment of shock in the DFB Cup final: An emergency doctor's call on the pitch caused the award ceremony to be interrupted.

© IMAGO / Matthias Koch

In Berlin, SC Freiburg and RB Leipzig faced each other in the final of the DFB Cup.

The Saxons won their first title after a drama.

The ticker to read.

  • The decision was only made on penalties: SC Freiburg - RB Leipzig 2: 4 iE, 1: 1 (1: 0)

  • Eggestein initially put SCF on the road to victory, Nkunku marked the late equaliser: it went 1-1 into extra time.

  • An emergency medical service provided for anxious moments.

  • This ticker is continuously updated

DFB Cup final: Resuscitated person had work card

Update, 3:26 p.m .:

New details on the emergency operation: According to dpa information, the person who was revived shortly before the award ceremony at the DFB Cup final had a work card for the final.

It was not a spectator, it said on Sunday from the German Football Association (DFB).

Cup winner RB Leipzig signs the golden book in the town hall

Update, 3:22 p.m .:

Football cup winner RB Leipzig entered the golden book immediately after arriving in the trade fair city.

Head coach Domenico Tedesco's team drove up to the old town hall in the team bus on Sunday afternoon and was enthusiastically welcomed by around 4,000 fans after winning the first title in the club's 13-year history.

Captain and goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi and coach Domenico Tedesco were the first to sign the book of honours.

Mayor Burkhard Jung had previously emphasized the importance of the club for the city.

The cup victory is an incredibly important message for the soul and the self-confidence of the people.

"We're back, we're back on par with other cities," said the mayor.

Jung also referred to the fact that the German Football Association was founded in Leipzig and that the first German football champion - VfB Leipzig - came from the Saxon city. "I'm really proud of this team," said Jung.

You can't weigh with money what that means in terms of marketing and for the image of the city.

"Total escalation": RB Leipzig celebrates DFB Cup victory in Ibiza

Update, May 22, 12:53 p.m .:

The cup matadors from Leipzig will celebrate their triumph in Ibiza.

According to midfielder Kevin Kampl, after a victory party with the fans in Leipzig on Sunday, the team will head to the Balearic Islands.

"Then there was total escalation for three days," said Kampl in the


double pass in a telephone switchboard from the team bus.

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The 31-year-old reported a relaxed atmosphere on the way back from Berlin to Leipzig.

“We're on the freeway, Michael Jackson is playing here.

The post is on,” Kampl called into the phone: “There is nothing hotter than finally winning the first title for this club.

You can't pay for this evening with any money in the world."

Wild Leipzig party night after the cup triumph in Berlin

Update, 11.05 a.m .:

The people of Leipzig probably celebrated a wild party after their first club title.

RB Leipzig's DFB Cup winners rode into the Berlin nightclub "The Pearl" well after midnight.

National player Benjamin Henrichs held the golden cup tenderly like a baby - and teammate Kevin Kampl suddenly pondered the possible uses of the first RB trophy: "I think you can throw anything in there.

We like everything today.”

After an eventful season, the players rewarded themselves with the premiere title of the club, which was only 13 years old.

"It's something we'll never forget.

Winning the first title for this club will still be there in 100 years,” said Kampl after the 4-2 final win on penalties against SC Freiburg.

"I hope that was just the beginning," said defender Willi Orban.

Kampl still remembered the defeats in the final against Bayern Munich in 2019 (0:3) and Borussia Dortmund in 2021 (1:4) and also saw a possible breakthrough: "Maybe that will solve something and free us."

Update, 9.44 a.m .:

New details on the emergency doctor’s mission in the Berlin Olympic Stadium: According to the


, the patient was a person who worked in the stadium as part of the final and thus had access to the interior.

So it was probably neither a fan nor a photographer, as has been reported in the meantime.

According to the newspaper, cardiac massage and a defibrillator were used.

RB Leipzig with a mega party: first the town hall, then the festival grounds

Update, 8.36 a.m .:

RB Leipzig is planning a winner’s party for this Sunday after the first major title in the club’s history.

After the entry in the city's Golden Book in the Old Town Hall at 2:00 p.m., the cup winner drives through the city in an open truck from 2:45 p.m. to the festival grounds in front of the Red Bull Arena.

There, around 4 p.m., the most successful season in the club's history will be celebrated with the RB supporters.

Update, 8.28 a.m .:

Emotional gesture during the emergency doctor’s mission at the cup final in Berlin: The spectators expressed their sympathy in a special way: Many fans lit up their cell phones to express their sympathy to the patient.

After the moment of shock, fans, clubs and TV viewers were allowed to breathe deeply, because the fan who had come inside via the photographer's stand was stabilized after the resuscitation.

Update, May 22, 12:20 a.m .:

The collapsed person was “successfully resuscitated”, as the Berlin fire brigade announced in the online service Twitter.

The man had pulse and breathing again and was taken to a hospital.

DFB Cup final: Leipzig celebrates cup victory

Update, 11:39 p.m .:

The Leipzig players are now celebrating with the cup, after three attempts the Saxons finally have their title.

Meanwhile, there is news about the emergency medical service.

As Sky and


report, it should not be a photographer, as previously suspected, but a fan. He is said to have gained access to the field via the photographer's stand before experiencing a collapse on the sidelines.

Update, 11:26 p.m .:

The ambulance has now driven out of the stadium and the award ceremony begins.

The DFB Presidium, which will shortly present the trophy to the people of Leipzig, is introduced.

First, however, the referees are awarded for their commitment before Freiburg pick up their medals for the finals.

Award ceremony interrupted due to an emergency doctor - the entire Olympic Stadium is silent

Update, 11:20 p.m .:

As ARD commentator Gerd Gottlob reports, the patient should now be stable.

It looks as if the award ceremony could continue shortly.

Update, 11:16 p.m .:

The entire stadium applauds when the photographer is taken away by the paramedics covered with a black blanket.

The award ceremony will probably continue shortly.

The ambulance that rushed out will probably leave the inside of the stadium soon.

Update, 11:10 p.m .:

The award ceremony has been interrupted for a few minutes due to a medical emergency.

As the DFB reports, a photographer is currently being treated by paramedics.

According to Sky reporter Philipp Hinze, he is said to have received a cardiac massage, and a defibrillator was also used.

The fans have stopped supporting, it's quiet in the stadium.

Update, 10:56 p.m .:

RB Leipzig is the DFB Cup winner for the first time in its manageable club history

, the players celebrate the title exuberantly with the supporters who have traveled with them.

However, the Freiburg fans are also celebrating with their team, even if it is difficult for many SC professionals.

The curve of the Breisgauer sings about their final heroes and especially their trainer Christian Streich, who stands smiling in front of the fans.

Even if it wasn't enough for the big leap in the end, Freiburg are obviously proud of their team.

DFB Cup final: SC Freiburg - RB Leipzig 2: 4 iE, 1: 1 (1: 0)

Lineup SC Freiburg: Flekken - Kübler (86th Schmid), Gulde (116th K. Schlotterbeck), Lienhart, N. Schlotterbeck, Günter - Eggestein (86th Haberer), Höfler - Grifo, Sallai (79th Demirovic) - Höler ( 79. Petersen)

Lineup RB Leipzig: Gulacsi - Klostermann, Orban, Simakan (113th Gvardiol) - Henrichs, Laimer (99th Adams), Kampl (69th Olmo), Halstenberg - Forsberg (61st Szoboszlai), Nkunku - Silva (61st Mukiele)

Goals: 1-0 Eggestein (19') 1-1 Nkunku (76')

Special incident: Red card for Halstenberg (Leipzig/57.)

The moment of Leipzig happiness: Gulacsi cheers after Demirovic's missed shot.

© Thomas Kienzle/AFP

Penalty shootout: SC Freiburg - RB Leipzig 2: 4

4. Penalty: Demirovic hits the ball full, but it jumps on the crossbar and out into the field.

This makes RB Leipzig the cup winner.

4. Penalty: Henrichs hits bottom left, it is now 4:2 for Leipzig.

3. Penalty: Keven Schlotterbeck overcomes Gulacsi, but it's still his turn.


3. Penalty: Olmo hits the top left corner to make it 3-1!

2. Penalty: Christian Günter runs - and shoots the ball over the goal in the middle!

2. Penalty: Orban also converts strongly for RB Leipzig, the Sachsn lead 2-1.

1st penalty: Nils Petersen is on point, runs and hits a flat right against Gulacsi, who flies into the wrong corner.


1. Penalty: The Saxons start, the first shooter of the Leipzig is Nkunku.

The Frenchman stays cool and converts against Flekken!

Penalty shootout:

The captains Christian Günter and Peter Gulacsi are already with the referees, in a few moments the penalty shootout will start.

Penalty shootout in Berlin after goalless extra time


The final will be decided on penalties!

120 minutes:

Grifo now tries a flick, but it's set a little too high.

Overtime is already on!

119 minutes:

The decision is made: there is no penalty for RB, but a corner kick!

However, Freiburg can defend this.

117 minutes:

There is excitement in the Freiburg penalty area!

Olmo had asserted himself strongly and ran into the penalty area, but Höler rushed over and tackled the Spaniard.

It is unclear whether he hits the ball. Stegemann watches the scene again himself.

In the meantime, Kampl sees the yellow-red card, but he was already substituted.

115 minutes:

And the next huge chance!

Haberer takes a shot directly from the edge of the penalty area and only hits the crossbar!

A murmur goes through the Olympic Stadium, which could have been a hair's breadth of the winning goal.

114 minutes:

Szoboszlai tries directly, but Flekken catches the ball.

Contested extension - advantages for Freiburg, RB lurks on the counterattack

113 minutes:

Only Freiburg is still playing, the Leipzig forces are apparently exhausted.

There is the next corner for the SC, which in turn follows to the next corner.

This comes briefly, but Szoboszlai has paid attention and drives the ball forward, where it is placed.

There is a free kick from RB from a good position and a yellow card for Demirovic.

110 minutes:

Grifo's attempt gets stuck on the wall, the corner that follows is useless.

Ten minutes left on the clock.

108 minutes:


Schlotterbeck prevails strongly against several opponents.

He is placed two meters from the penalty area, there is the next free kick.

106th minute:

After a short break, it's time for the last 15 minutes.

Freiburg has changed, Keven Schlotterbeck comes into play for Manuel Gulde.


105 minutes:

The mega chance for the SC!

First the ball flies through the penalty area in pinball mode, then Haberer pulls away after a rebound and only hits the inside post.

Demirovic bangs the margin from a few meters in front of the empty goal over the crossbar, Gulacsi in the RB box cheers as if his own team has scored.

103 minutes

: The first half of extra time is coming to an end and the score is still 1-1.

Freiburg can't think of much offensively, while RB continues to lurk on the counterattack.

100 minutes:

Leipzig's Mukiele and SC keeper Flekken rattle together, but after a short break the game can continue.

97 minutes:

Freiburg continues to attack, but RB defends consistently in this phase of the game.

As a reminder: since the 57th minute, Leipzig have only been ten on the field.

Extension in Berlin – Freiburg wants to force the opening goal

95 minutes:

SC Freiburg's next attempt: Orban blocks a Petersen shot.

That could have been dangerous.

93 minutes:

Freiburg start straight away with Demirovic hitting the post, but his header falls a bit too weak on Gulacsi's goal.

Shortly thereafter, the SCF gets the next corner, but this brings nothing.

91 minutes:

The ball rolls again.

What else can the ten people from Leipzig do against the eleven from Freiburg?

FINAL WHISTLE: Nothing happens in the last minute of overtime, it goes into extra time!

90 minutes +3:

Tedesco demands a card for an opponent.

Stegemann only partially fulfills this wish, the coach is warned.

Exciting final phase in the Olympic Stadium: Leipzig in attack mode

90th minute +1:

Regular time has expired.

Lienhart sees the yellow card because he prevents an attack by Leipzig.

There's four minutes on top of that.

88 minutes:

Two minutes still regular.

Will there be another goal before the final whistle or will it go into overtime?

85 minutes:

First Freiburg runs again and Demirovic has a chance, then RB plays strongly forward.

Olmo tries a dropkick and just misses the SC goal!

Streich replaces goalkeeper Eggestein and Haberer replaces him.

In addition, Schmid comes for Kübler.

81 minutes:

Kübler gets the next free kick after a foul on Nkunku, who sees a yellow card.

And this leads to the next chance for RB!

Szoboszlai has the opening goal on the slippery slope, but Flekken is there again with a strong save.

What a close endgame.

79 minutes:

How does Freiburg react?

First with two changes, Sallai and Höler leave the field, Demirovic and SCF top joker Petersen come into play.

Nkunku scores the late equalizer: Leipzig's urge phase is rewarded

77 minutes: TOOOR for RB!

Something was hinted at, now he's in!

After an extended set piece, Nkunku is spot on and ready for a shot at the far post.

Flekken has no chance to prevent the equaliser.

Scorer against SC Freiburg: Christopher Nkunku for RB Leipzig.

© IMAGO / district photo

74 minutes:

RB Leipzig still have a little over 15 minutes to equalize.

However, Freiburg is still poisonous in the duels and, if necessary, stops the Leipzig team with fouls.

None of the SC professionals has seen a warning yet.

71 minutes:

Tedesco has meanwhile also brought in Dani Olmo, who is supposed to provide a little more offensive power.

And in fact, RB dares a little more.

Schlotterbeck, who is strong today, can prevent a strong run-up from Laimer with a perfect tackle.

67 minutes:

There isn't much from Leipzig even after the changes, but Grifo tries twice. Gulacsi has no problems with his first shot, the second goes over the goal.

64 minutes:

Tedesco has made two substitutions, with Mukiele and Szoboszlai replacing Silva and Forsberg.

streich, on the other hand, has not made any changes yet.

59 minutes:

Shortly after the free kick, Grifo tries a free kick, but the Pforzheimer only hits the side netting.

Shortly thereafter, Sallai also hits the side netting from an acute angle.

The momentum is on the side of Freiburg, who continue to play forward.

Red card against RB Leipzig: Halstenberg tears down Höler and flies

57 minutes:

First Leipzig pushes through strongly, Simakan is easily brought down by Schlotterbeck in the penalty area, but instead of a penalty, Freiburg counterattack!

Höler is sent with a long ball, then Halstenberg grabs and wrestles Höler down.

Stegemann makes the decision immediately and shows the Leipzig defender a smooth red for thwarting a scoring opportunity.

Afterwards, Simakan and Kampl each see yellow cards.

56 minutes:

Freiburg eases up a bit and lets Leipzig progress.

But the Saxons are not yet in the last third of the attack.

53 minutes:

Leipzig is now trying to take control of the game.

Domenico Tedesco's side let the ball run, but Freiburg have not been impressed so far.

Nkunku with the chance to equalize: Freiburg keeper Flekken saves

50 minutes:

The first opportunity for Leipzig!

After a cross from the left, Nkunku gets the ball in front of the penalty area. The Frenchman tries to turn, but Flekken in the Freiburg goal grabs it.

It remains exciting.

48 minutes:

Leipzig pull a foul early on.

Günter puts the ball in front of the goal, but there is no buyer, Leipzig can clear the ball to the side.

46 minutes:

The second half is in the Berlin Olympic Stadium!

Both teams remain unchanged in terms of personnel.

Can't get through in the first half: RB Leipzig is 1-0 down against SC Freiburg in the DFB Cup final.

© IMAGO/Julius Frick


45 minutes:

At the end of the first round, the fouls pile up.

First Günter causes a Leipzig standard, but Schlotterbeck can rectify the situation again.

After that, it's Nkunku who fouls Sallai.

Shortly thereafter, Sascha Stegemann asks the twenty-two players to whistle for a break.

42 minutes:

Nkunku actually has space in front of the penalty area and still takes Silva with him, but he loses the ball. Leipzig stays on the offensive after losing the ball and gets a free kick from a promising position.

38 minutes:

Apart from tentative attempts, Leipzig can't think of much at the moment against the Freiburg defence, which is still in good shape.

The Streich-Elf bravely goes into the duels and remains patient with longer ball relays from RB.

SC Freiburg leads against RB Leipzig – lively back and forth in Berlin

35 minutes:

RB tries again.

First Silva can't get through on the left side, but Leipzig stay tuned.

In the end, Orban tests SCF keeper Flekken, but the latter has no problem with the centre-back's attempt.

31 minutes:

... but Grifo's cross is not really dangerous.

In short, Leipzig's Laimer overturns Freiburg's Sallai and triggers a pack formation.

the nervousness is noticeable in the RB professionals.

29 minutes:

After almost half an hour, it's still an interesting duel, also because SC Freiburg doesn't let up and just keeps going despite the previous mistake.

There is the next free kick for the Breisgauer...

25 minutes:

How does Leipzig react?

First of all, not at all, because Freiburg just keeps playing.

But then Leipzig comes after a mistake by Höfler, who heads back to Flekken blindly and far too short in the penalty area.

to a chance.

Simakan gets the ball and finishes, but Flekken is on it and Schlotterbeck clears just before the line.

Celebrations in Berlin: Maximilian Eggestein scored the 1-0 for Freiburg.

© Robert Michael/dpa

SC Freiburg takes the lead: Maximilian Eggestein scores after twenty minutes

20 minutes: And indeed!

Ronald Salai had his hand on the ball when it was accepted before Eggestein thundered the ball into the far post behind Gulacsi.

But the goal counts!

Freiburg leads 1-0!

19 minutes: Tooor!

Maximilian Eggestein scores for SC Freiburg from around 18 meters!

Günter had previously brought the ball into the middle, where Sallai hung up for the scorer.

But the people of Leipzig protest to the referee, apparently there should have been a handball beforehand.

RB Leipzig with the first chance of the game: striker Nkunku initially unlucky

15. Minute: Die erste dicke Torchance der Partie! Forsberg setzt sich auf links durch und prüft Flekken, der gut reagiert aber den Ball nicht festhalten kann. Silva kann den Abpraller nicht nutzen, Nkunkus Schuss wird zum Eckball geklärt. Doch diese bringt nichts ein, der SCF kann durchatmen.

12. Minute: Freiburg hat immer mehr vom Spiel, weshalb sich hier eine sehr interessante Partie entwickelt. Nach einem Ballverlust im Mittelfeld übernehmen nun wieder die Leipziger die Kontrolle, Freiburg steht jedoch gewohnt stabil.

10. Minute: Klostermann holt den sehr auffälligen Sallai von den Beinen, Grifo will den fälligen Freistoß vor das Leipziger Tor bringen, doch seine Flanke bleibt hängen.

8. Minute: Leipzigs Verteidiger Simakan muss vor dem Freiburger Sallai zur ersten Ecke der Partie klären. Diese muss aufgrund eines Zweikampfs zwischen Henrichs und Schlotterbeck wiederholt werden, doch Orban klärt den zweiten Versuch.

5. Minute: Nach vier Minuten meldet sich auch der SC Freiburg mit einem ersten Nadelstich nach vorne, doch auch die Leipziger Hintermannschaft ist bei Grifos zentraler Hereingabe ebenfalls hellwach.

3. Minute: Die ersten Minuten gehören Leipzig, eine erste Flanke von Klostermann kann von der Freiburger Defensive aus dem Strafraum geklärt werden.

1. Minute: Und los geht‘s! Die Leipziger sind zunächst am Ball und lassen diesen erst einmal gut laufen.


Update, 19.55 Uhr: Die Spieler betreten das Feld, in wenigen Minuten geht es los!

Update, 19.51 Uhr: Noch zehn Minuten bis Schiedsrichter Sascha Stegemann das Finale freigibt. Seit dem Finale 1993 zwischen Bayer Leverkusen und den Amateuren von Hertha BSC ist es das erste Mal, dass zwei Vereine das Endspiel bestreiten und dabei erstmals den Pott gewinnen können.

Update, 19.40 Uhr: Wie geht Domenico Tedesco heute mit seiner Finalprämiere um? „Ich versuche, es aufzusaugen. So ein Pokalfinale zu spielen, ist nicht alltäglich“, meinte Leipzigs Trainer vom Endspiel und warnt besonders vor der Standardstärke des Gegners. Auch der 36-Jährige scheint tiefenentspannt.

Update, 19.31 Uhr: Den SC Freiburg trennt eine knappe halbe Stunde vom ersten DFB-Pokalfinale , für RB Leipzig ist es bereits das dritte Mal in Berlin. Bisher unterlagen die Sachsen jedoch zweimal, im Jahr 2019 unterlag man mit 0:3 gegen den FC Bayern, 2021 verlor RB mit 1:4 gegen den BVB.

SC-Freiburg-Coach Streich zeigt sich vor dem DFB-Pokalfinale entspannt

Update, 19.20 Uhr: Wie bereitete sich der SC Freiburg auf den heutigen Abend vor? „Wir haben uns wie auf ein Bundesliga-Spiel vorbereitet, der Unterschied war nur, dass wir einen Tag früher gefahren sind“, meint Freiburg-Trainer Christian Streich etwa vierzig Minuten vor dem Finale bei der ARD. Der Coach wirkt entspannt und freut sich sichtlich auf sein bisher größtes Spiel mit dem SCF.

Update, 19.11 Uhr: Die Aufstellungen beider Teams sind nun da. Beide Mannschaften gehen mit einer ähnlichen taktischen Ausrichtung ins Spiel, wobei die Leipziger wohl mit einer Dreierkette und die Freiburger mit einer defensiveren Fünferkette spielen werden.

Update, 18.48 Uhr: Während der SC Freiburg eine konstant gute Saison spielte, holte RB Leipzig vor allem seit dem Trainerwechsel zum Ende der Hinrunde ordentlich auf. Bei beiden Duellen zwischen den Breisgauern und den Sachsen gab es in dieser Spielzeit keine Sieger, die beiden Partien endeten 1:1, am heutigen Abend muss es jedoch einen Gewinner geben.

SC Freiburg trifft auf RB Leipzig - Ex-Leipzig-Profi kritisiert SCF für Schal-Streit

Update vom 21. Mai, 18.24 Uhr: Vor dem Pokalfinale zofften sich Freiburg und Leipzig bereits um die Verwendung des SCF-Logos auf gemeinsamen Fanutensilien, hinzu kam der Ärger um das Abschlusstraining der Leipziger (siehe Erstmeldung). Zwar legten die Klubs den Schal-Streit bereits bei, der ehemalige Leipzig-Profi Marvin Compper kritisierte die Freiburger jedoch vor dem Endspiel für die Aktion. „Freiburgs Ablehnung irritiert mich. Diese herrscht leider nach wie vor bei dem einen oder anderen Klub“, meinte der Ex-Nationalspieler gegenüber Sport1.

„Es ist ein Protest gegen das Zustandekommen eines Klubs wie RB“, so der Co-Trainer des russischen Erstligisten Lokomotive Moskau. Durch die Aktion werde „neuer Hass geschürt“, so Compper. „Das ist nicht die feine Art und es war nicht Freiburg-like. (...) Das ist ein Verein, der für gewisse Werte und Toleranz einstehen will, aber ich sehe jetzt keine Toleranz.“ Das Thema RB Leipzig löst unter deutschen Fußballfans nach wie vor viel Verärgerung aus, 2009 übernahm der Ableger des Red-Bull-Imperiums den Oberliga-Startplatz des SSV Markranstädt und spielt nach vier Aufstiegen seit der Saison 2016/17 in der Bundesliga.

DFB-Pokal-Finale zwischen dem SC Freiburg und RB Leipzig - wer holt sich den ersten Titel?

Erstmeldung vom 21. Mai:
Freiburg - Eine kuriose Pokalsaison neigt sich dem großen Endspiel zu. Dank des großen Favoritensterbens in den ersten Runden - der FC Bayern flog in der zweiten Runde raus, der BVB im Achtelfinale - setzten sich letztlich der Bundesliga-Vierte aus Leipzig sowie der Überraschungs-Sechste aus Freiburg durch. Im Berliner Olympiastadion geht es ab 20 Uhr (live im TV und im Stream) um den jeweils ersten großen Titel der Vereinsgeschichte.

SC Freiburg und RB Leipzig zoffen sich vor dem DFB-Pokal-Finale: Nächster Krach nach Schal-Eklat

Bereits Wochen vor dem DFB-Pokal-Endspiel gab es erste Auseinandersetzungen zwischen den beiden Finalisten. Grund dafür war ein Verbot der Nutzung des SC-Freiburg-Logos für gemeinsame Fanartikel zum Finale. „Wir machen die Partnerschals relativ selten. Nur wenn es eine Verbindung zwischen den Klubs oder Fans gibt“, begründete der verantwortliche Finanzvorstand der Breisgauer Oliver Leki die Entscheidung. Bei RB Leipzig kam dies nicht gut an, Geschäftsführer Oliver Mintzlaff bezeichnete das Logo-Verbot gar als respektlos.

Neben der Diskussion um die sogenannten Begegnungsschals sorgte ein weiterer Zwischenfall für Spannungen zwischen den Endspielgegnern. Der Auslöser dafür war das Abschlusstraining am Freitagabend, das normalerweise am Spielort abgehalten wird, idealerweise sind 15 Minuten der Einheit für Medienvertreter zugänglich. RB Leipzig trainierte zur Verwunderung vieler jedoch nicht richtig. So kamen die Spieler in Turnschuhen und mit wenigen Bällen auf den Platz und fuhr nach fünf Minuten auf dem Platz und einem kleinen Spaziergang wieder ab. Schuld am ungewöhnlich kurzen Abschlusstraining waren Bild zufolge die Freiburger.

RB Leipzig hielt wegen Freiburg kein reguläres Abschlusstraining ab - stattdessen kuriose Alibi-Einheit

Accordingly, the SCF, as the nominal "home team", was allowed to decide on the time of their own final training session in the Berlin stadium at the throwing ground next to the Olympic Stadium, so Christian Streich gave the last opportunity to prepare at 5 p.m.

Only after the Freiburgers - around 6.15 p.m. - would it have been the turn of the Leipzigers with their unit.

That was apparently too late for coach Domenico Tedesco and Co., which is why RB trained before leaving at 10 a.m.

However, with the DFB insisting that the finalists train at the venue of the final, Leipzig completed its brief alibi session.


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