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Making Market South America Version: 10 Most Wanted Young Players In Europe | Israel today


The River Plate midfielder and Argentine national team that could reach Milan • The 21-year-old full-back who is attracting interest from Barcelona and Real Madrid • and the Ecuadorian brake that could be Ajax's next exit • The South American market has always been a sought-after destination, A few names until you hear about them is only a matter of time

The South American influx to Europe has already begun.

Julian Alvarez parted ways with River Plate and moved to Manchester City, Julio Enciso became the most expensive Paraguayan in history when he signed for Brighton for 12 million euros at the age of 18, Arsenal added Marcinius from Sao Paulo, Agustin Alvarez continued the Uruguayan striker tradition and signed with the Uruguayan striker. .

Just last week she sent to Europe Anthony Valencia (Antwerp), Mikey de la Cruz (Reims) and Nelson Angulo (Anderlecht) - all under the age of twenty.

The South American market has always been a coveted destination for European teams, but it seems that recently the boundaries of the sector have increased and more teams are acquiring more players at very reasonable prices.

So for a summer that may bring many more Latin players to the top leagues in Europe, here is a list of the most sought-after teenagers:

Before that, it should be noted that this is a partial, limited and varied list.

One can easily make such a list of only 10 Brazilians.

Enso Fernandez (contact, River Plate, 21):

Not far from Julian Alvarez on the list of "Argentines who fit into European football" is Enso Fernandez.

A classic 50:50 contact, one that knows how to stop the opponent's attacks and end his team's attacks, very versatile and strong.

His path to River's senior team was full of hardships and demanded the loan to Defensa E Justicia, but from the moment he returned to the hands of Marcelo Gerardo, Fernandez became one of the significant players on the team.

Not surprisingly, the demand from Europe is huge.

Milan, Wolves and Benfica have been the most serious so far, and with a $ 20 million release clause likely to be seen very soon in Europe.

In recent days the Portuguese have shifted gears, and it looks like he will soon be wearing a Lisbon red.


On the Safe Road to Europe, Photo: Getty Images

Marcus Leonardo (striker, Santos, 19):

It is impossible to produce such a list without a Santos player, and Marcus Leonardo grabs the team slot.

Although he is known as the "new Neymar" out of necessity, it is difficult to say that he is the same type of player.

Marcus Leonardo is more solid than Neymar, he has a good head game and breaking power that allows him to play around and within the extension.

Despite his young age he has already amassed over 100 games in the senior team in the media he has scored over 30 goals, with at his young average age standing at more than a goal per game.

He recently scored a quartet against Uruguay in a tournament up to the age of 20. His dream is to play in England, and especially with Cristiano Ronaldo, and at his pace of progress it is not unlikely that it will happen soon.


Over 100 Premier League appearances in Brazil, Photo: Reuters

Danilo (back contact, Palmeiras, 21):

What Danilo has in his legs could already be seen at the 2021. World Club Championship. Palmeiras did lose to Chelsea in the final, but at the age of 20 he won the bronze ball for the third best player in the tournament.

Danilo did not score, but he did what characterized him most of all: snatched balls and destroyed the opponents' attacks.

With a rare position, long legs and explosive power, Palmeiras' midfielder has a profile of the new Brazilian ax - a kind of Casmiro and Fabinho for early childhood.

He has been a partner in Palmeiras winning a number of titles, including twice at the Copa Libertadores, and in the past year has been named the Paulista's Outstanding Player.

With such data and resume, it is not surprising to find that Real, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and the rest of the big ones are chasing him.

To get it, they'll have to pay a lot.

⚽️🇧🇷 Barcelona Will Reportedly Face Stiff Competition From Ligue 1 Giants AS Monaco In The Tace To Sign Danilo From Palmeiras This Summer.🇧🇷

- Brazil Fb Transfer & News (@KassimSafeed) June 14, 2022

Carlos "Chuckie" Alcras (Knot, Racing, 20)

: In Argentina, a very talented generation of knots has grown up.

Enso Fernandez is at the helm, but there are also Alan Varela and Agustin Almendra from Boca Juniors and especially Carlos Alcras.

With the same name and age as that of the Spanish tennis star, Chuckie has made headlines with some impressive midfield appearances for Fernando Gago's team.

Along with impressive defensive abilities Alkras also scored several goals with a long-range kick and displayed control of the pace of the game.

Inter have recently reported interest from Inter, who have been informed that the player will only leave if the release clause of 25 million euros is paid.

About two weeks ago Racing was very worried after her young star was injured and abandoned playing in pain, but the club announced that the injury is not terrible and he will soon return to the pitches.

Alkras (left) in front of Boca.

The next exit of Racing, Photo: AFP

Pekondo Prias (Pioneer / Extreme, Colon, 20):

Every self-respecting South American list will feature the name of Pecondo Prias.

Solid, agile, cunning and unpredictable - these are the qualities that make the Cologne player from Santa Fe one who can put a lot of money into the club's coffers.

Watching his exploits on YouTube brings back memories of Sergio Aguaro when it comes to movement and body structure, and what Conn did in Europe is hard to forget.

It was recently reported that the rights to Prias had been sold to a group of Anglo-Scottish investors, which could facilitate his move.

At the moment, Valencia, Porto, Rome and some Premier League teams are groping for him, and it looks like they will soon close a deal that will send him to Europe.


On the way to the Eternal City ?, Photo: AFP

Jarson Chacon (contact, Deportivo Tachira, 19):

Venezuela produces big - small stars (named after Jiperson Sotaldo), and the new diamond is one that rises to a height of 1.66 meters. He made his senior team debut at 16, and despite Who was the smallest and the lowest did not hesitate to abuse defensive players thanks to agility and cunning. Premiere in the senior team. It is customary for players of this type to move to the USA, Mexico, Argentina or Brazil, but there are reports in Venezuela that Europe is also an option.

Chakon., Photo: IPI

Joel Ordoneis (Brake, Independiente del Vaje, 18):

Moises Caisado (Brighton), Jose Angulo (Grande), Angelo Presiado (Genk), William Pacho (Antwerp) and Stephen Plaza (Valladolid) are Just an impressive part of players that Independiente del Vajge has sold to European teams in recent years.

Who might be the next name on this list is Ordonez, a 1.85-foot-tall brake who was part of the team that reached the Libertadores Youth Cup final this year (lost to Penarol).

Last season Ordonez was a partner in the senior team and at the same time attracted a lot of interest from Milan.

Two weeks ago it was announced in Ecuador that the number of teams interested in him had increased to six, and apart from Milan there are Benfica, Ajax, PSV, Toulouse and Club Brugge.

Ordonez struggled with Hulk.

Ajax stares, Photo: IP

Daniel Ruiz (Extreme, Mijonarius, 20):

There is no exercise in the football exercise book that Daniel Ruiz is unfamiliar with.

Pedalda, Elastico, Johan Cruyff's rotation, depth dedication with the outside of the shoe - everything he does and with tremendous speed on the line.

Able to play right and left, move players and create dangerous situations, the 20-year-old is considered today one of the biggest stars developing in Colombian football.

The look is a bit reminiscent of Hamas Rodriguez, who has already become one of the big fans, and the statistics make it clear that he is the best young player in Colombia and it has the highest value.

Naturally Porto have already expressed interest, and it seems that 4-5 million euros will send him to play overseas.


There is already madness, Photo: EP

Andrik (Extreme, Palmeiras, 16 next month):

The youngest name on the list is also the hottest name on the list.

And this is not the most amazing thing about him: he is the most wanted of them all even though he has not yet played a single minute in a senior team.

So what's special about Andrew?


The things he did in Palmeiras' young teams, and especially in the prestigious Cappuccino tournament, managed to convince the best scouts in the world that this is the greatest raw potential in world football.

A combination of speed and ball control, of power and game wisdom, a player who is able to put the ball in the net in any way the game offers.

In the current era, where teams are willing to invest in the possibility that a great talent will become a big player, Andrik's market value is about 50 million euros.

Real, PSG, Barcelona and the rest of the empires have started working on the diamond combination, and now it only remains to find out: where and how much.


The struggle for it will be long,

Marcelino Nunez (Contact, Universidad Catulica, 22):

Chilean football has not brought too many players to Europe in recent years - in fact, the last squad had only five players from the old continent, one of whom is Gary Madeleine and the other is Ben Brarton who was born and raised in England.

Who might be the next big export is Nunez, a talented attacking midfielder who runs the game of Universidad Cattolica and has become the car player in the Chilean national team.

This is a typical South American midfielder.

Controls the ball on the right and left, kicks supreme free, removes gracefully and joins second-line attacks.

He made the big break last year when he led his team to a second consecutive championship, and as a result attracted interest from many Premier League teams - including Everton, Leeds United, Brighton, Southampton and Wolves.


On the way to England,

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