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Roni Levy: "The audience was negative, against me and against the team" | Israel today


"I left Hapoel B'Shlosha when she was still competing for the championship" • "My rest was enough, I face the next challenge" • "Even before Benyon joined the team, they sat with me in the association and I was a candidate for training" • Almost four months after being fired from the runner-up, Roni Levy Ready to go back to rolling

Almost four months have passed since Roni Levy was fired from Hapoel B'Shlosha.

In a special interview with Israel Today, Levy spoke about what happened on the way to dismissal.

"After a crazy season opener it was a less good period, which is natural. There was pressure from the crowd and the media as expected. At this point, if you go with then go through the wave. Strong teams go through it. The BAS decided not to go with the coach, and I do not complain."

But you left when you were still fighting for all the titles in the league, did not you think to ask to try and continue?

"I left BS in a situation where she is still competing for the championship.

I saw character, a strong mentality, nothing more than a coach.

We did not concede more than two goals, we had three losses, and we also conceded only one goal in them.

As for the actors, it must be said, flawlessly.

I really liked coaching them.

Also Aliniv Barda, Eviatar Iluz.

But in the end, they chose to separate, and that's fine. "

Roni Levy.

"Haifa, Maccabi Tel Aviv or BS - that's all", Photo: Danny Maron

But from the beginning of the season the atmosphere around was not good, even in front of the fans who wanted to see better football.

Did not feel it could lead you to this place?

"Absolutely yes, I felt it from the first moment. I knew the situation was explosive, but sometimes it's the situation. I did my best on the professional side to break down these background noises. Today, maybe a little late in my life, one of my problems and mistakes was not coordinating expectations with the club. And the owner. "

What do you mean?

"For example, with Betar Jerusalem I finished third in a team that was almost relegated, and the home team created an atmosphere of 'how we did not take the championship'.

To take a championship you have to produce a year or two of construction.

This is what we did in B.S.

Elyaniv Barda.

Levy also knows how to pargan, Photo: Alan Shiver

"We built a new squad with 14 players, and it takes time to get what we want. We recorded 16 games without a loss, we absorbed the least, the best results in away games, so yes there were things I was less satisfied with: in regular football, in fun, but these are things sometimes "It takes time to deliver. It is impossible to replace all the players every year and get immediate successes. Once the owners and the club do not broadcast with you on the same wave of expectations, then it is difficult to succeed."

Did not coordinate expectations with Alona Barkat?

It's pretty clear she was aiming for the championship.

"When I sat down with her for the first time, it was not the discourse and that word was not mentioned.

It hurt that we built a great staff, a good team, and it fell apart.

It's very disappointing to me. "

"In football, as in life, you choose your challenge"

Last month, Yossi Benyon was appointed the professional manager of the team, and the immediate rumor was that he had appointed his friend Roni Levy to the position of coach, the man he most professionally appreciates.

In an interview with the "Shishvat" supplement, Benyon spoke about another Roni Levy, who is not featured in the media, and clarified that there is a gap between what is seen from the outside and personal acquaintance, probably professionally when it comes to coaching ability.

Roni Levy.

"In football, like everything in life, you choose the challenge," Photo: Udi Citiat

"He's right," Levy admits, "I read the interview. To hear such a thing from our greatest actors is a great thing. When Lior Raplaub or Yaniv Katan talk like that, and in the end one or another stakeholder says other things - it's people's choice to listen to.

"I really like Yossi as a person, he is a precious man and he's not just successful in the Israeli national team. It's good that there are people like Yossi in football. As for the personal level? I was wrong, I need to talk more in the media and express myself. "Yes, you did and did not say? As if you did not. In this situation, a club should also emphasize the good things. Besides, if you are interviewing for one, then others are looking for you. That is how it is, unfortunately."

What would you say to those who said you were a candidate for the team just because of Yossi Benyon?

"Even before Yossi arrived, they sat with me in the association and I was a member of the team. Willy Rotensteiner wanted me on the young team and talked to me that I would replace Andy Herzog when the time came, and it did not work because I was busy. Yossi made a good decision for him and the team. I trust him professionally."

After a few months at home, do you want to return to the artist or do you need more freedom?

"I always have passion and hunger. This is what I love most: the rest was enough for me, and I am facing the next challenge with great desire. This is a time when everything is busy, both in Israel and abroad.

Cyprus, Romania and Greece are an option.

I have a good name and they know me. "


Excellent actor with a lot of personal issues, Photo: Udi Citiate

The big ones are busy.

Will you go to coach in a smaller group in the country? 

"In football, like everything in life, you choose the challenge. Being in Haifa or Maccabi Tel Aviv and competing for a championship is a challenge.

To come to Betar in a very difficult situation and face the relegation, to keep it in the league and celebrate as if to take a championship? It is also a challenge. It is equivalent to a championship with Haifa. I had the same story with Netanya at the time, a place I really like.

"People said to me, 'This is dangerous, the team is in disarray.' I got there and had a great time: we stayed in the league, Eran Levy flourished, Dia Seba succeeded, and from there I returned to Haifa. It is a great satisfaction no less than descriptions and personal successes. " 

Roni, since the championships with Maccabi Haifa you have not won a championship with a club in Israel, that is a fact.

why did this happen?

"You compete according to the tools you have. I coached at Maccabi Petah Tikva, and the situation was to survive in the league, as in Netanya and Betar.

Abroad, with anorthosis and onira, we competed for a championship. In my second term in Haifa, I was not ready to take a championship. I came to Betar two years ago when she competed for the relegation.

We took the Toto Cup, third place, and that was fine.

Lenny with Eric Benado.

Finished their way already in the middle of the season,

"Now, in Bashar, Maccabi Tel Aviv and Maccabi Haifa were better than us. You can not be the strongest after you change 14 players, can not be. Now there is a good base with not much turnover, and you can produce a championship.

"Who will take the championship next season? Haifa, Maccabi Tel Aviv or BS - that's all. Haifa has an advantage thanks to continuity, and so does Maccabi Tel Aviv.

I was on 82 percent success and Haifa were on 80, so in their slightly less good season we could have gone all the way. The crowd was negative, against me, against the team, and it does not matter if I or the club did something wrong. When I left, Who dropped to 50 percent success, but won the trophy.

Happy for them and for Barda. "

So what changed in the WC after you left?

"The dynamics in front of the crowd mainly. I applaud them for that and Aliniv for having it in front of the fans; on the other hand, the team lost by three goals, and that did not happen to me."

What happened to Hatem 'Abd al-Hamid?

He refused to play for you as a defender?

He also abandoned one of the training sessions because of it.

"Let's put it precisely: Hatem is an excellent player with a lot of personal problems. I say here that he is suitable to play as a brake. In this case, he came out, was reprimanded, fined and straightened. From here he was very positive for the team.

"On the way we were in another process or two and he got in the head, it did not go out to the media. My job is to try to get the maximum out of a player bought for a million dollars. Mistake.

Could it be that Roni Levy of 20 years ago would have cut it straight?

"Even in the past when someone made a mistake, I would give a blow, of course metaphorically, but open a door. Hatem came, apologized, straightened a line and that's it. If not - he would have stayed out. I do be strict. I demand professionalism and do not get shortcuts. Sometimes I hear "Commentators and grins. 'Give to the youngsters', I hear. I have promoted dozens of youngsters, but Modric, Benzema, Cross, are veterans who took Real to the European Championships. In the end you have to find a balance, and that's a coach's job." 

Roni Levy.

"I will be even more strict. I will not take anything," Photo: Danny Maron

Towards the next team - what the musical chairs in Israeli football will turn, will you take?

"I'll be even stricter. I will not take anything. I want a good work environment, and sometimes you have to adapt to the market. I give myself credit, that most of the clubs I worked for wanted me again. It shows your qualities as a coach, but mostly as a person."

Were we wrong?


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