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Sometimes dreams come true: the youth team shatters all the stigmas Israel today


Our youth team took all the stigmas on Israeli football, threw them on the floor, and gave immense pride to all lovers of the industry with a justifiable qualification for the European Championship finals • So Ofir Haim is not only a motivator and a person with a big heart but also an excellent tactician

Whoever thought that the magic journey of Ofir Haim and his young men would end with the historic achievement of immigration to Mondalito, probably did not really know the big heart and the wonderful connection between the coach and his players.

Our youth team took all the stigmas on Israeli football, threw them on the floor, shattered them and gave immense pride to all lovers of the industry when they played heroically against the strongest team in the French tournament, could and rightly qualified for the European Championship final.

Oscar Gluch in action, Photo: AP

The way the coach prepares his players for the game is far more important than any motivational speech.

So Ophir Haim is not only a motivator and a big-hearted man who connects with his young men (that is, I no longer call them children), he is also an excellent tactician.

In fact, the French team, which scored 11 goals in the home stage, blinked first, when it changed the lineup in the opening from 4: 3: 3 to 3: 5: 2 and tried to press with personal protection on the entire field.

Haim and his players started the game well, but after 10 minutes the control passed as expected to the French.

Oscar Gluch celebrates the first.

Hard to catch,

Living wisely, asked Ahmed Salman to give up the brakes and help the ties, to produce a numerical advantage in the middle and allow Abed and Logsi to help the defenders in front of the wingers.

The fact that life requires the players to move a ball, even under pressure, gives them the confidence that they are equal to the opponent and can.

Apparently, our first goal, though, was myself, but he was a masterpiece of team football.

 15 passes in a row, 7 mixed players, Logsi with a magical and smooth depth ball, who delivered the first pass during, was the one who delivered the width to Torre's own goal.

The same Tora, whose picture with our Noam Mocha, after the training game at Claire Fontaine went viral because of a 40 cm height difference between them. Our second goal proved that height does not determine even in stationary balls, if performed correctly.

The Israeli team celebrates against France, Photo: AP

The excellent Lugsi provided an excellent level and Kanzapolski, a tremendous contact and a true winner, slammed his head and heart into the net (a goal that eventually became a winning goal) and ran to celebrate with the team bench.

Another statistic that reinforces the Israeli achievement - in contrast to the French, whose players were all born in 2003, half of the field players who started with us are from 2004 (add Kanzapolski who was born at the end of December 2003).

It should not be taken lightly, at these ages, when some of the players have not completed their physical development, it has great significance.

Israelov, Abed, Gluch, Logsi, Salman and Tomer, who came in as a substitute, can all also play in the next European Championship.

The Israeli team in action, Photo: UEFA

I coached some of the players in the youth of Hapoel Tel Aviv. I met them when they were 15 and 16 and still immature, real children. I went through the difficult corona period with them. The game, it's one of the happiest and most exciting things you can experience as a professional and you what, even as a human being.

I highly recommend to any player who retires and wants to stay in the field - go coach in the youth departments.

You will also improve as coaches, you will also help raise the next generation of footballers and most importantly you will affect the lives of children who will remember you forever and that is something invaluable. 

Will Israel succeed in making a splash against France as well? Photo: UEFA

And I will end with the wonderful words of Mirit Shem Or, which never cease to play in my head from the moment the referee whistled the final whistle:

The sky glows in front of the Wonder Gate

Another minute in the dark,

And lots of voices,

Maybe now, maybe tomorrow,

I will wake up into a dream

Sometimes dreams come true

Sometimes, when the heart is still innocent (innocent, but the most talented there is)

Sometimes, on a hot summer night

Sometimes dreams come true!!!

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Source: israelhayom

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