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Bring the day: those responsible for the dizzying success of the Euro youth team - Walla! sport


Yila Hus has changed the mentality of the Israeli coach and player, Ofir Haim presents an occupying football concept, and how much does Oscar Gluch really mention Eyal Berkovich?

The youth team in the final of the European Championship

Bring the day: responsible for the dizzying success of the Euro youth team

Yila Hus has changed the mentality of the Israeli coach and player, Ofir Haim presents an occupying football concept, and how much does Oscar Gluch really mention Eyal Berkovich?

Ron Amikam is a surgeon and is already sure that the existing skeleton will be enough for the senior team to advance to the 2026 World Cup

Ron Amikam


Thursday, June 30, 2022, 3:00 p.m.

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Summary: Israel's youth team defeated France 1: 2 (Sport 1)


How symbolic that most of the youth team players are born in 2004, the year in which Greece sensationally won the senior Euros in Portugal.

How symbolic when you delve into it, the road to its final was very similar.

Greece came up with 4 points from the home stage after winning the opening game in Porto, a draw against Spain and a loss to Russia.

In the quarter-finals, at Sporting Lisbon Stadium, Greece defeated European champions France and in the semi-finals they met a perfect team like the Czech Republic that came after 4 wins.

The Czech Republic was superior in some parameters over Greece, but from the moment both teams went into overtime to the silver goal of Trianus Dallas, Greece sat on the Czechs, proved superiority in almost every parameter, and a storm that won and advanced to the final.

The amazing thing was that Greece, which as mentioned thanks to the goal difference from the houses, won all three knockout games and even when it needed an extension once, it was relatively short.

Even if the win was sensational, nothing in it was accidental.

Greece upgraded itself from game to game, and deserved a trophy.

There are no coincidences in the promotion of the youth team to the European Championship final.

She won in the elite stage the decisive game against Scotland, she defeated Austria and was supposed to beat Serbia as well.

In the semifinals she had four conquest situations, all good, and she took advantage of two.

The French had 20 conquests, most of them less good and she scored from a distance.

It is not for nothing that the symbolic context for Greece 2004 has been found. It can also end in a win.

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In collaboration with max

It could end in a win (Photo: GettyImages, VLADIMIR SIMICEK / AFP)


You can not help but think of crowns placed in the past on the heads of Israeli teams that reached a random achievement, much less than the European Championship final, and be afraid to put crowns this time too, but this time it is a little different, even if Israel has won only two championships so far. Europe for Youth, in less than a week - this week.

Look at the two goals of the youth against France, and think when did an Israeli team score such goals?

In the first, the team came out of pressure in its first third, with a touch of a ball with a touch, which took it to a very fast passing game.

Roy Revivo made a deep movement and retraced his steps, allowing Oscar Gluck to move into the area cleared by a French defender who went out to Revivo, accept the delivery of Logsi's artist and then pass a wide ball that became an own goal.

Frightened Israeli teams can move away and a technical player can gain an advantage over hesitant defense, or use a personal operation or a long-range kick, or take advantage of weak rivals.

There are no goals of this kind because all the parameters here are completely different from Israeli football: coming out of pressure, touching game, moving a fast ball of 13 passes without interruption, with a presence in the field, in the face of pressure from the excellent opponent's defense.

The second gate is generally a hallucination.

A fund, of the kind that Israel absorbs in bundles, at any age.

An Israeli player jumps and hits the net hard.

And to think that such balls have landed yesterday and in general since the opening of the championship in the field of Israel, and no opponent has taken advantage of them.

Israeli teams or teams do not score such goals, European teams or teams score such goals, and Israel is a European team.


Charming personality.

Ofir Haim (Photo: Screenshot, Association website)


It is said that at a young age we have greater achievements because while the opponents are physical, the technique of the Israeli player closes the gap.

The Israeli youth team does not yet have an extraordinary physicality, and the personal technique is not unusual either, but the way the team plays - and is trained - offers other aspects.

No panic, no casual dismissals, players know how to handle the ball anywhere on the court, know how to make defense, make fewer non-binding mistakes and make the right decisions.

The problem of the Israeli footballer has always been in making decisions: an advantage on the field has not been translated into goals, an advantage in the result has been lost as a result of rooted panic in the final minutes.

Not anymore: Israel's youth team looks and behaves differently.

There is something about Ofir Haim's personality, in his perception of football, that is very captivating, but the same can be said about Alon Hazan, whose senior team also looked much better in the League of Nations than its predecessor.

The majority do not know Yela Jose - nor do I - the Dutchman who runs the age teams, who introduces work patterns, and probably also introduces a different mentality.

One day, in 20-30 years, they will refer to this decade as the Dutch decade in Israeli football: Jordi Cruyff instilled in the other teams the organizational changes that made Maccabi Tel Aviv a sporting management model of a club.

Some groups take an example, there are also some that mimic one by one;

Patrick Van Leven, looking unsuccessful as an alumni coach, instilled work patterns in the youth department, an interest that also permeated the Football Association;

Yila Hus turned Israel's young national team into the Netherlands of the Middle East, and changed the mentality of the Israeli coach and player.

He translated for Yankele the line of Yankele Rotblit's song: "Do not say a day will come, bring the day."

The fact that Israel may be ranked in the Euro 2024 qualifiers thanks to the League of Nations, the fact that the young team can and should pass Ireland and play in the young Euros, the fact that the youth team will play in the World Cup while the next youth team can reach another European Championship. The result of a revolution.

We predict the beginning of a rolling event.

Yales Jose congratulates Israel's youth team on qualifying for the Euros (Football Association)


The youth team is a collective, but in a few months, a year, two years, only part of it will become a skeleton of the older teams, so it is appropriate that we drain the raisins from the cake.

Autumn Lemkin has played 9 full games in the Premier League this season, he is already 19, and it can be said with certainty that after years in which there is no single natural brake for medicine, and ties or defenders have been converted to brake roles in the team, not to mention foreign nationals.

No player in the championship - and there are those here who will pay a cumulative more than a billion euros in the future - has been able to pass him one-on-one, or take him in a head-to-head game, or take advantage of another player’s hole next to him.

Lamkin controls, and the emphasis is on controls, in the field of the Israeli team.

True, the team has conceded 6 goals in 4 games, this is the 1.5 on average that Israeli teams absorb, but it is difficult to say that there was a critical mistake of defense.

It is still difficult to say who Lemkin mentions, but he comes from Hapoel Tel Aviv, which has produced glorious defensive players throughout history - Schweizer, Levkovich, Primo, Rachminovich, Eckhaus, Gershon, Lasri - so there is a situation where we predict a re-creation of Israeli defensive squads To remind you, Israel advanced to the World Cup in Mexico with one mandatory goal in four qualifying games, and in the World Cup itself it conceded only 3 goals in three games, even though it was a completely amateur team.

El Yam Kanzapolski this week reminded two veterans, around the age of 70, of Gideon Tish, perhaps the most physical player in Israeli football, who played as a retiring midfielder and scored 55 league goals, some with powerful free kicks and some just like Kanzapolski's goal for France.

Players of his kind, like Kartsev, like Abu Fani, who combine physical strengths with technique, have not been seen here since Tal Benin.

Now there are some of them here.

Shlomo Sharaf wrote this week that after 30 years, an heir has been found for Eyal Berkovich, and when Shalima utters such a heretical thing, it seems that Oscar Gluch is really reminiscent of the magician.

What is refreshing in Gluch (10 league and cup games in Maccabi Tel Aviv this season, 3 goals) is his Berkowitz movement.

It does not touch the idle ball.

When a ball is sent to him he lets it run and then goes to treat him with his face to the goal - Kofi Berkovich.

This fraction of a second gives him an advantage over any player.

His first real touch on the ball is his release.

It could be a goal, it could be for another player.

This skill that accelerates the transition game, is worth 10 million euros already at this stage of his career.

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A post shared by shlomo sharf (@ shlomo.sharf)

Gluch will soon feel what it is like to be Yossi Benyon, Ben Shehar or Manor Solomon - a player who can play simultaneously in three different teams - but the mistake they made with the others must be stopped now: the problem is not in the load, but in the zigzag.

Just as a player cannot play in three different teams at once, he cannot move from a younger team to a more mature one and back to a younger one, naturally.

The built-in hierarchy in football will confuse the creators.

Every professional manager in the youth department is familiar with the phenomenon: a player who rises to the seniors, and plays in the Premier League in front of tens of thousands of spectators, then finds it difficult to return and play in the Youth Premier League in front of dozens of parents.

I would wait with the senior team a little more on a gloomy matter, let him brew down, play with him in a young team on free dates, when the youth team does not clash with her, but not three teams.

Both because it is too early and it is possible to get along without him, and also because it is better for him to play at this age than to sit on the bench.

This should also be the choice of his next club, and that of the other players of the youth team: it is better for him to be acquired and loaned out, than to shuffle another year in youth academies and have another player from 50.

One can talk about Thai Abed, and Ahmad Salman, and Feingold or Ilai Tomer, and certainly about the father of Roy Revivo who once played in Salta Vigo, one can mention them all.

This is the basis of the Israeli team that will try to be one of the 48 teams that will advance to the 2026 World Cup.

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