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His Nightmare Theater: Cristiano Ronaldo's Unnecessary Entanglement - Walla! sport


After the insistence on not recognizing age restrictions and giving young people the spotlight turned his exciting comeback to Old Trafford into a nightmare, the Portuguese created a new saga

His Nightmare Theater: The Unnecessary Entanglement of Cristiano Ronaldo

After the insistence on not recognizing age restrictions and giving young people the spotlight turned his exciting comeback to Old Trafford into a nightmare, the Portuguese created a new saga around his “frustration” with the situation.

But in practice he is having a hard time finding a new team, and the big loser again will be Manchester United

Michael Yochin


Monday, 04 July 2022, 11:00

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Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester United on 27 August.

Juventus moved to Real Madrid on July 10, 2018, just before the World Cup semi-final between France and Belgium, disrupting media preparations for the game along the way.

Why are these dates important now?

Because it is clear to him that the process of building the staff may take time - based on his personal experience, and also in general that he is 37 years old and not new to the world of football.

Not all moves occur in the first few weeks of the transfer window.

Sometimes they have to mature, sometimes they are unexpected at all - as he read when the Portuguese arrived at Old Trafford last year.

In early July 2021 no one imagined it could happen.

So the reports of the heavy mental stress the star has apparently been under since the end of last season following the slow activity of the Red Devils in the transfer market is - if we are allowed to use blunt language - just bullshit.

They were too frequent and too rude to be believed to any degree of reasonableness.

Agent Georges Mendes dispersed them in order to prepare the ground for the announcement that came "suddenly" on Sunday.

Ronaldo, we are told, is frustrated that he has not yet made a satisfactory purchase and wants to leave so that he can have a chance to win titles and return to the Champions League.

Well already.

Still one could think of a slightly better excuse.

Do you believe his excuse?

Cristiano Ronaldo (Photo: GettyImages, Michael Steele)

Let's go back for a moment to last summer.

Ronaldo then completed a fascinating acquisition campaign for Manchester United - Rafael Varane came from Real Madrid to strengthen the center of defense, Gideon Sancho chose Old Trapoder over other good offers and came on the most promising young English standard, and then Cristiano was added in his honor. And by itself, after a spectacular exercise performed by Mendes.

The team finished the previous season under the guidance of Ola Gunnar Solskjaer in second place, and in the English (and global) media an in-depth discussion has developed as to whether the new stars are capable of taking it one step further and winning the championship.

How did it end?

We all know well - sixth place, with 16 points less compared to 2020/21.

This is not the first example, nor is it the tenth, that a purchase in itself does not guarantee anything, and it is impossible to measure the chances of success of a particular group based on its work in the transfer market - certainly not before the first round.

The new players may fail or upset the team balance - on and off the field.

Bottom line, this is what happened to the Ronaldo deal.

She looked sparkling on paper, and the veteran star who returned home even provided many great moments on the pitch during last season, but many commentators thought the team would have been more successful without him.

24 goals in all competitions is good, and Cristiano brought glorious victories over Arsenal and Tottenham, not to mention the hat-trick against table-lock Norwich, and also secured with critical conquests the first place in the home stage of the Champions League, but United were eliminated in the quarter-finals, and did not return to the Champions League -League.

After each performance of the Portuguese, it was announced that he made his critics eat the hat and proved his greatness.

However, for some reason it had to be proven again and again, while the critics refused to eat the hats, but only increased the intensity of the fire.

This season has been a kind of mania-depression.

Quite ironically, Ronaldo has often solved the problems he himself has created.

As Thierry Henry put it very sharply already in the middle of the season, "there is a problem if your medicine is also your poison."

In many games, Ronaldo did not solve the problems, and the season was particularly dismal, with a series of embarrassing humiliations that materially damaged the club's image, which was problematic anyway even before Ronaldo made the comeback.

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Satisfied with Ronaldo's impending departure.

Eric Tan Brother (Photo: GettyImages, Dean Mouhtaropoulos)

Of course he is not the only one responsible for the fiasco - very far from it.

However, he is so big that every club he plays for automatically becomes Ronaldo and everything else.

Talk about it if he plays and if he does not play, if he is replaced and if he is not replaced, if he is good and if he is bad.

It is always him, and so he himself wants it to be.

Juventus have paid a heavy price for signing a player who is above the club in stark contrast to a long-standing policy - and even if the old lady's management was ashamed to admit it, stars like Giorgio Chiellini and Leonardo Bonucci have made it clear.

Now Manchester United have also fallen into exactly the same trap, and in retrospect it is quite disappointing.

This is disappointing, because at Manchester United - the place where he has already done everything and does not have to prove anything - Ronaldo could have taken a small step back, recognized the natural limitations at 37, not wanting to always be in the spotlight, to share some forces, not to force Own on the whole tactical lineup, and serve on the way also a mentor for the youngsters.

This scenario was completely impossible in other clubs, but at Old Trafford there was a feeling that it could come true, because it was the right and wise thing to do, even psychologically.

Well, that really did not happen, and even now - when a new coach adapts to the team, and the club is negotiating with potential new players - Ronaldo must be at the center of things.

Now he is sad and wants to leave.

Hold it.

There is a reasonable basis to believe that Eric Tan Brother is pleased with this development.

He would have preferred to have a squad without Ronaldo, and without the accompanying headache, because the aging Portuguese is completely unsuited to his high-pressure method - as he did not fit Ralph Rangnick's ideas either.

Unlike the German, the Dutchman has a very large force within the club.

He arrived at a coveted procurement standard himself, and management was in no hurry to throw it under the bus wheels.

His powers to make decisions, even in the Ronaldo sector, will be very extensive, which is probably the real reason behind the hints of Cristiano's vague future and the leak that he is not interested in continuing.

He's trying to beat Tan the Brotherhood in a solid battle even before the start of the season - and if that doesn't work out, then the move to another club where he could be the sole ruler would certainly be welcome.


However, what club would be willing to do that, and also be able to pay the striker's replica fee?

Paris Saint-Germain's Qatari circus could have met the definition, but even he no longer expresses interest, because one dressing room will not be able to tolerate Ronaldo with Leo Messi and Killian Ambape.

Mendes is eager to offer his client to Bayern Munich, who will need a central striker if Robert Lewandowski succeeds in his war and is sold, but the Bavarians are not happy to become a Hollywood FC over steroids - they prefer stars like Sadio Mane.


It is impossible to know what new owner Todd Bolly thinks, but if he consults with serious professionals, they will make it clear to him how dangerous this move could be while the club is rebuilding management.

Real Madrid?

Florentino Perez knows his past star better than any other president, and his economic means are also limited.

So Cristiano has the most brilliant and experienced agent, but even he will have a hard time finding a home for himself after what happened in Turin and Manchester.

There is a limit.

Therefore this saga is expected to be smeared throughout the entire summer and materially undermine the Red Devils ’preparations for the new season.

Ronaldo's private show at the Dream Theater must go on, but it looks like a nightmare at this point.

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