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Before they can celebrate another discount, industry leaders need to recall one document - Walla! sport


The association and the control may transfer Betar Jerusalem's budget if it presents even a minimal amount of money, but it is enough to look at the latest affidavit of the police to understand the magnitude of the risk

Before they can celebrate another discount, industry leaders need to recall one document

The association and the control may transfer Betar Jerusalem's budget if it presents even a minimal amount of money, but it is enough to look at the recent police affidavit in court about the owner's deeds to understand that this is a huge risk.

Not just for the club, but for all of Israeli football

Ophir Saar


Thursday, 07 July 2022, 07:20

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Betar Jerusalem fans demonstrate in front of Moshe Hogg's house (use under section 27A of the Copyright Law)

Before the Football Association and the Budget Control work to keep Betar Jerusalem in its current format in the Premier League, it might be worth stopping for a moment and realizing that as long as Moshe Celebrates is in the Israeli system and football, it will be a

costly mistake for all concerned.

The leaders of the industry should deal with him. Maybe they should extremize the demands of celebrating in order to end his chapter in Israeli football. Still, this is a man who repeatedly declares that he does not want his team and does not tolerate the fans. She's breathing just so he might be able to abuse her a little more.

A slight update for the association and control: Last week, Celebrating demanded that the court return to him guarantees of NIS 10 million that he deposited when he was released from detention.

The police objected to this and also demanded that the order delaying departure from the country be left against him and clarified to the court: “We are submitting a confidential report and relevant investigative materials.

We would like to point out that in the case of Moshe Hogg there is ample evidence of an inherent fear of escape, quite in practice.

"There is a fear of physical acts he will perform in preparation for escapes and disruption of investigative moves - and everything appears before the court in detail."

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Criminal conduct in an industry that tries to promote in one line?

The association should think carefully.

Celebrating (Photo: Danny Maron)

Judge Erez Melamed accepted the police request and came to celebrate and allowed NIS 2 million out of the 10 to be converted by a real estate guarantee. The loans in question were required to be repaid by June 20, and “since he had not yet repaid, some of them began to be repaid for all that that entailed.

Some of the lenders are required to pay interest on the same loan that they also took. "

Regarding the fear that the celebrant will flee the country, the judge wrote:" He stood at the top of the criminal pyramid, with all that that implies. "

Judge Melamed added: "A review of the confidential report and other investigative materials indicates an evidentiary indication of the respondent's intention to cross the state borders, and therefore there is no reason to dismiss the police's concern that as long as the guarantees are revoked

, the respondent may escape trial."

About NIS 8 million to go through budget control.

The only way for Betar to move on and stay in the Premier League is for a celebrant to remove his hands from the team. Any other solution will require unrealistic flexibility on the part of the control, and Sigalit Sage also knows that if Betar goes bankrupt during the season, this time it will not be able to get out.

Either way, it's beyond money.

Ultimately these are the people who own the clubs, the people who are the face of football, the industry that is trying to give a line to future generations.

How does this fit in with the possibility of keeping Moshe Celebrating as owner?

The mantra "it is impossible to take property rights" is correct, but in quite a few cases the court treats a football team as more than a business.

Perhaps if the association had tried with all its might and a great public noise had been created, a precedent could have been set.

Because in the end, football belongs to the fans.

It's much more than money.

Betar players (Photo: Kobi Eliyahu)

Today (Thursday) exactly a year ago, after the signing of Edwin Jesse (the one who had already been fired in January and sued the club at FIFA), Moshe Hogg tweeted enthusiastically:

"Some good things from this morning: 1. Work quietly.

Zero leaks, not an easy achievement in our club.

2. Just looking for strangers who break equality, it is not simple and takes time but it happens.

The oven is hot, there is more on the way. "

There is no doubt that the prophecy came true. Jesse turned out to be a unique breaker of equality: there were not many foreigners fired a few days before the transfer window ended in disgrace and left at home with no professional solution and no framework (all in budget control) In the end, it also cost Betar a lot of money.

But most of all, the tweet in question illustrates the dimensions of Betar's farce. Celebrating already knew where the wind was blowing. Two months after the tweet, he had already appointed a trustee when he realized he had no way to pay salaries, long before he got involved with police and was arrested. To a loyal friend on Twitter who blindly followed him and believed he was the best thing that happened to Betar Jerusalem.

Those fans followed him with their eyes closed, and he led them astray.

Just before Betar goes to ruin, with all the vengeance and vengeance towards Betar and its fans, perhaps Moshe Celebrates will stop, find some compassion for those who followed him and suffered curses and threats, and return their group to them.

All he needs is a release.

Then the solutions will be much easier.

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