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The show of the peak of slime: the Beitar Jerusalem saga reaches a new low - voila! Sport


The "dramatic" announcement about withdrawing from the deal, Hogge's pathetic speech, the return to the negotiating table and the silence of Hasson and Chalon - all of these intensify the feeling of disgust

The show of the peak of slime: the saga of Bethar Jerusalem reaches a new low

The "dramatic" announcement about dropping out of the deal, Hogge's pathetic speech, the return to the negotiating table and the silence of Hasson and Chalon - all of these intensify the feeling of disgust that we all experience this summer anyway. As far as Abramov is concerned, if he buys the team he may find out how problematic the starting point is His

David Rosenthal


Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 08:30

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Moshe Hogg's press conference (photo: Yotam Ronan, video editing: Tal Raznik)

The saddest thing, if you can call it that, in Moshe Hogge's pathetic "I blame" speech is that we will remember nothing of it.

It won't be the stormy monologue of Eyal Berkovic when he demanded the national team in 2010, the delusional press conference of Ton Cannon and Luis Fernandez in 2006 or, with a thousand differences, the "Channel 2, yes, yes, Channel 2" of former President Moshe rate.

Hogg's whining is so predictable and monotonous that not only does no one believe him, no one cares either.

After all, Hogg's grievances about the fact that no one wants to invest and that her family is the reason for this did not start yesterday.

It would have been possible to cling to a shred of these words, if he had not been pushed into a corner and claimed that it was the extremist organization that removed Hamed Ben Khalifa from the Jerusalem Beitar (as we know, he was not and was not created). It was a whiny speech that even the bitterness that poured out of him is itself questionable. Seen as a sane man with an equal heart, why should we believe him that he did everything to save the sinking ship?

Leave for a moment the curiosities and pressures, on a business level you simply don't do what Hogeg did.

If you want them to help, all you have to do at the press conference is to say that you are in trouble on the one hand and that Beitar is a big, important, significant club with spirit and history on the other. A club that must be preserved.

Why should we believe him?

Moshe celebrates (Photo: Yotam Ronan)

Barak Abramov's announcement a few hours before, the one that started Hogg's press conference, was also received with a lot of doubts and with a finger pointing at the eye in the "enough, no" section.

Not surprisingly, the parties returned to litigate at night.

If there had at least been some interesting spin, it would have helped to build tension, but all this dangling is more predictable than Dean David's entry into another distinct.

With all due respect to the celebrant and Abramov, the big failure is not theirs, but of everyone who allowed this circus to run.

If you type in Google News "Oren Hasson Beitar Jerusalem" and "Erez Kalfon Beitar Jerusalem" you will find exactly one news item with quotes from Kalfon, from June.

Two chairmen filled their mouths with water and let the dogs keep barking in the hope that the convoy would pass.

There is nothing more to say about Siglit Sage at all, the institution she heads is a joke, and as a result she herself became a joke.

And for dessert, the court of the Football Association, chaired by President Amnon Strashnov, who heard all the arguments, was not convinced and still gave Beitar an extension. Today will be the hearing that should be the last. Another extension? The jaw will certainly not drop if it happens.

good to know (in advance)

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Danny, come on.

Barak Abramov (Photo: Ariel Shalom)

The issue of Beitar should be looked at with two types of glasses. One angle of view is the one that perceives the fans. They should not pay, literally, the price of the scandalous behavior of the owner. First of all, no one has to celebrate anything, and the fact that he demands that they do Subscriptions really do not oblige them to run now and buy. One can argue about the nature of this or that part between the factions, but in the end they all come from love for the team and the desire to succeed.

But there is also the second pair of glasses, and looking through them destroys the romance that sprouted from the previous pair.

He only shows combinations, a sense of doing business in the dark, everyone's hand in order for Beitar to stay. Leave for a moment sympathy for one team or another, there are many of Beitar's own fans who say in Rash Gali that they prefer the team to be relegated. It's hard to blame them You don't need a very sharp sense of smell to absorb the stench, to shrink from the sense of injustice. If it had been Bnei Rayna, Hapoel Jerusalem or even an old team in the league like Sakhnin or Maccabi Netanya, would we have had such an ongoing saga involving such dark deals? Don't answer, it was a rhetorical question.

Don't have to pay the price.

Beitar fans (Photo: Audi Tsitiat)

And back to Abramov, still the potential buyer for the club.

Abramov helped the Beitar owners by agreeing during negotiations that Hogeg would submit a draft to the police as an agreement with caveats.

Since then, the public atmosphere is that Abramov worked hand in hand with a celebrant, that he's trying to embezzle money, that he doesn't deserve the BTR, that he's involved in a house and garden deal. What's true and what's not? It doesn't really matter. He doesn't understand that any closeness to a celebrant burns him. Yossi Aboxis, Abramov's best friend, was not ready as a Beitar player to be photographed almost next to the players of Maccabi Tel Aviv, which was the sworn rival in the 90s, he understood the meaning.

Abramov clings to the biggest enemy of Beitar fans, is identified in cooperation with him, is portrayed as one of the gang whose entire purpose is to play with the funds, loan payments and rent at home and garden.

That's not how you start ownership in Beitar.

And if that wasn't enough, Hogg tried to paint him as a savior, even saying with all his brazenness that he himself managed the sale of Bnei Yehuda.

We already know that today people do not confront facts, Abramov is painted as a party man and this is not good news for him.

Maybe in another constellation he would have been valued as a savior, but he is really not in that position.

As mentioned, many Beitar fans have long been of the opinion that everything needs to be started over, even in a lower league, they feel that they are doing Abramov a favor by giving him an opportunity to be with her in the Premier League.

Even if Abramov finally buys Beitar, on the face of it, it is hard to see This business holds too much.

He probably knows that too.

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