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There was nothing like this: back to the best game in history Israel today


The broadcasters felt like they were in a dream, the players didn't hear the final whistle because of the noise in the stands and the fans were dizzy with the rhythm on the field • Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt, who will meet tonight in the European Supercup, were partners in May 1960 for the "best football match of all time"

It could be that the European Supercup that will be held tonight in Helsinki between Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt will be a huge game.

Nevertheless, Carlo Ancelotti's European champions will take to the grass with Karim Benzema after a record season, Vinicius after a breakout season and several acquired players who are hungry to prove themselves.

And on the other side is the holder of the European League who is determined to correct the impression after the defeat she suffered from Bayern Munich in the opening round of the Bundesliga.

It has Rafael Santos Bora, the young Ansgar Knauf and also Mario Getze who has already done a thing or two in football.

And yet, it is clear to everyone that no matter what happens in tonight's game - and you are allowed to sail in your imagination - it will never surpass the previous meeting between these two teams.

"This game was like a bucket of cold water for everyone who watched it. Here, before our eyes, is the football game as it should and should be played."

Thus, in these words, Hugh McIlvaney summed up the final of the European Club Championship on May 18, 1960 for the "SCOTSMAN" newspaper.

The Hampden Park stadium in Glasgow hosted Real Madrid and Eintracht Frankfurt, and the 127,000 fans who entered its gates and crammed into its stands, left it feeling lucky to have been able to watch a match that had never been seen before.

To this day, that meeting in 1960 holds the record of spectators for a European final match and the record of goals scored in the event.

The next day the game was written about in the "Daily Mail";

"What a shame that the spectators who saw this game will soon return to see a Scottish league and think that it was all just a dream."

A modest but exciting make-up.

The meeting in 1960, photo: GettyImages

On the one hand, Real Madrid.

Although only the runner-up of Spain was a season earlier (Barcelona won the title), but just like today it devours European titles.

She came to this meeting with a streak of four wins in the Champions Cup, and after running over Barca in the semi-finals with two victories 1:3.

In its squad there were legends of the game such as Alfredo Di Stefano, Franz Puskas and Paco Hanto and stars of the past in the form of Jose Santa Maria and Jose Maria Saraga.

On the other side, Eintracht Frankfurt.

In 1959, it won the first and last championship in its history, and under coach Paul Oswald played particularly attacking football.

Although its squad did not include a single player from the West German team that reached the semi-finals of the World Cup in 1958, it did have Erwin Stein, a superbly built wide striker, the right winger Richard Kress, the left winger Erich Meyer and others.

In the semi-finals, the Germans defeated the Glasgow Rangers 4:12 in the sum of two games and caused the young Alex Ferguson to state that this was the best team he had ever seen in his life.


Will he step into Di Stefano's feet?, photo: AFP

Two giant stars shone that evening.

For Alfredo Di Stefano, the greatest player in the world at that time, it was a fifth consecutive final in the uniform of Real Madrid.

For Franz Puskas, who came to Real in 1958, it was the first.

The solid Hungarian missed the 1959 final due to injury and almost never made it to the one against Frankfurt.

In 1954, after his Hungary lost to Germany in the German Cup final, Puskas claimed that the Germans had used drugs.

This statement created an acute crisis and for a period the German association forbade local teams to play against Puskas.

In order for him to be able to take part in the 1960 final, the Hungarian association had to draft a letter of apology on behalf of the player, and so they did.

And yet, the Hungarian carried with him a bag of concerns.

"I was fat 33 years old and in the dressing room I started to feel butterflies in my stomach" he said in the book PUSKAS ON PUSKAS.

"I thought to myself that I'm not 20 anymore and wondered if I was even capable of doing this?".

An early goal from Kress gave the Germans the lead and increased Puskas's doubts, but those disappeared immediately.

"When I got on the field I reminded myself that I can do anything, and that's really what happened," he said in one of the interviews that would come over the years.

Frankfurt players, yesterday before the final training session, photo: AFP

And what happened there went straight into the pages of history.

With the help of mesmerizing football (relative to those days), Di Stefano and Puskas crushed Frankfurt and led the Spaniards to a 3:7 victory and a fifth European Cup in a row.

Real hovered on the field, its players exchanged passes with vigor and the mighty strikers sent the balls into the corners of Frankfurt's goal.

Di Stefano finished with a hat-trick and Puskas, with a small stomach and a formidable left foot, was named outstanding with a four.

"It was one of those wonderful games where all the players are at their best and the team reaches perfection," the Hungarian concluded and added;

"Because of the noise in the stands, we didn't hear the final whistle at all."

But there was a whistle.

And after that, all the residents of Hampden Park stood up and cheered.

Andy Roxburgh, who was present at that match, told the UEFA website; "People clapped for 15 minutes and didn't move.

It was a magical evening where the white shirts of Real shone like stars." The broadcaster of the game Richard Widwas said: "The Scottish audience immediately understood that they were watching one of the greatest club matches in history.

The only heartache is that they now have very little hope of ever seeing such a thing again.

They marked in the diary this date, May 18, 1960, and wrote there;

"We were very lucky to be in the stadium that day."

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