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No name pass: Dushan Vlahovic is preparing for his real breakout year - voila! sport


After the stormy transition to the stripes of Juventus, the immediate shelling and the team failure, the Serbian opens his first full season in the uniform of the old lady with one goal

No name pass: Dusan Vlahovic is preparing for his real breakout year

After the stormy transition to the stripes of Juventus, the immediate shelling and the team's failure, the Serbian opens his first full season in the old lady's uniform with one goal: to establish his status as one of the two best strikers in the world.

The start: tonight (21:45, Sport2) against Sassuolo

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Monday, August 15, 2022, 10:00 a.m

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Summary: Barcelona - Juventus 2:2 (preparatory game) (Sport1)

How do you distill the essence of Duchamp and Vlahovitch into one sentence?

just like that.

"I read that in the last 10-12 years the top scorer in the league has not won the Scudetto, but there is always a first time, right?", he said last week in an interview with "Gazzetta dello Sport".

He also set the bar for himself there: "I grew up with the goal of becoming a winner, I will give everything to make history with the club. The team's goals are more important than mine. The most important thing is that we win, but if I have to score 30 goals for us to be champions, that's fine by me."

FYI Vlahovic, the exact number is 13 seasons and the last one to do it was his childhood idol, Zlatan Ibrahimovic at Inter in 2008/9.

There is a lot of Zlatan's character in the Serbian Juventus striker.

A bit arrogant.

A lot of fearlessness.

Over self-awareness.

From a young age, Vlahovic knows exactly where he is aiming and does what is necessary to achieve his goals.

After completing the €80 million move to Juve in January, he will begin the most significant season of his career so far.

A season that should officially put him on the list of the greatest, the next generation.

Knows exactly where he is headed from a young age.

Dushan Vlahovitch (Photo: Reuters)

Vlahovitch is a meteoric talent that was marked at a young age.

Gate machine.

Partizan took him out at the age of 14 from OFK and pretty soon made sure to secure his future with a professional contract, promoted him to the seniors and attached the Bulgarian Valery Bozhinov as his mentor.

Bozhinov served as a kind of father figure for the child.

"He wasn't even 16 years old, but with a mature head. He told me he would be Ibrahimovic from Belgrade and that one day he would reach the biggest teams in the world."

Bozhinov immediately turned on the crazy and arrogant boy and, according to him, immediately understood where he could develop.

He was not alone.

A few days after his 16th birthday, Partizan officially introduced Vlahovic as a senior player with the number 9 shirt: "I present to you the youngest player in the history of the club," sporting director Ivica Iliev declared to those present.

I won't say too many nice words about him so he won't fly," he laughed and immediately added: "But he won't, because I know his character.

I will say one thing: this contract shows how willingly our club is run." In retrospect, some claim that the pennies that Partizan received for Vlahovitch show bad management.

Partisan knew very well what she had in her hands.

"Already at the age of 16, he showed us that he has a great talent," Ilive recently recalled.

"I remember one of the biggest scouts from one of the biggest clubs in the world came to visit our academy and said that at his age and in his position, he is the greatest talent in the world. I told Dušan: 'Stay here for another two or three years and you will become the biggest transfer in the history of Serbian football.' Even now I think he is a genius Only 60 or 70 percent of his potential."

The problem is that in Partisan, there is a difference between words and deeds.

Ask another young striker who was introduced to the club 10 days after that excited Ilive press conference - Djorja Jovanovic.

Vlahovic did become the youngest player in the history of the club, but had to settle for minute crumbs.

In the summer of 2017, he was sold to Fiorentina.

Bozhinov claims to be the man who recommended Panteleo Corvino, the sporting director at the time, to sign him.

Vlahovic helped round out the numbers when the Viola acquired Nikola Milankovic from Partizan.

Be that as it may, for the greatest talent in the world for his age, Partizan received 1.5 million euros and kept three percent of a future sale in its hands.

In Serbia there are those who believe "this is a robbery. One of the worst deals in history."

good to know (in advance)

The solution to knee pain is closer than ever - thanks to technology in the shoe

Submitted by Apostrophe

Regret the sale transaction.

Partisan fans (Photo: Reuters)

"I paid 1.5 million euros for him and some at the club told me it was too expensive," Corvino later presented his side.

"Duchan's mother told me: 'I'm giving you the new Batistota'. I answered her that the new Luca Toni is enough for me."

It's funny because while Corvino thought small and Mother Saljana, a nurse by profession, thought medium, Duchamp always aimed for the highest levels.

In his own eyes, he was always meant to be the new Zlatan.

Fiorentina was for him even during the transfer at the age of 17 nothing more than a transit station to the really big clubs.

To his credit, he had the patience to wait and the understanding that he needed a transit station at all.

The deal caused Volachovich to miss a year.

He could not arrive in Italy before his 18th birthday at the end of January 2018. Even when the deal was officially announced in February, he could not play until the start of next season.

From there, the process was slow.

First year in which he played mostly in youth, another year in which he mostly came off the bench.

Too many coaches, too many senior strikers, until the club made a decision to build Vlahovic as the face of the club no matter what.

When it blew up, Vlachowicz never looked back.

He scored 21 goals in the 2020/21 season and another 17 in half a season last year before moving to Juventus.

In a way, minus the lost year, what happened to him reminded me of Arling Holland.

The Norwegian moved from Breen to Molda and from there to Salzburg and then to Dortmund before being sold to City.

Each pass was calculated looking ahead to the next pass.

The whole career was carefully planned by father Alfie and the late super agent Mino Raiola.

There was no such entourage behind Vlahovitch, but he too, like Holland, needed periods of acclimatization in his homeland and in Salzburg until the big bang.

For both of them it happened fast, but not too fast.

Therefore, they got where they got.

If Vlahovic meets the goals he set for himself, we will find ourselves at the beginning of a new era.

A fight between the two best strikers in the world.

Messi and Ronaldo the next generation.

In Vlahovic's last days as a Fiorentina player, he was escorted by the police.

He received threats on his life on social media and signs condemning him were raised outside the stadium.

"Even the bodyguards won't help you," the hurt fans wrote to him.

Fiorentina fans can't stand their hated rival, Juventus.

They see it as a personal insult.

Fiorentina wanted to sell to England or Atletico Madrid, but felt there was no one to talk to.

Owner Rocco Commisso even claimed: "He wants to end a contract and destroy us."

With no choice, they let him go to the hated rival: "There were many talks with teams outside of Italy, but the decision is easy. Not giving up is part of Juba's DNA and mine, so the choice was easy," said the player.

Now for the fans he is: "a little man without balls and without respect".

"Even bodyguards won't help you."

Vlahovic in Fiorentina (Photo: GettyImages, Alessandro Sabattini)

Vlahovic wanted Juventus and got there.

The insult of the fans, the history between the clubs, entering a list that includes Bagjo, Keiza and Bernardski - none of this interested him.

He sees nothing but to keep moving towards his goals.

In his Bainconeri debut, in a home match against Verona, he scored after 13 minutes.

Then, Saturday from scoring in the next three games in the league and in the cup.

Everyone was intrigued to see what the debut in the Champions League would look like, when Juventus met Villarreal.

"I will have to keep him," coach Massimiliano Allegri admitted before the game.

"You will see a different player after he plays 60-70 games in the Champions League. It is not a question of ability, but of pressure. A few days ago he appeared on the cover of the Corriere dello Sport with a headline that talked about several games without a goal. These are not things that have happened to him in the past. .. Next season, we all agree, Juve will have a greater chance of winning the championship. We can't expect everything to happen immediately."

It happened after 31 seconds.

This is exactly the case with Vlahovitch.

He is one who cannot be told what he cannot or is not yet willing to do.

After scoring the fastest goal for a player on his Champions League debut, Vlahovitch celebrated with the "keep talking" gesture, then in a nonchalance that is reserved for the greatest replied: "I've already celebrated goals like that. I don't read newspapers. The gesture was aimed at a family member."

When Bremer completely ruled Vlahovic out of the Torino derby, Allegri criticized the striker for not moving enough.

A week after the review, Vlahovic answered with a pair of goals for Empoli's net.

By the way, Bremer was probably impressive enough in that derby and this season he will wear the old lady's zebra uniform.

Juve was indeed eliminated against Villarreal and ended a failed season in which he barely scratched the fourth place.

They also suffered from the goal hole left behind by Cristiano Ronaldo, but they are definitely rebuilding themselves to storm all arenas again and become a significant European force again.

Angel Di Maria and Paul Pogba will bring experience, but Vlahovic is the future.

"He surprised me," Pavel Nedved admitted, referring to the speed with which the Serbian acclimatized in the club and stepped into the shoes of the Portuguese star.

"He is already at the level of a top European club. I compare him to Ronaldo. He is 22 years old, with an amazing head on his shoulders and the ability to do amazing things. The future belongs to him."

Only Lewandowski scored more than him in 2021.

Vlahovitch (Photo: Reuters)

Here are some more numbers.

Vlahovic scored no less than 33 league goals in 2021, only Robert Lewandowski from Bayern Munich found the back of the net more times than him (43), but what is amazing is that the young Serbian scores 68.1 percent of the big situations he arrives at and there is no striker in Europe who comes close to such an average among the players who scored at least 10 goals this season in the five top leagues - Lewandowski with 53.33 percent, Mbappe with 36.6 and only Holland is close to him with 64.52 percent success.

"Vlajovic is better and a more complete player than Arling Holland," stated the chairman of the Serbian Federation, Nenad Bykovic. "The Norwegian has destructive power, but Dusan lacks nothing.

The variety of his kicks and moves surpasses Holland." Pressure, expectations and comparisons are things that Valhovic, like Alilo Zlatan, accepts with love. Welcome to the new debate that will accompany us in the coming decade. Holland vs. Valahovic. Both are in a trial year. Holland will try to conquer the Premier League and take the City has moved forward, and Vlahovic doesn't just want to be the champion of Italy and the top scorer of Serie A. He needs a big season at a big club to establish his status as one of the two best strikers in the world.

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