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"The new Yakubu" is not alone: ​​the five foreigners who will make their mark in the Premier League - voila! sport


The most expensive foreigner in the history of Hadera, the "theft" of Hapoel Beer Sheva, the senior German of Almog Cohen in Maccabi Netanya, the anchor of Hapoel Tel Aviv and "the new Jacob" of Maccabi Haifa

"The new Yakubu" is not alone: ​​the five foreigners who will make their mark in the Premier League

The most expensive foreigner in the history of Hadera, the "stealing" of Hapoel Beer Sheva, the senior German of Almog Cohen in Maccabi Netanya, the anchor of Hapoel Tel Aviv and the "new Jacob" of Maccabi Haifa.

Just before the Premier League returns, these are the foreigners to watch out for

Inbal Manor


Friday, August 19, 2022, 3:00 p.m

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Summary: Maccabi Tel Aviv - Nice 0:1 (Sport1)

30 new foreigners have landed in the Premier League so far.

This refers to players for whom this is the first season ever in Israeli football.

Among the multitude of stories, we chose the five most interesting, colorful and intriguing.

Get the five new foreigners to watch out for.

Sami Burar (Hapoel Hadera)

The ease with which Hapoel Hadera turned itself into a legitimate team in the Premier League is underappreciated.

It is quite amazing that this club, perhaps the closest thing to the neighborhood teams of the past, opens a fifth season in a row in the top league, after four successful years and without bottom struggles.

Hadera managed to drive a stake and maintain stability and a constant level thanks to a model that has not changed from the first moment.

Every summer Hadera looks for a specific profile of hungry clouds just before breaking through.

She is mostly not ashamed to see herself as the ultimate transit station for players who come to show themselves and move on or restore a stalled career.

Burrar is just such a player.

This summer, Hadera was proud to bring the most expensive foreigner in the history of the club.

The 26-year-old Belgian provided impressive numbers in the Dutch second division, but was unable to make the jump to the first division and did not get too many minutes even when he moved to the Hungarian Fahrvar.

This stat is exactly what should make it perfect for a team like Hadera.

Already in the Toto Cup games, it was possible to be impressed by the variety of qualities of the midfielder in the front.

He scored, cooked and led Hadera to a perfect balance on the way to the semi-finals.

Right now, Borrer looks like the best new foreigner to hit the lower division teams.

For a club like Hadera, it can mean the difference between 8-9 and 5-6 places and of course a high sales potential within the league.

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Served on behalf of "Gabra"

The most expensive foreigner in the history of Hadera.

Sami Burar (Photo: Shlomi Gabai)

Godfried Romeroto (Hapoel Tel Aviv)

Hapoel Tel Aviv of the Nisanovs focuses on the improvement and rapid promotion of properties.

Beside them, the squad is filled with experienced players because, what can you do, the name of the club is both attractive and binding.

In recent years, the Reds have preferred to focus on foreigners from within the league and have not had exceptional success with those who came from outside.

Also this summer, they went there for Conte, Marinovic and Ojebolt, but it is the Dutchman who stands out as a player who should be noticed.

The Toto Cup games showed that Hapoel Tel Aviv is talented, enthusiastic, but not stable enough.

Romeroto is one who should give balance in the center of the field and provide solutions as a substitute in more back positions, as we saw during the preparation.

His story is the familiar story of a talent that didn't break through and got a little stuck.

Instead of continuing to look for small teams in the Netherlands, he chose to take a step back to a big club in a minor league.

His qualities in terms of physicality, athleticism and Dutch handling of the ball should give Kobe Medicine the peace and calm that a young team needs.

Besides, you can be sure that if it succeeds, the Nissanovs will already know how to make a business out of it.

Almog Cohen used his connections in Germany to bring him.

Florian Hartherz (photo: Bernie Ardov)

Florian Hartherz (Maccabi Netanya)

Almog Cohen talks about a list of candidates from the second and first Bundesliga that he owns.

He follows, keeps in touch, stores information, activates the network of connections and, when necessary, knows which name to pull from it.

It started with Patrick Twamasi, continued with Erich Barko and after him came Hartherz - the most impressive and senior name of the three.

To convince Hartherz and his partner to sign, Cohen needed a campaign of persuasion including a "proof of concept" in Israel.

In Netanya, they are sure that Arthertz will make a difference in a league where it is easy for attacking defenders like him to stand out.

Hartherz has made a name for himself in recent years as one of the best defenders in the second Bundesliga.

A type of elevation contractor.

After coming up with Paderborn and Bielefeld, he signed for Dusseldorf, suffered an Achilles injury and experienced quite a few ups and downs over the past two years.

When the contract ended, Cohen convinced the defender to choose a new adventure.

After years with the solid, but offensively unimpressive Zlatan Shahovic, Hartherz should bring more strength and offensive strengths to the Shamli defender position in Netanya.

The "theft of the summer? Suleimanov (photo: official website, Hapoel Beer Sheva)

Shafi Suleimanov (Hapoel Be'er Sheva)

In recent years, most of the Premier League teams have managed to attract good, high-profile foreigners here thanks to two main reasons: there is very good money here (and they are paid on time) compared to leagues of our size and life in Israel, for those who are willing to open themselves up and free themselves from the stigmas, is very good.

But let there be no mistakes.

When a foreigner arrives here from a much better league than ours, the first question that should be asked is: what happened on the way?

Be sure something went wrong.

Sometimes something that went wrong indicates a foregone failure, but more often than not, a combination of circumstances can arrange a real theft for the team.

The possibility of signing a player who would not have thought about Israel if what happened had not happened.

Suleimanov, the new Beer Sheva player, is a very promising name on paper, a great talent and only 22 years old. For years, players from the Russian league have not come here because there is no economic or professional justification for it.

So what went wrong?

Suleimanov needed a very long recovery from the corona, the loan season in Turkey (one economic and professional level above Israel) did not leave a mark and of course the invasion of Ukraine and the suspension of the Russian teams from the European factories took its toll.

The result?

Beer Sheva, which moved very slowly in the foreign market this summer, brought a player who would never have come here on loan with an option to purchase at a reasonable price, paying only part of the salary.

That is, the potential for "theft" exists.

Now let's see the ability.

The next Jacob of Maccabi Haifa?

Piero (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Franzi Piero (Maccabi Haifa)

Try to remember a foreigner that evoked such a wide spectrum of emotions and reactions in such a short time since its arrival.

We already said that Piero reluctantly found himself in the heart of trash talk between a green feed and a yellow feed.

Therefore, the discourse around him becomes more and more extreme and obsessive after each good or less good game.

Every touch he makes with the ball, every miss, every goal, puts him at the heart of the litigation.

The league hasn't started yet and they've already said that he's a flop, a joke, that he's a monster, a tank, that he's all a player from the second division in France that cost two million euros and that he's also better than Igbini Yakubu.

Yes, they will be followed, who for years was the ultimate symbol for the successful bringing of foreigners.

The wet fantasy of every team - to discover an unknown player and make boxes on him.

For Maccabi Haifa fans, Piero is the answer to Eran Zahavi.

The most expensive player in the history of the club and hence the greatest striker that ever landed here.

For Maccabi Tel Aviv fans, like the great Yonatan Nimrodi, he is a basketball player who starred in games against the Pirates of the Caribbean team and excels mainly in the paint.

Kidding aside, in a short time Piero managed to show us magnificent misses alongside a frightening presence in the square and impressive money time goals that put Maccabi Haifa within touching distance of the group stage in the Champions League.

He walks around the field in the semi-indifferent look of someone who doesn't understand - and probably doesn't want to understand either - how much traffic is running around him from both directions.

He mainly creates interest around him and this is a super important point.

The great summer of the big three in the European factories has aroused quite a bit of appetite and anticipation for a fascinating championship fight.

There is a buzz before the start of the season and it's really fun.

In this context, by the way, it is also important to say that the centralized format of the Toto Cup serves the purpose well.

It increases the expectation.

You find yourself sitting and waiting to see how all the things that happen in the summer will play out during the season.

Will Piero circus the defenses of the major league teams with shots/dunks?

Are we really contracting a player who will go down in the history of foreigners in Israeli football like Jacob the Great?

How will the match-up between him and Zahavi end and where will the feud around them on Twitter take us?

One thing's for sure, it's going to be interesting.

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