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Borja Iglesias, striker for the national team "There are times when a goal is like heartbreak"


"When I look back I see a lot of work and wonderful moments, and others not so good" "Shoot and then ask" can be read on the left forearm of Borja Iglesias (Santiago de Compostela, 29 years old), the fittest striker in Spanish football whom Luis Enrique has quoted for the first time. "It's because sometimes I think about things too much and it's a way of saying that we have to let go," explains this striker who claims to see "a lot of work and wonderful moments, and others not so

"Shoot and then ask" can be read on the left forearm of Borja Iglesias (Santiago de Compostela, 29 years old), the fittest striker in Spanish football whom Luis Enrique has quoted for the first time.

"It's because sometimes I think about things too much and it's a way of saying that we have to let go," explains this striker who claims to see "a lot of work and wonderful moments, and others not so good", when he looks back.

His nails, painted black, reveal his convinced personality.

"Those who dye their hair also have it, I don't dare," he jokes.


It gives the impression that behind you there is much more than a mere footballer.


Football is what I like and what I do, but it gives me the opportunity to have contact with people from other fields.

I really like meeting people and learning from them.

People who are especially dedicated to something like music have in common with us that they are specialists in their own thing.

We are all on the same page, looking for the same thing in a different way.


Is it about flowing like you do now?


That is the key, when you are in that state is when you feel better, whether you are a painter, an architect or a musician.

Being able to see how they work in their moments of stress is interesting.

I've been lucky enough to be in the studio with Kase O and musicians go through similar processes as I do.

They with a notebook to compose and I in the field.


What helped you from Kase O to overcome competitive stress?


When I was a teenager I was the person who listened the most to what I said.

I have been lucky enough to meet him and see his ability to be grateful to people.

He has his ego, he works on it and uses it to be creative, which is necessary, but he teaches you to know how to differentiate that you do things very well, but that you are who you are thanks to everyone who follows you and supports.


Rap ​​is street.


I was quite street, but society has changed.

Now it is more difficult to find children in the street playing tag or soccer.

We have concentrated more everything on living in our house where we have many tools to entertain ourselves.

I am one of the last generations of the street, going down to the park in the afternoons and setting up a goal with a sweatshirt and a tree as posts.

It was beautiful and I miss not seeing it.

This summer I went to the house of one of my best friends and there was a track below with children and adults playing.

We go down to play.

If it was nice for the children, when they recognized me, for me it was even more so.

It was like a trip from 20 years ago.

I wish there were more.


Racism has re-emerged in football with the chants of Atlético fans calling Vinicius a monkey.


That is out of place, nobody who has half a brain shares it.

I also believe that they are a minority, many times they make noise and get confused.

It is something that must be taken care of and generate awareness that must be respected.


What training do you have?


I was a good student, I enjoyed it, I had one subject left from high school and I didn't show up in September.

At that time, I started training a lot with Villarreal C and I said “I'm going to play it for three or four years”.

If he didn't make it professional with football, he would have time to pick it up again.

Then, I have tried to develop my creative part.

I took a course on photography and another on video game programming.


Being a youth, you moved a lot through different quarries, what were you looking for?


I played in Santiago and I went to Valencia, Villarreal and Celta B. In Valencia I was comfortable, based on my performance they did not see it clearly and I had to be one more year in the same category and that is why I went to Villarreal.

Something similar happened there, I had to continue with C in the Third Division and I had the opportunity to play with Celta B in Second Division B. Whenever I've been able to go one step further, I've tried.


Since he left Celta he became bets of the teams he went to.


I arrived at Zaragoza as the first sword, the club's bet was me.

This has a pressure load, but it was what I was looking for.

It was like saying “I feel capable and I want to prove myself to the fullest”.

Zaragoza, without being in the First Division, due to its structure and fans, is as if it were.

At Espanyol, Rubi allowed me to be myself, with a very talented team.

I really enjoyed myself, I scored goals and we qualified for Europe.

The Betis option came up, also with Rubi, although later it didn't go as well as I would have liked with him.

I was unlucky enough to get injured early on and Loren was very good.

I did not finish finding my level or my place and I had to live with it.


Did you lose your smile?


I have always been happy even though I did not like the situation.

I had the calm of thinking that I was where I wanted to be, of being lucky to be in a tremendous club and of being able to train to try to improve.

Obviously, I wasn't that happy, I didn't smile in the same way, but on a day-to-day basis the people around me helped me.

I tried to enjoy turning the situation around.

If he didn't come out later, he could go to another team.

I had options to leave, I felt that Betis was my place, that it was costing me, but I think I could be happy.

Now I am, that year and a half has given me the maturity to value what I have when I leave the stadium or see how they sing my name.


Did you go to psychologists?


From Zaragoza I always worked mentally.

In my first year there, I went from being barely known to barely being able to walk down the street because the team was up and scoring goals.

It's a tremendous change, maybe the biggest I've ever had.

In positive situations like that it is easier.

In the negative, you feel that you have not changed, but that you are not so comfortable.

Maybe because the style was more about having the ball or playing with space.

In that time I learned to play in a different way, now I feel more qualified and complete.

Now I alternate playing space with going down to receive, playing between the lines or helping to get the ball out.


What worked?


I had the help of my teammates, they have been able to give me my space in terms of the collective game, what they needed from me.

I have also used videos to see the positioning or if you play two touches or one depending on the place.

You are doing a part of your game, that you have not worked so much.

I have gained in confidence and in knowing when and why to make movements.

Sometimes, he went down to receive and bothered.

I have learned a lot in these years in the creation game.


And in the selection?


It is a slightly different idea from Betis, but there are similar situations such as playing in the opposite field and generating superiorities.

There are very talented people here and it is important that the solutions forward at all times.

I'm not going to do great things either, I'm not going to do the work on the interiors because they're very good.


Where does the goal come from?


I don't know (laughs).

Since I was little I have scored goals, I don't know how or why.

Then I have learned to make them in different ways.

There are times when it seems like a heartbreak, that you can't find it, that it escapes you, but it's always there.

My goal is to do what's best for the team, from then on it will be more goals at some stage, and at another stage I'll be the first to press, know how to make a foul or give assists.

I have learned to give more importance to my game apart from scoring, but the center forward is doing more and more things.

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