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Moti Daniel: "I would have chosen Jacob Brown for the Israeli national team, before Lorenzo Brown" - voila! sport


"I'm not afraid to admit that we failed, but there were no wars between players. Goodes' fate was sealed even before we lost. We all went through trauma." The team manager sums up the summer and admits mistakes

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Moti Daniel: "I would choose Jacoben Brown for the Israel national team, before Lorenzo Brown"

"I'm not afraid to admit that we failed, but there were no wars and camps. We sealed the fate of Goodes even when we won, and the atmosphere seeped in. We were all traumatized."

The manager of the national team summarizes a difficult summer, admits mistakes and does not rule out the immigration of a foreigner - "provided he has an affinity for the country".

an interview

Ehrle Weisberg


Sunday, September 25, 2022, 3:20 p.m

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Summary: Real Madrid defeated Betis in the semifinals of the Supercup in Spain (Sport1)

More than a year and a half ago, Motti Daniel was a guest on the "Double Tim" podcast in Vala!


The European Basketball Championship was far away at the time, and we asked him where it was right to place the bar of expectations.

"The reserve teams of the last few years taught us not to be ashamed, not to lower our expectations, and to dream big and say that you will come compete for a medal," he said at the time.

How it ends in the end, everyone knows.

Israel, as in 2017, 2013, 2011 and 2009, was again eliminated in the first stage.

"I remember sitting on the balcony at home when we recorded the podcast, and it's different from what you feel when you're in the middle of the mission," says the manager of the Israeli national team in a special interview.

"You always have to aim high, and that's fine, but when we got together for this summer and when we were during it - the defined goal was to pass a stage. If we had reached the round of 16 and stopped there, I would have lived with it more peacefully."

- When did you notice that things were going wrong and creaking?

"There were several points in the summer when we all realized that things weren't flowing for us and weren't going the way we expected. A week before the Eurobasket, when we came back from the World Cup qualifying game in Finland, we were in a bad situation. The way we played and lost, without going into professional or psychological analysis, was not good, and we really got Right at the top from Sweden. We kept trying to change, talk and move. But it doesn't always work."

"Who did it and why? It didn't come from within the team, but from all kinds of associates and those with an interest."

Moti Daniel (Photo: Danny Maron)

- Report on murky relations in the dressing room, between the players.

"There were no bad relations as they tried to portray, certainly not at the level of fights and camps. It is clear that every player wants to have a bigger part, and if it does not happen then he is frustrated, but it did not reach a state of wars between the players. We will do them an injustice, we will An injustice was done to the team, and more than that, damage was done. We opened the championship with two victories, and the surrounding atmosphere was negative towards us. It seeped in. Who did it and why? I am convinced that it did not come from within the team, but from all kinds of associates and those with an interest."

- Still, what were your mistakes?

What do you regret?

"The fact that there wasn't a single date for the start of training, but we went towards players who asked to join late, hurt us a lot. We didn't know how to assess in real time how much it would affect the flow and building of the team. The training opponents we were able to get weren't at a high enough level either. We tried to start for the tournament or Two, but in the end they didn't choose us, and on the other hand we were unable to bring a team to play here against us. We approached many teams. When Montenegro entered Eurobasket, we approached her and she agreed to host us, but we were afraid that traveling for ten days would be problematic. I knew that Romania was less good, but I thought that in 20 The difference, not by 50".

- The chairman of the professional committee in the basketball association, Amos Frishman, later marked in an interview the replacement of Oded Ketch with Guy Godes as a mistake.

"Amos did not connect Oded with Guy. This is an important point. His statement was about the process that was built and stopped, and we all know what happened there. But Guy has nothing to do with this process, and Amos did not create this link. A player has to play for every coach and line up with him From my experience, when a player sees a coach coming, and he knows he depends on him, he will try to connect with him and please him. Every player has a coach he likes more and a coach he likes less, and that shouldn't have any effect."

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"Every player has a coach he likes more or less, and that shouldn't affect him."

Guy Goodes (Photo: Reuters)

- What is Goodes' part in what happened?

"I love Guy, and we've known each other for more than 30 years. He's a very good coach, and I won't give him marks for his performance. I don't know if it was intentional, but he was wronged. I don't hide behind the fact that we had a goal, and We met it. I'm not afraid to say we failed. But we live in a world without proportions. The teams we didn't beat are not Romania. It's not that we came and made a fool of ourselves. We lost to opponents we believed we could overcome, and it was proven that we could also lose to them. It's not that we played fantastic. We were Below our level, and this also happens in sports. But they sealed Guy's fate from the first second, even when we won. When we beat Finland, they say we didn't play well. And when we play well against Serbia, they explain that we didn't win."

- Did the criticism penetrate him?

"Guy is a strong guy with broad shoulders, but it's hard for anyone. He tried to detach himself from what is written, and in the end it's unpleasant. He didn't complain and didn't bother about it during the championship, and still, people are flesh and blood, not made of armor."

- In a month and a half, the national team returns to play, and its squad will look completely different without the NBA and Euroleague players.

"We are in the middle of a campaign, and the mission continues. It is true that we went through some kind of trauma. Each of us came back disappointed, and we all had different expectations. But there is no reason to despair. The team needs to rise from failures, so that the disappointment and frustration we experienced is left behind. It is true that there are constraints and not all the players are at our disposal , so we'll take the best ones there are."

- But what is the approach?

Do you bring in a really young star, like Noam Yaakov for example as a replacement coordinator, even though he is only 17 years old, or do you go for a more experienced league player, old and mature, over 30 years old?

"Perhaps Noam Yaakov is a bit too young, but Noam Doberat will probably be in the national team. My opinion is not decisive, and the role of the coach is to win and to bring in someone who will help him to win. It is true that there is a line to build on, for the future, and to give a young player a taste of the national team, but there cannot be Six of them. We will not now bring the reserve team to play in the MundoBasket qualifiers."

"I am no more righteous than the Pope, and I have no problem with a citizen, but not one who is not related at all."

Jacob Brown (Photo: Audi Citiat)

- When will we know who will coach the team in the next window in November?

"Currently it's Guy Goodes, and if they don't decide on a change - and I don't know of a discussion they scheduled to change - then Guy is the coach, and there's nothing to announce."

- Much has been said, here too, about the question of the citizen.

While leading national teams such as Spain, Slovenia and Turkey also naturalized foreign players, Israel was left behind.

What is your position on the subject?

"I'm answering you as a voice, not as the manager of the national team and not as a union member: I don't like the idea of ​​making a player a citizen so that he can play in the national team. I have no problem playing with citizens, Ben Mercer was my partner for many years, and was connected to Israel. And he wasn't the only one. I was Want someone who is connected to the country and wants to play in the national team, not necessarily because of Zionism, and has some kind of affinity. To find an X player because he is better than the Israeli player I have? I am not there."

- even if you pay a professional price for it?

"The Israeli team should represent Israel, it is not a collection of stars. This is the difference between a national team and a club. You can find the people with the will, the affinity and the connection. I do not completely rule it out."

- That is, you were a foreign citizen who is not entitled to a passport according to the Law of Return, but not every foreigner.

"I'll give you an example with names. If last summer I had the option to naturalize Lorenzo Brown or Jacob Brown, I would choose Jacob. Maybe Lorenzo is a better player, but Jacob - even though he's American for all intents and purposes - is in Israel For five years and played in three teams, I know the place and the country. I'm no more righteous than the Pope, and I have no problem being a citizen, but not someone who is not connected at all."

"A person in my age group sat and watched TV, and where is he after five minutes."

Daniel (right) and Sims (left) (Photo: Flash 90, Moshe Shai)

During the summer, Daniel encountered a difficult personal situation.

His former teammate, Willie Sims, collapsed after suffering a heart attack, and has not gotten up to this day.

"It has so many layers," he says painfully.

"To see how it affects Gal Meckle, and how he copes; to think that Willie is in my age group, a healthy person who was sitting at home watching TV, and where he was five minutes later. We were not close friends, but two months ago we met at a social event and talked for two hours. Before That we broke up, we agreed that we must meet more. This thing sits on me as a kind of trauma.

"When Willy was a player, in the difficult times - when he felt, for example, that he wasn't getting enough minutes - he used to say a regular phrase: 'I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut.' Yours in Noam. Before we left for the championship, in the previous interview we had, you asked me what I would say to Nano Ginzburg when I met him in Prague. So I came to him before the game against the Czech Republic, hugged him and told him, 'The main thing is that we stay healthy.'"

- In that interview, you were afraid of losing to Nano, because you knew that you would hear a lot about this loss from him later.

"In the days after the game, he told me that we are crazy, the way things are taken here. We didn't talk much then, because immediately after the victory over us, he had Giannis Antetokounmpo on his mind, so he didn't have time to make up his mind... We have been friends for 50 years, and in a friendship like this They sting about the little things. They don't bother about big things, and this loss for me was big.

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