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"The curses were atrocity, a catastrophe story" - Voila! sport


The goal from 35 meters ("To this day Alter remembers him"), the rift in the Chechen affair ("People not connected to the club tore the shirts off the fence") and the bleak future ("There is no horizon for the club")

"The curses were atrocity, a catastrophe story"

The goal from 35 meters ("To this day Alter remembers him"), the rift in the Chechen affair ("People not connected to the club tore the shirts from the fence") and the bleak future ("There is no horizon for the club").

Moshe Ben Arush, a Beitar Jerusalem midfielder in the 1980s, remembers the good days as well as the bad days

Asher Goldberg


Thursday, September 29, 2022, 5:05 p.m

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"There is no clear and safe horizon for the Jerusalem Bethel in the new era of Barak Abramov.

There is a kind of uncertainty following the upheaval that the club and the fans have gone through.

The team will survive this season, but the situation will affect the future of the club in the next two or three years.

In recent years, the group has been passing from one owner to another, there is no permanent grip here."

What do you expect from Beitar Jerusalem today?

"I want Bitar to become a team of the State of Israel.

I'm sorry it's not happening."

Want a different Beitar. Moshe ben Arush (Photo: Maariv, Adi Avishi)

Moshe ben Arush (not "Ben Harush") was born on 3/22/1962, married plus 3, lives in Zur Hadassah.

The one who was a stopper for Beitar Jerusalem in the 1980s works for the Eldan car company and serves as a professional manager of the Beitar Nordia fan group, which was relegated to the second league.

The main man in the club is Momi Dahan, a huge soccer fan, and a donor of his money and time to many causes in the community, and Ben Arush tells how it all started.

"I served as the director of the youth department of Beitar Jerusalem, and in preparation for the debut training under Eli Cohen and the two Chechen players who came to the team, we decorated the training ground, festively hung the game shirts of all the players on the fence.

People not connected to the club entered the field, told me to move away and tore the shirts off the fence.

The curses that were heard against Itzik Kornfein were atrocity, a story of catastrophe."

Then you leave and with the support of Dahan form a group of fans.

"We built Beitar Nordia seven years ago.

The desire is to keep the embers burning, with positive messages.

The club has a youth department with 460 children and soccer schools.

I volunteer to coach once a week, special people, street children from the 'Beithi Lot' association, elderly people with difficult stories who are heroes to me and this brings them happiness.

I'm in the process of 'do good, it will be good and only positive energies'."

positive energies.

Ben is engaged today (photo: courtesy of the photographer)

He was born in the Mosrara neighborhood, from which came Avi Cohen, Eli Miali, Yitzhak Jano, Yossi Hacham and others who were the pride of the neighborhood.

As children, they walked from Moserara to the nostalgic YMCA court. "We played soccer, volleyball and basketball at the community center. Avi Cohen and I stood out in all fields. One day we were invited to Hapoel Jerusalem's legendary Strauss basketball hall for tryouts for a boys basketball team against an existing and active team. Avi And I excelled, the examining team called us and announced that we were accepted into the basketball team. For this privilege they asked for photos for the certificate, and also a certain amount of money. There was no money in the house at the time and the move was not successful. Later, a neighborhood tournament was held in Jerusalem in soccer. A former coach and player of Beitar Jerusalem David Davidoff came to Moserara and brought me to the group.

For a year I studied in the 9th grade in Ort Netanya, but when I returned to Moserara I joined the great youth group alongside Ohana, Ashash, Avi Cohen, Sami Malka, Shoki Nachmani and Benny Cohen."

Before the "transition" to the graduates, he wants to emphasize that there are much more important things than football, and keeps a warm place in his heart for his teacher, the late Ruthie Goldberg, whom he calls a "life teacher": "You must talk about Ruthie.

She was my educator, and was the most dominant we've ever experienced.

Like an angel who gives a supreme feeling around him, every student is the most precious.

To this day, Ruthie remains for me light and darkness."

Back to football. The road to Beitar's graduates passed through Jano.

"He was a huge player and a popular figure among the young people. He introduced me to the role of the stopper and got to know us from the neighborhood. Coach Shimon Shanhar promoted me to the seniors, but I only became dominant with the legendary shark David Schweitzer, in the 1983/4 season, in which we lost the championship towards the end of the season to Maccabi Haifa ".

In the following season, Maccabi Haifa won another championship, but this time Beitar took its own title - the cup. In the semi-finals, in a huge and dramatic game, we beat Maccabi Petah Tikva on penalties after 3:3 at the end of 120 minutes. I was afraid of Haifa's punch attack, with its sponsor, Rosenthal Selector And Armeli. In the first half we were lucky not to concede 4 goals, then, in the 85th minute, Eli Ohana came, scored against Avi Ran and there was a celebration on the grass, they ripped our shirts off our bodies."

Ben Arush's goal - 3:10 minutes from the opening of the summary

In 1985/6, Beitar finished in fourth place, but this time also finished with the trophy. In the semi-finals, we beat Maccabi Tel Aviv 1:2. In the final against Shimshon Malmilian, he scored the winning goal in overtime. This time the celebrations were more modest."

By the way, he describes Malmilian as others describe - as a legend: "When I trained next to him I was excited. A huge connection, a humble and genuine person who is easy to connect with and learn from."

His most memorable move was registered in the 1984/5 season in Bloomfield against Maccabi Netanya - a boom from 35 meters for Aryeh Alter's connections.

"Malmilian held the ball and signaled for us to go up. I received the ball in the center of the field, I moved forward and with my left foot I kicked a ball that stuck in Alter's net. He himself still remembers this goal. I scored a completely similar goal in a cup match against Moshe Markhos who was in Hapoel Kfar Saba."

Alter, by the way, provided his own amusing response to Ben Arush's version: "After this goal, he didn't keep silent and only talked about it. When I would visit the Knesset in Jerusalem, Moshe and his brother asked me, 'What about the 30-meter goal you scored?'

I said the goal was only from a distance of 28 meters. I have never conceded a goal from a distance exceeding 25 meters, that was the first."

Ben Arush "the second" - the cousin who came from Po'el Lod (Photo: Maariv, Naor Rahab)

In 1986/7 Beitar won the championship, but Ben Arush has no good memories of that season. "I was injured before the start of the season, and Dror Kashtan decided to try to integrate me gradually.

I felt bad, kind of second fiddle.

A great tension arose in front of Kashtan.

Today I understand his decision."

But this season a player named Moshe Ben Arush does appear in the lineup.

"Very true, that was my cousin, who came from Hapoel Lod."

And you move to Hapoel Jerusalem.

In the 1987/88 season we played in the National League. We moved up to the National League From first place together with Hapoel Tiberias. Hapoel had an excellent team, the fans loved us."

And after one season you return to the Beitar team.

"Chairman Bnei Nehemiah exerted all his weight, I returned home to the YMCA and Beitar Jerusalem. I personally had a good season, in the league we finished in the lower house in third place, with Maccabi Tel Aviv and Hapoel Jerusalem above us".

"Yes, a historic game with an unforgettable goal by Ofer Mizrahi in the 90th minute that set extra time. After 3:3 we won on penalties, the celebrations were like after winning the championship."

The following seasons were not successful.

Before 1989/90, Malmilian and Avi Cohen moved to Maccabi Tel Aviv, many youth players went up to seniors and in the end Beitar was relegated to the national team. That's also where Ben Arush's career with the team ended, but he doesn't complain ("I wasn't a player who threw away the money, and now I Lives in a private house, God willing.") The next stop was Hapoel Petah Tikva: "I passed with great hopes, but after six months, the excellent Argentinian Carlos Olran was placed in the brakeman's position.

I asked the chairman Gavri Levy to leave, I waived the continuation of the contract, and he fairly agreed to the move."

Ben Arush later moved to Hapoel Ashdod together with Michel Dayan, returned to Hapoel Jerusalem under coaches Uri Malmilian and Yossi Mizrahi and retired from football at the end of the 1996 season.

He coached Mevasheret Zion, which he raised from League B to League A, left and has not coached graduates in the leagues since.

Today he serves as the coach of the veteran team of Beitar Jerusalem.

The Israeli national team?

"I was invited to the national team by Schneur and Grundman, I have one appearance in 1990 in the victory of Romania in Ramat Gan over Israel 1:4. I was on the bench in the victory 2:3 over the Soviet Union with the exciting goal of Tal Benin, a game remembered due to the boycott of the game by Ohana , Tikva and Rosenthal".

Give us a story we don't know from the Beitar days.

"We held the meetings before the games at Moshe Dadash's house.

It was the era of the flourishing locales, and I was quoted in one of the alleged locales against Dadash.

Momo Shirazi stood up and angrily asked why I spoke like that.

He did this to please Dadash.

A large flare-up was created, which he calmed down and immediately stomped on himself."

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