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An unrefreshing change: Ivitch's caution did not pay off - voila! sport


For the first time after more than two years in the Premier League, Vladan Ivić did not enter the game to win, while Maccabi Haifa shakes off forever the remnants of fear it had from Maccabi Tel Aviv

An unrefreshing change: Ivić's caution did not pay off

For the first time after more than two years in the Premier League, Vladan Ivić did not enter the game to win, while Maccabi Haifa shakes off forever the remnants of fear it had from Maccabi Tel Aviv.

David Rosenthal is impressed by the tough nature of Hapoel Beer Sheva and wonders how deep is the credit that Bnei Lam receives

David Rosenthal


Sunday, 02 October 2022, 09:00

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Summary: Maccabi Haifa - Maccabi Tel Aviv 0:2 (Sport1)

Last season, when Dean David scored the big goal and gave Maccabi Haifa their first ever league win over Maccabi Tel Aviv at the Sami Ofer Stadium, the club talked about the end of the black era, but the next two meetings - the 1:1 in Bloomfield with a goal by Sherry in extra time and - 1:3 to Maccabi Tel Aviv precisely in the coronation game - they showed that that game was nothing more than a standard deviation.

OK, Maccabi Haifa won, but control still belongs to the hated rival.

The victory last night (Saturday) already presented a clearer picture, cleared every question mark and threw away every doubt.

This time it was not an accidental reversal with cosmic intervention, it was the victory of a superior, dominant group, which looks at its opponent with the whites of its eyes and subdues it with just a look.

Last night Maccabi Haifa did to Maccabi Tel Aviv what Maccabi Tel Aviv did to them exactly seven years ago, when they themselves were in the middle of a Champions League campaign - came as a favorite, dominated, struggled and closed the matter with two goals in the final minutes.

In the US they call it swagger, arrogance of winners.

Canceled the yellow link.

Neta Lavi (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

It is true that both teams needed the points and blah blah, but for the champion this victory was especially important.

After the unexpected defeat to Hapoel Jerusalem and the evening of the match against Juventus, they could not afford to fall behind by 4 points from Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Maccabi Haifa wanted more, was significantly better in ground battles (won 58 percent of them) and lost far fewer balls in its part of the field.

19 times the greens won the ball in their attacking half.

One such time, as we know, decided the game.

The key player in the struggles was Neta Lavi, who almost completely canceled the retreating Tel Aviv link.

When Lavi returned last year from a long injury, he was not the same player we saw in the previous two seasons, but from the beginning of this season, he proves that he has put the weak period behind him.

Although the entry of Ali Muhammad changed the game and brought the long-awaited goal, Lavi returned to be a real host, and not only in this game.

Two such ties are a tremendous asset to the team.

A greater asset is a coach who knows how to use them.

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Abandoned the idea of ​​attack.

Vladan Ivitch (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Voladan Ivić has two plus years at Maccabi Tel Aviv, last night was the first time he didn't come up to win.

His game plan was quite simple: don't absorb and rely on solid defense, luck and Daniel Peretz, completely abandoning the idea of ​​a functioning attack.

Everything was working right, especially the thing with Peretz, until Enrique Saborit disrupted the business.

Ivic knows that this season his task will be much more difficult than it was in the previous term.

He recognizes that Barak Becher is a mind no less great than his.

It is possible, and the words are written with a caveat and recognition that this is still one of the best coaches who stepped here in the last two decades, that his caution this time was excessive.

It's hard to imagine how the game would have ended if he had come up with a more creative and faster link and with Jovanovic instead of partially fit Eran Zahavi, but in the end, when you don't play to win you narrow your range of options, and they end up in a draw or a loss.

Ivic played for a draw and returned with nothing.

The story of the game.

Shay Elias (Photo: Barney Ardov)

After the painful loss to Maccabi Haifa, Hapoel Beer Sheva faced a broken trough.

The results were not good enough, the ability was not good enough and a bad result against Hapoel Tel Aviv would have kept them away from the leadership.

Beer Sheva trailed twice in the game and won.

Then came the difficult victory over Bnei Sakhnin and yesterday the team fell behind, before turning around again and gaining three more important points.

I have already written about the importance of Rotem Hatuel more than once - he is a clutch player of the first class, but Shai Elias is the story of the game, after a great personal week with his debut in the national team and a valuable winning goal in Netanya.

Even last year Beer Sheva showed character and even led the table throughout most of the first round, but then its decisive players were mostly defensive.

This year it presents more offensive weapons - once Ansa, once Hamed, once (actually, more than once) Hatuel and now also Elias, who got a chance to break free from the mediocrity of Hapoel Tel Aviv and in the meantime takes it with both hands.

Is this what a candidate for the championship looks like?

It is not clear, but with two close games at home against Hapoel Haifa and Ness Ziona and an away game against Hapoel Jerusalem, Beer Sheva should continue in the coming rounds to sit on the tail of Maccabi Haifa and Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Must change.

Benny Lam (Photo: Barney Ardov)

Eliniv Barda and Bani Lam were appointed last year under different circumstances - Barda replaced Roni Levy to leave Hapoel Beer Sheva a chance for the championship, Lam after a terrible start to the season under Raymond Etfeld - but they have a lot in common.

For example, being admired figures who grew up in the club and evoke empathy with the audience.

Both of them also changed the face of their teams and received justifiable praise, and both knew that after the success as substitutes would come the season where they would have to prove themselves again.

As has been proven countless times in the past, there is a big difference between arriving as a replacement and using existing material to build from the ground up.

Barda, meanwhile, lives up to expectations.

Lam much less.

Maccabi Netanya started the season from the same point where it ended - with a 1:4 victory over Beitar Jerusalem and nothing since. After six games, Lem's team has five points, only two from the red line. For comparison, in the 20/21 season they had ten points after Six seasons, in 2019/20 she had six points, in 2018/19 four points and in 2017/18 she collected 11 points. This is not Netanya's worst start in recent seasons, but after being the hit of the league last year, she is back to flirting with The


Lem and Netanya need a change. They need the Igor Zlatanovich of the first two cycles again, the desire of Aden Kartsev and above all the character that was lost. It cannot be that a team aiming for the top playoffs does not score one field goal for four consecutive cycles. Lem still has Wide credit, but a bad result against Nes Ziona at the Shlomo Insurance Stadium on Saturday could raise a lot of doubts about him in the club.

Medium power.

Hapoel Hadera (Photo: Liron Moldovan)

The belly of the table is full of X's.

Six rounds have passed, and Hapoel Haifa, Kiryat Shmona and Hapoel Hadera already have four draw results, MS.

Ashdod three.

While the other three are seen as a disappointment, in her room I, at least, choose to see a pleasant surprise again.

She spends four seasons in the Premier League, runs on a meager budget and uses loanees in the manner of small teams.

In these four seasons, it has turned itself into a solid club that brings out the best in itself.

It is true that its conduct is not always acceptable (last year it seemed that due to budgetary difficulties they were doing everything there to escape the top playoffs), but when you review the other teams in the league, Hadera has become a force in the middle tier, it is evident that a system has been built there that recognizes its limitations and gets much more out of itself than more established teams Like Ashdod and Hapoel Haifa.

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