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Formula 1 madness in Singapore: Perez has to tremble for victory after two offenses – stewards announce punishment


Formula 1 madness in Singapore: Perez has to tremble for victory after two offenses – stewards announce punishment Created: 03/10/2022 04:48 By: Marius Epp Had to fear for his victory: Sergio Perez (r., in conversation with Carlos Sainz jr.) twice left the safety car too far away. © IMAGO / ActionPlus Sergio Perez crowned himself the night champion on the streets of Singapore. Max Verstappen h

Formula 1 madness in Singapore: Perez has to tremble for victory after two offenses – stewards announce punishment

Created: 03/10/2022 04:48

By: Marius Epp

Had to fear for his victory: Sergio Perez (r., in conversation with Carlos Sainz jr.) twice left the safety car too far away.

© IMAGO / ActionPlus

Sergio Perez crowned himself the night champion on the streets of Singapore.

Max Verstappen has to postpone his World Cup celebration.

The race in the ticker to read.

  • Formula 1


    Sergio Perez

    wins the Singapore Grand Prix - despite the penalty

  • Perez

    defended against


    : Exciting fight at the top

  • Turbulent start in




    misses the start,


    does magic

  • This live ticker for the race is constantly updated

Formula 1: race in Singapore - final result

1 Perez

2 Leclerc

3 Sainz

4 Norris

5 Ricciardo

6 stroll

7 Verstappen

8 hags


10 Gasly

11 bottas

12 Magnusses

13 Schumacher

14 Russell

DNF Tsunoda

DNF Ocon

DNF Albon

DNF Alonso

DNF Latifi

DNF Zhou

Update, 7:50 p.m .:

The stewards have given their verdicts for Sergio Perez’s offences.

The Mexican had twice left too much distance to the vehicle in front during safety car periods.

For the first offense he gets a reprimand, for the second a five-second penalty and two penalty points in the F1 offender file.

This leaves him 2.595 seconds ahead of Charles Leclerc and winner of the Singapore Grand Prix.

Update, 6:23 p.m .:

Sergio Perez has just left the stewards’ office – with the words “no hay problema”, Spanish for “there is no problem”.

The official announcement shouldn't be long in coming, Perez will most likely keep his victory.

Update, 5:45 p.m .:

Perez has to report to the stewards in ten minutes.

The last word has not yet been spoken here.

There will probably be a five-second penalty in any case, two of which are possible.

Then Leclerc would win the race.

Update, 5:27 p.m .:

There is no official statement yet, the award ceremony will take place as planned with the race winner Perez.

Does the race management really dare to change anything?

For expert Ralf Schumacher, the situation is "clear", according to the rules, Perez must receive two five-second penalties.

Apparently Perez had left too much space behind the safety car - twice.

Update, 5:21 p.m .:

Perez could still lose the win!

Apparently, the regulations also give a ten-second penalty, because the Mexican is accused of two offenses, both of which could be penalized with five seconds.

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FINISH: Sergio Perez wins the Singapore Grand Prix!

The Mexican has a lead of more than five seconds, which means he's sure to win despite the penalty!

Very strong idea of ​​him.

Charles Leclerc is second, Carlos Sainz third.

2 minutes left:

it's going to be very, very close!

Perez still has four tenths to go to protect himself from the potential penalty.

Verstappen concedes Hamilton, the Briton fabricates the next brake.

4 minutes left:

Hamilton and Verstappen put pressure on Vettel.

Leclerc is losing ground, the gap to Perez grows to four seconds.

6 minutes left:

Perez is now three seconds ahead of Leclerc, is that enough in the end?

Only a few minutes left on the clock.

It is still unclear whether there will be a penalty.

9 minutes left:

will Perez get another penalty?

Race control is investigating whether he drove off too early during the safety car period.

Red Bull therefore radioed to his driver: "Get away!" The Mexican is now trying to gain more than five seconds to neutralize a possible five-second penalty.

Suspense to the end in Singapore!

11 minutes to go:

Almost unnoticed, Sebastian Vettel also secured points on his farewell tour.

Very solid race from him. He's currently seventh behind team-mate Stroll.

15 minutes to go:

Russell concedes Schumacher, for whom the points are a long way off.

The last quarter of an hour of this marathon race is running - Perez was able to free himself from the embrace, but Leclerc remains within striking distance.

The last word has not yet been spoken, a win would be important for Leclerc, while Verstappen has already scored points again.

16 minutes left:

Leclerc makes a small mistake, Perez can use it immediately and build a small lead.

The start in Singapore.


Perez defends himself against Leclerc: Exciting fight at the top

20 minutes to go:

How much longer can Perez hold out?

The Mexican is driving at the limit, keeps making a mistake on the brakes, but is hardly a target for attack.

23 minutes left:

Leclerc is chasing Perez, but the track gives little chance of overtaking.

Perez defends himself with all his might.

Great duel!

27 minutes to go:

the fight for the top picks up speed!

Leclerc is getting closer and closer to Perez, it's going to be a tough fight.

Perez is losing speed for some reason, but he's going to do everything in his power to keep Leclerc behind.

Who will snatch the win?


Schumacher clashes with Russell and seems to have a problem.

Apparently he can continue.


The race is on again!

And Verstappen throws away the race!

Verstappen tries to get past Norris right at the restart, but misjudges and doesn't hit the curve.

After the heavy braking, he has to pit and robs himself of a good position.


Ricciardo and Stroll also benefited from the confusion after the Tsunoda accident.


It is now clear: the 61 laps will not be completed, that is not possible in terms of time.

At 5 p.m. the race will be interrupted by the end of the race time slot.

At the front everything is open again thanks to the safety car, Perez has to defend himself against two Ferraris at the restart!


Norris had waited an extra lap to pit and now benefits from the safety car, which means he loses less time.

The Englishman comes back on track ten seconds ahead of Verstappen.


And now Tsunoda crashes into the wall!

There will be a safety car, the cards will be reshuffled again.

Crazy race!

Already the sixth failure.


The big tire change begins!

All cars are coming into the pits now, the track now seems dry enough for slicks.

Formula 1 in Singapore: Hamilton flies off


Hamilton flies off!

Error by the seven-time world champion, he falls back between Norris and Verstappen of all things.

His Mercedes took a light hit, but he drove on.


Russell learns firsthand that the track is not drying as quickly as expected.

The Mercedes driver is just lagging behind and is slower on the medium tires than the rest of the field on the old intermediates.


Verstappen fights an exciting battle with Norris, but the McLaren driver stays ahead.

With the victory, that will probably not be the case for the world champion today.


Many small interruptions in this race, the drivers have to slow down again now.

Ferrari tries to mislead Mercedes by faking a pit stop.

But the maneuver has no effect.


And lunge number five!

Ocon's car is smoking from every opening, and the French won't be able to continue either.


Albon crashes into the wall in a somewhat strange way, the Thai gets a new wing and triggers the next VSC phase.

A little later he has to finish the race.

The fourth failure today!


Russell has problems with the grip, apparently it's still too early for the dry tires.

Hamilton can attack Sainz.

Perez has gained a cushion of two and a half seconds on Leclerc.

Formula 1 in Singapore: Alonso out - engine damage helps Verstappen


Is that bitter!

Alonso's engine fails.

Of course, Verstappen has a free ride.

The Spaniard is served, good race from him so far.

The Virtual Safety Car is outside, the distances are frozen.

A little later, however, the green flag is raised again, and the race is running normally again.

Russell was the first to switch to slicks.

"Brave decision," radios Verstappen, who is still skeptical.


The poker for dry tires begins.

Norris in the McLaren is already demanding a tire change, and most teams will probably bring their cars in soon.

Changing tires could be exciting, especially at the front.


Verstappen arranges Alonso, but the Spaniard once again proves to be a tough nut to crack.

No passing!


Perez and Leclerc are marching ahead again, but Monegasque cannot attack the Mexican.

It is quite possible that Ferrari will try to pass with an undercut (earlier pit stop).


Most people don't think about a pit stop yet - but it won't be too long.

The track is increasingly dry and the intermediate tire is wearing out.


Bernd Mayländer turns with the safety car, the race continues!

At the restart, Vettel falls victim to Verstappen and loses eighth place.

The Dutchman also concedes Gasly and grabs seventh place.


But now he has to get past warhorse Alonso.


Magnussen has to pit, his wing was damaged.

The safety car is coming!

Annoying for Leclerc and Perez, who have already gained a ten-second lead.

Good for Max Verstappen, whose gap to the top was already large.


Crash between Latifi and Zhou!

That could result in a safety car.

Zhou has to park his car, Latifi drives on, but then has to end the race in the pits.


Russell slowly fights his way from the back.

His teammate Hamilton has trouble keeping up with the pace of the first three cars.

Verstappen is closing in on Vettel and will try to get past him soon.

The Heppenheimer initially had no interest in waving him over.

Verstappen misses the start, Vettel does magic

Round 3/61:

Verstappen got off badly, but is slowly but surely stalking ahead.

Now the world champion is ninth.

Perez leads the field, followed by the two Ferraris.

Vettel can maintain his eighth place.


Let's go Southeast Asia!

Sergio Perez gets off to a great start and takes the lead!

Slight collision between Sainz and Hamilton.

Vettel has already moved up to eighth place.

The loser of the start is Max Verstappen!

The Dutchman has problems and gets involved in a close duel.

Only twelfth place after the first lap!

Update, 3:01 p.m .:

The party will start in a few minutes!

Today, Formula 1 racing cars race between the skyscrapers of the commercial metropolis Singapore.

Can Charles Leclerc use his starting advantage?

Will Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel score points?

Update, 2:50 p.m.:

The launch ceremony begins.

A women's choir sings Singapore's national anthem.

The drivers dive into the tunnel now at the latest.

The start promises a lot of excitement.

It is still not clear whether the start will be behind the safety car.

Update, 2.45 p.m .:

Mick Schumacher is still talking to his engineer, a little later he speaks briefly to Sky: “I don’t think there will be any risk of starting on slicks here,” says the German.

He will start with intermediates.

The track is still wet, but passable.

Charles Leclerc wants to win the Singapore night race - and has the best chance with pole position.


Update, 2:28 p.m .:

The cars drive out for the first time!

The anticipation for the race is great, and now nothing should stand in the way of the start.

The only thing still unclear is whether the race will start behind the safety car.

A regular start would of course be more exciting for all spectators, there is no question about that.

Formula 1 in Singapore: Race starts at 3:05 p.m

Update, 2:16 p.m.:

The start should take place at 3:05 p.m.

By then it will probably be dry enough for slicks, rain tires will not be absolutely necessary.

No more rain is expected.

The race time slot ends at 5 p.m.

It is therefore possible that the full distance will not be completed today if there is a red flag or something similar.

Update, 2:05 p.m .:

Fans, drivers and teams still have to be patient!

It's supposed to start in an hour.

With the standing water on the track, the start is too dangerous, as training showed.

Update, 1:39 p.m .:

The start will be delayed, as reported by the FIA.

An exact start time has not yet been determined.

The rain has subsided now, but there is still too much water on the track.

The race management wants to prevent a start chaos like in Monaco.

Update, 1:18 p.m .:

There is still no information about the start time.

According to Red Bull Motorsport Director Helmut Marko, the rain should subside from 1:30 p.m.

Marko also commented on the allegations of fraud against his team: "It's all nonsense."

It pours from buckets in Singapore.

© IMAGO/Zak Mauger

Update from October 2, 12:55 p.m .:

It has been raining torrentially in Singapore for a few minutes.

It is quite possible that the start will be pushed back a little.

We'll keep you up to date.

Mick Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel have moved up one place on the grid as Mercedes driver George Russell is penalized.

The Briton has to start from the pit lane.

Formula 1 in Singapore: Leclerc on pole, Verstappen needs to catch up

First report from October 2nd:

Singapore – Recently, so many races have been to the liking of world champion Max Verstappen and Red Bull – Singapore is not one of them so far.

The team failed in qualifying, the Dutchman was unable to complete his fastest lap due to a lack of fuel and now has to start from eighth place.

World Cup rival Charles Leclerc secured pole position.

But that's not all: Red Bull is also facing allegations of fraud ahead of the race in Singapore.

There is a rumor that the racing team exceeded the budget limit last season and even spent seven million US dollars more than the other teams.

Red Bull and Max Verstappen are currently the measure of all things in Formula 1. © MOHD RASFAN/AFP

Formula 1: Budget dispute over Red Bull – Verstappen racing team is accused of fraud

Red Bull vehemently denies the allegations.

In the background, the FIA ​​​​has been investigating the process for a long time, and a result is expected next Wednesday.

The regulations would theoretically even make it possible to deprive Verstappen of the world title.

In the meantime, the second world title can no longer be taken away from him.

There are still six races to go, and Verstappen is 116 points ahead of his rival Leclerc in the drivers' standings.

We accompany the iconic night race through the streets of Singapore from 2 p.m. in the live ticker.


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