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To follow Sherry after you: this is how Sherry became one of the greatest foreigners in the history of Maccabi Haifa - voila! sport


When he signed with Maccabi Haifa, he stated that he would forget Karim Frei. Three years later, he is the star, the leader and the fans' favorite. This is how Sherry became a green legend

To follow Sherry after you: this is how Sherry became one of the greatest foreigners in the history of Maccabi Haifa

When he signed with Maccabi Haifa, he stated that he would forget Karim Frei.

Three years later, he is also the star who makes the difference in Money Time, both the leader in the dressing room and the fans' darling.

The promise that exists, the moment that established his status among the players and the possibility that he will retire in Israel: this is how Charon Sherry became a green legend

Shlomo Weiss


Tuesday, October 4, 2022, 4:00 p.m

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Summary: Maccabi Haifa - Maccabi Tel Aviv 0:2 (Sport1)

In the summer of 2019, Maccabi Haifa focused on something else: keeping Karim Fry in the team.

The Greens, who were in the midst of dark and difficult years, believed that the Turkish connection was the bright spot that could pull the club out of the mud and bring it back to the good old days.

"There was a feeling that we found the player that the team was missing," admits a source who was part of the team in those days.

"Krim ignited the imagination of the fans, and Marko Belval wanted to do everything so that he would stay."

In practice Frei did not stay, mainly because his salary in Shakhtar from where he was loaned to the greens was one million euros per season.

Haifa had to look for a replacement, and was convinced that she would have to compromise.

"The initial thought was that whoever we bring in will be less good than Frey. The intention is to bring someone in his style but with better numbers," the source recalled.

After multiple tests, confusion dropped the four on another player from the Turkish League who goes by the name of Charon Sherry.

At first, Cherry seems like a default.

Cream Fry (Photo: Yossi Tsipakis)

The seven disappointments Haifa fans were very skeptical about the new Dutchman coming.

To be honest, even in the corridors of Kfar Galim it was difficult to shake off the feeling of disappointment that Frey did not stay in the team.

A few weeks ago, the administrative director Roy Shani published a story from those days, about a conversation he had with Sherry about the number 10 that appeared on his back.

"The number 10 who was here before you was an excellent player," Shani told him, and Sherry looked at him with half anger and half a smile and said: "Let me play, and you will forget him very quickly."

Also in one of the first interviews he gave in Israel, Sherry stated without fear: "I am better than Karim Frei".

Three years have passed, and it is clear that he was right.

Sherry became a key player in the last two championships, and the most beloved figure in the stands.

He juggled his debut, received a player's song that became the highlight before the home games, and even represented the team's players against Yaakov Shahar regarding the grants.

Tomorrow the gifted midfielder will rise to another one of the highlights of his career, and Haifa are convinced: "If there is anyone who can cause moments of magic against Juventus, it is Sherry."

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He kept his promise - and in a big way.

Charon Sherry (Photo: Reuters)

Sherry's start in Haifa was a hint of what was to come in his next three years in the green uniform.

He arrived in Israel after his agents Ziv Sternberg and Ariel Buzurgi managed to convince Belbul that this is the player who will upgrade Haifa, and sat on the bench in the opening game of the 2019/20 season.

The Greens hoped to start the season on the right foot, but fell behind 2:0 against humble Hapoel Ra'anana.

Sherry was called to the pitch in the first half, and completely changed the game.

He finished with two assists and, together with Nikita Rocavicia, led a turnaround and arranged a 3:4 victory.

Since then Sherry just hasn't stopped.

He became the most important player in the formation of Belbul and then also of Barak Becher, when he puts up huge numbers, reaches double digits in goals and assists already in his first season, and is mentioned in the same breath as the greatest foreigners in the club's history.

His positive effect was not only measured on the grass, but also in the dressing room he became a leader.

Last season, Haifa qualified for the European group stage after many years, after knocking out Neftchi Baku in the conference league playoffs.

After the qualification, Maccabi Haifa decided to transfer a grant to the team's players, but the amount did not satisfy the players.

The one who decided to take the lead was Sherry, who appeared before his friends and promised to make it clear to the club leaders that they demand a higher grant.

Sherry together with Neta Lavi approached the heads of the club, and after a particularly short conversation they reached agreements that significantly raised the shares of Sherry and Lavi in ​​the eyes of the other players.

A love story was also created with the audience, and the actor's song dedicated to Sherry has already become a tradition.

During the warm-up, the fans sing each of the players their own song, and when Sherry's turn comes, the decibels soar.

"Even we are waiting for Sherry's song in the warm-up," says one of the players.

"The point is that Charon also knows how to 'turn on' the audience very well, it becomes a real show."

love story.

Sherry (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

Sherry was a critical factor in qualifying for the Champions League and continues to excite the Greens, but the questions regarding his future are still unresolved.

At the end of the season, Sherry's contract ends, and the team will have to act quickly to ensure his stay.

If you ask the people of Haifa, they are convinced that Shari will sign a new contract, with the aim of retiring in the green uniform.

Sherry and his family have also become very attached to Israel and want to stay.

At the same time, in order to prevent even a small opening for a departure, Haifa needs to hurry up and sign him a new contract even before January.

Either way, Sherry will go up to the game against Juventus with an even greater responsibility than usual.

Omar Atzili and Dolev Haziza may be affected by the fast on Yom Kippur, and the burden on Sherry becomes great.

In any case, Haifa is convinced that even on the main stage, the player who has already scored against Paris Saint-Germain, will show again why he is considered by many to be one of the three greatest foreigners in the club's history.

"If there is someone who can cause magic moments against Juventus, it is Cheri," said the club.

"Those who know him, know that Money Time is even better."

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