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Germany's eight-minute debacle against Japan: World Cup already on Sunday?


Germany's eight-minute debacle against Japan: World Cup already on Sunday? Created: 2022-11-24 09:31 By: Alexander Kaindl Disappointment in the DFB team: the national team lost 2-1 to Japan. © ULMER/imago Germany loses the first World Cup group game against Japan. Now the end of this World Cup is already threatening on Sunday. The ticker to read. Germany 1-2 Japan (1-0) World Cup 2022: openin

Germany's eight-minute debacle against Japan: World Cup already on Sunday?

Created: 2022-11-24 09:31

By: Alexander Kaindl

Disappointment in the DFB team: the national team lost 2-1 to Japan.

© ULMER/imago

Germany loses the first World Cup group game against Japan.

Now the end of this World Cup is already threatening on Sunday.

The ticker to read.

  • Germany 1-2 Japan (1-0)

  • World Cup 2022: opening game for the German national team (all TV information about the game)

  • Germany vs Japan: DFB-Elf conceded lightning double strike

  • Team photo excitement before kick-off: DFB-Elf sets an example

WHISTLE: Germany loses!

After 99 minutes it's over here.

The DFB-Elf can actually take that, Japan is rewarded for its courage.

After a number of good chances, Germany simply cannot lose this game.

Ultimately, there were too many mistakes in the back that cost us the win here.

In particular, the second goal was terribly defended.

Ilkay Gündogan said in an interview immediately after the game: "I think there has never been an easier goal scored in a World Cup."

Japan turns the game here within eight minutes, Germany makes the World Cup false start.

Is it already threatening on Sunday?

Then comes a completely different caliber with Spain.

A second defeat and elimination in the group phase would be as good as fixed.

Germany 1-2 Japan (1-0)

Lineup Germany:

Neuer - Süle, Rüdiger, Schlotterbeck, Raum - Kimmich, Gündogan (68th Goretzka) - Gnabry (89th Moukoko), Müller (68th Hofmann), Musiala (79th Götze) - Havertz (79th filling jug).

Lineup Japan:

Gonda - H.Sakai, Yoshida, Itakura, Nagatomo (57th Mitoma) - Endo, Tanaka (72nd Doan) - J.Ito, Kamada, Kubo (46th Tomiyasu) - Maeda (57th Asano)


1-0 (Gundogan 33, FE), 1-1 (Doan 75), 1-2 (Asano 83)

90 + 8:

Another corner for Germany.

Last chance!

90th + 7:

Last minute.

And Germany gets another free kick.

Manuel Neuer comes up front.

90th + 5:

The Japanese fans are already celebrating.

And then they almost get punished!

Goretzka takes a rebound directly, just past the left.

There's still a little time left.

90 + 3:

Filling pitcher goes down in the Japanese penalty area.

But there is no further penalty for that.

Germany despairs of the Japanese.

90th + 2:

Japan is closer to 3-1 here than Germany is to 2-2.

90 minutes:

There are seven minutes of added time.

89 minutes:

The DFB-Elf now throws everything forward.

Youssoufa Moukoko comes on for Serge Gnabry.

87 minutes:

The German team is in shock.

The lead here was lost within eight minutes.

What's up now?

Germany vs Japan now live: DFB-Elf concede a double strike

83 minutes: GOAL FOR JAPAN!


Germany 1-2 Japan.

Is it bad!

What is Nico Schlotterbeck doing there?

Takuma Asano runs away from him, Schlotterbeck misses the tackle, Neuer gets the ball into the near corner.

Japan leads!

82 minutes:

A corner for Germany … but it doesn't bring anything.

The minutes pass.

80 minutes:

Germany shakes and plays forward again.

Füllkrug and Götze came for Havertz and Musiala.

Germany vs Japan now live: DFB-Elf will be punished

75 minutes: GOAL FOR JAPAN!


Germany 1-1 Japan.

And there it happened!

Doan stabs.

Neuer fends off a cross from Minamino in the middle, Doan dusts off.

Japan rewards itself.

75 minutes:

Minamino replaces Sakai.

Japan finally switches to attack mode.

Neuer with brilliant save against Asano

74 minutes:


What a save against Asano, the German captain is there.

Sakai shoots up the margin.

It has to be 1:1.

72 minutes:

Japan changes and becomes more offensive: Doan comes on for Tanaka.

71 minutes:


What an action.

First, Kimmich plays a dream ball on Gnabry, which puts it down for Hofmann.

Gonda parries his attempt and also has the margin.

The scene continues and Gnabry fails twice at Gonda.

The following corner brings nothing.


Germany must finally make it 2-0, otherwise this could end uncomfortable.

68 minutes:

Next chance for Japan.

Rüdiger has to block Asano's shot, there is a corner.

67 minutes:

Headball Itakura!

But Schlotterbeck blocks.

A few seconds later, Hofmann comes into play for Müller, and Gündogan is also finished.

Goretzka is now on the pitch.

65 minutes:

Antonio Rüdiger has a lot of fun here, wins a running duel with a grin on his face and a somewhat idiosyncratic running style.

Japan continues to move forward.

Leon Goretzka and Jonas Hofmann are getting ready for Germany.

Germany vs Japan now live: DFB-Elf plays with fire

62 minutes:

That's really dangerous!

Japan suddenly gets far too many rooms, Asano has the next opportunity.

The Germans are too imprecise at the front and not stable enough at the rear.

It's playing with fire at this stage.

60 minutes:


Gündogan misses the 2-0, his low shot from 16 meters goes to the aluminum.

Germany is too wasteful with the opportunities.

Gnabry has the next opportunity shortly afterwards.

57 minutes:

Japan changes: Asano for Maeda and Mitoma for Nagatomo.

The Blue Samurai become more offensive.

56 minutes:

Next good opportunity, but Havertz comes a step too late.

There is now more and more space for Germany because Japan obviously has to open something up.

Maybe Hansi Flick will soon react with a change and rely on speed - Karim Adeyemi would be a candidate.

Germany vs Japan now live: Musiala with magic show

51 minutes:


What a solo in the Japanese sixteen, the Bayern star dances them all out.

And then he chases the bullet into the Qatari night sky.


47 minutes:

Strong from Müller!

He drives the ball forward and puts it out for Gnabry.

His shot kisses the crossbar.

First good chance for Germany in the second section.

46 minutes:

Let's continue!

There was a change in Japan: Tomiyasu is now in the game for Kubo.


And there's the break whistle.

Germany deservedly lead 1-0 against Japan here, Ilkay Gündogan's penalty goal currently makes the difference.

The DFB-Elf determines the game, a lot goes through David Raum.

The Leipziger had also gotten the penalty kick.

Otherwise, the Germans try again and again with degrees from the second row.

A tried and tested means, because Japan's goalkeeper Gonda is anything but safe.

However, the people in front of him switch quickly - and have come dangerously in front of Manuel Neuer's goal on one or two counterattacks.

Germany vs Japan: Havertz just before the break with an offside goal

45th + 4th minute:

Goal for Germany!

But that must have been offside, right?

After a Kimmich shot, Gnabry put the rebound in the middle.

Havertz then put the ball into the net.

The goal is checked - and the offside decision is made!

Too bad, it would have been the perfect time for the 2-0.

In return, Japan comes to a close!

Maeda's header just misses.

45 minutes:


Good chance for the German jewel, once again he uses his notorious "snake legs".

But he's aiming too high.

There are four minutes on top of that - for this World Cup even comparatively little.

Pierluigi Collina recently explained what XXL stoppage time is all about.

42 minutes:

Germany is doing really well here, repeatedly going down the left flank and the strong David Raum.

Kimmich takes the next shot over the Japanese goal.

40 minutes:

Germany eases off the accelerator a bit, Japan can free themselves from the pressure of the past 20 minutes.

Germany vs Japan now live: Gündogan lets the DFB-Elf cheer

33 minutes: GOAL FOR GERMANY!


Germany - Japan: 1:0.

There is the German leadership!

Gündogan executes the penalty kick and loads Gonda.

The ball wriggles in the net, that's exactly the start that Hansi Flick had hoped for here.

31 minutes: Penalty for Germany!

After a great pass from Kimmich, Raum is knocked off his feet by goalkeeper Gonda.

Gundogan will execute.

29 minutes:

Germany still has chances!

Gündogan is blocked again in a promising position.

Rüdiger then cleans up behind and sets an example with a strong duel.

The DFB-Elf is doing well here!

27 minutes:

Gündogen's next shot attempt is blocked.

Germany against Japan continue to move forward

25 minutes:

There is a short penalty check after a Havertz cross – but there was no handball from Sakai.

22 minutes:

Brother Leichtfuss is back: Schlotterbeck lost the ball badly, it becomes dangerous immediately.

Rüdiger clears the corner.

It brings nothing.

20 minutes:

Again the Germans!

Strong combination on the left, ultimately Kimmich comes to an end from 18 meters.

Gündogan's margin goes over it, but he would have been offside.

17 minutes:


First good chance for the DFB, his header from a corner just missed the Japanese box.

12 minutes:

Germany recovers well from the offside goal and plays boldly forward.

Jamal Musiala is always wanted.

Germany against Japan now in the live ticker: DFB-Elf lucky early on

8 minutes:

Goal for Japan!

But offside.

Maeda was clearly in the forbidden zone.

After Ilkay Gündogan lost the ball in midfield, it quickly went towards the German goal.



You saw the quality the Japanese have in the switching game.

7th minute:

The teams feel each other out, Germany is stable at the back.

There were no compelling accents to the front.

2 minutes:

First German advance, but Serge Gnabry is stopped at the last moment.

Kick off:

the ball rolls!

Germany against Japan now in the live ticker: team photo excitement before kick-off

1:58 p.m .:

Team photo of the Germans – and all players hold their mouths with their hands!

They probably want to say that they are not allowed to talk about the grievances in Qatar and are downright muzzled by FIFA.

The German national team set an example before the game against Japan.

© Javier garcia/imago

1:55 p.m.:

The anthems are played.

The German and Japanese players wear white tracksuits with rainbow colored stripes.

Is that the mini sign you wanted to set after the "One Love" debate?

1:52 p.m .:

Now it’s getting serious for Germany!

The teams are getting ready and coming straight onto the pitch.

1.50 p.m .:

The countdown is on.

What else is there to know about the German team?

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf and national coach Hansi Flick have spoken in advance.

1:42 p.m .:

In the studio, experts Thomas Hitzlsperger and Sami Khedira talk about a possible means of success: standard situations.

After all, the Japanese are up for grabs in header duels.

With Mads Buttgereit, the DFB-Elf has an extra standard expert in the coaching team.

Will that be the key to success?

Germany with a small sign against Japan

1:23 p.m .:

It’s finally starting in a good half hour!

The German players are already on the pitch, warming up.

Hansi Flick is now on the ARD microphone, says: "Of course the boys are dealing with the topic.

But now the focus is absolutely on football.” Will there be a sign from the team instead of the “One Love” armband?

"Let's see," explains the national coach and shrugs his shoulders meaningfully.

During the warm-up, the German team could already be seen with colorful Adidas stripes on their white shirts.

1:05 p.m .:

The Japanese lineup is now there too.

Five Germany legionnaires are in the starting XI: Yoshida, Itakura, Endo, Tanaka and Kamada.

12.46 p.m .:

Hansi Flick chooses Niklas Süle as right-back in his starting eleven.

Nico Schlottbeck and Antonio Rüdiger defend inside, David Raum comes from the left.

As expected, Ilkay Gündogan starts next to Joshua Kimmich on the six.

Serge Gnabry, Thomas Müller, Jamal Musiala and Kai Havertz should then whirl in front.

Germany vs Japan live today: Flick line-up is here

12:42 p.m .:

The German lineup is here!

The World Cup mission is started as follows: Neuer - Süle, Rüdiger, Schlotterbeck, Raum - Kimmich, Gündogan - Gnabry, Müller, Musiala - Havertz.

12:36 p.m .:

While the German team is slowly getting ready for the group game against Japan, Croatia is currently still fighting for its first win at this World Cup.

After 80 minutes it is still 0-0 in the duel with Morocco.

Bitter from the point of view of the Africans - and also from that of FC Bayern: Full-back Noussair Mazraoui had to be carried off the pitch injured.

Things are not going well for the German record champions, after all, another defender, Lucas Hernandez, has already been seriously injured.

Germany despite "One Love" ban with signs against Japan?

"We will see"

Update from November 23, 12:26 p.m.:

No “One Love” pad.

But still a sign?

A German reaction to the first World Cup game against Japan seems possible.

"We will see.

That kept the players very busy, ”said DFB managing director Oliver Bierhoff a few hours before kick-off on ARD and avoided denying possible actions when asked.

Update from November 23, 11:43 a.m .:

It starts here in about two hours.

Thomas Müller also commented on the "One Love" debate on Tuesday evening.

The discussion about the captain's armband made a lot of headlines recently.

Germany starts today against Japan in the 2022 World Cup

First report from November 23, 11:16 a.m .:

Ar-Rayyan – Here we go!

The German national soccer team will finally start the 2022 World Cup on Wednesday afternoon. There had been a lot of long-distance discussion beforehand.

Now the focus is on football.

Germany has to play against Japan in Group E at the start.

The four-time Asian champion is a strong opponent, peppered with Bundesliga quality: Ko Itakura (Borussia Mönchengladbach), Hiroki Ito, Wataru Endo (both VfB Stuttgart), Maya Yoshida (Schalke 04), Daichi Kamada (Eintracht Frankfurt), Ritsu Doan (SC Freiburg) and Takuma Asano (VfL Bochum) are in the Blue Samurai squad.

Germany vs Japan today in the live ticker: After the "One Love" scandal, it's finally about football

In the press conference before the first game in Group E, Hansi Flick revealed himself "as a fan of Japanese football".

The national coach went on to say: “The players are very well trained, both tactically and technically.

It is a very big task that awaits us.”

Who is Flick counting on at the start of the much-discussed World Cup, which recently focused primarily on the fuss about the “One Love” bandage?

Already on Wednesday morning there was excitement about the German line-up against Japan.

Germany vs Japan today in the live ticker: Flick probably breaks the Bayern block in the lineup


reporter Christian Falk reported from Qatar that there could be a surprise on the double six.

"It's a very, very close race," said the expert a few hours before kick-off at the Khalifa International Stadium.

"We're not completely sure yet.

But we heard from the team that it is currently assumed that Gündogan will play.

Goretzka was a bit battered lately.”

That's what the DFB stars from the summer fairy tale of 2006 are doing today

View photo gallery

Germany vs Japan live today: Sané is missing, Gündogan probably in the starting XI

Leon Goretzka suffered a minor injury during the friendly in Oman.

Flick could justify the Bayern star's place in the bank and give City star Ilkay Gündogan confidence, as Falk continues.

Thus he would avoid a first internal Zoff.

One thing is clear: Leroy Sané will be out with slight knee problems.

Whoever is in the starting XI at the end: We accompany the German performance here in our live ticker.

The colleagues from also report live on the game, and there is also a live ticker from


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