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Two Salsaos in Mecca: with Brazil and Portugal fans in one pub | Israel today


Our reporter Ronen Durfan continued his journey in Europe, this time meeting Brazilian fans in Faro in the Algarve region ● The street erupted twice with roars, when the Portuguese were also happy with Casemiro's goal and the near miss from Ronaldo's effort ● Bottom line: 6 points in favor of the two Selecao

Faro lies in the Algarve, on the Atlantic coast maybe 30 kilometers from the Spanish border.

The recommendation sites do it an injustice when they describe it mainly as an airport for the prestigious resorts in the lower left corner of Europe.

But it has an old world charm and a surprising history.

For example, it was a Jewish warrior, Yahya ben Bakr, who led a rebellion against Muslim rule and established Christian autonomy in a Muslim area in the ninth century.

From the Algarve the ships also left for the New World and with all the injustice the Europeans did to the Americas, one good thing came out of the whole thing: Brazilian football.

And in the pedestrian street Conciliaro-Bibar, they are preparing for the game of the Celso against Switzerland.

Today Farrow plays the opposite role.

It is the gateway to Europe for Brazilians who want to immigrate to Europe.

Most of them work in the tourism industry, but some of them are a more educated population.

In the 1980s, the Algarve University was established and is actively trying to recruit talented Brazilians.

For example, it is the only university in Europe that recognizes the Brazilian psychometric exam.

They come here and while they are educated they complete Brazilian citizenship or residency.

And hence the European Union is open to them.

Casemiro celebrates the precious goal,

The big football pub on the street has paintings of the greats - Pele, Maradona, Messi - and the pub has a simple name that expresses the desires of every football fan, wherever he is "3 points".

The writer of these lines tells the sitters that he was born in an era of 2 points for a win and they feel that they were lucky enough to meet a dinosaur.

You will find in Brazilian immigration quite a few characteristics that you will find in Israelis in Europe.

For example the apologetics of the immigration decision.

When a business student named Nina says she's here because Bolsonaro is suppressing free thought in Brazil, her friend tells her "So now you're going back to Brazil?

(Bolsonaro was defeated in the elections)'.

"Not so fast," she laughs with everyone.

On a more serious note, another Brazilian student tells me that there is not much chance that many of the Brazilians here - a mixture of educated middle class and people from lower classes - would meet in a pub in Brazil.

Casemiro celebrates Brazil's precious goal,

The street erupts twice with roars.

The first outburst - Vinicius Jr.'s goal - as they say in Portuguese - was ruled out by the VAR.

But then "the tank of the campaign" (his nickname in Madrid) Casemiro, defeats the Swiss with a wonderful goal in the 83rd minute.

The street is united, the Brazilians play and dance.

For the Portuguese, this is the second team.

Brazil fans are crazy after the small victory over Switzerland,

Rio also celebrated,

Moving on to another salseo

The writer is a fan of Casemiro's current team.

And we move to another Salsao.

that of Portugal.

On the walls of the pub are also the pictures of Cristiano Ronaldo and the earlier heroes Figo and Eusebio.

I am talking to Rafa Ohad, a student and local DJ, who came to the bar with his Brazilian friends.

Portugal in a complicated time.

Precisely in the era in which the best team in its history, Ronaldo grew up during that problematic period in the superstar's life cycle.

A natural decline in his ability.

If you happen to be one of those people who can afford a private space tour, then we will inform you that last month he exploded, quarreled and angrily left Manchester United, and he is one of the few players ever to play in the World Cup without a contract from a team.


early celebrations,

"So he should play?", I ask Rafa and the answer is an alternative to the whole way of thinking of many football fans.

He answers yes and explains "because only on the field can he rest from everything that is happening to him now".

That is, a fan who thinks about the player and his soul and not about the benefit to the team.

In the silence of the Portugal shirt, Ronaldo seems to have truly found rest.

Not a performance up to the huge standards he set in the past but a perfectly fine human performance.

He prepares several situations for his teammates and also makes the move that leads to Bruno's first goal.

Portugal celebrates, photo: Reuters

On social media on the screen of the mobile device you see the global fury against Ronaldo bubbling to a boiling point again.

"What is he celebrating as if he scored the goal?"

The Portuguese, on the other hand, are sad when FIFA corrects the identity of the scorer from Ronaldo to Bruno.

This, gentlemen, is the gist of the difference between a modern world Champions League team fan and a local fan.

For the first, Ronaldo is a multi-millionaire who needs to be measured.

and appreciate the money they pay him.

The needle has already turned from admiration to hatred.

For the national fan he is one of their own who is going through a difficult time.

His picture will be on the walls of "3 Points" when the world moves on, update, he has already moved on, to deal with Abampa.

In the street they celebrate with drinking and electronic music 6 points for the two Salsaos.

Among Neymar, Casemiro, Bruno, Bruno-Diaz, even Eusebio shirts there is one and a sister with Ricardo Carasma shirts.

A strange choice for a player who is no longer in the Portugal national team and even when he was, he was not particularly special.

"We are gypsies," they say.

Footballers in the lower left corner of Europe raise a horn for their people.

were we wrong

We will fix it!

If you found an error in the article, we would appreciate it if you shared it with us

Source: israelhayom

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