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Blame 1:2? Neuer provides a surprising explanation – Schlotterbeck also reacts


Blame 1:2? Neuer provides a surprising explanation – Schlotterbeck also reacts Created: 11/30/2022 04:59 am By: Antonio José Riether, Christoph Klaucke Germany lost to Japan in the first group match of the 2022 World Cup. The voices of the DFB officials and players. Ar-Rayyan – Exactly 1610 days after the embarrassing 2018 World Cup against South Korea, the German national team started the nex

Blame 1:2?

Neuer provides a surprising explanation – Schlotterbeck also reacts

Created: 11/30/2022 04:59 am

By: Antonio José Riether, Christoph Klaucke

Germany lost to Japan in the first group match of the 2022 World Cup.

The voices of the DFB officials and players.

Ar-Rayyan – Exactly 1610 days after the embarrassing 2018 World Cup against South Korea, the German national team started the next attempt at the World Cup in Qatar.

In the first group game against Japan, however, there was a setback: the team of national coach Hansi Flick lost 1: 2.

Before and after the bankruptcy of the DFB team against the Japanese team, the players, coaches and those responsible speak out on the television microphones.

We summarize all the voices from the ARD and Magenta TV interviews.

Hansi Flick (national coach) after the game on ARD about...

… about the Japanese equalizer:


(Süle, editor’s note)

simply has to be careful.

He cancels the offside because he dropped two or three steps too far.

These are individual mistakes that we had to pay for today.

(...) In the first half we missed a lot of chances.

Japan clearly beat us in terms of efficiency and therefore scored one more goal.

The individual mistakes that we make must not happen.

(...) If you have 78 percent possession of the ball in the first half, you can't buy anything from it.

Their tactic (Japan, ed.) is simple: switch quickly.

And that's what they did today."

... about Leon Goretzka, who was partly to blame for the 1-1 draw:

"When Basti (ARD expert Schweinsteiger, ed.) says he doesn't want to focus on a player.

That's why it's up to the coach to see the whole team.

We're going into analysis, we have a lot of work to do after today's game.

We have the quality to beat Spain."

...about the changes in the DFB team that disrupted the rhythm:

"We just wanted to bring in fresh energy.

Thomas (Müller, note) hasn't played for a long time, so that was the right thing to do.

These are individual mistakes that we shouldn't make, but we did make them.

That's why we lost."

... about the next World Cup group game against Spain

: "We have to look ahead, we're doing that.

There are still six points to be awarded.

We want to get them.

And that's what we're working on."

Leon Goretzka (Germany) after the Japan game in the mixed zone over...

... the game:

"You've seen a game like this very often in football.

You lead 1-0, we have the game under control, but we don't take our chances.

And then you don't play against completely blind people.

And then all of a sudden you lost the game.

The memories (of Russia 2018) are pushed very far back, but it doesn't feel good.

At least the route is now clear.

We have to win the game against Spain.”

Kai Havertz (Germany) after the Japan game in the mixed zone over...

… the game:

“We said at half-time, nothing has been won yet.

We knew we had to score the second goal, we had a lot of good chances, we didn't get it and then we were taken by surprise.

That happens in football, but it must not happen on this important stage.

We must try to turn the tide.

Of course it's a stupid situation we're in now because we're under pressure.

But we have enough experienced players to say we can withstand the pressure."

Nico Schlotterbeck (Germany) after the game in the mixed zone over...

... the game and the goal conceded to make it 1-2:

"If you don't score, it'll be 1-1 and Japan will get the upper hand.

When we conceded to make it 1-2, he (Takuma Asano) was just behind me, I don't know if it was just offside.

I can't quite get close, then he hits from a tight angle.

We need to get our heads up now.”

Thomas Müller (Germany) after the game on MagentaTV about...

... the game:

"In terms of feeling, we played well over long stretches.

A good game is actually characterized by the fact that you convert the superiority into goals.

The effectiveness didn't fit.

It's ridiculous that we start here with a defeat.

But when you see that we are ahead and how we get the goals, you would say in football jargon: not undeservedly lost."

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… the reason for the defeat:

“We have a double or triple chance after the double change and in the end we have to blame ourselves for the lack of efficiency.

I think the effort was right.”

… the defeat:

“We have to process the whole thing now.

Accepting defeat is never easy.

But we have to be factual.

In terms of sport, the defeat is easy to analyze but difficult to grasp emotionally.

If you're not effective in football, you don't win anything."

Thomas Müller (Germany) after the game on ARD about...

... the lost dominance:

"The Japanese have changed and have been more aggressive.

But we still created chances and were superior.

Efficiency both in front and behind, then it's difficult to win a game.

I'm currently in shock."

... the entire 90 minutes:

"But if we concede two goals in the 75th minute, then we weren't dominant.

But before that we were in control and then we lost the game.

If you look at the first half, we put up with it well and had a lot of energy.

I'm a bit at a loss.

We usually come out victorious.

But now we have a disadvantage."

... the next opponent Spain:

"We have to see that we can shake off that and recover physically.

We almost have to win against Spain, now we have the salad.”

Manuel Neuer (Germany) after the game on ARD and in the mixed zone about...

... the reasons for the defeat against Japan:

"The goalscoring chances that were missed, that's clear.

We didn't defend well at the back until the end.

Japan put pressure on us in a one-on-one.

We weren't calm back then.

We needed better positioning, like it was in the first half.

(...) If we had had better ball movement, better play going forward, a little bit more confidence.

It wasn't really a dangerous game for us, we brought the opponent back.

If you don't show yourself, if you don't show a presence, the return carriage comes.

And we got that today.”

... what Germany lacked against Japan:

“This unconditional will in the end was the deciding factor.

Japan really wanted to get something and we thought we'd pull it off.

(...) It's hard to understand after the game how we were able to let that slip.”

… the goal conceded to make it 1: 2:

“I wanted him to shoot me.

Maybe I could have gone another half meter forward.

In the end you don't know.

I think we switched off a bit in the situation and didn't defend clearly until the end."

Manuel Neuer (Germany) after the game on MagentaTV about...

... the defeat:

"Very negative.

I'm totally frustrated and upset that we lost the game.

It was more than unnecessary, we created a lot of chances.

I think the compelling will for the second goal was missing and we brought Japan back into the game."

... the difference between the halves:

"In the second half we didn't have the self-confidence from the second half.

We also didn't have the flow of the game anymore and didn't play well anymore."

… the defensive mistakes:

“We attack and defend together, I don’t want to take anyone out.

But we still clearly have to do better.”

... what needs to be improved:

"A lot, we're under pressure from the start.

For me that was the most important game and it went haywire, now we have the salad.

But we have to come out as one, even if it's against Spain, our strongest competitor.

We have to give everything and show what potential we have in the team and we have to bring that onto the pitch."

Ilkay Gündogan (Germany) after the game on ARD about...

… the defeat:

“We made it too easy for Japan.

The second goal in particular, that shouldn't happen, we're at the World Cup.

Manu saved us a few times.

We had incredible chances up front but didn't score the second.

That mustn't happen to us."

... the weaknesses in the DFB game:

"We also didn't have the opportunity to play out from behind.

The conviction from behind that you hold the ball, that you offer yourself, was missing.

Then we played long balls.

You got the feeling that not everyone wanted the ball.

We simply lost the ball far too often.

I don't think there's ever been an easier goal scored at a World Cup."

Ilkay Gündogan (Germany) after the game on ARD about...

… the game:

“conceded two unnecessary goals, we made it far too easy for the opponent.

Manu reacted really well before that, but you also need the coolness to get the game 1-0 over the stage.

We weren't good enough in the second half, which is of course extremely disappointing."

... the reason for the defeat:

"The Japanese defended it differently and attacked us higher and we still wanted to play out, something didn't work out.

Maybe the positioning was a bit wrong, in the end we didn't want to have enough of the ball and didn't want to assert enough.

We gave the Japanese the upper hand with our ball losses, which was totally unnecessary."

Bastian Schweinsteiger (ARD expert and world champion of 2014) after the game over...

… the defeat:

“I explain it by saying that we had chances but didn't make it 2-0.

After the Japanese switched over, we no longer had access.

They played sacrificially and we let the guts buy us.

The defeat shows where we stand.

This is no coincidence.”

... the mistakes:

"Simple ball losses, position errors.

It is not ripped off, experienced and clever enough.

We need to get a lot better to have a chance against Spain."

Hansi Flick (national coach) before the game on ARD about...

… the tie debate:

“The team was very disappointed, but we are here to play football and play a good tournament.

We had a good final training session yesterday, so we can go into the game with peace of mind.

You are already dealing with the issues.

But the focus is on football.

We can only support them on the issues.

But it's important that we concentrate on football.

The bandage has something to do with the values ​​we stand for.

You wanted to set an example.

FIFA blocked it.

But we want to play good football today.”

... an alternative to the bandage:

"Let's see (smiles)."

… the focus of his team:

“It was only four good training sessions.

In Oman we were able to adapt.

The team got even more intensity in training.

We want to implement a clear plan.”

… his defence:

“The remaining defense is important so that we don’t run into open knives.

We addressed things.

The team has to push each other on the field.

We had good training content, we are building on that.

The team is hot and aware of their responsibility.”

… his offensive:

“Kai Havertz is at the front, Thomas is on the ten, Serge and Jamal on the outside.

We try to be flexible.

I'm curious to see how they implement it."

… his back four:

“Because then we have what we want from the game structure, a certain security in possession of the ball.

Japan can switch quickly, we reacted to that.

We hope that we will implement it that way.”

... the opponent:

"They are very well trained, both tactically and technically.

They know how to play football, how to move a game, and today we have to find a good answer to that."

Hansi Flick only spoke on ARD before the World Cup opening game.

© Christian Charisius/dpa

Bernd Neuendorf (DFB President) before the game on ARD about...

... the damage caused by the "One Love" padding debate:

"I think FIFA works with intimidation and pressure.

I've spent the last few days with the team and talked to the players a lot.

You're looking forward to the tournament, so it's incredibly difficult in a situation like that.

We didn't know what sanctions there were.

A few hours before the England game we had to make a decision.

We are now seeing what further measures we can take.”

... the FIFA decision:

"It's a difficult situation to consider, we were very determined.

We didn't expect that FIFA wouldn't answer us.

But we stand by the issue of human rights.

We are in opposition to FIFA.

We are considering how to deal with this intolerable situation.”

… the planning:

“It depends, we don’t get any precise information from FIFA.

The question arises as to what risks we are exposing the team to.

We are in exchange among the seven nations.

And then we will discuss how to proceed.”

DFB President Bernd Neuendorf.

© IMAGO/Gladys Chai from the Laage

Bastian Schweinsteiger (ARD expert and world champion of 2014) on...

… the debate about the “One Love” bandage:

“Of course that would have been annoying.

It's a disastrous demonstration of power by FIFA, and then the associations are under pressure.

It's not the players fault.

FIFA should have allowed the bandage and that's it."

... the friendly against Oman:

"You can't play the game too high.

They weren't perfectly organized when switching opponents.

Our opponents have a chance to score a goal within five or six seconds.

You have to have control and residual defense.”

... the first game at a World Cup:

"If you can play a World Cup as a national player, there is nothing better.

You think about how the game can go and you see the fans.”

… the pressure on Jamal Musiala:

“In my experience, there is no pressure at all.

You go out here and play for your country.

It's just anticipation.

Nobody expects a mega game from him.

It should play like always.”

... Jamal Musiala:

"He's a player with a special talent.

He can leave players in a tight field.

He can score goals and use his teammates.

What is special about him, however, is that he also works backwards.

This is different from, for example, Lionel Messi.

He's a player you can't catch, you can't defend."

... Nico Schlotterbeck, who is on the starting line-up:

"I'm very happy that he's in the top eleven.

He has to defend, but when he has the ball at his feet he plays perfect diagonal balls.

I hope he also defends very well today.”

... his tip:

"I'm betting 3: 1 for us."


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