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Füllkrug and Müller at DFB-PK: "Stupid question, do we want to continue?"


Füllkrug and Müller at DFB-PK: "Stupid question, do we want to continue?" Created: 11/30/2022 5:54 am By: Alexander Kaindl Niclas Füllkrug and Thomas Müller before the decisive game against Costa Rica at the 2022 World Cup. © Screenshot Sky Germany still has a chance of reaching the round of 16 at this World Cup. The most important PK statements by Thomas Müller and Niclas Füllkrug before the

Füllkrug and Müller at DFB-PK: "Stupid question, do we want to continue?"

Created: 11/30/2022 5:54 am

By: Alexander Kaindl

Niclas Füllkrug and Thomas Müller before the decisive game against Costa Rica at the 2022 World Cup. © Screenshot Sky

Germany still has a chance of reaching the round of 16 at this World Cup.

The most important PK statements by Thomas Müller and Niclas Füllkrug before the Costa Rica game to read.

  • World Cup 2022: Germany is fighting against Costa Rica for a place in the round of 16

  • Thomas Müller and Niclas Füllkrug were guests at PK

  • Niclas Füllkrug answers with a laugh: "Stupid question, do we want to continue?

10:41 am:

That's it!

After about 40 minutes, the PK is over here.

What can you take away from this round?

Certainly that the mood within the German team is a little better again.

But Müller and Füllkrug know very well that they only have one chance to get through to the next round - the round of 16 ticket has not yet been booked.

At the same time, the two also make people laugh.

The most important PK statements at a glance.

Thomas Müller (DFB striker) on ...

… the support of the fans: "It's always nice to get support.

You could clearly see how important it is for us to stay in the tournament.

Of course, Costa Rica's win played into our hands.

But the individual scenes against Spain - there was a lot of speed in it.

We played together, defended together.

We had an intensity that we will also need in the coming weeks.

We now have this chance on Thursday as well.”

... the striker's question (laughs): "Lücke carries her on his back, so he's the nine.

But of course you have to ask the coach everything about the line-up.

I think we have good options.

Niclas has proven that he knows where the goal is."

... maybe his last World Cup: "Of course, the thought came up shortly after the Japan game, logically.

A spark went through our camp when Costa Rica beat Japan.

We were able to take that emotion into the Spain game.

With a win we now have a good chance of progressing.

That's why the thought of my last World Cup has evaporated a bit."

... his experience: "I try to share a lot with my teammates.

I want to set an example here.

As an offensive player you are measured by goals and assists.

Of course, I'm not satisfied with zero shots on goal after two games."

... the cast in the storm: "If we didn't have so many good offensive players, it would be easy: gap in front and me behind.

But with our quality in the squad, Hansi is spoiled for choice.”

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... the scenes after the game: "The interview in the mixed zone: I came in first, so the first questions went to me.

But then abundance came in and of course got the attention as the man of the match.

So feel free to ask him a few questions.”

Thomas Müller (DFB striker) on ...

... the team compared to 2010: "Every team has different characters.

From 2010 I see relatively little.

We have players in the squad who have won the Champions League more than once.

That was not the case in 2010.

In 2014 we were clearly among the favourites.

That's not us now, in 2022.

Also rightly so because of our last years.

It's a mix.

On a good day we can beat anyone, but we certainly can't control everything.

We used to be better then.

But the performance against Spain: the ability, the things that the coaching staff said after Japan - how we then implemented that, gives me hope.

We had a much more active chain, we won the ball a lot.

We were closer together and could better keep the Spaniards away from our goal.

But we didn't have much possession

… on the next game: “I think we are the favourites.

We have to win.

But we have a lot of respect.

We saw the game against Japan live.

That had nothing to do with Spain.

There were duels, they had good positional play.

They never left their defensive structure.

First we have to score a goal.

We have humility.

We have one point minus one goal.

There's not much reason to be really euphoric.

What puts a smile on our faces is the chance to even get through to the round of 16 and then show the football world what we're really made of."

... the 2006 Costa Rica game (suddenly in English): "Of course I remember Philipp Lahm's goal.

He's a friend of mine, I don't know if he's ever scored better."

… the starting position: “In the end, the coaching team has to decide which way to go into the game.

It will be important that we follow the result of Japan against Spain.

Accordingly, you can always adapt the strategy a little bit.

It makes a difference whether I have to say from the start I have to win 8-0.

You see that it's possible when you've seen Spain.

But that's not a realistic result for a World Cup.

For us players, however, there is no point in looking at the other game too much.”

Thomas Müller (DFB striker) on ...

... deep opponents: "It will be important to develop the positional game in such a way that it suits the opponent.

At some point you will get into risky situations in the opponent's penalty area - that means you need good counter security, because of course something can go wrong with a one-two or dribbling.

In the game you need to change positions, counter-movements and runs that actually lead nowhere to pull the opponent out.

You run ten times, ten times the ball doesn't come.

But you have to run again the eleventh time.”

... Mario Götze: "He's fine, I'm glad he's here.

We kept in touch even after he left Bayern.

He has shown time and again on the German stage what quality he has.

He's an important part of this squad and shows what he's capable of in training.

When he comes in and how is a trainer's story.

Everyone offers themselves in training.

So I feel like we have a good team here.

That's actually what sets us apart.

I think there's a chance Mario can get that Götze moment again.

Fullness already had a little Götze moment, he can treat himself to a second one.

We all wait for our chance.

Mario is ready for it.”

... a decision game and the pressure: "I can't tell how many of our young players haven't had a situation like this before.

The Spain game also meant pressure.

Abundance also has experience, maybe it's also because of the place of birth that he has so much coolness.

I don't feel it's because of nervousness if we're performing poorly.

who is the youngest


He's also been on the field for a game where a lot is at stake and he scored.

We are used to pressure situations.”

Thomas Müller (DFB striker) on ...

… late goals (like Kroos in 2018): “For the storytelling, I understand the question.

The stories are always written afterwards.

What makes me positive is the fact that we quickly implemented things that make us a team that can compete at the highest level against difficult opponents.

I wasn't so sure about that before.

Costa Rica are different opponents now, they will demand different qualities from us.

That's why you can't take so much from the Spain game.

Whether the moment when Niclas welded the thing into the triangle was the knot breaker will be seen if we get any further.

Ultimately it was with Toni's goal and now it's a similar situation.

Now we have to do it differently on Thursday.”

... the fact that his wife isn't in Qatar yet: "I hope she's coming.

She wanted to come in the knockout round.”

... the camp: "We sit together long after dinner, the interpersonal relationships are all wonderful.

That also helps to a small percentage on the pitch.

The general mood is good.

But of course you notice the difference after the respective games.

Since this morning the families have left the camp again, we will now go into the tunnel of preparation - with the necessary tension, but also with ease.

If everyone shows even more discipline, we can be successful as a group.

Then we get a result and a style of play that is seen as positive from the outside and we also feel that way on the pitch.”

Niclas Füllkrug (DFB striker) on ...

... the striker's question (laughs): "Which of us should be the nine?

Stupid question, do we want to continue?”

... Emotionality: "I think the course of the game played into our hands.

We scored the equalizer and didn't concede, so you leave the game with a better feeling.

That gave us energy, the mood is good, we're looking forward to the last game.

A win is a must, even if it's an unpleasant opponent."

... Müller's role: "Cool PK.

We talk about each other as if the other one weren't there (laughs).

No, seriously: Hansi has already communicated that Thomas has a very important role on and off the pitch.

I'm experiencing it now for the first time.

He works with incredible concentration in training.

He will continue to be very important to us.”

Niclas Füllkrug (DFB striker) on ...

... the Bremen video with Clemens Fritz: "The video has been around for a long time.

Only I wasn't that much of a focus before.

At Werder, everyone is extremely happy for me, I get a lot of messages from my boys, from the coaching team, from management."

… his composure after the Spain game: “We accepted things that we are not otherwise known for.

In the end it was only a 1:1.

That gives us energy, but now we have to move on.

Nothing is done with that yet.

We're in a situation where we can move forward, but it's not 100 percent in our hands.

That's why I didn't jump for joy."

... the upcoming opponent: "Costa Rica has shown two faces so far.

The game against Spain is difficult to rate.

They had better positional play against Japan and let the ball run well.

So we expect you again.

We have to win the balls high and then take our chances.”

... the 2006 Costa Rica game: "I had to look at myself, I didn't watch fully.

It would have done me no good not to do my homework.

In the end, of course, I was happy about the win.”

... the starting position: "We want the first World Cup win, regardless of the constellation.

But you can always react, the staff will keep an eye on it.

We bring our best performance and in the end see what it's enough for."

Niclas Füllkrug (DFB striker) on ...

… his Mucki jubilation: "It's like this, sometimes like that.

I'm not the big cheerer.

You can see in situations like that against Japan that in the end it's sometimes not enough.

Then you let yourself be celebrated for a goal that wasn’t enough to win in the end.”

... Role models: "Thomas is not necessarily a role model, we are of a similar age.

But of course I've watched him a lot in my career.

Miro Klose, I looked up to him.

Otherwise, I've always tried to go my own way.

That's why there weren't any big idols."

… him as a World Cup hero: “As a national team, we are happy when we are supported.

One had the feeling that one or the other online was happy when we failed.

But now there are many around the corner who are in the mood for the World Cup.

who are on our side.

We're happy that there's a World Cup mood, the other topics are flattening out a bit.

The focus is on football, which makes me very happy.

Me as a World Cup hero?


As a striker you're often in a situation where you can become a hero.

But that can also be a defender or Manu in goal - they are then not seen as a hero.

I'll be happy if we manage to create a World Cup atmosphere.

I used to love following the World Cup as a German.

That's why we hope to trigger something like this again."

10.03 a.m .:

Here we go!

Müller, Füllkrug and DFB press spokeswoman Franziska Wülle are there.

Update from November 29, 9:58 a.m .:

The DFB press conference is about to start here.

Thomas Müller and Niclas Füllkrug certainly have a lot to say.

Anyone who knows the two knows: It could be a moody round.

We look forward to it and summarize the most important statements here in the live ticker.

DFB-PK now live: Müller and Füllkrug talk about the World Cup showdown

First report from November 29, 9.45 a.m .:

Doha – There will be a big showdown at this World Cup: Germany will fight for the round of 16 on Thursday evening (8 p.m.), absolutely has to win against Costa Rica – and at the same time needs help from Spain.

The constellation is quite explosive at the end of the group.

Here we summarize how Germany advances to the next round.

Thomas Müller and Niclas Füllkrug answer questions from the press before the decisive game.

The Bayern star had overshadowed Bremen with praise immediately after the 1-1 draw against Spain.

We accompany the media round from 10 a.m. here in the live ticker.


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