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Mexico fails to attack Saudi Arabia - both teams are out


Mexico fails to attack Saudi Arabia - both teams are out Created: 11/30/2022, 10:14 p.m By: Stefan Schmid Martin celebrates his goal for Mexico. © IMAGO/Paul Chesterton An offensive firework is not enough for the Mexicans to move into the round of 16. Saudi Arabia is out too. The live ticker to read. World Cup 2022, Group C: Saudi Arabia 1-2 Mexico (0-0) Mexico put themselves on the winning t

Mexico fails to attack Saudi Arabia - both teams are out

Created: 11/30/2022, 10:14 p.m

By: Stefan Schmid

Martin celebrates his goal for Mexico.

© IMAGO/Paul Chesterton

An offensive firework is not enough for the Mexicans to move into the round of 16.

Saudi Arabia is out too.

The live ticker to read.

  • World Cup 2022, Group C: Saudi Arabia

    1-2 Mexico (0-0)

  • Mexico put themselves on the winning track with a double strike after the break, but the goals weren't enough.

  • Had Saudi Arabia not scored at the last minute, Mexico would have been eliminated on fair play at a score of 2-0.

Final whistle!

The game is over.

Mexico struggled to reach the round of 16 until the last minute and, despite conceding a goal, only needed one goal in the end.

Even the neutral spectators might have had their hair all raised in this game, in which the Mexicans fought like lions to the end.

Argentina's win in the parallel game has now eliminated both Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

World Cup 2022: Saudi Arabia 1-2 Mexico (0-0)

Lineup Saudi Arabia: Al-Owais - Tambakti, Al-Amri, Al-Bulaihi (37th Sharahili) - Al-Ghanam (88th Bahebri), Al-Hassan (46th Madu), Kanno, Abdulhamid - Al-Buraikan, Al-Shehri (61st Al-Obud), Salem

Lineup Mexico: G. Ochoa - J. Sanchez (86th K. Alvarez), C. Montes, H. Moreno, J. Gallardo - E. Alvarez (86th Funes Mori), L. Chavez - H. Lozano, O. Pineda (77th Jimenez), A. Vega (46th Antuna)- H. Martin (77th Rodriguez)

Goals: 0-1 Martin (48'), 0-2 Chavez (52'), 1-2 Salem (90'+5')

90th minute + 7:

Mexico, who would have sufficed with one goal, tried everything again, but couldn't finish.

90 minutes + 5: GOOOAAAL for Saudi Arabia!!

Now it happened and how bitter is that for Mexico?

The Mexicans have moved up and Saudi Arabia can combine in the penalty area of ​​​​the Central Americans.

Ultimately, it's Salem who has no trouble completing free in front of Ochoa.

90th minute + 5:

Mexico now needs the goal because Argentina and Poland are now over.

90 minutes + 4:

Lozano tries again from a distance, but his strength is slowly fading.

The attempt was more like a field goal than a reasonable shot.

90 minutes + 2:

Chavez prepares another free kick, but this time Al-Owais is able to parry.

90 minutes:

The last regular minute of the game is running.

Michael Owen adds another seven minutes.

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86 minutes:

GOOOOOOR for Mexico!!!


Antuna was just offside when the ball was passed.

84 minutes:

It stays the same, if Mexico don't score a goal here, they're out.

As crazy as it sounds, cards against Poland would also help the Mexicans due to the crucial fair play rating.

To be more precise, if Poland had to get two more yellow cards, then there would also be a tie here.

81 minutes:

How high is Saudi Arabia here please?

Lozano gets the ball through from his own half and, under pressure from Madu, runs alone in the direction of Al-Owais.

Madu is finally able to stop Lozano with a foul just before the penalty area.

78 minutes:

Big chance Mexico!

This is where the top-class players line up.

This time it's Chavez, who is almost alone in front of the goal after a cross pass in the penalty area.

But only almost, because a Saudi came rushing up and throws himself in the shot.

77 minutes:

Mexico make a double change.

The coach brings a breath of fresh air to the offensive again.

Jimenez and Rodriguez come into play.

Shortly before that, Pineda's aim was a little too inaccurate from a distance, as his shot went wide of the Saudi goal.

75 minutes:

Only Mexico is still playing here, driving one attack after the other.

At the moment it seems only a matter of time before it's 3-0.

72 minutes:

Again Chavez with a free-kick hammer!

The midfielder tries again from a similar position as in the 2-0, only this time to the left corner of the cross.

Al-Owais, who scrapes the ball out of the corner, seems to be better on this side.

70 minutes:

Martin has it in the sixteen on the slippers!

After a header duel, the ball lands in front of Martin, who takes the ball at full risk and narrowly misses the goal from Al-Owais.

69 minutes:

Even though Argentina are now leading 2-0 in the parallel game, Mexico still needs a goal.

Reason: Poland is better off in the fair play rating.

In all other categories, Mexico and Poland are now tied in the table.

But the Mexicans don't even think about relying on the Argentines and keep going.

67 minutes:

Lozano pulls in from the left and slams the ball flat into the near corner from over 20 yards out.

Al-Owais is down just in time and clears the ball.

65 minutes:

Martin charges into the penalty area from the left and finally goes down with a Saudi behind him.

But that's not enough for a penalty.

62 minutes:

It goes back and forth here.

Saudi Arabia again with a free-kick, but the taker in the middle can't get the ball onto the box.

Shortly before that, the Saudis switched.

Al-Obud came on for Al-Shehri.

59 minutes:

Because Argentina leads 1-0 in the parallel game, the Mexicans are now level on points with Poland.

Due to the worse goal difference, they still need at least one goal.

56 minutes:

What's going on here?

Lozano scores to make it 3-0 for Mexico, but the referee's flag goes up.


Double strike Mexico after the break

52 minutes: GOOOAAAL for Mexico!!!

The Mexicans follow up with a dream goal!

Chavez prepares a free kick centrally from over 20 meters and slams the ball into the right corner of the cross.

48 minutes: GOOOOOR for Mexico!!

A corner is extended into the middle at Montes' near post, where Martin only has to hold out the slipper and sink the ball into the net from one meter.

47 minutes:

Mexico comes out strong and tests Al-Owais twice.

46 minutes:

It goes on!

Mexico has changed once: Antuna comes into play for Vega.

Saudi Arabia has also made a change, with Madu coming on for Al-Hassan.


Shortly after the final Saudi offensive, Englishman Michael Oliver asked for tea.

The first half can be divided into different phases.

At first, the Mexicans also set the tone in a playful way, until the pace on the field became increasingly rough and the flow of the Mexican game was interrupted as a result.

The Central Americans then paid tribute to their quick pace and Saudi Arabia had chances just before the break.

By the way, both teams would have been eliminated from the tournament at the moment, as the parallel game between Argentina and Poland is also 0-0.

45 minutes + 6:

Saudi Arabia again!

Al-Hassan receives a sharp cross to the head, but is unable to press the ball decisively and misses the goal.

45 minutes + 4:

And suddenly Al-Buraikan is alone on the way to Ochoa.

But the Mexican defense can just intervene with a robust boarding.

The Saudi goes down and demands a free-kick, but Michael Oliver's whistle is silent.

Generous decision of the referees.

45 minutes + 1:

Nothing new for the spectators of this World Cup: There are six minutes of added time.

45 minutes:

Martin puts the ball in the middle of the penalty area on the left onto Vega, who should actually have a clear shot.

But the striker really wants to do it with his right foot and his shot is eventually blocked.

42 minutes:

The flow of the game is increasingly interrupted due to the numerous fouls and the fans are now seeing a lot of patchwork here.

40 minutes:

Mexico takes a free kick 25 yards from goal.

But Chavez tries the crowbar and the ball bounces off a Saudi leg out of harm's way.

Heated game between Saudi Arabia and Mexico

36 minutes:

Al-Bulaihi is sitting on the floor again and needs treatment.

This time, a nudge from Lozano seems to have been the trigger.

The Saudi defender has to be replaced with Sharahili coming on.

Bitter for the green falcons, who now have to do without their probably strongest defender.

34 minutes:

Next foul by Saudi Arabia, and again there is yellow.

Al-Hassan rudely cleans up Chavez in midfield.

An action that is representative of this phase of the game, in which things are becoming increasingly heated.

28 minutes:

Now there is also the first yellow card for Saudi Arabia.

Al-Shehri elbowed a little too high in a duel and hit his opponent.

27 minutes:

What a chance for Pineda!

Lozano pulls a cross from the right sharply towards the far post, where Pineda runs in, but only hits the defender in front of him with a header.

Al-Owais would have been defeated.

25th Minute:

Another Mexican degree, which now clearly take control.

Pineda's low shot poses no problem for the Saudi keeper. A defender's foot probably got in the way, which softened the shot a bit.

23 minutes:

After Saudi Arabia was unable to clear the ball out of the danger zone for a long time, Chavez tried a volley from a distance.

No problem for Al-Owais, who can record the conclusion that is too central.

Saudi Arabia vs. Mexico: Attractive exchange of blows

20 minutes:

The spectators see a very attractive game here, in which both teams do not waste time with scanning and exuberant build-up play.

Mexico have had the better chances so far, but Saudi Arabia also seem capable of scoring at any time.

16 minutes:

First yellow card in what has been a very fair game so far.

Alvarez is cautioned for a foul on Tambakti in the attacking half.

13 minutes:

Kanno takes the free kick from a central position, but then aims a few meters too high.

12 minutes:

Abdulhamid switches on the turbo in midfield and drives the ball to the front of the Mexicans' penalty area.

He can only be stopped with a foul shortly before the sixteen.

free kick.

Will Saudi Arabia have the first chance to score?

7th minute:

It's getting dangerous again in the Saudi penalty area!

Gallardo swings a sharp cross in front of goal and Al-Owais remains rooted to the spot, although if he comes across the ball he could easily pick it up.

At the last moment, the keeper reacts and clears something unorthodox forward.

3 minutes:

Mexico continues to accelerate and almost takes the lead.

A fine pass reaches Alexis Vega, who then fails to get the ball past Al-Owais, who rushes out.

2 minutes:

The Mexicans' first approach to the goal.

The goal from a good 20 meters goes a good distance to the right of the housing.

The ball rolls!

Update, 7:59 p.m .:

The anthem is sung, the teams take their positions and now expect referee Michael Oliver from England to release the game.

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico: Can a team pull off the big surprise?

Update, 7:55 p.m .:

The countdown is on, only five minutes until kick-off.

The players are ready for the national anthems.

Update, 7.45 p.m .:

Another quarter of an hour until the game between Saudi Arabia and Mexico is kicked off.

Although the parallel game between Argentina and Poland can probably come up with well-known players, the game of the two underdogs has at least as much appeal.

Should one of the two teams qualify for the round of 16 today, you can certainly follow the really big football emotions here.

Update, 7.30 p.m .:

Not only in Mexico, but also on the other side in Saudi Arabia, they had to deal with injuries in the run-up to the game.

While midfielder Mohamed Kanno got fit in time for the game, defender Mohammed Al-Buraik, who is also injured, can only come from the substitutes' bench.

World Cup 2022: Mexico's captain Guardado injured on the bench

Update, 7:15 p.m .:

Mexico’s coach Gerardo Martino initially relinquishes his slightly injured captain André Guardado, who will sit on the bench.

Should the score make it necessary, the captain could still be used.

In addition, Martino again relies on a clear striker this time with Martin.

Mexico captain Andrés Guardado is injured and will not start against Saudi Arabia.

© IMAGO/Alberto Estevez

Update, 7:03 p.m .:

The lineups are here!

Since both teams are almost certainly dependent on a win, the offensive line-up of the two teams is no wonder.

Both coaches are looking for their salvation in attack, which will certainly improve the attractiveness of the game.

Update from November 30, 6:52 p.m .:

The lineups of the two teams should be published in a few minutes.

At 8 p.m., the whistle will kick off for the decisive last matchday of Group C. All four teams still have the opportunity to advance to the round of 16, so the games will be full of tension.

World Cup 2022: Group C after two matchdays

S - U - N

goal difference


1. Poland

1 - 1 - 0



2. Argentina

1 - 0 - 1



3. Saudi Arabia

1 - 0 - 1



4. Mexico

0 - 1 - 1



Saudi Arabia vs Mexico: Who will reach the World Cup Round of 16?

First report from November 30th:

Lusail – Everything is still open on the last matchday of Group C and the two underdogs Saudi Arabia and Mexico can still have legitimate hopes of progressing to the knockout round of the 2022 World Cup.

This is also due to the fact that both were able to surprise in the first group game against the favorites.

Saudi Arabia sensationally defeated Argentina 2-1, while Mexico drew 0-0 from Poland led by Robert Lewandowski.

Now the direct duel between the two teams is imminent, which, to the astonishment of many observers, both kept their chances for the round of 16.

Saudi Arabia, with three points, has a better starting position than the Mexicans, who are at the bottom of the group with one point going into the last matchday.

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico live today: arithmetic games before the match

If Saudi Arabia wins, they are sure to be in the round of 16.

So short, so simple.

But for all other possibilities there are various eventualities that could be enough for one of the two teams.

A draw is enough for the Saudis, if in the parallel game (here in the live ticker) Poland wins by two goals (or more) against Argentina.

With the same goal difference with the gauchos, Saudi Arabia would benefit from the win from the first group game.

You can read here which automatisms apply in the event of a tie.

For the Mexicans, on the other hand, even a win may not be enough.

The Central Americans are through with their own victory if Poland wins no matter how high.

If Argentina wins, they need to have a better goal difference than Poland when the game is over.

On the other hand, should there be a draw between the Polish national team and the Gauchos, Mexico must win by at least four goals. 

Saudi Arabia vs Mexico live today: will Ochoa's front men break the knot?

Mexican goalkeeper Guillermo Ochoa has achieved cult status.

Not only is his hair responsible for this, but also his notorious World Cup performances.

It's almost as if the keeper would emerge from oblivion at every World Cup - it's his fifth - and deliver terrific performances out of nowhere.

He also made headlines in this tournament when he saved Robert Lewandowski's penalty in the first group game.

Mexico's Guillermo Ochoa wants to keep his goal clean against Saudi Arabia.

© IMAGO/Yukihito Taguchi

On the other hand, it looks completely different in the offensive of the Mexicans.

So far, coach Gerardo Martino's team have not scored a goal, even though Hirving Lozano from SSC Napoli would be a proven goalscorer in the squad.

So the eyes of the Mexican fans will probably be more on the offensive than on Guillermo Ochoa this time.


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