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Are you the selector? Is it superman? It's Luis "Padrique"


Luis Enrique, renamed on the internet, has revolutionized the role of the coach by connecting on Twitch with the fans to talk about everything, especially football: "This is a show, boring is forbidden"

El Sacapuntas:

Hi Luis, how many times have you heard Quevedo's song?

Luis Enrique:

The problem is no longer the number of times I've heard it, but rather the fact that I've whistled it down the street.

We intend to put her in the locker room if we celebrate something after the game, in style.


Do you have any phobias?

Luis Enrique:

Let's see if you think that because people are famous and appear on TV they don't have phobias, insecurities or fears.

I have fears.

What are fears?

distortions of reality.

The fears of others seem so ridiculous to you that you laugh, and your fears of others, the same, how can you be afraid of this?

Joaquín Valdés [psychologist of the national team] gives some advice: when you start to see that a fear becomes something more powerful, laugh at yourself, take it easy and joking;

you can't have anxiety when you're laughing.

But come on, always consult a professional.

I, fears?

I have a very bad loss.

I try to correct it because in life you lose more than you win.

And my worst loss is not so much in football as outside.

If my wife beats me to ludo, the first minute is hard for me, hard for me.


The Flea or the Fluff?

Luis Enrique:

The Flea and the Fluff.

Why do you have to choose?

Both are God.

How lucky that they are both Argentines, and we would like one of them to be Spanish.

Miguel Ángel:

Who is the most disciplined in the squad?

Luis Enrique:

All those who are at this level have discipline as one of their qualities.

Everyone goes to the gym, everyone takes care of themselves, everyone has a psychologist.

Being so young, it's scary how mature they are.

Azpilicueta, Koke, Ferran is a heavy that you don't see, Marcos Llorente.

Much heavy [with discipline].

I was also heavy as a player.


Do you like Víctor Manuel's song

La planta 14


Luis Enrique:

I love it, I've heard it a thousand times, I don't sing it now because it only rains eight days a year in Qatar and we don't want nine.

She has a very nice emotional component.

Greetings to mining.

I was lucky to go down when I was a Sporting player.

That is a job with a unique level of risk, absolute respect for all those who are or have been miners.

This is the five-minute transcript of the talk that Luis Enrique Martínez García (Gijón, 52 years old), the national coach, has on Twitch last Saturday night, and every day of concentration in Qatar and for approximately one hour. the



from which you are connecting live.

It is one of the iconic images of the World Cup: the Spain coach in front of a camera, speaking one-on-one at night with anyone who asks him a question, urges him to reflect, makes a joke.

He reads the questions that are sent to him, and answers them.




(exaltation of Asturian cuisine "but cachopo is prohibited in the concentration", although one has come to ask him if he likes egg ice cream, since his passion for eggs is known: "I have not tried it, but last night I had twelve in a salad, cooked” (…) I will go down in history as the biggest eater of…


, eggs”, he said skillfully),


(“If he jokes about paternity, he doesn't play anymore,” he said between laughs about Ferran Torres, his daughter Sira's boyfriend; “if the King has won the World Cup for Gavi, you can see that he knows football,” he replied. , laughing, to a user who asked him that in reference to the rumor of a relationship between the soccer player and Princess Leonor),


(a lot: cycling, marathons, weights),


("when we are in the clubs, the players They sleep in their houses and I don't care if they have sex or not. Each one with their partner or with their wife or with whoever they want. But man, if you have a bacchanalia, it's obviously not the best thing for a day before the game ”),


(“This is my daughter Xanita, she was seven years old. Look how brave, the first with a smile always,” she said, showing a photo of her vacation in Costa Rica, her first rival, of her daughter who died at the age of nine),


( "My first salary was 165,000 pesetas. What I did when I got home was to give it to my parents to be able to pay the interest on the apartment that I already perceived was difficult to pay. It was satisfying, my parents are an example of what it means to work for support a family. Proud to have helped and to continue helping"),


(“I am not religious at all, but don't touch Santina, the Virgin of Covadonga is something else: it goes beyond religion, it is an image that I venerate. But I am not one to pray or go to mass, much less") and even philosophy associated with hair ("how do I get this hair? It already has its receding hairlines, but I'm not complaining. In any case, you already know that whoever has straight hair wants it curly; whoever has it curly , wants it straight. Those who have hair don't care about being bald; those who are bald want hair. Those who are fat want to be thin, and so on. Conclusion: we want what we don't have").

Of dry philosophy too, because Luis Enrique reads the Stoics.

The national coach, who is sometimes accompanied by a member of his team (it was sounded when the psychologist Joaquín Valdés came, and on the Cope channel an audio was manipulated so that it seemed that Luis Enrique said of a reader that he had put " horny” listening to it), she chooses the questions she wants to answer and answers them without a filter.

Most of it, yes, on football.

Luis Enrique, in his last Twitch broadcast.

game analysis

After each game, Luis Enrique (Lucho for many, Luis Padrique for a large part of the Twitter and Twitch community) and his team spend between three and four hours studying it: from beginning to end, each play, each movement, "if a player is not well placed once nothing happens;

two, nothing happens;

three, we call him to order and show him the video”.

"We spend a lot of time improving our game model and perfecting it, and we need the information we give the player to be the best and most concrete."

And the rival?

“I dedicate 40% of my attention to my rival, 60% to us.

We always want to play the same.

And if they are better than us, we want to always get the ball from them the same way”.

He says at another time that he watches as many games as he can, “but it's another thing to watch or analyze it.

We don't watch the games as fans.

This Saturday they asked him if, since they played better at first touch, why didn't they always do it: the fault of the players, of the rivals?

“We try to control the game through possession of the ball.

And giving a touch or two, or driving the ball, depends on what each player interprets in that action.

For example, if the rival is very close you have to give a touch, because he can take it away from you.

If he is relatively far away, you have to give what you consider to establish and generate superiority.

And if he is very far you have to drive.

It's not all that easy.

A very funny question for me is when they say: 'Did you tell them at half-time that now the rival is going to put pressure on them and they have to save that pressure?'

And what do you think, that by warning them it will not happen?

It's not that easy.

As a player I remember a stage at Barça in which the coach,

Football, reflects Luis Enrique on his


channel , “is very complex.

It's exciting because a team that only defends can win.

I can score against Morocco at 11 inside our area, and at 90 make a transition, have a corner and score a goal.

That does not happen in basketball, nor in handball: you have to attack and defend well.

In soccer, no;

you can only defend and attack once, and win the match.

It is complex due to the dimensions of the field, because there are many players to control.

What happened to you those 12 minutes against Japan?, they ask me.

That the rivals also play.

Or is it that they don't play?

"This is a show"

Several of his ideas have become viral and have been reproduced in the foreign press.

There is even a Twitter account dedicated to selecting direct excerpts from him: Luis Enrique Out of Context.

One of those reflections is this: “The first thing they should teach in the coaching course is that this is a


, a spectacle.

There are 50,000, 100,000 people watching you at the stadium and several million at home.

If you go to see a play and it is boring, in the end there will be no one in the theater (…) Defending is at stake, you can see it in the World Cup, here many only attack when they are already losing.

I see it differently, I think this is a


A show in which you have to show people that you want to play and make your fans enjoy.

Maybe it's my bullshit, but I'm convinced of it.

The result is best achieved this way.

And it's not just the result.

The path is much more rewarding for a player;

train and try to improve all your quality if you offer a show to your fans, it seems to me that it is logical ”.

He has also appealed to lower category coaches: less results and less exaggerated goals, more play and more participation from all children.

Luis Enrique, who has more than 800,000 followers in just 10 days of


and his live shows are seen by several hundred thousand viewers (the first, more than a million), stops from time to time —very occasionally, It is a subject that he does not like— messages to the press (part of it has been considered between displaced and threatened by Luis Enrique's decision to address the

fans directly

, and does not miss an opportunity to attack him).

He doesn't bite his tongue either, and this Saturday he pulled from memory: “Criticism is part of the profession.

For years I have been criticized a lot, like some of my players, but it slips (...) Luis Aragonés was vilified, unfairly criticized by the press.

It happens in all countries and when you die you are the best.

Luckily Luis [Aragonés] received a lot of love in life.

It was incomparable."

Luis Enrique's rapprochement has paid off;

Riding a good wave since the great Euro Cup in 2021 with a very young team and many of his personal bets, the coach has gained popularity and transparency with the people.

The confessions, between humor and intimacy, draw him for what he is, a guy who tells a follower not to want to ask him —him, Luis Enrique—, the Three Wise Men: "I don't want you I would ask

One thing is the



He said another day, responding to another question: “I try to stay young at heart.

I'm 52 tacos, I've lived long enough and I've done a lot of things.

I hope to still give a lot of war.

My father always said a phrase: 'Nothing was ever written about lazy people'.

I have it tattooed on my forehead.

The hour that concentration left him free has been dedicated to a channel that, given its success, is giving him money that he will dedicate, he said, to a charitable cause.

She has learned the


business against the clock , and the time at which she goes online prevents her from seeing some live games.

“I can't do two things at once.

Even if I'm Luis 'Padrique', I'm not Supermán”.

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