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The brash obscenity


The Argentine writer Martín Caparrós and the Mexican Juan Villoro maintain a correspondence throughout the tournament and confirm that the ball also knows a lot about friendship

Marquinhos and Richarlison celebrate one of the goals against South Korea.Manu Fernandez (AP)

Wall for Villoro:

They fooled me again, Granjuán, and it's become a habit.

We know FIFA is a scam, but today was too much, even for her.

I hope that international condemnation does not take long, that the fiery masses collect it, that they correct the intolerable fraud.

Because what they did this afternoon was just obscene.

They had announced a round of 16 match between Brazil and South Korea but it seems that something happened – that nobody wanted to publish – because what they ended up showing on TV was a Brazilian training session.

And to top it off they got some guys with a more or less oriental air as sparring partners;

the Brazilians, for a moment, were taken aback.

It lasted about five minutes, and then they decided that if that was the game they were going to play it and they began to train whimsical ways of scoring and not scoring goals.

In little more than half an hour they made four such flirtatious ones, they didn't make as many others and we got bored: to entertain themselves they tried the most difficult yet.

They attacked in seven or eight, all together as if they loved each other, to see who gave the most copacabana.

It occurred to Neymar – who even forgot to complain and limp and yell for Bolsonaro – that a good one would be to dribble the referee and he did it, but right after Richarlison came to tell him that it was more attractive to play head-on in the gate of the area – and put together a goal to put it in a square.

I yelled it, Granjuán, can you imagine?

It was a goal from Brazil and I yelled it.

It must be that "objectivity danger" you're talking about.

I don't risk telling you that I understand you –because no one ever knows when they understand another, because I'm not sure that's possible– but what you say resonates with me.

It's been a few days since I found the courage to confess it to you, but with your words you've given me the chance to do so: lately I've been turning into a defective fan, a false fan.

I had been suspecting it for some time and now I confirm it: in these soccer afternoons the ole and the smile come out spontaneously when I see a beautiful pipe being thrown or a pass to where it did not exist or a dribble with garlands;

On the other hand, sometimes, to shout a goal in a bad game of ours, I have to think that I have to do it.

A fan disaster, a fake fan: one who clings more for beauty than for victory.

And yes, of course: if there is something that the true fan must fear like the plague, it is objectivity.

Can you imagine him sitting on his bench in front of his screen judging each other's plays?

Let's talk about obscenity.

You have, of course, the advantage that yours are no longer there;

I do not have it.

A while ago, woe is me, I shouted a goal from Brazil.

God and the Fatherland, without a doubt, are going to sue me.

And to top it all off, I was following the training on TV: it was embarrassing.

It wasn't even child protection hours, if it still exists.

For this reason, after a long time the Brazilians became a bit inhibited and, to hide it, they tried too much pyrotechnics and sometimes they lost it or did not finish it as they should have, and the sparring partners even scored a goal.

The opposing coaches – the Croatian, hopefully Scaloni – should take note of the infallible tactic to counteract them: you have to let them score three or four goals and then maybe they'll make a mistake from time to time.

Without forgetting the Todas-a-Raphinha: always leaving him without a mark so that they can give it to him, he still doesn't know how a play ends.

The others know it too well.

They scare: it is understood that the Koreans did not want to introduce themselves.

Mine, meanwhile, has to do with the state of your soul.

I must tell you, Granjuán, that it is time for you to renounce or even apostasise from Christianity, that new religion that had you seduced and abducted.

Their god, prophet and highest priest, Cristiano Ronaldo, representative of Yes on Earth, has just signed a mega-billionaire contract to play in Saudi Arabia.

We believed that he had refused to be his ambassador, like Messi, for some moral reason;

it was because he wanted to earn ten times as much working as a ruined soccer player.

The museum where they are going to exhibit it is called Al-Nassr, a Saudi club that collects stardust and transforms it into silver.

And since that, they explain to me, is the only thing that matters...


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