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World Cup sensation perfect! Croatia defeats Brazil after penalty drama and is in the semifinals


World Cup sensation perfect! Croatia defeats Brazil after penalty drama and is in the semifinals Created: 2022-12-10 06:49 By: Florian Schimak The first quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup were coming up: Brazil versus Croatia. The vice world champion solves the semi-final ticket. The game in the ticker. Brazil – Croatia 3:5 on penalties (1:1, 1:0, 0:0, 0:0) Insanity! Petkovic equalizes and s

World Cup sensation perfect!

Croatia defeats Brazil after penalty drama and is in the semifinals

Created: 2022-12-10 06:49

By: Florian Schimak

The first quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup were coming up: Brazil versus Croatia.

The vice world champion solves the semi-final ticket.

The game in the ticker.

  • Brazil – Croatia 3:5 on penalties (1:1, 1:0, 0:0, 0:0)

  • Insanity!



    and saves Croatia



  • Drama in




    puts Selecao ahead

  • Double chance after the restart!


    and Co. let the lead lie

+++ Conclusion: Brazil dominated the game for over 120 minutes, but Croatia simply had a monster mentality!

Neymar put the Selecao ahead in extra time, but Petkovic equalized just before the end of the game with Croatia's first chance on goal.

In the penalty shoot-out, the Vice World Champion then had Livakovic and simply cool shooters, who all scored.

In Brazil, Rodrygo failed at the very beginning and Marquinho at the end.

So Croatia is in the World Cup semi-finals.


Brazil 1-1 Croatia (1-1, 1-0, 0-0, 0-0)

Brazil: Alisson - Eder Militao (from 106th Alex Sandro), Marquinhos, Thiago Silva, Danilo - Casemiro - L. Paqueta (from 106th Fred), Neymar - Raphinha (from 56th Antony), Richarlison (from 84th Pedro) , Vinicius Jr. (from 65. Rodrygo)

Croatia: Livakovic - Juranovic, Lovren, Gvardiol, Sosa (from 110th Budimir) - Brozovic (from 114th Orsic), Modric, Kovacic (from 106th Majer) - Pasalic (from 72nd Vlasic), Perisic - Kramaric (from 72nd . Petkovic)

Goals: 1-0 Neymar (105+1), 1-1 Petkovic (117)

Penalties: 0:1 Vlasic |

0-1 - Livakovic saves against Rodrygo |

0:2 Mayer |

1:2 Casemiro |

1:3 Modric |

2:3 Pedro |

2:4 Orsic |

2:4 Marquinhos hits the post


3:5 - CRAZY!



Croatia knocked out title favorites Brazil after goalkeeper Livakovic became a hero on penalties.

© Jewel Samad/AFP

3:5 - Orsic scores too, these Croatians are cool!

3:4 - Pedro runs - and easily scores against Livakovic!

2:4 - So safe!

Modric loads Alisson.

3:1 for Croatia!

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2:3 - Casemiro!

Brazil shortened!

1: 3 - Majer increased, but Alisson almost ran!

1:2 - Crazy!

Livakovic saves against Rodrygo!

Croatia one ahead!

1:2 - Vlasic scores!

1-1 - Croatia starts on the Brazilian curve.


120.+2 minutes:

Marquinhos has another chance after a free kick, but Lovakovic saves.


It's crazy here and there are penalty shootouts!

120th minute:

There are two extra minutes...


Petkovic equalizes and saves Croatia on penalties

117 minutes: GOOOOOOOOOR!


Substitute Orsic marches to the left, finds Petkovic in the middle.

His shot is deflected slightly, which is why Alisson can no longer get close, it hits the bottom left, 1:1!


109 minutes:

Croatia now shifts up a gear.

Of course they still want to score.

That now makes room for Brazil.

106 minutes:

Let's continue!

Will Croatia come back again?


105th + 3 minutes:

Break in extra time.

Drama in extra time: Neymar gives Selecao the lead against Croatia

105th + 1 minute: GOOOOOOOOOR!

There's the goal for Brazil - and it does Neymar!

The PSG star takes the ball 30 meters from the goal, plays a double one-two, then appears in front of Livakovic and also curves around him before shooting the ball under the roof to make it 1-0 for the Selecao!

Great hit!

In extra time, Neymar breaks the ball and beats Livakovic.

© Jewel Samad/AFP

103 minutes:

Uiii, there was a chance for Croatia!

Perisic beats two Brazilians on the left and lays across to Petkovic, who has a clear shot but hammers the ball into third place from 18 yards.

You can also bring it to the gate....

98 minutes:

The same game for over an hour and a half.

Brazil pushes, Croatia defends brutally stable and clever, so that the Selecao hardly get a chance.

However, the offensive game of the Vice World Champion works rather semi and so there are no Croatian chances to score.

91 minutes:

And here we go with extra time between Brazil and Croatia.

Do we see a goal now?


90th + 4 minutes:

So, that's it after 90 minutes.

Brazil vs Croatia actually goes into overtime!

90 minutes:

There are four minutes on top …

88 minutes:

None of the teams is now taking the big risk.

It smells like overtime in here!

79 minutes:

Lucas Paqueta!

Casemiro crosses from the right baseline, Rodrygo is waiting at the second post, who puts it down to Paqueta, but his shot is too central, Livakovic has the ball in the follow-up.

Big chance missed: Brazil's superstar Neymar fails at Livakovic.

© Nelson Almeida/imago

74 minutes:

Very uncool action by Antony.

The United star, who came on just minutes earlier, slides past Persisic and brazenly attempts a swallow.

Actually clearly yellow, but Michael Oliver seems to have leniency.

66 minutes:

It must be 1-0!

Rodrygo, who has just come on as a substitute, brings the ball sharply into the penalty area from the left, where the ball accidentally falls right in front of Paqueta's feet.

But Livakovic is there again, standing still for a long time and parrying the huge chance!

63 minutes:

In Croatia, the counter-protection is particularly good.

This is how the vice world champion remains stable on the defensive if the ball was lost in the last third.

55 minutes:

First big chance for Brazil!

Richarlison pushes through beautifully to Neymar, who is free in front of Livakovic.

But the Croatian keeper stopped for a long time and saved, even if the angle was quite acute for Neymar.

Brazil vs Croatia now live: double chance after the restart!

Selecao presses

Croatia keeper Dominik Livakovic saves against Vinicius Junior.

© Ina Fassbender/AFP

48 minutes:

Brazil have a double chance right after the restart.

First, Sosa sleeps, giving Eder Militao space.

His cross is dangerous, Gvardiol checks his own keeper.

Shortly thereafter, Vinicius Junior plays the deep pass to Richarlison, who spins in the penalty area.

But his shot is blocked, but Vini Jr. drops the ball at his feet.

The real star fails because Livakovic falls out.

Michael Oliver then checks a possible handball, but Juranovic's action was probably not punishable from a computational point of view.

46 minutes:

It continues between Brazil and Croatia.


+++ Half-time conclusion: A really strong performance by Croatia that was not expected at all.

The vice world champion offers Brazil more than stand up to it.

Of course, both teams aren't taking any big risks and are equalizing each other here, but the Selecao are struggling.

So far there have been no chances to score on either side.


45. + 1 minute:

Referee Oliver whistles for the break after a short stoppage time.

42 minutes:

Neymar's first action!

Vini Jr. is fouled on the left 22 meters from goal, Neymar grabs the ball for the free kick.

Slightly deflected, the ball lands in Livakovic's arms.

34 minutes:

A good half hour has been played – still no goal between Brazil and Croatia.

Positive for the Vice World Champion: In the round of 16, South Korea was already 4-0 behind against the Selecao.

But the Croatians are doing really, really well here because they manage to keep Brazil away from their own goal.

Nothing to see from Neymar, Richarlison and Co. so far.

Brazil vs Croatia now live: lucky Selecao!

Missed Perisic.

© IMAGO / LaPresse

25 minutes:

First big excitement of the encounter!

Danilo clears Juranovic on the right and actually has his foot way too high!

Referee Oliver, however, only shows yellow, since the Juve star was quite lucky.

The free kick that follows brings nothing.

21 minutes:

Again and again Vinicius Junior!

The Real Madrid star plays a great one-two down the left with Richarlison and gets a superb shot 14 yards from goal, but Gvardiol throws himself in and deflects decisively.

Neymar gets the second ball, who dribbles into the Croatian penalty area and finishes without a hitch - but no problem for Livakovic.

Brazil vs Croatia now live: first chances!

Missed Perisic

16th Minute:

Croatia acts quite courageously here.

Modric steals the ball from Casemiro, then misses the opportunity to score and his cross is then cleared.

But the Europeans are by no means hiding here.

Brazil comes mainly from the left, where Vini Jr. is the only asset so far.

11th minute:

Touching has been a top priority here in the quarter-finals of the World Cup so far.

Croatia are defensively stable, Brazil have more of the game, but still can't find a gap.

The vice world champion has the first opportunity through Perisic.

The Tottenham star just missed Pasalic's cross.

4 minutes:

The Croatians let Brazil come and only attack from the middle line.

The Selecao therefore also has the first degree.

Vini Jr. gets the volley ball on the left and pulls in the middle.

His first shot is initially blocked, but the second comes on target.

But no problem for Livakovic.

Brazil vs Croatia now live: Modric and Richarlison in a duel.

© IMAGO / Shutterstock

1st minute: kick-off!

The ball is rolling at Education City Stadium!

Update from December 9th, 3:55 p.m .:

The anthems are on, it's about to start!

Update from December 9th, 3:41 p.m .

: It finally starts in 20 minutes!

The first quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup begin.

We're already hot!

Update from December 9, 3:11 p.m .:

What’s up with Croatia when it comes to line-up?

Coach Zlatko Dalic makes two changes, bringing Pasalic in place of striker Petkovic.

As a result, Kramaric should act on the nine.

In addition, VfB star Sosa is available again and starts at the back left.

Update from December 9, 2:55 p.m .:

The referee of the match in the World Cup quarterfinals between Brazil and Croatia is Michael Oliver from England.

The game between the record title holder and the current runner-up world champion will take place in Al-Rayyan at Education City Stadium.

Update December 9, 2:46 p.m.:

Brazil lineup is in!

Coach Tite does not make any changes at the Selecao compared to the round of 16.

That really doesn't come as a surprise.

Neymar starts again logically, the three-man storm form Raphinha, Richarlison and Vinicius Junior.

Brazil vs Croatia in the live ticker today: who will buy the semi-final ticket?

Munich/Al-Rayyan – The first quarter-finals of the 2022 World Cup are coming up today!

Top favorite Brazil wants to book the semi-final ticket against Croatia.

The Selecao will be given more chances at the very latest after the strong performance in the round of 16 against South Korea (4:1).

One reason for this is the return of superstar Neymar.

The offensive player from Paris Saint-Germain was injured at the start of the World Cup and then missed the remaining games in the group stage at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

When he came back in the round of 16 against South Korea, he scored a goal.

Brazil vs Croatia live today: excitement about Neymar ahead of the World Cup quarter-finals

Brazil vs Croatia live today: excitement about Neymar ahead of the World Cup quarter-finals.

© IMAGO / Russian Look

Before today's World Cup quarter-finals against Croatia, the 30-year-old caused a stir again.

When Neymar gets off the team bus with his golden headphones, football romantics will roll their eyes.

So the dribbler will march back into the stadium on Friday.

Is this player of all people supposed to break a record set by Pelé?

"Breaking records is a great source of pride for me," said the 30-year-old ahead of the quarter-finals on Friday (4 p.m.) against vice world champions Croatia, "I've achieved some things I never thought I'd be able to do I would reach her."

Brazil vs Croatia live today: did Selecao end Modrić's career?

Soccer World Cup: All record scorers at a glance

View photo gallery

Even if he should already achieve Pelé's 77 official goals for the Selecao - the most important thing is still at the top of his to-do list: finally give Brazil the "Hexa", the sixth World Cup title, after 20 years - and rise to the ranks of legends.

"We still have three games left," he emphasized, referring to the World Cup final on December 18 in Lusail.

Croatia, who defeated Japan on penalties in the round of 16, now have a big chunk in the World Cup round of 16 today.

If the runners-up are eliminated against Brazil at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, it could also be the end of Luka Modrić in the national team.

After all, the world footballer of 2018 is not getting any younger and will be celebrating his 38th birthday next year.


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